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Implementation of Academic Improvement Programmes, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, TeLangana State Minutes of the AMOs Meeting. AMOs review meeting was held on 25th and 26th June 2014 at SPO Telangana State, Hyderabad.

The AMOs of 10 districts were present and the discussions were held on the following agenda:

1) Feedback of Summer camps
2) School readiness and Class readiness programme
3) Positioning of CRPs & DLMTs and their performance
4) Positioning of part time Instructors and their performance
5) Identification of DRGs for TOTs
6) Initiation on 4th quarter QMT(2013-14)
7) Planning and preparation of annual calendar activities, pedagogy and REMS
8) Quality Learning Enhancement Programme

Implementation of Academic Improvement Programmes:

  • The AMOs should focus on effective implementation of Components of QLEP in the elementary schools of the State as a Quality initiative of the State. The objective of the QLEP and the programme components of the QLEP should reach the school point. Action: DPO
  • In monitoring of schools, the implementation of QLEP shall be given prime importance at different levels. The DEOs, POs, Sectoral officers, MEOs, School complex HMs, DIETs shall be informed on the importance of QLEP.
  • The AMOS shall prepare the calendar of Academic activities to be carried in the Districts and budgeted activities of Quality, REMS along with time plan and detailed action plan for improvement of Schools and Children learning levels. The plan should reach the SPO before 30th June, 2014 from respective district. Action: AMO
  • The components of District action plan shall be shared with DEO, PO, DPO, DIET, and other Monitoring Off’icers at different levels for effective implementation. Action: P.O/AMO
  • The respective AMOs in consultation with DEO and PO are to create a brand image of the district on identified academic area as discussed in the AMO review meeting. Efforts shall be put to implement the Vision and mission formulated in the district. Action: AMO
  • All districts to take measures to activate the web sites and also to upload the information to enable everyone to view the same. The website address of the District and State shall be made to known by  every teacher. Action: PO
  • A request from AMOs to position two MRPs, out of which one MRP of SGT cadre to monitor Primary schools and second MRP of School Asst. cadre to look after UP school and elementary sections in Secondary Schools. As there are no full-fledged MEOs working at the Mandal, this arrangement could be helpful to monitor the schools. Action: SPO
  • Every district shall document the achievements of the programmes like Summer camp, school readiness and class readiness programme, READ programme and communicate to the SPO and also place it in the District websites. Action: DPO / AMO
  • The district report on academic activities shall be communicated to SPO before 5th of every month. Action: P.O / AMO

Class room Transactions- Teaching Learning process

  • Ensuring of professional preparation of the teacher like unit plan/lesson plan, and collecting of relevant teaching- learning resources before stepping into the class and transacts the class shall happen in every school. Action: DEO / P.O
  • Steps shall be taken by DPO to implement the child centered classroom practices like activitles, projects, dialogue, descussions, experiments, discovery approach, constructivist approach to be found m day to day classroom teaching. Action: DEO / PO
  • Ensure the implementation of Periodical appraisal of Performance of teachers and HMs by executing Performance indicators. Action: DEO/PO
  • Focus on arrangement of reading corners in all the schools. Small books as per the class standards have to be collected and to be kept in the reading corners to develop the early reading habits. Action: DPO
  • The AMOS are required to identify the schools without running black boards in classes 1 and 2 and take initiative to provide running black boards in 1st and 2nd classes of all schools. Action : DPO
  • For all round development and academic improvement of the child, every school shall implement the school activities, Innovative activities, talent search activities in the schools. The local authorities and school authorities may prioritize the above said activities for effective implementation in the schools. Action.AMO

Implementation of best practices: Implementation of Academic Improvement Programmes

  • The AMOs shall evolve the mechanism in Identifying the Best classroom and school practices being implemented in the schools and ensure that proper documentation takes place at different levels and dissemination through review meetings, school meetings, website, press coverage.
  • The teachers should take priority in habit formation of the students like cleanliness, attending prayer regularly etc.
  • The HMS’ are free to devise their school practices on their own in the interest of pupil development. Ensure that every school has certain uniqueness in adopting Best school practices. These best practices shall contribute for child well being and child academic improvement.

Summer School camps

  • Summer school camps are organized in all districts, covering 91,844 children with 2,830 School Complex centers. The material provided in the workbooks were used to help the children to reach the minimum standards academically. Action: AMO
  • The services of CRPs are found to be appreciable in functioning of summer camps. Many parents evinced interest to keep their children in the summer camps. Action: HMs/Schools

School Readiness and Class Readiness Programme :

  • The implementation of School Readiness and Class readiness programme has to be implemented with more vigour, as still in many places pro-tests were not conducted; remedial teaching is not effectively takl’ng place particularly in Secondary Schools. Action: DEO / PO
  • Need to Strengthen the Monitoring of School and Class readiness programme by Sectoral officers, MROs, School complex HMs.
  • Invite the parents to the school on 30th June, 2014 to appraise the progress of their children during Readiness programme.
  • Give wide press coverage on School Readiness and Class Readiness progrmme as a step towards Quality initiative in the elementary schools. Action: DEO/PO

SMC Meetings

  • During SMC meetings along with CMOs, AMOs shall take part to know the teacher pupil attendance, teacher performance, utilization of grants, mid day meals, children performance.
  • SMC meeting should be conducted as per the convem~ence of the parents to enable them to participate and share their requirements: Action : AMO

Quality Monitoring Tools

  • Suggested to change of cycles of Quality of monitoring tools from the beginning of the academic year i.e JUNE to MAY shall be implemented. First quarter from June to August, 2nd quarter: September to November; 3rd quarter from December to February, fourth quarter from March to May. Action.SPO / DPO
  • All the AMOS have to furnish the 3 & 4th quarter reports of QMT by end of the month. Action: AMO
  • Review meetings for improvement of system, based on the reports of QMT shall be conducted at different levels for every quarter MRCs/School complexes. Action: AMO

MRCs/ School Complexes

  • Effort shall be made to make MRCs and School complexes as Resource centers. Start with small library and reading room In all MRCs and school complexes. Action: AMO
  • In all school complexes ROTs shall be made functional by utilizing the grants.
  • Wherever ROTS are not installed, with the available grants, ROTs may be installed in school complexes and MRCs.


  • The monitoring mechanism at different levels shall be redefined at field level; the spirit of mentoring, coaching, collaboration, adoption shall be reflected. Classroom processes and academic intervention of the teachers for Improvement of the child learning shall occupy prime place m the monitoring aspects. Action: DEO / DPO
  • All academic instructions shall he issued from DEO. Instructions shall be Issued by DEO to School complex HMs to mom~tor the attached schools as per the guidelines. Acton: DEO
  • It is observed that the communication from SPO, DPOs are not reaching the school point. Alternative arrangements shall be made by MEOs to communicate the instructions of SPO, DPO to the school point. Action: DPO
  • Ensure the conduct of staff meetings at least once in a month on 3rd Saturday, and minutes of the meeting shall be recorded. Action : AMO


  • The ELTC/DEC staff working in DIETS may be utilized as DRPs for training of teachers in English at Primary and UP level.
  • The teachers who are adopting innovative classroom practices, child centered pedagogy and one who has good communication skills may be Identlfied as DRP. The ident~ified good MRGs may be considered for DRPs. Action: AMO
  • Implementation of Academic Improvement Programmes


  • Steps shall be taken to increase the existing three model elementary schools to six model elementary schools in each mandal. Among slX model schools, four schools of Primary level and two schools from UP level. Action: DEO / PO
  • Identify three more MRGs with good subject back ground, keeping three MRGs at Primary level and three for UP level with different subject background. These MRGs shall act as Resource persons at Cluster level Training programmes. Action: AMO

Sharing of SLAS Finding:

  • The AMOS are required to collect district wise, Manda! wise reports. The same to be communicated to DEO in turn to take remedial measure to overcome the shortcomings of the findings. Action: DEODPO
  • The AMOS shall take up the academic activities, activitles of R & E such as conduct of DRAC assigning of studies, review of studies by screening committee, posting of research findings in website as per the plan in a stipulated time period.  Action: AMO

Other Issues: Implementation of Academic Improvement Programmes

  • Tagging of CRPs m teacher less schools and single teacher schools for classroom instruction. Action: AMO
  • Weekly one library period should be allotted in the time table Action: DEO
  • November l4th to 21st 2014, Library week shall be implemented as ‘Patanotsavam’ in all the schools as a part of READ (Read Enjoy and Develop) programme week. Action: DPO
  • The respective districts AMOS shall prepare the list of events to be observed in the schools for conduct of local, national and international festivals, science days, talents search activities. Action: AMO
  • Usage of cell phones should be strictly prohibited during school hours. Action: DEO
  • The AMOS shall be provided with clerical assistance, DTP operator and vehicle facility.Action: PO
  • The POs are requested to assign academic activities to AMOS as per their job chart. Action:P.O

Download the Implementation of Academic Improvement Programme from here

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