TS School SA 1 Exams 2022 conducting guidelines

Guidelines for Conduct of SA 1 Exams in TS Schools 2017-2018 – SCERT Telangana – R.No:7002, Dated:13.09.2017::  Subject: SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad – Conduct of examinations (SA-I) from 23.10.2017 to 28.10.2017 and correction of answer scripts, completion of Cumulative Records, conduct of parents meeting in all Government, Government Aided and Private Schools – Order issued – Reg.

All the RJDSEs and DEOs in the State are hereby informed that vide reference 1 cited, orders have been issued for the conduct of two Summative Assessments in an academic year. Accordingly, instructions have been issued to all types of schools in the State along with dates for the conduct for Formative and Summative Assessments as per the academic calendar.

In this regard, the examinations (SA-I)from classes I to X shall be conducted from 23.10.2017 to 28.10.2017 in all Government, Government Aided and Private Recognized Schools.  The schedule for conduct of SA-I examinations is as follows: Note: The examination duration for Second Language (Hindi/ Telugu etc.) Paper for classes IX and X is for 03.00 hours in view of a single paper.   

During the examination period, the answer scripts must be valued and Cumulative Records shall be completed in all aspects by 22-04-2022. The schedule for the valuation and issue of the Cumulative Records etc. is as follows: 

  • Completion of correction of answer scripts: 30.10.2017
  • Answer   scripts   to   parents  through   students   for   their examination and for signature: 31.10.2017
  • Completion of the Registers and Cumulative Records: 01.11.2017
  • Meeting with parents to discuss the progress and the issue of Cumulative Records: 03.11.2017
  • Obtaining of signature of the parents on Cumulative Records and return to the Class Teacher. : 06.11.2017   

Therefore, all the DEOs are instructed to take necessary action on the above aspects and conduct exams seriously and confidentiality complying with the earlier guidelines issued by this office Proc.Rc.No. 7002/ A/C&T/SCERT /TS/2016, Dt: 01.09.2017.  

Further, they are requested to adhere to the above schedule and instruct the Headmasters and Teachers that after the summative test, the teachers shall identify the learning deficiencies in terms of attainment of learning outcomes communicated by SCERT by analyzing the student’s answer sheets.

Serious effort shall be made to undertake remedial teaching/ corrective measures to ensure the attainment of learning outcomes by the individual. The learning strategies like tutoring, individualized learning could be adopted.  

The RJDSEs and DEOs are requested to visit the field and monitor the activities of both exam and post-exam activities. They are also requested to send Compliance Report on the above to the undersigned and as well as submit compliance for the Proceedings of the Director, SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad.

SA 1 half yearly exams in TS Schools/ Summative 1 half yearly Exams 2016-2017 conducting guidelines/instructions: As per the Academic Calendar and implementation of curriculum, Conducting of Half-yearly examinations (SA-I) from 27th October 2016 to 2nd November 2016 to facilitate smooth conduct of examinations under invigilation from the teachers and correction of answer scripts, declaring the results in all Government, Government aided and private schools.

DSE Telangana,Rc.No.405,Dated: 23.08.2016: Sub: SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad – Editing of Summative evaluation question papers from the districts pertaining to class VI to X in a workshop at OUCIP, Hyderabad – Certain guidelines for the improvement and finalization of question papers and field monitoring for effective implementation of CCE – Reg.

All the RJDSEs, DEOs, Pos of SSA are hereby informed that a workshop was conducted at OUCIP duly involving Secretaries of District Common Boards and one subject expert from each subject from each district and analyzed and edited the draft question papers for summative examinations and framed certain guidelines for the effective implementation of CCE.

The following are the guidelines for the conduct of SA1 Examination from 27th October 2016 onwards as per the academic calendar and monitoring of CCE in schools.

1. The DEOs have to conduct a 2 or 3day workshop in the districts with DCEB Secretary and subject experts to analyze the question papers as per the guidelines and suggestions are given at State Level workshop and rewrite the question papers as per the corrections made at State level.

The subject experts attended state-level workshops shall explain the guidelines and suggestions given at State level to the RPs in the workshop for the improvement of question papers and show the corrections made by the State level experts.

2. All the question papers must be made DTP and proofreading by the subject experts and cross-check the test items according to weightage to the academic standards as per the blueprint The finalized question papers may be translated into different languages.

3. The DCEB shall formulate subject wise resource groups @15 per subject as per the G.O.Ms.No.17. The resource persons must include State-level SRG/Textbook writers working in the districts, Headmasters, School Assistants and Teachers from Model Schools/Residential schools. Capacity building of these groups will be taken up by state-level experts.

The services of these 15 members shall be used in the districts for monitoring of CCE Implementation, question papers development, training, etc.

4. A handbook was developed duly incorporating guidelines on question papers settings, evaluation of question papers, CCE implementation, nature of test Items, etc. The soft copies will be sent to the districts which may be printed and provided to schools along with private schools on payment The printing may be taken up by the respective DEOs duly following the norms meeting the expenditure from DCEB funds.

The handbooks may be provided to private schools on payment. Accounts must be maintained for printing and distribution. The DCEB may plan for the training of teachers working in the schools under private management on the CCE and its implementation on a payment basis duly utilizing the services of subject groups of DCEB.

5. The DEOs are requested to formulate divisional level monitoring teams under the leadership of Dy. Educational Officers concerned. Each team shall constitute one Headmaster and six subject experts and given with 20 High schools to each team for monitoring.

Two or three teams must be constituted at divisional level and take up the monitoring of the implementation of CCE and allotment of internal marks to the formative assessment items in all types of schools i.e. both Govt. and Private management schools. The Dy.EO shall list out all types of High Schools in the division and allocations of school may be made to each team along with dates of visits.

6. The State shall conduct a 1-day orientation to the district level RPs so that they can in turn train the monitoring team members for the effective conduct of school visits and monitor the implementation of CCE which includes an allotment of internal marks Vis-a-Vis formative records.

7. The DCEB shall conduct workshops with experts for question papers preparation and planning for monitoring visits. The expenditure towards this workshop will be from DCEB funds towards TA/DA as per norms and Rs.200/- honorarium per day.

8. The DEOs must send a set of question papers to the Director SCERT for analysis and grading of the districts based on the quality of question papers prepared.

9.  The time table to SA 1 to be started from 27th October 2016 to 2nd November 2016 is given hereunder:

During the examination period i.e. from 27th Oct. to 2nd Nov. 2016 the answer scripts must be valued and Cumulative Records shall be completed in all aspects. The final results shall be declared and Cumulative Records must be issued to the children on Sth November 2016 without fail.

A meeting may be convened with parents & SMC members on 5th November 2016 in the school premises and Progress Cards (Cumulative Records) shall be issued to the children. The children obtain a signature on Cumulative Records and return back Cumulative Records to the concerned teachers/ HMs on 70 November 2016. The teachers must collect the Cumulative Records/ Progress Cards from the students.

All the DEOs are requested to take necessary action on the above and conduct exams seriously and confidentiality shall be maintained and see that the conduct of examinations declared the results, convening parent meeting and issue of cumulative records to all the children must be taken up as per the schedule as above.

The RJDSEs must visit the Districts and observe the effective conduct of SAl Exams, paper valuation, issue of cumulative records, parents meeting, etc. and submit a report to the Director of School Education.

Guidelines for Conduct of SA I, II & Pre-final Exams :

Adverting to the reference 1. DCEB, Wgl. Lr.No. 01/2016, Dt. 10-06-2016, 2. DCEB Wgl. 9/2016-17, Dt. 13-10-2016, 3. DSC Academic calendar 2016-17 to the subject cited above all the Hon’ble DEO’s(All the DEO’s Bhupalpally / Jangaon / Karimnagar / Khammam /Mahabubabad/ Nalgonda / Siddipeta / Warangal (R)/Warangal (U)) of newly formed Districts are hereby informed that it is known to all that the DCEB Warangal earlier collected fee from all the 51 old mandals of the then Warangal District.

And the present DCEB Warangal will supply the question papers to all the 51 mandals for the year 2016-17 from the 22nd of this month. And for the smooth running of the examination process, all the respected DEO’s are requested to instruct the MEO’s and HMs to follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Smooth Conduct of SA 1 Exams:

  • The DEOs are requested to instruct the concerned MEOs and HMs of newly merged mandals to collect the material from their respective DCEBs where they have paid earlier.
  • The MEOs and HMs newly merged mandals and detached mandals as well will get the material from their respective DCEBs where they have paid the fee4, for instance, the detached mandals of Warangal Maddur and Cherial will be supplied by DCEB Warangal (U)
  • Inform the MEOs to give instructions to the concerned HMs of the mandals to present themselves at MRCs to collect their material, (at old distribution centers) according to their need and indent, for SA-I, Examination (To be held from 27.10.2016 to 03.11.2016,
  • MEOs have to maintain the issue register and to distribute the papers after a careful inquiry and instruct the HMs to keep them in safe custody.
  • If any deficit occurs the HMs have to make alternative arrangements by making adjustments from neighboring schools.
  • During the examination, MEOs have to visit at least (2) schools a day (01) Govt. Schools (01) private school. i.e. for
    i) to check the attendance of the students, ii) teachers’ presence, iii) whether following examination procedure or not?
  • HMs have to instruct the teachers to complete cumulative records before 5-11-2016 and distribute them to the students.
  • All HMs have to instruct all the teachers to present themselves every day at the school compulsorily during all exams. (Morning to Evening).
  • It came to our notice that some of the HMs did not send their students’ strength particulars and the indent. We also noticed that they collected the fee but did not pay to the DCEB. And it is to inform all the HMs that the question papers will not be sent to them. And the MEOs and HMs are held responsible for the discrepancy caused by them.

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