List of D.El.Ed Colleges in AP, check D.Ed, DIET, TTC colleges in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is one of the most educationally advanced states in India. It is home to a large number of colleges and universities that offer a variety of courses in different fields.

One of the most sought-after courses in the state is the Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) which is a two-year diploma course for aspiring teachers. This course is offered by various colleges in the state, and in this blog post, we will be listing some of the top D.El.Ed colleges in Andhra Pradesh.

There are some of the top D.El.Ed colleges in Andhra Pradesh. It is always advisable to check the latest ranking, accreditation, and other factors before finalizing a college. Also, it is always recommended to check the fee structure, admission process, and other details of the college before enrolling.

In conclusion, Andhra Pradesh has a lot to offer in terms of education and these colleges are some of the best options available for those looking to pursue a career in teaching. With their excellent faculty, infrastructure, and academic standards, these colleges are sure to provide students with a solid foundation for their future careers.

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Name of the listList of D.El.Ed Colleges in Telangana
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District wise List of DIET Colleges in Telangana State

Ananthapur D.El.Ed Colleges List

College CodeCollege NameCourseCapacity
14112001GOVT DIET Bukkapatnam (Vill & Post), Bukkapatnam Mandal, Anantapur District, A.P. PIN: 515144TELUGU100
14112002Balaji College of Diploma in Education, Plot.No.277-3B, 20th Street, Hindupur (V,P&M), Hindupur Town, Ananthapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112003Balaji College of Elementary Teacher Eduction, Khajanagar, Near RTC Bus stand, Anantapur dist.TELUGU50
14112004Bharathi D.Ed College, Sy.No. 8.19, Kakkalapalli (V), Georgepet (P), Anantapur Rural (M), Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112005Blue Moon educational Society, Plot /Khasara No.763/3, Kutagulla (V&P) Kadiri (M& town) Anantapur districtTELUGU50
14112006Hailee Institute of Education and Training, Plot No.4 -1, Badrahalli Polam, KalyanaDurgam (V&M), Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112007Haindavi Institute of Education and Training, Plot No. 15-1, PTP Motumarla (V), Dharmavaram (P&M) Dharmavaram, Ananthapur districtTELUGU50
14112008Jnana Bharathi Elementary Teacher Training College(D.ED.), Kalyanadurg(PO), Ananthapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112009K.C. Narayana Teachers Training College, 20/184, Hanumesh Nagar, Guntakal, Anantapur District 515801TELUGU100
14112010Muneswaris S.V. D.Ed College Plot.No.160, Kowlepalli Street & Gillage, Motukupallil Panchayat, Kadiri, Ananthapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112011Narayana Teacher Training College, Plot.No.641-A1, 641-A-C, 641- A3, Ravivenkatampalli (V), Yerraguntapalli (P), Tadipatri (M), Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112012Raghavendra Institute of Education, Plot.No.98, KRISHNAmreddy Palli Cross, Chiyyedu (P), Anantapur Town, Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112013Sree Lakshmi Venkateswara D.EI.Ed Institution, Tadipatri 515 411, Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112014Sreedevi Elementary Teacher Training College, Borampalli(V), Kalyanadurg(M), Ananthapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112015Sri KRISHNA Devaraya Institute of Education and Training Sy.No.277-2 Main Road Street, Gorantla (V) Gorantla (P&M) Anantapur districtTELUGU50
14112016Sri P. Antony Reddy Memorial Teacher Training Institute, M.P.R. Dam Post, Garla Dinne (M), Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112017Sri Sai Baba College Educational Institution, Rajendranagar, Plot No.629, C1, Street No.17, Guntakal (V&P), Guntakal (T&M), Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112018Sri Sai Balaji D.Ed Institution, No.369-02, 2nd Street, Appalakunta (V), Kirekera(P), Hindupur (M), Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112019Sri Sai Elementary Teacher Training College, Plot No.538/D & 135/B, R.S. road, Gooty (V&P) Gooty Anantapur dist. 515401TELUGU50
14112020Sri Sai Krupa, No.602-2, Chinnakesavapuram, Dharmavaram (P&M), Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112021Sri Satya Sai Elementary Teacher Training College, Plot No. 192, NH 7, Penukonda (V, P&M), Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112022Sri Sreenivasa D.Ed College, G.I.C. Colony, Penukonda, Ananthapur(new)TELUGU50
14112023Sri Vignan D.Ed College, Khasara No.160, 162A, 174, Vidyanagar Street, Yerradhodo (V), Kuttagulla (P), Kadiri (M& Town), AnantapurTELUGU50
14112024Sri Vishnu D.ED College, K.No.487, Plot.No.6-1-19, 6th Ward Street, Kanekallu (V&P), Rayadurgam (M), Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112025St. Josephs Teacher Training College, Khasara No.357-1, 356-2B, B.L. Road, Kirikera (V&P), Hindupur (M), Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112026St.Josephs College of Elementary Teacher Education, Spandananagar, Rachanapalli, Bellary Highway Road, Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112027Susheela College of Education, S.NO.5 Rachanapalli (Vill), Bellary Road, Susheela Nagar, Anantapur District-515001, A.PTELUGU50
14112028SV Institute of Education and Training, Plot.No.85-2, 85-4, 85-5, 82-2, Main Road, Obuladevara Cheruvu (V&P&M), Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112029Swamy Vivekananda Elementry Teacher Training College, D.No.3/88, Modigal Road, Marempally,Kalyandurg, Anantapur dist.TELUGU50
14112030Tech College of Education, Khasara No.17/2010/A, Plot No.613-2, Veerapuram V), Vanganur(P), Tadipatri (M), AnantapurTELUGU50
14112031Venkateswara Elementry Teacher Training Institute, No.5/145, Gayatrinagar, Kadiri, Anantapur dist.TELUGU50
14112032Vignan Teacher Training College, C/O. Vignan Educational Society, Main Road, O.D. Cheruvu, Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112033Vijaya Teacher Training Institute, D.No.6/124, Azadnagar, AnanthapurTELUGU50
14112034Narender Reddy College of Education (D.Ed) Plot No. 3, Rachanapalli (V), Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112035Sri Vidyanikethan D.Ed College, Khasara No. 935, Gannevaripalli (V), Tadpatri (P&M), Tadpatri Town, Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112036Sir C.V. Raman College of Diploma in Education, D.No.3/148, Yellanur Road, Tadipatri, Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
14112037Crescent Institute of Elementary Teacher Training, C/O. Crescent College of Education, Campus, No.6/684/B, Ramnagar Main Road, Anantapur DistrictTELUGU50
Ananthapur D.El.Ed Colleges List

Kadapa D.El.Ed Colleges List

College CodeCollege NameCourseCapacity
14111002Archana Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, S.No.862/1, Vukkayapalle(V), Kadapa (P&M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111003Bharath College of Elementary Teacher Eduction, No.20/ 348, DC Road, Kadapa-516001TELUGU50
14111004Bhaskar College of Teacher Eduction, Plot No.47&124, Kadapa road, Masapet (V&P) Rayachoty (M) KadapaTELUGU50
14111005Deekshitha College of Elementry Education, Plot No. 350/1, Takkolu (V&P), siddhout (M), Kadapa DistTELUGU50
14111006GopiKRISHNA D.Ed College, Plot.No.5/5, GKHS Road, Dorasanipalli (V&P), Proddatur (M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111007Annamacharya College of Elementary Teacher Education, Plot No.1084/1, A.I.T.S. Campus, New Boyanpalli (V&P), Rajampet (M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU100
14111008Indira D.Ed College, Khasara No.135/1, 2, Plot No.9/142, Y.V. Nagar, Thurpu Palli Cross (V), Vandadi (P), Chinnamandem (M), Rayachoty Town, Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111009JMJ D.ED. College, Plot.No.66/A4, A8, Kanumallopalli(v),Sidhout(M), Ramanajaneyapuram (Post), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111010Kodanda Ramaiah Memorial College of D.Ed, Sy.No.528 & 529, Plot.No.528, Ring Road Street, Kothapalli(V), Proddatur(M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111011KRISHNA Sarada D.Ed college, Khasara No. 1150, Plot No.2/142, Street No.2, Porumamilla (V&M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111012Mother Theresa College of Elementary Teacher Eduction, Geetha Ashram, Proddatur, KadapaTELUGU50
14111013Nirmala College of Elementary Education, 778/2B, 794/3, 784/15, Ukkayapalli (V&P), Kadapa (M&Town), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111014Padmavathi College of Teacher Training D.Ed., Kalasapadu (V&P), Badvel (T), Klasapadu, Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111015Pavan College of Education, (D.Ed), Plot.No.2-28-6-3, No.32, Akkayapalli (V), R.V. Nagar (P), Kadapa (Town & M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111016Penubala Teacher Training Institution, No.10/446, Railway Kodur, Kadapa DistricTELUGU50
14111017PNR Teacher Training College, No.14/9, M.S.Road, Kadapa (T.P&M) Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111018Prasad College of Elementary Education, Kasara.No. 585/3B, DC Road, Kadapa (Town,Post & M) Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111019Pushpagiri Elementary Teacher Training Institute, D.No.1/727, Ukkaya Palle (PO), Chinna Chowk, Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111020Raja Foundation Elementary Teacher Education, No.74/1, Kona Road, Mylavaram (V&P), Jammalamadugu (Tq), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111021Raju D.Ed College, 51st Street, Rayachoti(V, P&M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111022Residency College of Elementary Teacher Education , Plot No.53/1,52/1, T.Cross Road, New Boyanpalli(V), Rajampet(M), KadapaTELUGU50
14111023Sai Baba DIET College , Khasara/ Plot.No.43/1, Akkayapalli Street, Kadapa (V,P&T), Kadapa District 516002TELUGU50
14111024Sarada College of Teacher Training, Land Title 460/2, 460/3, Madras Road, Kadapa (T&M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111025Sarveswara Institute of Elementary Teacher Education Plot No.89, 4-6, Brahmanapalli Road, Pullvendula (P&M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111026SBVR Institution of Elementary Teacher Education, khasara No.944, 945, 948/1,2, 947, Plot.No.15, Street No.15/956, Badvel (V&P), Gopavaram (M), Badvel Town, Kadapa DistrictTELUGU100
14111027Smt.Vontigari Somamma D.El.Ed. College, Plot No.4-41, 4th Street, Veerapunayunipalli (V&P), Kamalapuram (M), Veerapunayunipalli Town, Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111028Sri Guruji D.Ed College, Plot No.34, Street No.3/60, Dorasanipalli (V&P), Proddatur (M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111029Sri KRISHNAdevarayalu Teacher Training College, P.No.711/3, A.Peta Street, Anantarajupeta (V), Rly Kodur (V&M), Rly Kodur Town, Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111030Sri Malayala Swamy Institute of Elementary Teacher Education (D.Ed), Proddatur, Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111031Sri Ponnavolu Gopi Reddy D.Ed., College Plot No.826/2, R. Nagar Street, Madakalavaripalli (V) Badvel (P) Gopavaram (M) Badvel town, kadapa distTELUGU50
14111032Sri Rajeshwari Teacher Training Institute, Plot.No.169, 183-1,2, 182-1,2, Thalamapuram (V&P), Proddatur (M&T), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111033Sri Sai D.Ed College, SSITS Campus, Plot.No.4, Masapeta Street, Gollapalli (V), Masapeta Bazar (P), Rayachoty (M), KadapaTELUGU50
14111034Sri Sai Teacher Training Centre, 1831/46, 1831/36A, 1831/44A, Plot.No.30, Rly Kodur Post and Mandal, Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111035Sri Sai Teacher Training Institute, Sai Vihar Vontimitta (Mandal), KadapaTELUGU50
14111036Sri Swamy Vivekananda D.Ed. College, No.250/3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E, 250/4, No.1/234, Chinnaguruvaluru (V) & (P), Chapadu (M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111037Sri Venkateshwara College of Elementary Teacher Education, Rayachoti Road, Chimmumiapet, Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111038SVCM Institution of Elementary Teacher Education, No.983/5, 4- 2-15 Street, M.V.Palle (V), Badvel (P), Gopavaram (M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111039Vemulamma Teacher Training College, No. 4479/4, 482/1, Rayachoti (V,M &P), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111040Vijaya Durga College of Elementary Education, Khasara No.684/1, Ukkayapalli (V), Kadapa (P&M&Town), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111041Vikas Teacher Training Institute, No.52/2B, 2A, Akkayapalli (V), R.V. Nagar Post, Kadapa (M), KadapaTELUGU50
14111042VPR Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Rayavaram, Myduku Road, Proddatur, Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111043Sri Venkateswara D.Ed College, S.No.1008/3, Near H.No.4/139, Kammavaripalli Gramam, Rangasamudram (V), Porumamilla (M), KadapaTELUGU50
14111044Siddartha Institute of Teacher Education, Tallaproddatur (V), Kondapuram (M), Kadapa districtTELUGU50
14111045Guptas College of Education Peddasettipalli (V&P), Proddatur, Kadapa districtTELUGU50
14111046New Model College of Elementary Education, No.2/83-2A, Rathna, Sabhapathinagar, Siddavatam (M) Kadapa (recognition withdrawn by NCTE)TELUGU50
14111047Sri Siva Parvathi Teacher Institute, Plot.No. 285, Pullampet (V&P), Pullampet (M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111048Sri Datta Sai College of Teacher Training, Plot No.494/1, 494/2A, Prakasampalli(V), Kopparthi(P), C.K.Dinne(M), KadapaTELUGU50
14111049National D.ED College, No.90/91, 5th Street, Kothapalli (V), Proddatur (P&M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111050Spirits Teacher Training College, K.No.617/1, & 619/1, D.No. 95/35, Dattapuri, Mamillapalli (V), Yerramukkapalli (P), Kadapa (M & Town) Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111051Sri Venkateshwara College of Education, Plot.No.126, Pedda Setty Palli (V&P), Proddatur (M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
14111052Sri Siva Sai D.Ed College, Plot/Khasara No.946, 947, 948, Anantharajupeta (V&P), Rly Kodur (M), Kadapa DistrictTELUGU50
Kadapa D.El.Ed Colleges List

East Godavari D.El.Ed Colleges List

College CodeCollege NameCourseCapacity
14104002Govt. Dip. Edn (D.Ed.,) College at ITDA Rampachodavaram, E.G. Tribal area (Tribal students)TELUGU50
14104003Bala Sundaram College of Elementary Education, Khasara No.105/5,58/1,88, 2nd Ward, Srungavarappadu(V&P), Sakhinatipalli(M), East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14104004Bennaiah D.Ed College, Khasara No.673, Street No.1 Burugupudi (V&Po), Korukonda (M&Tq), Rajahmundry City, East Godavari District 533292TELUGU50
14104005GBR Elementary Teacher Education Institute, Plot No.310, Anaparthi (V&P&M), East Godavari DistrictTELUGU100
14104006Aruna College of Elementary Education, R.S.No.344, Kondaguntur (V&P), Rajanagaram(M), East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14104007Grace D.Ed College, Plot No.116/4, & 6-256/1, P.Gannavaram(V&P), P.Gannavaram(M), East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14104008Kakinada Teacher Training Institute, 2-178, Sarvodaya Nagar, Valasapakala, Kakinada, East Godavari district.TELUGU50
14104009Little Rose College of Elementary Education, Venkatayapalem, Draksharama, East Godavari DistricTELUGU50
14104010Minerva College of Elementary Teacher Education, Minerva Nagar, B.H.5, Prathipadu, East Godavari DistrictTELUGU100
14104011Montrose Teacher Training Institute, No.276/2,3,4 Krishnunipalem (V), Gokavaram(P&M), East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14104012Narayana College of Teacher Education, Khasara No.732/2, Plot No.5-104/1, 1st Street, Gudimellanka (V) Malikipuram (P&M), East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14104013Pragathi D.Ed College, D.No.19-1-437/1, Near Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Samalkota East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14104014Ratna Solomon College of Elementary Education, Plot No.222, Street No.1-413/1/1, Krishunipalem(V), Gokavaram(P&M), East GodavariTELUGU50
14104015Ratnam College of Elementary Teacher Education, Peddapuram, East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14104016Sharada D.Ed College, No.504/2, Plot.No.3-90, Pidimgoyyi st., Rajahmundry Rural (V&P), Tehsiil(Tq), East Godavari District 533103TELUGU50
14104017Siddhartha College of Elementary Teacher Education, Pentakota Road, Tuni, East Godavari District – 533401TELUGU50
14104018Smt. BSR College of Elementary Education, Khasara No.256/1, Plot No.1-49, Gokavaram(V&P&M), East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14104019Sri Mahatma Gandhi D.Ed. College, Atreyapuram(V&M), East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14104020Sri Satya Sai D.Ed College, Khasra No.6-67/1, Ravulapalem(V&P), Ravulapalem(M), East Godavari District50TELUGU50
14104021Sri YVS and Sri BRM Elementary Teacher Education College, Plot No.40163/2, 4/2 street, Mukteswaram (V&P) Inavilli (M) East Godavari districtTELUGU100
14104022The Mother Integral College of Elementary Teacher Education, Aryavatatam, Kajuluru(M), East Godavari District -533468TELUGU50
14104023V.V.S. College of D.Ed, Kasara No.67/3, 38/6, Main Road, U.Kothapalli (V), Kothapalli (M), East Godavari DistrictTELUGU100
14104024Williams D.Ed College, Plot No.33-1, Thimmapuram(V), 3rd APSP BN (P), Kakinada(M), East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14104025Yarram Setti Rajya Lakshmi D.Ed College, plot No.7/2, 7/3, M.Doddi(V), Samlkot(P&M), East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14104026Bethany D.Ed. College, No. 26/1, Ethakota Village, Ravulapalem Post, Kothapeta Taluk, East Godavari District 533 238TELUGU50
14104027Sai College of Elementary Teacher Education, Dwarakamaayi, 80-23-23, Second Street, Jayastri Gardent, J.N. Road, Rajahmundry East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14104028Smt. Kandukuri Rajyalakshmi Elementary Teacher Education College for Women, Khasara/Plot No.52-19-1, Rajahmundry Town & Mandal, East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14104029Surya College of Elementary Education, Plot No.656/1A, Pithapuram (V, P, M&town) East Godavari districtTELUGU50
14104030Sri Vidya D.Ed College, Khasara No.64/2, Plot No.3-29/3, S.Annavaram (V&P), Tuni (M) East GodavariTELUGU50
14104031Sree Konaseema Bhanoji Ramars College of Diploma in Elementary Education, Khasara No.679/2, 679/3, 683/13F, 681/3, & 7, Plot.No.679,683 College Road, Peruru (V), Amalapuram (P&M), East Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
East Godavari D.El.Ed Colleges List

Krishna D.El.Ed Colleges List

College CodeCollege NameCourseCapa
14106001Govt.DIET, Angaluru, Gudlavalleru Mandal, KRISHNA District- 521330TELUGU100
14106002D.K.N.P. D.Ed College, R.S. No.101/2, Vissannapeta (V&M), KRISHNATELUGU50
14106003Dr.D.S. Kothari College of Education (D.El.Ed) Chilakallu, Jaggayaopet(M) KRISHNA districtTELUGU50
14106004Akkineni Nageswara Rao D.Ed., college P.No.20 Gudivada, KRISHNA districtTELUGU50
14106005GSR College of Education, Plot.No.219, 218/2, Vissannapeta (V&P), Vissannapeta (M), KRISHNA DistrictTELUGU50
14106006Minakshi Elementary Teacher Training College, Khasara No. 142/2, 143/A, 143/1B, 143/2A, By Pass Road, Tiruvuru (Town & P), Tiruvuru (M), KRISHNA DistrictTELUGU50
14106007Nova College of Elementary Education, Plot.No.583, Nuzvid (V), KRISHNA Vilas Colony, Nuzivid (P&M), KRISHNA DistrictTELUGU50
14106008Nova D.Ed., College, Ibrahimpatnam, KRISHNA district-521456TELUGU50
14106009Sarvepalli Radha KRISHNA College of Education, plot No.112/2, Shermohammadpeta(P), Jaggayyapeta(M), KRISHNA DistrictTELUGU50
14106010SPKR College of Education, Plot.No.6-127/1, 7th Ward, Mudinepalli (V, P&M), KRISHNA DistrictTELUGU50
14106011Sri Raja Suraneni Venkata Papaiah Rao College of Education (D.Ed), 23-3-134, Annapurnadevi Street, Gandhinagar, Vijayawada, KRISHNATELUGU50
14106012Srinidhi College of Elementary Educational Institute, Khasara No.24, Plot No.229/1, Bypass Street, Tiruvuru (V&Po), Tiruvuru (M& Town), KRISHNA DistrictTELUGU50
14106013Vikas Elementary Teacher Training Institute, C/O Vikas College of Education, Putrela Road, Vissanapet, KRISHNA DistrictTELUGU50
14106014Sri Mallikarjuna D.Ed. College, Khasra No. 446/4, 447/1, Plot No. 3-102/4, Subba Rao Street, Dhavajigudem Village, Gannavaram Post & Taluk, KRISHNA Dist – 521101TELUGU50
14106015Sri Vani College of Teacher Education, Khasara No.108, Plot No.276, Chevuturu (V&P), Mylavaram (M), Vijayawada Town, Krishna DistrictTELUGU50
14106016Mother Theresa College of Education, Plot.No.1/4G, Nunna (V&P), Vijayawada Rural (M), Krishna DistrictTELUGU50
14106017Vikas College of Education, Plot.No.1/4H, Nunna (V&P), Vijayawada Rural (M), Krishna DistrictTELUGU50
14106018Silver Oaks College of Education, Plot No/ Khasara No.232291, 232624, D.No.61-7/12-3, Vijayawada (City & Mandal), Krishna Lanka (Po), Krishna DistrictTELUGU50
14106019Satya College of Elementary Education, Plot. No. 143/1, 143/1B, 143/2, Tiruvur (V&P), Tiruvur (M&Town), Krishna DistrictTELUGU50
14106020Sri Mandali Venkata Krishna Rao College of Elementary Teacher Education, Gandhikhetrayam, Avanigadda, Krishna District 521121TELUGU50
Krishna D.El.Ed Colleges List

Vizianagaram D.El.Ed Colleges List

College CodeCollege NameCourseCapacity
14102001Govt. DIET, Venugopalapuram, VizianagaramTELUGU100
14102002Christ Dogga Surinaidu D.Ed College, Plot No.388/34 & 35, George Town, Kottavalasa(V&P&M), Vizianagaram DistrictTELUGU50
14102003B.S.N Memorial College of Elementry Education, Kottavalasa, Vizianagaram 535188TELUGU50
14102004Parameshwari College of Education (D.Ed)., Kalavarai (V), Bobbili (M), Vizianagaram DistrictTELUGU50
14102005Potnuru Rama Naidu D.Ed., College, No.77-4, Varalakshmi street, Tennu Boddvara (V) Srungavarapu Kota (P&M) Vizianagaram district.TELUGU50
14102006Prathibha D.EI.Ed College, Plot No.161/4, 167/20P, 167/23P, New Colony, Puritipenta village, Gajapathi Nagaram (P&M), Vizianagaram DistrictTELUGU50
14102007Rangamudri Demudamma Diploma in Education College (D.El.Ed), Chilakapalli(P), Balijipeta(T), VizianagaramTELUGU50
14102008Sai Gayatri Elementary Education, Khasara/Plot No.8-30-1, Naidu Colony Layout, Street No.8-15-14, Thotapalem(V), Vizianagaram(P&M), Vizianagaram DistrictTELUGU50
14102009Samavi D.Ed College, Zerayiti, Khasara No.64/10, Plot No.1, Main Road, Puritipenta (V&P), Gajapathinagaram(M), VizianagaramTELUGU50
14102010Sarvepalli College of Elementary Education, Sy.No.69/3P & 69/6P, Kalavarai (V&P), Bobbili(M), Vizianagaram DistrictTELUGU50
14102011Siriki college of Elementary Teacherr Education for women, White House, S.Kota, Vizianagram-535145TELUGU50
14102012Sri Ashoka College of Elementary Education,KhasaraNo.27/1 & 27/2, PlotNo.3-29/1, Jammunarayanapuram (V), Pedalapeta st., Jammu (PO), Vizianagaram City and District 535002TELUGU50
14102013Sri Bharathi Diploma in Elementary Teacher Education, plot No.188-5P, 4th street vengapuram (V) Tumarada post, Balijapeta (M) VizianagaramTELUGU50
14102014Sri Chaitanya Diploma in Elementary Education, Plot/Khasara No.481/2, 496/4A, Panukuvala Street, Panukuvalasa (V&P), Pachipenta Taluk, Saluru Town, Vizianagaram DistrictTELUGU50
14102015Sri Sadguru Sai College of Elementary Teacher Education, Khasara No.48-1 to 48-9 & 76, Plot No.1-24-81/4, NH-43 Street, Jiyyannavalasa Village, Gotlam (P), Bondalpalli (M), VizianagaramTELUGU50
14102016Sri Shirdi Sai Elementary Teacher Education, Srungavarapukota, Vizianagaram districtTELUGU50
14102017Sri Venkata Sai Ram Elementary Teacher Education Institution, Maripailavasa Village, Surampeta Panchayat, Seethanagaram Mandal, Vizianagaram District 535546TELUGU50
14102018Sri Venkateswara D.Ed. College, Plot No.5-42, Therlam (V&P), Terlam (M), Vizianagaram DistrictTELUGU50
14102019Sri Vivekananda College of Teacher Training Center, Khasara No.532/8, Plot No.12-128/3, NH 43, S.Kota (V&P), S.Kota(M), VizianagaramTELUGU50
14102020Srinivasa College of Education (D.El.Ed), Chellamanaiduvalasa(V), Burja(P), Seethanagaram(M), VizianagaramTELUGU50
14102021Sun D.Ed College, Plot/Khasara No.5-247, Plot No.kl5/26, 5/25C, 5/8C, T C Layout, 100 ft. Ring Road, HPO VZM, Vizianagaram (M&Town), Vizianagaram DistrictTELUGU50
14102022Thandra Paparaya College of Elementary Education, Komatipalli village, Bobbili, Vizianagaram-535558TELUGU50
14102023Tirumala D.EI.Ed College, Plot No,20, 21, Sy.No.12, Jammunarayanapuram (V&P), Vizianagaram Mandal, Vizianagaram DistrictTELUGU50
14102024Vagdevi College of Education, Khasara No.25/7, Plot No.8-41/1A, Thumukapalli Village, Thumukupalli Gate Post, Kothavalasa Taluk, Vizianagaram District-535183TELUGU50
14102025Vydehi Institute of Diploma in Elementary Education, Khasara No.84/1, 87/3, Plot No.40, 41, Vidyanagar Street, Ayyannapeta (V&P), Vizianagaram (M), Vizianagaram DistrictTELUGU50
14102026Kondapally Pydithalli Naidu College of Elementary Teacher Education, Gantyada, Vizianagaram DistrictTELUGU50
14102027Chokkapu Ramunaidu College of Education, Plot No.191-1A, S.Chintalavalasa (V), Ramabhadrapuram Mandal, Vizianagaram DistrictTELUGU50
Vizianagaram D.El.Ed Colleges List

Prakasam D.El.Ed Colleges List

College CodeCollege NameCourseCapacity
14108002Adarsha Teacher Training Institute, Old Badver Road, Giddaluru, PrakasamTELUGU100
14108003Amrutha Teacher Training Institute, 1st Ward, Mulaguntapadu, Singarayakonda, prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108004Arunachaleswara College of Teacher Training, Plot.No.233, Racherla (V&P), Racherla (M), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108005B.A. & K.R. College of Elementary Teacher Education, Medarametla (V), Korisapadu (M), Prakasam District – 523212TELUGU50
14108006Boda Prasad College of Education, Khasara No.51/2 Chilakapadu (village) pamur post, Taluk & City Prakasam distict-523108 (fresh)TELUGU50
14108007Brilliant D.Ed. College, Nehru Nagar, Kandulapuram, Cumbum(Post), Prakasam District 523333TELUGU50
14108008Chaitanya College of Education (D.El.Ed), No.121/1, Nehrunagar, Kandulapuram, Cumbum, Prakasam DistricTELUGU50
14108009Chaitanya College of Elementary Education, Khasara No.879/1, 879/2, Ypalem Road, Idupur(V), Darimadugu(P), Markapur Mandal, Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108010Chegireddy Lingareddy Institute of Elementary Education, Plot.No.3385/08, Nehru Nagar, Kundalapuram (V), Cumbum (P&M), PrakasamTELUGU50
14108011CSR D.Ed College, Khasara / Plot No.175, Street No.01, Podili (V,P&Tq), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108012Dr. Samson D.Ed., College, K.No.348/1B, plot No.8-77 street No.2 Tarlupadu(VP) Tarlupadu (M) PrakasamTELUGU50
14108013Gayatri College of Elementary Eduction, No.848, 8th ward Darimadugu (V&P) Markapur (M) PrakasamTELUGU50
14108014Gorantla Venkateswarlu & Venkata Bharatamma Teacher Education Institution, 37-1158/77, Mahendranagar Ongole, PrakasamTELUGU50
14108015ABR College of Education(D.ED), Chinnarlalpadu, Kanigiri(M), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108016Guru Sai Diploma Elementary Education, Plot.No.42, 9th Ward,Bestavaripeta (V&P), Bestavaripeta, Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108017Guruswamy Diploma in Elementary Education, Plot/Khasara No.42, Main Road, Chetticherla(v), Bestawarapeta Mandal, PrakasamTELUGU50
14108018Jhansi College of Education, Plot.No.461/1, Darsi (V&P), Darsi (Tq & Town), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108019Jyothi Sri Ranga Sai College of Teacher Training D.Ed., Plot No.99/1, Kandulapuram Village, Cumbum P&M, Prakasam District-523333TELUGU50
14108020Kalam D.Ed. College, Plot No. 819/2A. Kasipuram(V), Kanigiri(P&M), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108021Kamala D.Ed College, 10-102B, Jawahar Nagar, Markapuram (M), Prakasam District 523316TELUGU50
14108022Kandula Obula Reddy D.Ed, College, Plot.No.6/1A, Papaipalli Street, Papaipalli (V), Bestavari Peta (P&M), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108023KRISHNA Chaitanya Institute of Education, Plot No.124, Devarajugattu (V&P) Peddaraveedu (M) Markapur, Prakasam districtTELUGU50
14108024KTR College of Elemetary Teacher Education, Khasara No.230, Street No.1, Kanigiri (V&P) Kanigiri Town & Mandal, Prakasam district-523230TELUGU50
14108025Madhava Reddy Institute of Elementary Teacher Eduction, Plot No.23, Cherlopalli Street, Yadavalli(V&P) Racharla (M) PrakasamTELUGU50
14108026Omega College of Elementary Teacher Education, Pamur, Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108027Padmavathi Teacher Training Institute No.235/2, Taticherla motu (V&P) Komarolu(M) PrakasamTELUGU50
14108028PNCA Teacher Training College, Khasara No.500/All, Plot.No.4-1, Somarajupalli (V&P), Singarayakonda (M), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108029PSR D.Ed College, Sy.No.12, KRISHNApuram(V), Markapuram(P&M), Markapuram City, Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108030Rajesh Teacher Training Institute, Khasara/ Post.No.30/1, 30/2, 31/1C, K.G.Gudem Street, Kagithalagudem(V), Hazrathgudem(P), Cumbum(M), Prakasam District 523333TELUGU50
14108031Ravindra Bharathi D.Ed College, RTC Colony Road, Kothapet, Chirala Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108032S.R.D.Ed. College, Oguru(V), Kandukur(M), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108033Sai Saraswathi D.Ed., college, Khasara No.144/6, Street No.1, Gorugunthalapadu (V) Seethanagulavaram post , Tarlupadu (M) Prakasam-523332TELUGU50
14108034Sankar Reddy Institute of Teacher Training, Sy.No.519/3, Salakalaveedu (V&P), Bestavaripeta (M), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108035Saraswathi College of Teacher Training, Sy.No.989-2, Giddalur (V&P), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108036Shams-ul-uloom D.Ed., college, Markapur, Prakasam district- 523316TELUGU50
14108037Sharon D.Ed.College, Pullalacheruvu Road, Yeragondapalem (V&P), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108038Sindhura College of Elementary Education, No.877/2, 972, YPalem Road Street, Idupur(V), Darimadugu(P), Markapur (M), PrakasamTELUGU50
14108039Sir C.V.Raman, D.El.Ed, College, No.733/3, OGL Road, Podili (Tow P&M) Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108040Smt. Mannaru Yasodamma Memorial D.Ed., College, Sri Vidya Nagar Chalivendra (V), Darsi (P), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108041Sneha D.Ed., college Plot No.147/2, Gorugunthalapadu (V) Seethanagulavaram (P) Tarlapadu(M) PrakasamTELUGU50
14108042Sree Sadhana D.Ed College, Khasara / Plot. No. 589 – 875, Street No. 1, Markapuram (V&P), Markapur(M), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108043Sree Venkateshwara Elementary Teacher Education Kasara No.24/2, Darsi Road, Rajam Palli (V&P), Darsi (M), PrakasamTELUGU50
14108044Sri Buchepalli Venkayamma Subbareddy College of Education (D.Ed), Gandhi Nagar, Chimakurthy, Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108045Sri Indira Priyadarshini D.Ed., college, Plot No.117/3A, street no.1 Devarajugattu(V&P) Peddaraveedu(M) Prakasam districtTELUGU50
14108046Sri Saraswathi D.Ed College, P.No.528/2, Saraswathi Nagar, Talluru (V&M), Tallur Town, Prakasam District-523264TELUGU50
14108047Sri Venkateshwara College of Teacher Training, Near RTC Bus Stand, Giddalur, Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108048Sri Venkateshwara College Teacher Training, Plot No.175/3, Kambhalapadu (V&P), Podili (M&T), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108049Sri Venkateswara College of Education (D.Ed), Addanki Road, Darsi, Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108050Sri Vijaya Bharathi D.Ed College, T.S.No.10/3, Plot.No.37-1- 169/17/18, Near APSRTC, Ongole (V), Lawyer Pet Post Office, Ongole(Tq), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108051St.Pauls Teacher Training Institution, Racharla Road , Giddalur, Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108052Vasavi College of Elementary Eduction, Plot No.215, 216, 217/1, 217/2, Ravipadu road, Kandulapuram(V) Cumbum(P&M) Prakasam dist.TELUGU50
14108053Vijetha D.Ed. College, No. 492, Byragimanyam(V), Singarayakonda(M), PrakasamTELUGU50
14108054Viveka Nanda D.Ed College, Sy.No.652, Racherla (V,P&M), Giddalur, Prakasam District 523368TELUGU50
14108055Vivekananda College of Elementary Teacher Education, O.V. Road, Oguru Kandukur, Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108056Sadguru College of Elementry Education, 433/A, Main Road, Yaddanapudi (V), Martoor (M), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108057Sri Gowthami D.Ed College, Plot.No.821/3, 821/4, Darsi (V&P), Darsi (M&T), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108058Sri Krishnadevaraya D.Ed College, No.308/4, 1st Street, Darsi (V&P), Darsi (M), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108059Sri Vidya D.Ed College, Plot No.296/7, Near BSNL Office, Podili (Town, Post & Mandal), Prakasam District-523240TELUGU50
14108060Sri Venkata Sai D.Ed College, Plot.No.158/2, Nehrunagar, Kandulapuram, Cumbum (M), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108061Sri Balaji D.Ed College, Plot.No.82, Kanigiri (V&P), Kanigiri (M), PrakasamTELUGU50
14108062Priyanka Teacher Training College, Ongole, Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108063PMKR Institute of D.El.Ed., K.No.4-128/790/2, P.No.4 128, 3rd Street, Darsi Town, (P&M) Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
14108064Malineni Lakshmaiah D.Ed., College, Kanummalla (V), Singarayakonda (M), Prakasam DistrictTELUGU50
Prakasam D.El.Ed Colleges List

Guntur D.El.Ed Colleges List

College CodeCollege NameCapacity
14107001GOVT DIET Boyapalem, Edlapadu Mandal , Guntur District100
14107002Batchu Rambotlu D.Ed College, 6-786, Naidupet, Guntur Rural, Guntur District 52200550
14107003Bharathi College of Education, Door No.206/1, 207/1, Street No.1, Plot No.1-28, Ganagavaram (V&P), Gurazala town,Guntur District50
14107004Bhashyam College of Elementary Education, No.141-146/5A&B, Mallikarjuna Colony, Gorantal, Guntur-52230450
14107005D.V.S.R. D.Ed College, Plot No.11-434, Street No.11, Vinukonda(V&P), Vinukonda(M), Guntur District50
14107006Dr.K.S.P.R.College of Education, Kesanapalli(V), Narasaraopet(M), Guntur District50
14107007Dr.Sarvepalli Radha KRISHNAn D.Ed. College, Plot No.107, Peddacheru Street, Narasaraopet (V&P&M), Guntur District50
14107008Fatima College of Education, Khasara No.127/13-2, 128, 130/1, Nadikudi (V), Dachepalli (P&M), Guntur District50
14107009G.S.R. D.Ed., College for Girls, NRT Road, Brahamanpalli (V) Vinukonda, Guntur District (GIRLS)50
14107010Hindu College of Education, No.16, Guntur Town, Guntur Bazar (P & M)), Guntur District50
14107011IREF Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Gospel Fields, Repalle (M), Guntur District50
14107012K.C. Reddy College of Education, Janmguntilaplem, Medikonduru (M), Guntur District50
14107013Modugula Sree Rami Reddy College of D.Ed, Municipal High School Ground, Bapatla, Guntur District50
14107014Nalanda College of Diploma in Education, Plot.No.94/1D, Kantepudi (V&P), Sattenapalli (M & Town), Guntur District50
14107015S.K.R.B.R.D.EI.Ed. College, Narasaraopet, Guntur District50
14107016S.S&N College, Plot/Khasara No.734/1, Narasaraopet(Mandal & Town), Guntur District50
14107017Salam D.Ed., College NRT Road Brahmanapalli (V) Vinukonda (P&T) Guntur District50
14107018Smt.Basavapunnamma Teacher Training College, Sy.No.163/4, 5, Plot No.1-110/3/A, Ponnapalli (V) Kanagala (P), Cherukupalli (M), Guntur District50
14107019St. Josephs College of D.Ed for Women, Sambasivapet, Guntur District50
14107020St. Mark NTR Institute of Elementary Teacher Education ,KRISHNAveni Campus, Peddacheruvu, Narasaraopet Guntur District50
14107021SVPNC and KR Educational Society, Khasara No.3-13-4, Palnad Road (Village), Narasaraopet (M & T), Guntur District50
14107022Vinukonda B.Ed., College, (D.El.Ed), Plot No.65-1-1A, 65-1-1-B, 65-1-1-2,72 , Street No.24-186, Kanamarlapudi(V&P),Savalyapuram(M), Vinukonda, Guntur District50
14107023Bharathi College of Education, Kanamarlapudi (V) & Post, Savalyapuram Mandal, Guntur Dist – 52264650
14107024Amaravathi D.Ed College, plot No. 111/1A, Guntur Road, Amaravathi (V, P, T), Guntur -52202050
14107025Thotakura Ramkotaiah College of Elementary Education, Khasar / Plot No.86-6-&8-6/1, Beside NH-5, Ganapavaram, Nadendla (M), Guntur50
14107026Yannam David College of Elementary Education, Pallekona (V), Bhattiprolu (M), Guntur Dist- 52225650
14107027A.L. College of Education (D.Ed, Lodge Centre, Arundel Pet(P), Guntur (Urban) Guntur District (Minority)50
14107028Pushpsvathi College of Education, Khasra/Plot No. 490/A, NRT- CHP Street, Kanaparru Vil & Post, Nadendla Taluk, Guntur -52254950
14107029Newtons College of Education Alugurajupally (V), Koppunur (P), Macherla, Guntur50
14107030Geethanjali D.Ed College , Khasra No. 285/2B/2A Plat No. 23- 1306/1, Street -23, Vinukonda-522647, Guntur Dist50
14107031New Era College of D.Ed., Plot No.55/B, 56/2, Innerring street, Agathavarappapdu (V) Sivareddyplem (P) Pedakakani (M) Guntur district.50
14107032Geethika D.Ed. College, D.No.15-129, Rami Reddypet, Piduguralla, Guntur-52241350
14107033A.M. College of Diploma in Education, Khasara No.17-13-24/982, Ponnur Road, Guntur(V) Patnam Bazar (P) Guntur (M&Town) Guntur district50
14107034Zeenath and Hammubi Memorial Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Kanagala (P) Guntur district-52225950
14107035RVRR College of Elementary Teacher Education, JKC College Road, Pattachipuram (P), Guntur District50
14107036Nagarjuna D.Ed., College, Vidyabhavan Main Road, Sattenapalli, Guntur50
14107037S.R.DEd College, NRT Road, Vinukonda, Guntur District50
14107038Seven Hills Teacher Training Institution, Khasara No.803, Plot No.11-435, 11th Street, Vinukonda (V), Guntur District – 522647- Andhra Pradesh50
14107039Sri Vikas D.Ed College, Plot No. 401, 403, 404, 405, 406, Rayavaram, Macherla, Guntur – 522426, Andhra Pradesh50
Guntur D.El.Ed Colleges List

Chittoor D.El.Ed Colleges List

College CodeCollege NameCourseCapacity
14110002Archana Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Khasara No. 728, Plot.No.3, 1st Street, Patnam (V&P), Thavanampalli (M), – Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110003Bharati Institute of Teacher Training, Khasara No. 963/2007, Plot.No.322/2, Agarala (V),Chandragiri (P&M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110004BRM Institute of Elementary Education, Khasara No.235/5, 235/4, Plot.No.1/102, 1/102, Street.No.01, Raganipalli(V), Kothaindlu, Punganur (P&M), Punganur Town, ChittoorTELUGU50
14110005Dr.KRC Elementary Education, Jeevagram, Renigunta, ChittoorTELUGU50
14110006Gate college of Teacher Education, Khasara No.271/5&6, Rayala Cheruvu Road, Chiguruvada(N), Kandriga(V), Tirupathi(M), ChittoorTELUGU50
14110007Global Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Jnanabharathi, Madanapally Road, Palamner, Chittoor District 517408TELUGU50
14110008Golden Valley Institute of Elementary Education, Plot No. 543, Kurabalakota(V), Angallu(P), Madanapalle Town & (M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110009KMM Institute of Elementary Teacher Eduction, Plot No.58/1,58/2,NH-205 Street, Ramireddipalle(V), Narasingapuram(P), Chandragiri(M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110010KMR Teacher Training Institute, Plot.No.59 & 60, Street No.60, Kanakampalem (V), Puttur (M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110011Kuppam College of Education, Khasara No. 129, Plot.No.63/2, Chinnakurubalapalle, Kuppam (M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110012MJR College of Education, Plot.No.3, Street No.NH18, Diguvapokulavaripalli (V), Pulicherla (M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110013Moksha College of Diploma in Education, Plot No.720, Street No. 15, Tirupati, Mutyalareddy Palli(P), Tirupati Rural, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110014R.K. Institute of Teacher Training Plot.No.36/1, 1st Main Road, Damineedu (V), Akarampalli (P), Tirupati (M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110015Raja Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Thimminaidupalem(V), Akkarampalli, Tirupathi, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110016Raju Teacher Training Institute, Plot / K.No.448-1, Puttur Road, Industrial Estate, Chittoor (P&M), Chittoor Town, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110017Rayalaseema Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Bairagipatteda (V), Tirupathi, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110018Sai Balaji D.Ed College, Plot.No.556/1, 556/2,Gudarevupalli (V), Piler (P&M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110019Seicom D.El.Ed College, Khasara No.840/1, 840/2, R.V. palli (vill) Kalikiri post & Taluk, Chittoor district-517234TELUGU50
14110020Seshachala D.ED College, Sy.No.284, 285, Plot No.284, S.V.Puram (V), Vadamalapet (P&M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110021Sree Bhuvana Institute of Teacher Training, Kondareddy street , Kakularampalli (V) Agraharam (P) piler (M&town) ChittoorTELUGU50
14110022Sree Rama Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Sreerampuram, Tiruchanoor Road & Post Tirupathi, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110023Sree Venkateswara Teacher Training Institute, Plot.No.186-1, Street No.1, Diguva Kanakampalem (V), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110024Sreenivasa D.Ed College, No.61, 65-2, 65-3, 67, Plot.No.1-11, Kalikiri (V&P), Kalikiri Mandal, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110025Sri Kalahastiswara Institute of Education, No.57, 161, 1st Street, Kapugunneri (V&P), Srikalahasti (M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110026Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Teacher Training Institute, No.155/2, 1st Street, Ponnagallu (V), Karvetinagaram (P&M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110027Sri Sai Dwaraka D.Ed College, No.884, Rompicherla Street, Bommaigari Palli (V), Challavari Palli (P), Rompicherla (M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110028Sri Sai Ranga Teacher Training Institute, Street No.1, Nennuru (V) and (P), Rampachodavaram(M), Tirupati Rural, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110029SSR Institute of Teacher Training, Plot / Khasara No.160-3,192 Anupal Street,192 Anupalle(V), Reddygunta(P), Chittoor(M&Town), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110030Swetha Teacher Training Institute Educational Institution, Plot No.86/10E, C Ramapuram(V&P), Ramachandra Puram(M), Tirupati, ChittoorTELUGU50
14110031Tirumala D.Ed College, Plot No.22-67, Sai Nagar Street, Penumur(M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110032Varma Teacher Training, Plot No.1133, Gajulamandyam (V), Renigunta (P), Tirupathi (M) -Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110033VCR Institute of Teacher Training, VCR Nagar, Vellore Road, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110034Vidyalaya Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Plot.No.2,3&4, SBI Colony, Thimminaidlu Palem, Tirupathi, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU100
14110035Vijaya Krishna Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, SBI Colony Road, Thimmanaidupalem, Akkarampalli(V & P), Tirupathi, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110036KKC Institute of Teacher Education, Plot No.1-3b, KKC Campus Street, Parameshwar Mangalam(V&P), Puttur(M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110037Srinivasa College of Elementary Education, Marathi Gate, Puttur, 517583, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110038Sri Bhanodaya Teacher Training Institute, Etteri (V&P) G.D. Nellore(M) Chittoor District A.P.TELUGU50
14110039Sri Vani Institute of Elementary Education, Palamaner, Chittoor districtTELUGU50
14110040Sri Vidya Teacher Training College, Govindapalem, Puttur, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110041S.V.S. Teacher Training Institute, Sy.No.155-1, P.No.155, Street No.1, Ippathangale (V), Vepagunta (P), Narayanavanam (M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110042Sri Srinivasa Teacher Training Institute, Plot No.117/1, Ulapada(V), Ramasamudram (P), Punganuru (T), Ramasamudram Town, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110043Rama Raja Teacher Training Institute, No.18-1-90/14/4, Yasoda Nagar, K.T. Road, Tirupati, Chittor DistrictTELUGU50
14110044Kuppam Teacher Training Institute, Khasara No. 129, Plot.No.45/2A, Pedda Bangarunatham (V), Kuppam (M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110045Akshara Teacher Training Institute, No. 186, 1st Street, Kotramngalam (V), Tiruchanoor (P), Renigunta (M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110046Malliswari Teacher Training Institute, No.23, 8th Street, Nagari- Tirupathi Road, Puttur(V), Puttur(M), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110047Bollini Amaravathamma Jayaramaiah Teacher Training Institute, No.67/3, Erikambhattu, Puttur Road, Narayanavaram (P), Chittoor DistrictTELUGU100
14110048Seshachala Teacher Training Institute, Kanakampalem (v), Nandimagalam (PO), Puttur, Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110049Vivekananda Institute of Elementary Teacher Training Institute, No.4-46/A, Vidyanagar, penumbra Cross Road, Murakambatt (P) Chittoor DistrictTELUGU50
14110050Sri Venkateswara School of Education, Khasara No.451, Plot No.357, Sadakuppam (V&P), Bangarupalyam, Chittoor District – 517416, Andhra PradeshTELUGU50
14110051Sri Venkateswara Institute of Elementary Teacher Education RVS Nagar, Muthiverula (PO) Puthalapattu (MD), Tirupati Road, Chittoor DistTELUGU50
Chittoor D.El.Ed Colleges List

Nellore D.El.Ed Colleges List

College CodeCollege NameCourseCapacity
14109001GOVT DIET, PALLIPADU, Indukur Peta Mandal, NELLORETELUGU100
14109002Nedurumalli Subbarami Reddy Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Vidyanagar, Kota (M), Nellore DistrictTELUGU50
14109003Penuballi RamaKRISHNAiah College of Elementary Education, No.1, 1st Street, Kodavalur(V, P&M), Nellore DistrictTELUGU50
14109004S.V. College of Education, 528 B & 528 C, Plot.No.73, Divipalem Panchayath, Gudur (P&M), West Gudur Town, NelloreTELUGU50
14109005Sana D.Ed College, Plot No.260/B, 260/A1, Chemudugunta(V&P), Venkatachalam(M), Nellore Town, Nellore DistrictTELUGU50
14109006Sri Harsha D.Ed., college, Khasara No.1/11, 15/18,15/1, 16/2 Plot No.11/11,15/18,15/1,16/2, NH-7 street, Pothireddipalem (V&P) Kovur(M) Nellore-524137TELUGU50
14109007Sri Siva Sai College of Education, No.155-1-3, plot No.7/228, POD Road, Kaluvai (V&P&M) Nellore dist.TELUGU50
14109008Universal Christian College of Elementary Education, Mynampadu, Nellore road, Indurkurpet, NelloreTELUGU50
14109009Dr.C.R.R. D.Ed., College No.467, 469-1, Plot No.677, 8th Street, Sydapuram (V&P) Sydapuram (M) Nellore dist.TELUGU50
14109010V.R. College of Elementary Education, Khasara No. CAS No.45/2, 303/2A, 436, G.T. Road, Nellore (V,P&M), Nellore DistrictTELUGU50
14109011Hussainy College of Elementary Teacher Education, Venkatampeta, Duttaloor (M), Nellore DistrictTELUGU50
14109012Viswam Institute of Teacher Education, Khasara /lot No.323-2 Naidupet village, post and taluk, Nellore district-524126TELUGU50
14109013Ravi College of Education, Plot No.1182, Vinjamur (V&P), Vinjamur (T), Nellore District – 524228, Andhra PradeshTELUGU50
14109015Gothikonda Sreeramulu College of Elementary Education, Khasara No.1, Street No.1, Ramachandrapuram(V), Kattubadipalem(P), Buchireddypalem(M), Nellore DistrictTELUGU50
Nellore D.El.Ed Colleges List

Kurnool D.El.Ed Colleges List

College CodeCollege NameCourseCapacity
14113002Al Madina Elementary Teacher Education Institution, Near Zama Masjid, Mungalapadu (V&P) KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113003Ameena College of Education, Khasara No.28/852-E2- 2/S.No.403/1A. Street No.28th Ward, Nandyal (T, P&M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113004Ankala Reddy Memorial Teacher Training Course, Allagadda, KURNOOLTELUGU50
14113005Bharathi College of Diploma in Education, Nandyal, KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113006BVR College of Teacher Training, Plot.No.429, Street.No.429, Gadivemulu (V&P), Gadivemulu (Town & M) KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113007Cattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy D.Ed College, Khasara No.1, Land Title 8752/2011, Plot.No.5-3, Dinnedevarapadu (V), B. Camp Post, KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113008Dr. Ramalingareddy D.El.Ed College, Plot.No.226, Street No.7-6- 64, Allagadda (Town & P), Allagadda (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113009Dr.K.V.Subba Reddy D.Ed. College, Dupadu (V), Lakshmipuram (P), Kallur (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113010G.M. College of Diploma in Education, No.25/417-C2, Nandyal, KURNOOLTELUGU50
14113011Geethanjali College of D.Ed Sy.No.746/B1, 747/1A3, Plot.No.5 & 6, 50th War Street, KURNOOL Town, B. Camp (P), KURNOOL (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113012Gnana Saraswathi College of Diploma in Education (D.El.Ed) Plot.No.1-67-26, Banaganapalli (V&M) and Post KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113013Iqbal D.Ed College, Khasara No.31/9, Nayakallu (V&P), Kullur Mandal, KURNOOL (T), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113014JVRR Elementary Teacher Education, Lakshmipuram Gram Panchayat Railway Station Road, Nandyal, KURNOOL dist.TELUGU50
14113015K.Iqbal D.ED College, Khasara No.629/1C, Rudravaram (V&P), KURNOOL (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113016KMD Iqbal D.Ed College, Khasara No.34, Peddapadu Village and Post, KURNOOL (Town & M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113017Little Flower College of Diploma in Elementary Education, Khasara/Plot No.487, 487/2A, 487/2B, 487/2C, Street No.1, Ayyaluru (V), Ponnapuram (Post), Nandyal (M&Town) KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113018Madina DIET College, Khasara No.93/ 1B2 & 92/1B, Morusuchanu, 6-148A, Street No.6, Brahmanakotkur(V&P), Nandikotkur(M), KURNOOL Disrict-518432TELUGU50
14113019Mohammed Pasha D.Ed College, Parthasarathi Nagar, B. Camp Post, Kallur (M), KURNOOL CityTELUGU50
14113020Naik College of Eduction, Sy.No.49/A, 50, 62,63, NH-7, Dupudu (V) lakshmipuram (P)Kalur (M) KURNOOL dist.TELUGU50
14113021Nalanda Teacher Training Institute, No.1/1396, HBS Colony, Yemmiganur, Adoni Revenue Division, KURNOOL District 518360TELUGU50
14113022National D.Ed College, Pedda Tekur (V), Ullindakonda (P), Kallur (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113023National Teacher Training Institute, Plot.No.211A, 1st Street, Adoni (V), AAS College Adoni Post, Adoni (Tq & City), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113024Prabhath D.Ed College, Khasara No. 268 & 270, Parnapally (V&P), Bandi Atmakur (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113025Praveen Bhanu D.Ed College, Khasra No.8-7-137/1, Saddam colony Street, Allagadda (V&P), Allagadda (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113026Raghava Ram D.Ed., college K.No.208, Guduru Road, Kodumur (VP&M) KURNOOLTELUGU50
14113027Sai Sree College of Diploma in Education, Nehru Nagar, Dhone (V), KURNOOLTELUGU50
14113028SAS D.El.Ed. College, Plot.No.7-83, Near Church Street, Brahmanakotkur (V&P), Nandikotkur (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113029Satyam D.Ed., college, No.348 & 555, 1st street, Pyalakurthy (V&P) Kodumur (M) KURNOOLTELUGU50
14113030Shantiniketan D.Ed College, Depudu, Lakshmipuram Gram Panchayat, Kallur (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU100
14113031Sharada D.Ed College, Plot / Khasara No.1182, Street No. NH 18 Road, Nannur (V&P), Orvakal (M), KURNOOL District –TELUGU50
14113032Siddartha College of D.EL.ED, K.No.177/1, Plot.No.10-138-35, 10th Street, Dhone (V,P&M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113033Smt. Theresa Institute of Teacher Education, Khasara No.34/1, Pasupula village, B-Camp, KURNOOL (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113034SPG College of Education, Plot No.679A, 679B, Mission Compound, Nandyal (T), Nandyal(M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113035SRC D.Ed College, Plot.No. 906, 908/2, Street No. 46 1, N-1, KURNOOL (Town, P & M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113036Sree Lakshmi Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Plot No.71/2, Banaganapally (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113037Sree Lakshminarasimha D.ED., College Plot No.417, Kolimigundla (V&M), KURNOOLTELUGU50
14113038Sree Sai College of Education (D.El.ED), Opp:Brahmagarimattam, Pagidyaala 27-Block, Nandikotkur, KURNOOLTELUGU50
14113039Sri Gayathri College of Diploma in Elementary Education, Plot.No.1/5941/596, Kvaripally Street, Dharmavaram (V&P), Dhone (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113040Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara D.Ed College, Plot No.264/1, Alagadda (Town & M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113041Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara D.ED.College, D.No.1-47-1, Byreddynagar, Mamidalapadu, Stantanpuram Panchayat, KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113042Sri Raghavendra College of Diploma in Education, Plot No.1336, Maruthi Estate-2, NH-18, Nannur (V&P) Oravakal (M) KURNOOL cityTELUGU50
14113043Sri Raghavendra College of Diploma in Education, Yemmiganur, KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU100
14113044Sri Raghavendra College of Diploma in Education,No.2-5- 104,Sathram Street, Allagadda, KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113045Sri Ramachandra D.El.Ed College, Khasara No.67/C1, Plot.No. 3- 140/1, Pamulapadu (V&P), Pamulapadu (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113046Sri Sankaras D.Ed College, Khasara No.87, Plot.No.1368,Maruthi Nagar, B Camp Post, KURNOOL City and Taluk, KURNOOL District 518002TELUGU50
14113047Sri Venkateswara D.Ed College, Khasara No.751 & 843/1, Garib Nagar, Atmakur (V&P), Atmakur (M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113048Sumourya College of Eduction, Plot No.180/1,2 NH-18, B.Thandrapadu (V&P) KURNOOL districtTELUGU50
14113049Tagore D.ED College, Gudur Road, Kodumur (V&P), Kodumur (M&Town), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU100
14113050Tarakaram college of Diploma in Education, Near Chapirevula Road, Beside Electricity Sub Station, Plot No. 4-22-1, Street No.4, Rythunagar Juridiction, Nandyal (V), Nandyal (P&M), KURNOOLTELUGU50
14113051Varaprasad Rao D.Ed College, Khasara / Plot.No.375/B2B, Panchalingala (V), KURNOOL (P&Tq), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113052Vijayaniketan D.Ed., College, Khasara No.1241, Plot No. 3-206/1, Panyam (V&P) KURNOOL districtTELUGU50
14113053Viswavani College of diploma in Education, Atmakur Road, KURNOOLTELUGU50
14113054Zohars College of Diploma in Ele. Education, Plot No.327/2A and 164/2, KURNOOL Road, Udumalpuram (V) Nandyal Rs Lsg So (P) Nandyal (town &M) KURNOOLTELUGU50
14113055Zubeda College of Education, Khasara No.2-405-Z-22/S.No.480, 2ND Ward, Nandyal (V&P), Nandyal (M&T), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113056Aksharasree College of Diploma in Education, No. 245A2& 245A, Plot NO. 4/343/12/2, Ramajairoad Street, Adoni(Town & Mandal), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113057Viswashanthi D.Ed College, Plot No.240/2, Sri Balaji Nagar, Allagadda, 518543- KURNOOL districtTELUGU50
14113058G.S.R. D.Ed College, Chinthakuntla (V), Koilakuntla (P&M), KURNOOL – 518134TELUGU50
14113059Roja D.EL.ED College, Khasara No.926, Main Raod, Koilkuntla (V, P&M), KURNOOL DistrictTELUGU50
14113060Sri Sai Prathibha Educational Society (D.Ed) Sy.No.239, Land title. 1145/2011, 18th ward, Pattikonda (V&P) KurnoolTELUGU50
14113061Sai Prathibha D.El.Ed. College, Sy.No.153, Prathibha Gardens, Behind Maruthi Mega City, Nandyal Road, Kurnool DistrictTELUGU50
14113062Sainath Ram D.ED College, Plot No.6/5, Street No.12, Kariveena (V), Atmakur (P&T&M), Kurnool DistrictTELUGU50
14113063Gayathri College of D.Ed 3-1, Pedda Banda Road, Nandyal (V&M), Kurnool DistrictTELUGU50
Kurnool D.El.Ed Colleges List

Visakhapatnam D.El.Ed Colleges List

College CodeCollege NameCourseCapacity
14103001GOVT DIET, Bheemunipatnam, VISAKHAPATNAMTELUGU100
14103002B.R.College of Education, D.No.1-1-160, Anakapalli Road, Baligattam (V), Narsipatnam, VISAKHAPATNAMTELUGU50
14103003Catherine Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Bheemunipatnam, VISAKHAPATNAM DistrictTELUGU50
14103004Chaitanya D.Ed., College, P.S. Bonangi (V), Parwada (M), VISAKHAPATNAMTELUGU50
14103005AMG Teacher Training Institute for Women, Bheemunipatnam, VISAKHAPATNAMTELUGU50
14103006Madhu College of Elementary Education No.41, P.No.375, J.V.Palem (V&P), S.Rayavaram (M), VISAKHAPATNAM District-TELUGU100
14103007Mrs.AVN College, (Ded) Door No.21-1-17, VISAKHAPATNAM (M&City), VISAKHAPATNAMTELUGU50
14103008Naidu Babu Elementary Teacher Education, K.No.207, No.53/84 to 53-88 & 53 90, 2-314 street, Pindrangi(V&P) K.Kotapadu (M) Visakhapatnam dist.TELUGU50
14103009RNM Institute of Elementary Teacher Education (D.Ed), Chedikada Road, Chodavaram, VISAKHAPATNAM DistrictTELUGU50
14103010Sree Kusuma Haranath College of Education, Plot No.5-148/1, Sabbavaram(V, P& M), VISAKHAPATNAM DistrictTELUGU50
14103011Sri Swamy Vivekananda College of Elementary Teacher Education, Jawahar Nagar Road, Sriharipuram, Malkapuram, VISAKHAPATNAM DistrictTELUGU50
14103012Sri Venkateswara College of Elementary Education, P.L. Puram, Payakaraopeta, VISAKHAPATNAM DistrictTELUGU50
14103013St.Marys Centenary College of Elementary Teacher Education, Gnanapuram, VISAKHAPATNAM DistrictTELUGU50
14103014St.Paul D.Ed College, Khasara No. 133-16, Singannabanda(V), Bheemunipatnam(M), Tagarapuvalasa (Town), VISAKHAPATNAM DistrictTELUGU50
14103015Vijaya Behara Welfare Society No.72/2PTO9P, 99/1PTO3P, 100/2, Narava (V&P), pendurthi(M), VISAKHAPATNAM DistrictTELUGU50
14103016Mother College of Education (D.Ed), Ward No.4, Zodugullu, Sabbavaram (V&M) VISAKHAPATNAM DistrictTELUGU50
14103017Shantiniketan D.El.Ed College, Plot No. 36-5, 36-6, 36-7, 36-8, Street No.123, Reddipalli (V), Padmanabham, VISAKHAPATNAM-531219TELUGU50
Visakhapatnam D.El.Ed Colleges List

West Godavari D.El.Ed Colleges List

College CodeCollege NameCourseCapacity
14105001Govt. DIET, Dubacherla, Nallajerla Mandla, Westgodavari Distrit – 534112TELUGU100
14105002Buddala college of Elementary Teacher Education, R.S.No.316-2, Street No. 36, Tetali(V&P), Tanuku(M) West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105003DNR College of Elementary Education, Balusumundi, Bheemavaram, West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105004Dr.CSN College of Eduction, Plot No.13-8-6, 1st street Bhimavaram (V,P&M) West godavariTELUGU50
14105005GTP College of Elementary Education for Women, Dirusumarru Road, Bheemavaram, West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105006M.V.R.D.Ed College, R.S.No.1104/1 Main Road, Attili (V&P&M), Attilli, West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105007Montessori D.Ed College, 1-48-11, APHB Colony, Tadepalligudem, West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105008Montessori D.Ed College, Khasara No.146/2A, Ullamparru(V&P), Palakolu(M), West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105009Narayana Elementary Teacher Eduction, Plot No.3-5/1, K.No.607/2B, Main road, Neeladripuram(V) Kommugudem post , Tadepalligudem (M) West Godavari districtTELUGU50
14105010Nova College of Elementary Eduction, Vegavaram, Jangareddigudem (M) West Godavari district-534447TELUGU50
14105011Prakasam College of Education, Khasara No.312,JRG Road,Parimpudi Village, Koyyalagudem Post and Mandal,West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105012Saketh College of Elementary Education, No.3-79, K.No.68/1, Main Road, Gavaravaram (V&P), Koyyalagudem (M&Town), West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105013Sarojini Devi College of D.Ed,Khasra No.372/2,Plot No.10-16-39, Old Town Street ,Tanuku Town,West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105014Sri G.S. Rao Teacher Training Institute, Tallapudi, Tallapudi (M), West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105015Sri Vasavi GMR D.Ed college, Plot/Khasara No.414/1C,1st Street, Thadepalli (V&P), Thadepalligudem (M&Town), West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105016Sri Vekateshwara College of Eduction, Plot No.6/3, 6/5, 6/6 Vanguru (V) Venkatraopet (P) Eluru (M) West Godavari districtTELUGU50
14105017Sruthi College of Elementary Teacher Education, No.113/4, Surapuram (V), Nidadavole (P&M), West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105018St. Johns D.Ed College, Khasara No. 53/1, Somavarappadu (V), Eluru (P&M), Eluru Town, West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105019VASM Reddy College of D.Ed,No.4-120/4,2,4,3,4,4,4,5, Plot No.4- 120,Ramayalam Street Eletipadu(V), Penugonda(P), Iragavaram(M),West Godavari DistrictTELUGU100
14105020VDPR College of Elementary Teacher Education, Plot No.3-15, Street No.5, Penumantra(V), Penumantra (P&M),West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105021Akula Gopayya Elementary Teacher Education, Srinivasapuram, Near Rail Cum Road Bridge, Kovvur, West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105022Akula Sree Ramulu College of Elementary Teacher Education, By Pass Road, Pidiparu, Tanuku, West Godavari District 534211TELUGU50
14105023Best College of Teacher Education, Eluru Revenue Division, 1-31- 7, KN Road, Bye-Pass Junction, Tadepalli (V), Tadepallygudem, West Godavari DistrictTELUGU100
14105024Raghavendra College of Education (D.Ed), Narasimhapuram, Bhimavaram, West Godavari District 534202,TELUGU50
14105025St. Anns Elementary Teacher Education, Khasara No.477-B, Plot No.2, Bhimavaram (Town & post) Bhimavaram(M) West Godvari districtTELUGU50
14105026Vijaya Nagesh College of Elementary Teacher Education, No.1- 5/1, R.S.No.872, Nuvupati Street, Denduluru Village & Mandal, West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
14105027Anand College of Diploma in Eduction, KNO.1352/2, Plot No.10- 249, 10th street, Devarapalli (V&P) Gopalapuram (M&town) West Godavari distTELUGU50
14105028Carmel Teacher Training Institute, Vanguru, Eluru, West Godavari District-534002TELUGU50
14105029Sri Dhanalakshmi D.Ed College, Plot No. 7-26-20/9, TTD Kalyana Mandapam Road, Tadepallygudem, West Godavari Dist – 534101TELUGU50
14105030Nagarjuna College of Elementary Teacher Education, Sankarapuram, Nidadavole, West Godavari DistrictTELUGU50
West Godavari D.El.Ed Colleges List

Srikakulam D.E;.Ed Colleges List

      COLLEGE_NAME    Sancti
oned Intake
    Convener Quota seats    Management Quota      MEDIUM
Amma College of Education, Sy.No.275/1, Plot No.4-138D, Indira Nagar, Balaga Rural, Srikakulam(P&M), Srikakulam District    50    40    10    TELUGU
Narayana D.Ed College, Khasara / Plot No.112/1, Gudem(v), Srikakulam(M), Srikakulam District    50    40    10    TELUGU
Jyothi D.Ed College Sy.No.4 and 12, SSR Puram Street, Chinna Ravupalli   (V), Etcherla (P&M), Srikakulam    50    40    10    TELUGU
    Sri Surya D.El.Ed College, Khasara No.690/3, 689/2, Plot.No.6-1-33/1, Ward No.4, R.K.Nagar, Srikakulam (Town & P&M), Srikakulam    50    40    10        TELUGU
Sri Venkateswara College of Educaon, NH   5, S.No.24-1 & 28/P, Etcherla   (V,P & M), Srikakulam District    50    40    10    TELUGU
    Gurajada College of Elementary Education, Pedapadu, Srikakulam District    50    40    10    TELUGU
Vamsadhara Teacher Training College, Plot/Khasara No.263/2 & 264/7, Plot No. 5-5-224, Kotabommali (V, P, Tq & City) Srikakulam District   532195,    50    40    10        TELUGU
    Thammi Naidu College of Education, Sy.No.287 & 297, Plot.No.287, Vadma Street, Vadma (V), Palakonda (P&M), Srikakulam District    50    40    10        TELUGU
Sri Venkateshwara D.Ed., College, Khasara No.272/3, Plot No.97, Mahasingi street, Kotturu P&M, Srikakulam    50    40    10    TELUGU
BS And JR Diploma in Education College,No.227/9, 10 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, Plot No 1-205, S.S.Puram Street, Akkavaram(V), Tekkali(P&M), Srikakulam District    50    40    10        TELUGU
    Rangumudri Teacher Training Institute, Iruvada (V) Chilakalapalli (P), Balajipeta, Vangara (M), Palakonda, Srikakulam District   535557,    50    40    10        TELUGU
Srikakulam D.E;.Ed Colleges List

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  10. List of Govt D.Ed /DIET /TTC Colleges in Ananthapuram District
  11. List of Govt D.Ed /DIET /TTC Colleges in YSR Kadapa District
  12. List of Govt D.Ed /DIET /TTC Colleges in Krishna District
  13. List of Govt D.Ed /DIET /TTC Colleges in SPSR Nellore District

List of Govt D.Ed /DIET /TTC Colleges for AP DEECET Counselling 2023 for D.El.Ed Admissions:

List of Govt DIETs 2020 for AP DEECET Counselling

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  1. my name is DJ Kumar my diet entrance test rank is 63 can anyone tell me can I get seat in any AP DIET Government College .subject social studies

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