TS PRC 2021 Minimum Pension /Family Pension to Pensioners, Family Pensioners

Minimum Pension or Family Pension Enhanced to Pensioners, Family pensioners in Telangana PRC 2021: Leading life varies from person to person. Either it many luxurious, middle class or very poor. It depends on the economical condition of their family.

In the same way retirement life will be differ from person to person. This life depends on the savings, plannings, expenditure, health of one’s family. But a retired person have some security can according to the person they get. The Pay Revision Commission (PRC) has recommended that Telangana state government employees be given full pension if they retire after completing 20 years of service.

He suggested that the state government should follow the same policy as the central government. He is currently being paid a full pension if he has 33 years of service. In the case of employees retiring with less than 20 years of service, the current five-year service weightage policy should be continued.

PRC 2021 News: Chief Minister has announced in the Assembly on the implementation of the 11th Pay Revision Commission (PRC) with 30% fitment and increasing the retirement age to 61 years from 58 years, as promised before 2018 elections. In a huge announcement for retired employees, the Chief Minister said the age limit for extending the 15% additional quantum of pension would be reduced to 70 years from the existing 75 years. Similarly, the maximum gratuity paid to retired employees would be increased from the present ₹12 lakh to ₹16 lakh. Besides, family pension would be extended to the employees covered under the contributory pension scheme.

TitleFamily Pension to Pensioners, Family Pensioners
SubjectMinimum Pension /Family Pension to Pensioners, Family Pensioners
TS PRC 2021Telangana PRC 2021 Latest Updates
Pension to Pensioners, Family Pensioners
TS PRC 2021 Minimum Pension /Family Pension to Pensioners, Family Pensioners
TS PRC 2021 Minimum Pension /Family Pension to Pensioners, Family Pensioners

Dear pensioners, PRC effected from 01.07.2018. (2) from 01.07.2018 to 31.03.2020 notional. (3) from 01.04.2020 to 30.03.2020 monitor benefit. (4) from 01.04.2021 cash
(5) who were retired on or before 30.06.2018, their fixation prepared by STO/DTO. (6) who were retired on or after 01.07.2018 their fixation prepared by concerned DDO, and submit to concern STO/DTO. (7) After fixation approve by STO /DTO, Revised pension papers, must and submit to the AG Office.

Recommendations of the PRC Committee in the case of pensioners.

  • Pensioners above the age of 75 are required to pay an additional 15 per cent of the basic pension as relief. Pensioners above 100 years of age are required to pay an additional base pension of up to 100 per cent.
  • Increase the minimum pension / family pension to Rs.9,700 per month.
  • 50% of the revised minimum wage (Rs.19,000) should be the minimum pension. This increase should apply from 1 July 2018 without drought allowance.
  • In case of death of a Government servant in the service, the family pension is payable to the family from the next day of death up to a maximum of 10 years or until the deceased employee / pensioner reaches the age of 65 years, whichever is earlier.
  • Family pension should be paid for life even if the mentally / physically disabled son / daughter is married.
  • The maximum gratuity limit for retirement should be increased from Rs 12 lakh to Rs 15 lakh.
  • Increase the relief amount payable on death of a service pensioner / family pensioner from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000.
  • Until the Central Government revises the commutation table, the process of renewing the commuted portion of the pension after 15 years should continue.

TS PRC 20215 Details

Telangana State government. increased the minimum pension to Rs.6500/- from Rs.3350/- and the commutation is assured of 40 percent. But govt not yet declared on the arrears to be paid for pensioners. As 43 percent has given for pensioners also the revised pension from July 1st 2013 to June 1st 2014 will be as notional. From June 2nd 2014 it will be monitory benefit. From March 2015 pensioners can avail by supplementary bill of present month.

According to GO.33 Same will be implemented to family pensioner. To know the increase in pension of a pensioner due to revised pension, finance department prepared some tables(ready reckoner). which we can know by download the rekconer.

Those who retired between 1.7.2013 to 1.6.2014 are eligible to the increase. But when pension is as notional, gratuity, monitory benefits of ELs etc will not be paid. But the difference of commutation value will be permitted according to the supreme court judgement.

Pensioners can avail their monitory benefits by giving 40 percent commutation to govt related to this old table will continue.

  1. Changes in DR as it is given 2 times. now the DR will be 8.908 ( 5.240 + 3.668)
  2. 4. DR will not applicable to  family pensioners but eligible to raise in minimum pension from Rs. 3,350 to Rs. 6,500/- govt yet to be decided on arrears for them.
  3. Minimum pension will be will  be as Rs. 6,500/- those who are availing both service and family pension. Minimum Pension Enhanced to Pensioners

For example

According to the PRC 2010:
Basic pension through 2010 PRC : Rs.3,600/-
Present DR: 2,805/-
27 percent IR: 972/-
Total : 7,377

According to the New 2015 PRC:

43 percent on basic pension (Rs.3,600/-): Rs. 1548/-
DR on 1.7.2013 (63.344%): 2,281/-
Revised pension as on 1.7.2013: Rs. 7429/-
DR on  revised pension as on 1.7.14(8.908%): 662
Total: 8091

So, Pension arrears to be paid every month from 1.7.2014 : 714 ( per month)

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details

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