Instructions on Annual Exams, Academic Programs, Curriculum implementation in TS schools

Instructions on Annual Exams, DSE and SPD Telangana have given Proceedings Rc.No.405 on 23.02.2016 to all the RJDSEs, DEOs, POs of SSA in the state. In this regarding detailed instructions. guidelines and clarifications have been issued on Academic Calendar and implementation of curriculum and conduct annual examinations.

Certain Academic issues. In the reference of rc.405, detailed instructions have been issued to above-said officials on the implementation of Academic Calendar for the academic year 2015-16.  Following are the further instructions on certain programmes.

1. RPs for undertaking trainings:
Resource Persons for undertaking trainings: State Level Master Trainers (SRGs) shall be developed @20 per subject. Further, District Level Resource Groups in each subject @30 are needed to be developed. In case of Primary Schools, Mandal Level RPs i.e. MRPs @2 per subject shall be identified.  In this regard, instructions have already issued to identify and furnish the lists of DRGs and MRPs to the DSE and Director SCERT.

Therefore, all the DEOs are requested to look into this matter and refresh the lists and submit the same. The DEOs, Dy.EOs and DIET Principals shall identify DRPs and MRPs. Based on the lists received from the DEOs, the capacity building of these groups shall be take up at State Level so as to enable them conduct the training programmes to the teachers.

2. School Day (Vaarshikotsavam)/
Conduct of “School Day (Vaarshikotsavam)” celebrations in all Government schools duly inviting parents and showcasing the children performance in various co-curricular and curricular areas: The school should demonstrate its performance to the parents and others for public approval and get appreciation/ recognition from the community. It improves public image on Government schools and improves the enrollment. This also mentioned in the Academic Calendar to conduct School Days.

However, it is found that majority of the schools did not take up School Days. It is mandatory that all schools i.e. Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools shall conduct School Day functions during February/ March of every academic year. The DEOs and POs must review with concerned Dy.EOs and MEOs on this item and see that all schools shall conduct the School Days during February/ March, 2016. Instructions on Annual Exams.

3. Students Performance demonstration:
Students Performance demonstration to the parents; orders have already been issued to declare results and issued progress cards (Cumulative Records) to the students duly inviting the parents on 20.03.2016. It is further informed that the children’s performance in various subjects and also in the basic competencies of reading, writing, and arithmetic shall be demonstrated to the parents let there may be a discussion on the answer scripts of SA II with concerned teachers by the parents.

4. Avoiding the unethical practices of encouraging and sponsoring the bright children to the private/ corporate schools by the Headmasters and teachers: As professionals, the Headmasters and teachers should support the children for their continuation in the Government institutions rather than suggesting the parents for their children enrollment in private/ corporate institutions.

Certain complaints received by the Commissionerate of School Education saying that Headmasters are sponsoring certain bright students to the corporate/ private institutions for consideration. This must be stopped at once and any deviation will be viewed seriously. All the DEOs are requested to focus on this issue.

5. 100% transition of students:
100% transition of students from Primary to Upper Primary (class V to VI) and Upper Primary to High Schools (class VII/ VIII to VIII/ IX): The DISE data pertaining to 2015-16 shows that about 92 to 95% of transition of students from Primary to Upper Primary. This shows that some children are leaving Government schools or dropping out.

Therefore, the Department must ensure 100% transition to Upper Primary/ High Schools duly tracking the dropouts. Therefore, every Headmaster of feeder Primary School shall physically take the children to the nearby Upper Primary/ High Schools under Government management with list of children and their TCs and enroll them on 21st March, 2016. Similarly, the Upper Primary Headmaster of feeder schools shall enroll in the nearby High Schools.

6. Invigilation duties for IPE :
Drafting teachers to invigilation duties of Intermediate examinations: It is observed that only certain teachers are being drafted as Invigilators for the entire examination period. Further, day-wise requirement is not being taken up from Intermediate Education Department for drafting the actual required number of teachers each day.

It is found that certain teachers drafted for invigilation duties for a few days, but they are away from the schools for the entire examination period which is highly irregular. Therefore, it is instructed that the concerned DEOs/ MEOs have to ensure that the day-wise requirement and draft the teachers maximum for 3 to 4 days only with a minimum this location of teachers from schools for the entire examination period.

7. Invigilation duties for SSC Exams :
Drafting School Assistants to invigilation duties of SSC examinations: All the DEOs are requested to draft nonlanguage teachers for the invigilation duties during language examination days and language teachers to the invigilation duties of during nonlanguage subject examination days. This enables the available nonlanguage teachers to take classes in the schools during the period of exams pertaining to language subjects and vice-versa. This must be planned and implemented so as to cover the activities as per Academic Calendar.

8. State Level Teams:
Drafting the State Level Teams to the Districts from 29th February 2016: It is proposed to send State Level Teams to the Districts to observe the implementation of action points communicated by the Director of School Education based on the State Team Visits during November and also observe the CCE/ FA (Formative Assessment) marks allocation in the schools under both Government and Private managements and also the performance of supervisory teams in checking the Formative Assessments and allotment of marks. Orders in this regard will be issued shortly.

9. Teleconferences:
ROTs to all the schools to receive teleconferences: All the DEOs and POs of SSA are requested to take necessary steps to attend to the repairs of existing ROTs/TVs in schools meeting expenditure from school maintenance grants/interest amounts. They are also requested to work out the estimates for providing ROTs and TV sets to the schools not having these equipment/ facilities to receive the teleconference.

It is planned to make all High Schools and Upper Primary Schools with functional teleconference facilities. Therefore, they are requested to furnish the proposals on the budget estimates before 08.03.2016 positively. Instructions on Annual Exams.

10. Computers Health Checkups:
Health checking of computer labs and uploading the data: Instructions have already been issued to all the DEOs and POs to upload the data pertaining to computer health checkups through MIS persons at Mandal Level coordinated by the AMOs of the SSA. The last date for uploading the entire data was 19th February 2016.

However, only 50% of the data is only uploaded. Therefore, all the POs are requested to take up the issue and review with concerned AMO and Programme Officers of SSA and see that 100% data is uploaded by 27th February 2016 without fail.

Therefore, all the DEOs and POs of SSA are requested to take necessary action on the above issues and furnish the compliance to the Director of School and SPD SSA on the above issues following the timelines indicated above.

Instructions on Annual exams,Academic programs,Curriculum implementation in TS Schools

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