IERTs Duties & Responsibilities Job Chart

IERTs Duties & Responsibilities Job Chart, RTE mandates free and compulsory education to all children from 6-14 years of age. The key objective of RTE- SSA is the Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE). Three important aspects of UEE are access, enrolment, and retention of all children in 6-14 years of age.

This goal of UEE has further been facilitated by the Constitutional (86th Amendment) Act, making free and compulsory elementary education a Fundamental Right, for all the children in the age group of 6-14 years.

This Amendment has given a new thrust to the education of Children With Special Needs (CWSN), as without their inclusion, the objective of UEE cannot be achieved. In-fact inclusion of one of the groups, which is extremely crucial for UEE, is perhaps that of the CWSN. Hence, education of CWSN is an important component of SSA.

Duties and Responsibilities of IE Resource Teachers: 
The Resource Teacher(RT) shall perform duties with high integrity, be punctual in attending the Center and discharge his/ her duties to the utmost satisfaction of the parents of the CwSN who approach the Center for services and his/ her services shall be result oriented He or she shall not act perfunctorily in any manner while performing the job.

IERT shall invariably reside in the Mandal headquarter and shall be reporting to the MEO every day before attending to their work in IERC/ Non-IERC Mandals, The working hours of lERTs are from 9:00 AM to 4.30 PM The duties and responsibilities of the Inclusive Education Resource Teachers (lERTs) for the year 2014-15 are as follows

IERTs Duties and Responsibilities

1. The Resource Teacher works under the control of the Project Officer, District Project Office, Rajiv Vidya Mission and shall be reporting to the Mandel Education Officer of the Mandal allotted.

2. The Resource Teacher shall invariably wear the Identity card issued by Project Office while attending to the duties. The DPO shall arrange to issue ID cards duly signed by the Project Officer and the date of validity of the card should be printed on the front side of the ID card.

3. The Resource Teachers shall not share confidential information relating to the child or the child data or any important information relating to the project, with others without prior permission of the RVM project official.

4. Resource Teacher shall perform the duties as per the Work-schedule communicated by the State Project Office. In case if the Resource Teacher has to deviate the schedule due to unexpected reasons, he/ she should take prior permission from the project office and shall inform the MEO and parents of CwSN about such deviation.

5. The Resource Teachers services are dedicated to the activities of RVM during the period he/ she works with the project and, hence, they shall not work in any two places simultaneously or pursuing any regular course in any institute, In case, if such practice by any Resource Teacher, comes to the notice of the project stringent action will be initiated against such candidates as per law including immediate termination of contract and recovery of money.

6. The Resource Teacher shall return to the PO ail such material received from RVM on a returnable basis at the time of quitting the job.

7. Resource Teacher bears the responsibility of identifying children with special needs, conducting formal and functional assessment, counseling the parents of CwSN, mobilization of educable CwSN to schools, identifying extremely dependent children for sanction of escort allowance, mobilization of children for physiotherapy camps, mobilization of children to lERCs for ECE and other therapeutic interventions enumeration of CwSN who might need minor corrective surgeries and advocacy for Inclusive Education of CwSN.

8. Resource teacher shall attend, among other training; the Multi-category training sponsored by the project and provides service to all categories of CwSN. IERTs Duties & Responsibilities Job Chart.

9. Resource Teacher shall attend not less than three (3) mentally challenged children of the severe or profound condition at their homes under the Home-Based Education program, The period of Home-Based Education is one year.  

RT  shall commence  HBE  program only after their name is enrolled in regular school,  Such children shall always be eligible for ail entitlements for which the in-school children are eligible including two pairs of school uniforms   During this period the child will be taught basic self-help and living skills and skills of communication among other individual-specific skills under close observation of the parent.

10. The RT shall spend a minimum 1.45 minutes to 2 hours with each child at home for each visit. Resource Teacher shall invariably attend along with child-specific need-based low-cost no-cost Teaching Learning Material for use under HBE and spend with the child at the child’s residence only and not elsewhere and necessarily in the presence of either of the parents or guardian of the child.

11. For the purpose of HBE program, the Resource Teacher shall identify fresh children with mental retardation of severe or profound condition only preferably from the age of 4-18 years.

12. Resource Teacher has to mention the performed activity in the home level record at child’s home in every visit and put a signature with date etc.

13. Resource Teacher shall prepare the profiles of all the CwSN covered under HBE/ NRSTC/ IERC activities. A soft copy of the children profile shall be submitted to the Project Officer in the stipulated time i,e, 30th June 2014.

14. The above copies shall be furnished to the SPO by 5th July 2014 duly consolidating district wise by the District IE Coordinator.

15. The IERT should orient the school teachers on effective Inclusive Education and special methodology of educating CwSN during the CRC meetings decided by the Project Officer.

16. The IERTs should record all the information such as demographic particulars, medical history, etc of the child in the standardized formats. The Resource Teacher shall prepare Individualized Educational Plans (lEPs) for all CwSN who are getting IE services under RVM in the prescribed format provided by the SPO. The IERTs shall update the IEPs regularly and assess the goals set by them.

17. The Resource Teacher is responsible for achieving the targets set in the IEP and endeavor for qualitative education and progress in daily living and academic skills in a said time frame.

18.  Resource  Teacher shall invariably attend the monthly  Review meetings on 1st  Saturday of every month along with their lEPs and following formats.
i. Work done Report.
ii. Home-visit Report.
iii. Prepared/ developed TLM in the previous month etc.

19. If at any time the performance of the RT is found not satisfactory, his or her services will be terminated immediately without any prior notice. IERTs Duties & Responsibilities Job Chart

20. The Resource Teacher shall undergo all such training offered/ sponsored by the RVM which are essential in the implementation of the center’s activities.

21. The Resource Teacher shall provide appropriate remedial teaching support to the CwSN, referral support to the parents and all therapeutic services in the center for which he/ she is designated and shall also perform such other duties which may be entrusted by the RVM (SSA), from time to time.

22. The Resource Teacher shall act as a joint-custodian of the center and shall safely maintain all records including stock received.

23. They shall provide counseling and guidance on maintenance, care, and usage of distributed assistive devices.

24. The RT shall also perform such other duties that may be entrusted by the SSA, from time to time, further the cause of inclusive Education for CwSN.

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