TS School Academic Calendar 2022 Programmes, Activities, Exams Schedule for 2022-2023

TS School Academic Calendar 2021 Programmes, Activities, Exams Schedule for 2021-2022. Telangana Academic Calendar 2021-2022, TS Schools FA 1, FA 2, FA 3, FA 4 Exams Schedule, TS Schools SA 1, SA 2 Exams Schedule, TS Schools First term, Second term Holidays, month-wise working Days. TS Schools Academic Calendar for the year 2021-2022 and other programs, activities, Exam schedule for the next academic year have been developed by the SCERT Telangana.

In this Draft Academic Calendar 2021-2022, Main Activities Schedule, Next Academic year start date, Summer vacation, Schools Reopening date, Syllabus distribution, Examinations schedule, Term Holidays like First term holidays (Dasera), Christmas holidays for Christian minority schools, Second term holidays (Sankranthi) for Other than Christian minority schools, Summer vacation and Month-wise working days details are available.

These details are given here. The draft academic calendar for the year 2021-2022 has been developed and it is proposed for discussion for finalization of TS Schools Academic Calendar for 2021-2022.

TS Schools New Academic Calendar Programmes

TS School Alternative Academic Calendar 2021-2022

AAC 2021-2022 forDownload
Telangana School CalendarTelangana School Academic Calendar 2021-2022 (New)
AAC PrimaryClass 1 to 5th Alternative Academic Calendar 2021-22
AAC Upper PrimaryClass 6 to 7th Alternative Academic Calendar 2021-22
AAC SecondaryClass 8 to 10th Alternative Academic Calendar 2021-22
AAC GuidelinesTS Alternative Academic Calendar Implementation Guidelines
Alternative Academic Calendar 2021-2022 for TS School Students

Class 1 to Class 10 reopen for students in Telangana Schools:

The Telangana government decided to reopen schools for 1st class to 10th classes students from 01-09-2021. The state government has taken the Telangana School Reopening decision by considering the declining graph of coronavirus cases. Telangana School Reopening decision is in accordance with the guidelines and protocols issued by the state government. Schools must follow the COVID 19 related standard operating procedures thoroughly.

Telangana School Reopening SOPs should be followed

  • Students must wear masks and sanitize their hands frequently.
  • Physical distancing must be maintained inside the campus.
  • Classrooms must be sanitized frequently.
  • Parents’ consent letter must be submitted before attending the offline classes.
  • Students with any COVID 19 symptoms will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • The state education minister, Sabitha Indra Reddy, said that Telangana School Reopening’s decision had been taken after taking consent from the CM.

Earlier, the Telangana government reopened the schools for Teachers from July 1st, 2021. The schools have reopened with proper COVID 19 guidelines and SOPs. Schools across the country have reopened from 01-09-2021 in a phased manner. The sequence of school reopening is in such a way that the higher classes are resuming first.

TS School Summer Holidays 2022Summer Holidays 2022
TS School ReopeningSchool Reopening Proceedings
Mid Day Meal InstructionsMDM Instructions
Class 6 to 8 Syllabus70% Syllabus for 6 to 8 Classes
Guidelines for Opening of SchoolsSchools Reopening Guidelines
TS Schools

Telangana School Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Online Classes from July 1st, 2021: Online classes for school, students for the new academic year will commence on 01-07-2021 and Offline classes will be conducted from 01-09-2021. Education Department is awaiting guidelines from the central government on conducting offline classes. The government has decided to get the ball rolling on all academic activities online from next month.

Schedule of Activities 2021-2022

Academic ActivityDate
Date of re-opening of schools01-09-2021
The last working day for 2021-202223-04-2022
Total number of working days213 (47 virtual mode +166 Physical mode)
Summer vacation24-04-2022 to 12-06-2022
Schedule of Activities 2021-2021

Syllabus distribution 2021-2022

Syllabus distribution for A.Y, 2021-22r The syllabus for all subjects for class X shall be completed by 10.01.2022 and take revision classes and conduct pre-final exams before 28.02.2022. Syllabus for classes I to IX shall be completed by 28.02.2022. The revision and remedial teaching and preparation for SA 2 exam will be during the month of March 2022.

TS School Working Days for CCE Entry

TS School Working Days for Marks Entry

Examination Schedule 2021-2022 for 10th Class

According to the new academic calendar,

  • The Formative Assessment 1 (FA1) should be done by 05-10-2021 and
  • Formative Assessment 2 (FA2) by 31-01-2022.
  • The summative assessment 1 (SA1) will be done from 01-12-2021 to 08-12-2021.
  • The Pre Final Exams will be done before 28-02-2022.
  • The SSC Public Examinations will be conducted in Telangana in March/April, 2021.
Assessment / ExaminationsDate
Formative Assessment (FA 1 )By 05-10-2021
Formative Assessment (FA 2 )By 31-01-2022
Summative Assessment (SA1)01-12-2021 to 08-12-2021
Pre Final ExamsBefore 28-02-2022
SSC Board ExaminationsIn March/April 2022
10th Class Examination Schedule 2021

Examination Schedule 2021-2022 for 1st Class to 9th Class

According to the new academic calendar,

  • The Formative Assessment 1 (FA1) should be done by 05-10-2021 and
  • Formative Assessment 2 (FA2) by 28-02-2022.
  • The summative assessment 1 (SA1) will be done from 01-12-2021 to 08-12-2021.
  • The summative assessment 2 (SA2) will be done before 07-04-2022 to 18-04-2022.
Assessment / ExaminationsDate
Formative Assessment 1 (FA 1 )By 05-10-2021 [01 to 5-10-2021]
Formative Assessment 2 (FA 2 )By 28-02-2022
Summative Assessment 1 (SA1)01-12-2021 to 08-12-2021
Summative Assessment 2 (SA2)07-04-2022 to 18-04-2022
1st to 9th Class Examination Schedule 2021

Short Term Holidays 2021-2022

Dassara Holidays06-10-2021 to 17-10-2021 (12 days)
Christmas Holidays for Missionary Schools22-12-2021 to 28-12-2021 ( 7 days)
Sankranthi Holidays other than Missionary Schools11-01-2022 to 16-01-2022 (6 days)
Summer Holidays24-04-2022 to 12-06-2022
Short Term Holidays 2021-2022

School Events 2021-2022

4.1 Science Exhibition / Seminar 2021-2022

INSPIRE, JNNSMEE and Science Seminar will be conducted in virtual mode only. Following is the tentative schedule for the Science exhibitions and seminars to be held at various levels:

EventDistrict LevelState LevelNational Level
Inspire21-09-2021 to 05-10-2021Last week of October 2021December 2021 / January 2021
JNNSMEENovember 2021/ December 2021December 2021 / January 2022
Science SeminarNovember 2021/ December 2021 December 2021 / January 2022
Science Exhibition / Seminar Schedule

4.2. Rashtriya Avishkar Saptah:

Rashtriya Avishkar Saptah, 2021 to be observed in schools in the month of October, 2021 (October being the month of Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Birth Anniversary) as Rashtriya Avishkar Saptah-2021. During this month the students of Upper Primary. Secondary and Higher Secondary Stages, across the state, will uniformly carry out a study involving experimentation as per the guidelines of NCERT.

Month wise Number of Working Days and Activities Programmes 2021-2022

MonthNo. of Working DaysActivities Schedule
September 202124
(01-09-2021 to 30-09-2021)
Schools reopening: 0l .09.2021.
Revision of lessons conducted through various digital platforms / remote learning.
Teaching of current year syllabus.
October 202114
(01-10-2021 to 31-10-2021)
FA 1: 01.09.2021 to 05.10.2021 (28 working days).
Students’ performance shall be recorded in the Registers and Cumulative Records By 05. 10.2021.
Dasara vacation: 06.10.2021 to 17.10.2021 (12 days) – First Term Holidays.
November 202121
(01-11-2021 to 30-11-2021)
Preparation for SA I
December 202119
(01-12-2021 to 31-12-2021)
SA 1 for classes I to X : 01.12.2021 to 08.12.2021 (6 days).
SA 1 for classes I to X : 01.09.2021 to 30.11.2021 (68 working days).
Answer scripts to children: By 13-12-2021.
Recording results in Cumulative Records on 14.12.2021.
Declaration of results and parents meeting:15.12.2021.
Christmas vacation for Missionary Schools: 22.12.2021 to 28.12.2021 (7 days).
January 2022(01-01-2022 to 31-01-2022) Sankranthi vacation (other than Missionary Schools): 11.01 .2022 to 16.01.2022 (6 days) – Second Term Holidays.
FA 2: 09.12.2021 to 31.01.2022 for class X (36 days).
Students’ performance shall be recorded in the Registers and Cumulative Records: By 3 I .01.2022.
February 2022(01-02-2022 to 28-02-2022) FA 2: 09.12.2021 to 28.07.2022 for classes I to IX (59 days).
Students’ performance shall be recorded in the Registers and Cumulative Records: By 28.02.2072.
Pre-final exams for class X: Before 28.02.2022. Exams should be conducted during morning session and preparation for the next exam under the supervision of subject teacher during afternoon session.
March 2022(01-03-2022 to 31-03-2022) SSC exams: During March/ April, 2022.
Revision and remedial teaching for classes Ito IX and preparation for final Exams (SA).
April 2022(01-04-2022 to 23-04-2022) SA2 for classes 1 to 9: 07.04.2022 to 18.04.2022 (47 days virtual mode + 161 days physical mode = 208 working days).
Answer scripts to children: By 20.04.2022.
Recording results in Cumulative Records on 21.04.2022.
Declaration of results and parents meeting: 23.04.2022.
Last working day for the academic y ear 2021 -22 z 23.04.2022.
Summer vacation: 24.04.2022 to 12.06.2022.
Month wise working days

School Working Days 2021-2022

  • Total number of working days: 213
  • Virtual mode (online) from 0t.07.2021ro 31.08.2021.
  • Physical mode (offline) from 01.09.2021 to 23.04.2022.
Mode of TeachingNo of Working Days
Virtual mode (online) from 0t.07.2021ro 31.08.202147
Face to face mode (offline and online) from 01.09.2021 to 23.04.2022.166
School Working Days

School Timings for 2021-2022

  • High Schools: 09.30 AM to 04.45 PM. In case of twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, the High School timings will be 08.45 AM to 04.00 pm.
  • Upper Primary Schools: 09.00 AM to 04.15 pm and in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad 08.45 AM to 04.00 pm.
  • Primary Schools and Primary Section of Upper primary Schools (classes I to V): 09.00 AM to 04.00 PM and in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
  • The Primary Schools and Upper Primary Schools working in the High School campus shall follow the High School timings i.e., primary Schools from 09.30 AM to 04.15 PM with the 45 minutes lunch break and Upper primary Schools will be from 09.30 AM to 04.45 PM with 45 minutes lunch break.

TS Schools to run from June 12 to April 23:

In a major change in the School Academic Calendar, schools will start on June 12 instead of June 1 every year. So, For this academic year, schools will commence from June 12. According to a new academic calendar for 2020-2021 formulated by the Directorate of School Education and approved by the State government, schools will have summer vacation from April 23 to Jun 11.

The change in the academic calendar has now paved the way for school students to take part in the State Formation celebrations on June 2. Earlier, the schools used to re-open on June 1 and not much activity used to be conducted on account of the State Formation Day.

The schools will have to complete the syllabus for Classes I to IX by February 29 next and revision, remedial teaching and preparation for Summative Assessment (SA) 2 exams will be held during March 2020. The SA 2 examinations will be held in from April 7 to April 16 and April 22 is the last working day for all schools for the academic year.

As per the calendar, the syllabus for Class X should be completed by January 10 and revision classes and pre-final examinations should be held before the commencement of SSC Public Exams.

School Academic Calendar was released by the Directorate of School Education for the academic year in State. These School Calendars will send to all Government  Schools. School Academic Calendar activities would be followed in Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools in the State. This academic year admissions start from June 12th and also classes will start from June 12th in all Government Schools. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Process Method will continue in this academic year.

School Management Committee (SMC) Meetings will be conducted once every two months and that will be conducted in JUNE, AUGUST, OCTOBER, DECEMBER, FEBRUARY, and APRIL. School Complex Meetings will be conducted four times in this academic year and that will be conducted in July, October, December, and March.

In this academic year One Baseline test, four Formative tests and two Summative tests will be conducted in our schools. Dasara Holidays and Pongal Holidays dates are provided in this academic year.

TS Schools Reopening on 12-06-2022: The government has given 16 days as a vacation for Dasara festival for all schools, Similarly, 7 days for Christmas holidays for missionary schools and Sankranti vacation will be for 6 days for other than missionary schools.

School Games:

The national games start from October onwards and all games at the state level have to be completed before 1st October, so as to send the selected State Teams to the National games. Following is the schedule for games and sports competitions at various levels. TS Schools New Academic Calendar Programmes.

Event / Levels of gamesComplete all events on or before the tentative dates given below
School Level1st and 2nd week of August
Mandal Level Tournaments (within Mandal)3rd week of August
Inter Mandal tournament cum district team selections3rd week of August
District sports zone tournament cum selections (newly formed district represents previous district sports zone)3rd week of September
State-level inter-district sports zones tournaments cum selections. (ten district sports zones will participate for Telangana state team selections)4th week of September
to be completed before Dassara Vacation
(Shall be conducted at Hyderabad in collaboration with SAT support prior planning and selection of stadiums
School Games

Note: The teacher has to discuss the topic to be transmitted for 5 mints and prepare children to view the program. The lesson will be transmitted for 20 to 25 mints. The teachers have to conduct discussions on the lesson transmitted for deeper understanding

School Complex Meetings 2021-2022:

SMC MEETINGS: SMC meetings must be conducted during the first week of every month and minutes of the meetings must be recorded. The Headmaster must inform all the SMC Members and ensure their participation.

Primary and Upper Primary / High SchoolsNo. of School Complex MeetingsSchedule
Primary School61.July,
Upper Primary/High Schools61.July,
School Complex Meetings

School Programmes 2021-2022:

  • Mass drill: Every Friday in the week
  • Bala Sabha: 1st Saturday every month
  • Quiz programmes: 3rd Saturday in every month
  • Swachh School/ Haritha Haram: 4th Saturday in the month
  • Telangana Formation Day: 2nd June
  • Telangana Bhasha Dinotsavam: 9th September
  • National Mathematics Day: 22nd December
  • School Annual Day: December / January
  • International Mother Language Day (Mathru Basha’ Dinotsavam): 21 February
  • National Science Day: 28 February


Co-curricular activities as a part of the curriculum promote the overall development of the children. The activities prescribed are creative in nature and value-oriented and guide for the development of proper citizenship. TS Schools New Academic Calendar Programmes.

These activities shall not be neglected and the Headmaster shall plan and distribute co-curricular activities to the teachers based on their workload in Primary, Upper Primary, and High Schools and see that all the co-curricular activities must be implemented and recorded in the Cumulative Records. The “Health & Physical Education will be implemented by PETS/ PDs. The Headmaster is responsible for the implementation of all the co-curricular activities and recording the grades properly


All the schools must take necessary steps for the health checkup of the students with the help of the local Primary Health Centre and take referral cases to the nearby Area Hospitals. The Health Cards have already been printed under Cumulative Records which need to be filled up and maintain properly. The health checkup of every child twice in a year is a must. The Headmasters must ensure and implement.

New Academic Year 2021-2022

Government of Telangana School Education Department has given proceedings with Memo No.3552 for introduce of new Academic Calendar for Classes 1st to 10th for the Academic Year 2021-2022.

Recently Government has approved the Academic Calendar based on the proposal of the DSE Telangana. The Director of School Education, Telangana has requested to take necessary action in the above said matter and detailed guidelines have been issued on this.

The prevailing situations of COVID-19 has redefined the way of learning in the academic year from face-to-face mode to remote learning through TV, computers, mobile phones etc. The schools in the state of Telangana normally reopen every year on 12th of June but for the academic year 2021-22 schools have not reopened physically for the students.

SCERT has developed Alternative Academic Calendar (AAC) for Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary levels based on the Alternative Academic Calendar developed by NCERT and Worksheets for classes 2 to 10 in all subjects were developed and hosted on SCERT website.

DSE Telangana has issued detailed Guidelines on online / offline instructions, roles of various stakeholders vide proceedings and responsibilities through Doordarshan and T SAT, and other digital platforms.

The present digital classes being conducted through Doordarshan and TSA T, and other digital platforms shall continue and a blended form of learning through both online and offline platforms, shall be made available to students.

New Academic Year 2021-2022: The academic year started on the 01-07-2021 in the state of Telangana. Digital lessons are being made available to students from 01-07-2021. Worksheets were created in three languages ​​for the practice of those lessons. All teachers are attending to duties. Plans are being drawn up for the content needed in the context of digital teaching.

Ongoing admissions process: The Department of Education has focused on student admissions in the wake of the start of the academic year. Students are identified by villages and admissions are finalized for them immediately.

Worksheets designed under the auspices of SCERT are provided from time to time to help students understand how well the lessons are understood after digital teaching. For the first time in the country, worksheets were created in Telugu, English and Urdu medium. They have also been uploaded on the SCERT website. These can be downloaded by anyone.

Digital Lessons: New lessons from the third week. Although digital lessons are being made available from day one, it has been decided to teach previous class lessons for the first two weeks. New lessons are taught only from the third week. In the meantime, teachers are preparing plans for digital teaching.

Even if students are not listening to digital classes for any reason, they are being made available through the T SAT app to listen to past lessons. Worksheets and digital classes are also available at scert.telangana.gov.in.

Alternative Academic Calendar from 13 to 16 Weeks

Alternative Academic CalendarDownload AAC (Reduced Syllabus)
Primary AAC from 13 to 16 WeeksPrimary (Part I)
Upper Primary AAC from 13 to 16 WeeksUpper Primary (Part I)
Secondary AAC from 13 to 16 WeeksSecondary (Part I)
Alternative Academic Calendar for 8 weeks (in Continuation of 4 weeks)

Alternative Academic Calendar for 8 weeks (in Continuation of 4 weeks)

Alternative Academic Calendar for 9th and 10th Classes. The school education department has released an alternative academic calendar for 9th and 10th classes for the current academic year. It covers the topics to be taught in the respective classes over the next eight weeks, subject wise. Corona mentions the role of parents as well as students and teachers in the background.

The school education department has already released the academic calendar for the first four weeks. Has recently issued orders releasing another eight-week calendar. Alternative Academic Calendar for 8 Weeks Primary: SCERT Telangana has released the 8 Weeks Alternative Academic Calendar for Primary Students Part II on its web Portal

Alternative Academic CalendarDownload AAC (Reduced Syllabus)
Primary AAC for 8 weeksPrimary (Part II)
Upper Primary AAC for 8 weeksUpper Primary (Part II)
Secondary AAC for 8 weeksSecondary (Part II)
Alternative Academic Calendar for 8 weeks (in Continuation of 4 weeks)

Alternative Academic Calendar for Students

SCERT Telangana has released Alternative Academic Calendars for Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary Level Students. Download Alternative Academic Calendar for Students of Primary Classes I to V, Upper Primary Classes VI to VIII and Secondary Classes IX and X

AAC forDownload
PrimaryClass 1 to 5th Alternative Academic Calendar
Upper PrimaryClass 6 to 8th Alternative Academic Calendar
SecondaryClass 9 to 10th Alternative Academic Calendar
Alternative Academic Calendar for TS School Students

Important Links

Guidelines for Online Classes 2021-22 *Get Details
Worksheets *Get Details
TS TextbooksSCERT Books
Sataka PadyaluSataka Parimalalu
Workbooks & Material3Rs & LEP Material
Important Links for TS Schools


  • As per the RTE Act-2009 and the rules there under class-wise and subject-wise learning Outcomes are defined. In order to achieve the desired learning outcomes, regular attendance of the students is a prerequisite.
  • All the schools must take necessary action for attaining the target set by the Government in the academic year to achieve more than 90% of student attendance at any given point of time in every school
  • Headmasters must involve the parents, SMCs, Mothers Committee, Self He Group Members, local youth, NGOs to ensure that the students attend school regularly
  • The school authorities, Attendance Committee Members and SMC Member should identify the children who are absent frequently to the school and ma home visits and persuade their parents to send the children regularly to school.

TS Schools New Academic Calendar Programmes, Activities, Exams Schedule:

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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