LPC Software 2023, LPC Form for Teachers Transfers

LPC Software 2023is an excel programme and it will generate the LPC Form for Teachers Transfers. Teachers who were transferred can download the Last pay Certificate from here.

A Last Pay Certificate, also known as a Service Certificate, is a document issued by an employer to an employee at the time of their termination or retirement. It is an important document that verifies an employee’s tenure, salary, and other relevant information.

For teachers, a Last Pay Certificate is particularly important as it is often required when applying for new teaching positions or for pension and gratuity benefits. It is a legal document that certifies the teacher’s service and salary during their tenure.

Last Pay Certificate details

The Last Pay Certificate for teachers typically includes the following information:

  • Teacher’s name and designation
  • Date of joining and date of termination (or retirement)
  • Total number of years of service
  • Salary details, including basic pay, dearness allowance, and other allowances
  • Signature and stamp of the school or institution’s principal or head of department

It is important for teachers to check the accuracy of the information provided in their Last Pay Certificate before it is issued. Any errors or discrepancies should be brought to the attention of the issuing authority and corrected before the certificate is issued.

In some cases, institutions may require a teacher to submit a No Due Certificate along with their Last Pay Certificate. A No Due Certificate is a document that confirms that the teacher has no outstanding dues or liabilities to the institution.

In conclusion, a Last Pay Certificate is a crucial document for teachers, as it verifies their service and salary history. It is important for teachers to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the certificate and to obtain it in a timely manner before leaving an institution.

Last pay certificate (LPC) is useful for transferred teachers for joining in a new school. Teacher should fill the his /her personal details, earnings, deductions, employee details, leave details and other details

Model Last Pay Certificate

Last pay Certificate of  Sri Teacher Name S/o Father Name,  Designation Secondary Grade Teacher  O/o  MEO Thorrur, Warangal, Transfer. Vide Proc.No.15/2022 dt.07/01/2022 of  DITRICT EDUCATIONAL OFFICER, Warangal And he was relieved on 16/06/2022. The pay and allowances have been paid to him up to 06/ 01/2022 the following rates.

Pay Scale 
Basic Pay 
LPC Earning Details
Court Recovery
LPC Deduction details

Employee I.D.NO.:123456
ZP/G.P.F.A/c No.:123456
Employee’s PAN No.:123456
APGLI A/c No.: L123456
CPS(NPS)PRAN A/c NO.:123456

– Name of the Bank(Salary Credited) & Bank A/c No:- 123451234512
– Head of A/c No(Salary Credited):- 123456789
– Entitlement of C.LS(00 DAYS),O.H (00 DAYS ), CCLS(00 DAYS), SCLS( 0 ZERO)
– Details of recoveries which are recovered in the salary:- NO RECOVERY

NON PAYMENT CERTIFICATE: Certified that the DA ARREARS Has been drawn and paid for the period from 1/ JAN /2021 to 15/July /2022. signature of the Drawing officer. LPC Software, LPC Form for Teachers Transfers 2022, Last Pay Certificate Form

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