DCRs/Digital Class Rooms to be launched in AP Schools

DCRs/Digital Class Rooms: eLearning Classrooms, Teacher-led Content, Virtual Classrooms, Remote Educational Virtual Classrooms. School Education – IT-Cell – Digital Classrooms 1n Identified High Schools in the State Certain Instructions · Issued· Reg.

The attention of all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the state is invited to the subject read above and they are aware, several initiatives like setting up of digital classrooms, the introduction of Bio-metric Attendance System creating Subject Teacher Forum, etc., are being implemented in Government managed Schools.

DCRs/Digital Class Rooms is a teacher-led educational content solution that intensely improves learning outcomes in schools. The program supplements the existing Board curriculum in both English and Telugu medium to make the learning experience in classrooms exciting, meaningful and enjoyable translating into better learning and results for students, teachers, parents, and the school. In some Government managed Schools across the State, some digital classrooms are

set up and being utilised with local initiative of the DEOs/DyEOs/MEOs/Head Master) Teachers. Audio-video material are being purchased through DVDs and being utilised by interested subject teachers.

Further. under different programs/schemes (Ernet, Reliance Jio, CAL, KGBVs, etc) setting up of Digital/Virtual Classrooms is at different stages. In several schools ICT labs have been set up, with some if the equipment becoming defunct/ disabled. It is proposed to upgrade them to higher capacity/ configuration so as to enable them to be utilised as Digital Classrooms.

The required audio-video teaching -learning material, including e-content is being provided to all classes and schools. As per the MOU signed with school education department, digital content aligned with AP School Curriculum will be provided by Usky.in this can be accessed from www.akashvidya.in directly or through the Teacher ‘s Corner at www.csc.sp.gov.in.

A lot of Open source material and links to the same are also made available. Appropriate training and capacity building for teachers is scheduled so as Lo enable them to make the best utilization of the DCRs and the Digital Content and improve pedagogy in respective subjects, leafing to overall learning enhancement.

It is proposed to set up a digital classroom in 5000 schools during 2016-17 and 2017-18. In all 6132 digital classrooms are to be set up at one OCR for at least 300 students in the first round. The number of DCRs proposed to be set up and equipment proposed to be provided as per their need is indicated.
The School Education Department is also collaborating with Andhra Pradesh Special Representative for North America (APSRNA) in implementing the Digital Class Room Project. The ratio of contribution of Government and Donor to the OCR project will be 70:30.

It is tentatively proposed to launch the Digital Class Rooms m 1000 schools on 15th October 2016 by Hon’ble Chief Min1Ster of Andhra Pradesh. The representative of APSRNA will also participate in the program. DCRs/Digital Class Rooms.

The following are the scheduled dates for ensuring readiness m the 1000 schools in phase I.
Supply of equipment: 07-10-2016
Preloading /installation of content by 09/10/2016 or 10/10/2016
Mana TV orientation on digital classrooms·On 13/10/2016 &. M/10/2016
Training will be provided by 23/10/2016@ two teachers per school.

In the above context, the District Educational Officers are requested to take necessary action on the following.
1. Identify a Center Nodal Person in the District for overall coordination.
2. Identify and nominate two nodal contact persons who will exclusively coordinate in setting up of Digital Class Rooms in schools identified in your district and submit the details as per the annexure.
3. Ensure site readiness and availability of necessary baste infrastructure to facilitate installation of projectors, wall mounting of screens, electrification and earthing m the list of schools appended.
4. Painting for Digital Class Room should be in White color and face left shall be taken up immediately.
5. Donor name along and address should be affixed through 2 x 5 size acrylic sheet
Board prominently in the Digital Class Room.
6. The proposal is submitted to the Government for pr0V1s1onmg computer instructors. And
orders are awaited.
7. Identify two nodal teachers at each School point who can actively support/ facilitate the utilization of digital classrooms. Names. phone numbers and email ids of such nodal teachers and their Head Masters should be submitted by 09.10.2016 m the format prescribed in Annexure. II.
8. Training will be provided to all the teachers in use of digital content and optimum operation of the Digital Class Rooms.
9. Confirm the availability of internet connectivity and by what mode – BroadBand. Data Card/Dongle, wireless, etc. And the services of which providers are best available for the school.
a) The Head Masters/ principals are to be instructed to design the time table for using digital content in High Schools for at least 3 hours per week per sub}ect taking the total hours. A MOdel time table for Digital Class Room is appended for reference.
b) Motivate the HM/ Pnncipat to croacuvty manage the Digital Class Room and ensure that all subject teachers utilize the digital content as part of their lesson plans.
c) With regard to Model Primary Schools, the Mandal Educational Officers are instructed to design time table for using digital content for at least 2 10 3 hour per week per subject which is approximately 20% of school learning time and he/she will be the responsible person for running up of the Digital Class Room
10. Appropriate monitoring tools will be provided to HM/MEO/DyEO/OEO to monitor the usage of digital content In schools.
11. Digital Content will be provided by the department along with a question bank consisting of one Lakh questions online where internet facility is available. With regard to schools where there is no internet facility, the digital content will be preloaded and stored in the Server/system and an external hard disc will be provided.
12. Ensure maintenance of stock register and also ensure to have a copy of delivery challans in the file.
13. The necessary budget for installation shall be borne from the annual grants given under RMSA/SSA.

Therefore. all the Orstrtct Educational Officers are instructed strictly to take all required action for setting up of the Digital Class Rooms and ensure their optimum utilization. Please motivate and make the HMs and Teachers aware that the Digital Class Room initiative is aimed at providing additional tools for teachers. and to provide an enjoyable and interesting teaching  Learning experience and is not a replacement for the teacher.

Acknowledge the said proceedings by Identifying suitable nodal persons at the district and school level and providing necessary details about them.

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