Exam Preparation Tips: Ways to Achieve better Grade/Marks in Public Exams 2023

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1st January – new year celebrations. we have entered the new year with lots of hope to achieve our goals. when we entered into February, students face lots of tension because they are going to celebrate the festival of exams. They will mainly suffer from fear, which is very dangerous. We can achieve anything if we overcome fear.

Exam Preparation Tips: So, Follow these tips and succeed in your exam. It may be tenth or inter, CBSE +1 +2 it may be any exam you can be topper in that. REVISION: Syllabus of tenth & Inter have been completed already now its the time for revision it is better to revise than spare time in learning new topic to get good results. Short notes including main points will help you more.

TENTH CLASS – CONTEMPORARY: This year tenth class curriculum changed as CBSE also changed the questions are based this time questions may be on contemporary issues related to the subject.

Exam Preparation Tips

CONCEPT BASED WRITING: Questions in any subject will be concept based .you have to understand the concept and answer, describe in your own way.

OBSERVATION: Now the questions are based on the competency observation. questions will be asked on the basis of observation of table, chart, graphs, diagrams etc.

ANALYTICAL SKILL: YOU have to answer the questions describing, analyzing, simplifying, adding necessary matter from the newspaper. If you prepare in the above manner you can answer multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, whatever may be the question from a specified unit you can answer easily.

CBSE: If we observe the question papers of CBSE Exams since two-three years Maths &Science questions are illustration based, so we have to give importance to all the topics equally and get complete idea on each and every topic and answer in your own way students should be used per examination online tuition facility and clear your counts.

TIME MANAGEMENT: You have to divide time according to your interest in the subjects you have to cover all the subjects daily if not minimum three subjects daily Maths should be practised every day. you have to complete revision before the exams


  • If you observe the questions of intermediate,+2, the questions are application-oriented.
  • In each subject identify important formulae and practise the questions based on the formulae.
  • Take a break from other competitive exams.
  • Give importance to practice tests and model tests.
  • Take special care in weak subjects.
  • the practice is better than reading based preparation in Maths, physics, chemistry.


  1. You have to spend ten minutes to read the question paper properly.
  2. Answer questions from simple to complex.
  3. Problems based exams like Maths & physics you have to solve the problems considering time.
  4. If you take much time to solve a problem then you require to move to the next question immediately.
  5. In theory, subjects answer the question according to the marks.
  6. In TS state tenth class exams going to conduct in the new pattern so fifteen minutes is given to understand the paper.
  7. While answering questions think about that particular question and subject.
  8. Do not think of marks and grades.
  9. Move from simple subject to complex subject you have to answer the questions in your own way related to contemporary issues.
  10. You have to develop explanation skills.
  11. Think answer in different angles for a particular question.
    Maths questions are based on concepts so understand the concepts properly, revision and techniques will help you.
  12. Practice and comparative approach are very important.

So, Be stress-free and write your exams successfully. ALL THE BEST

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