TS PRC 2021 Revised Pay Scales 2020 for Each Category posts in School Education Department

Revised Pay Scales 2020 for Each Category posts, Revised Pay Scales 2020 for Head Master, School Assistant, TPGr.1/HP/LFL, Secondary Grade Teacher, Art Teacher, Drawing Teacher, Music Teacher, Dance Teacher, Secondary Grade Teacher, Language Pandit Gr. II, Asst. Programme Officer , SGT On par with SGB Teacher PRC 2021

Grade wise Revised Pay Scales are mentioned in TS RPS 2021 Schedule I. The Revised Scales of Pay shall be as set out in Schedule-I to the Notification appended to TS PRC 2021 Main Govt Order GO.51 against each of the corresponding existing pay scales specified therein. These scales shall be common to all the employees in various categories except where specified otherwise in the Departmental Pay Schedule as shown in Schedule-II, appended to the Notification. Holders of posts not included in Schedule-II will be governed by the Revised Pay Scales corresponding to the present scales as shown in the Schedule-I.

1. In Column ‘Existing Scale’ and ‘Revised Scale’ of Schedule-II, the minimum and maximum scales of pay have been indicated. For the rates of increments, the Corresponding Scales in Schedule-I may be referred to. 2. Whenever, the expression ‘Common Category’ occurs in the Column ‘Revised Scale’ of the Schedule-II, the Revised Scale of Pay indicated against the category in Schedule-II under Common Category may be referred to.

TS RPC 2021 Master Scale (TS RPS 2020 Master Scale)

Rs.19000-640-20920-660-22900-690-24970-720-27130-750-29380-830- 31870-940-34690-1030-37780-1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050-2420-99310-2560-106990-2760-115270-2960-124150-3160-133630-3420-147310-3690-162070 (80)

PRC 2015 Master Scale

Rs.13000-390-14170-430-15460-47016870-510-18400-550-20050-590-21820-640-23740-700-25840-760-28120820-30580-880-33220-950-36070-1030-39160-1110-42490-1190-46060-127049870-1360-53950-1460-58330-1560-63010-1660-67990-1760-73270-188078910-2020-84970 – 2160 – 91450 – 2330 – 100770 – 2520 – 110850 (80). [RPS 2015]

PRC 2010 Master Scale

Rs.6700-200-7300-220-7960-240-8680-2609460-280-10300-300-11200-330-12190360-13270-390-14440-420-15700-45017050-490-18520-530-20110-570-21820610-23650-650-25600-700-27700-75029950-800-32350-850-34900-900-37600970-40510-1040-43630-1110-46960-120051760-1300-55660 (80) [RPS 2010]

Revised Pay Scales 2020 for Each Category posts

Revised Pay Scales 2020 for the Following Department in TS RPS 2020 Schedule II

1 Raj Bhavan
2 Legislature Secretariat
3 High Court of Telangana
4 Telangana State Election Commission
5 Telangana State Public Service Commission
6 Secretariat
a) General Administration Department (S.U. Dept.,)
b) Finance Department
c) Law Department
7 Advocate General’s Office
8 Common Categories

9 Agriculture & Co-Operation Department
a) Agriculture Department
b) Co-operation and Registrar of Co-Operative Societies Department
c) Agricultural Marketing Department
d) Horticulture Department
e) Sericulture Department
f) Agricultural Market Committees

10 Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development & Fisheries Department
a) Animal Husbandry Department
b) Fisheries Department 62-63

11 Consumer Affairs Foods & Civil Supplies Department.
a) Civil Supplies Department
b) Legal Metrology Department
c) Telangana State Consumer Disputes & Redressal Commission

12 School Education Department
a) School Education Department
b) Adult Education Department
c) Government Examinations
d) Telangana State Government Text Book Press
e) Public Libraries
f) Jawahar Bal Bhawan
g) Registrar Publications
h) Zilla Grandhalaya Parishad

13 Secondary Education
a) Intermediate Education Department

14 Higher Education
a) Technical Education Department
b) Collegiate Education Department
c) Telangana State Archives and District Gazetters Department
d) Telangana State Govt. Oriental Manuscripts Library and Research Institute

15 Energy Department
a) Boilers Department
b) Chief Electrical Inspectorate

16 Environment, Forests, Science and Technology Department
a) Forest Department
b) National Green Corps

17 Finance Department
a) Government Life Insurance Department
b) Treasuries and Accounts Department
c) Pay and Accounts Office
d) State Audit Department
e) Works & Accounts Department

18 General Administration Department
a) Dr. M. Chenna Reddy Human Resource Development Institute
b) Tribunal for Disciplinary Proceedings
c) Information and Public Relations Department
d) Anti – Corruption Bureau
e) Translations Department
f) Resident Commissioner Government of Telangana New Delhi
g) Institution of Telangana Lok-Ayukta & Upa Lok-Ayukta
h) Protocol Department

19 Health, Medical and Family Welfare Department
a) Family Welfare Department
b) Directorate of Health Department
c) Medical Education Department
d) Drugs Control Administration Department
e) Institute of Preventive Medicine, Public Health Labs and Food (Health) Administration Department
f) Insurance Medical Services Department
g) Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homoeopathy Department [AYUSH] (formerly Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy Department)

20 Home Department
a) Police Department
b) Prisons And Correctional Services
c) Telangana State Disaster Response and Fire Services Dept.
d) Printing Stationary and Stores Purchase Department
e) Judicial Department
f) Telangana Judicial Academy
g) Public Prosecutor’s Office
h) Sainik Welfare

21 Industries and Commerce Department
a) Industries Department
b) Handlooms and Textiles Department
c) Mines and Geology Department
d) Sugar and Cane Commissioner Department

22 Irrigation and Command Area Development Department
a) Irrigation and Command Area Development
b) Commissionerate of Tenders
c) Ground Water Department
d) Telangana State Engineering Research Laboratories

23 Labour Employment, Training and Factories Department
a) Labour Department
b) Employment & Training Department
c) Factories Department
d) Industrial Tribunal and Labour Courts
i) Industrial Tribunal – I, Hyderabad
ii) Industrial Tribunal – II, Hyderabad
iii) Industrial Tribunal-cum Labour Court, Godavarikhani
iv) Industrial Tribunal-cum Labour Court, Warangal
v) Additional Industrial Tribunal-cum-Additional Labour Court, Hyderabad
vi) Labour Court – I, Hyderabad
vii) Labour Court – II, Hyderabad
viii) Labour Court – III, Hyderabad
a) Commissioner E.D.S (e-Seva)

25 Law Department
a) Government Pleaders Office
b) Prosecutions Department
c) Administrator General & Official Trustee of T.S.

26 Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department
a) Municipal Administration Department
b) Public Health and Municipal Engineering Department
c) Town and Country Planning Department
Urban Local Bodies
i) Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation
ii) Municipal Corporation of Warangal
iii) Municipal Corporation of Nizamabad
iv) Municipal Corporation of Karimnagar
v) Municipal Corporation of Khammam
vi) Municipal Corporation of Ramagundem
vii) Municipalities

27 Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Department
a) Panchayat Raj and Rural Employment Department
b) Rural Development Department
c) Telangana State Institute of Rural Development (TSIRD)
d) Panchayat Raj Engineering Department
e) Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
f) Panchayat Raj Institutions including Gram Panchayats

28 Planning Department
a) Directorate of Economics & Statistics Department

29 Revenue Department
a) Land Administration Department
b) Commercial Tax Department
c) Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal
d) Survey Settlement and Land Records
e) Prohibition and Excise Department
f) Registration and Stamps Department
g) Endowments Department

30 Transport, Roads and Buildings Department
a) Transport Department
b) Roads and Buildings Department

31 Backward Classes Welfare Department
a) Backward Classes Welfare

32 Schedule Caste Development Department
a) Schedule Caste Development Department
b) Telangana Commission for Backward Classes

33 Minorities Welfare Department
a) Survey Commissioner of Wakfs
b) Commissioner of Minorities Welfare

34 Tribal Welfare Department
a) Tribal Welfare Department
b) Tribal Cultural Research & Training Institute
c) Tribal Welfare Engineering Department

35 Department for Women, Children, Disabled and Senior Citizens
a) Women Development and Child Welfare Department
b) Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizens Department
c) Juvenile Welfare and Correctional Services
d) Telangana State Commission for Women

36 Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture Department
a) Cultural Affairs Department
b) Archaeology and Museums Department
c) Tourism Department
d) National Cadet Corps
e) Youth Services Department

37 Work-charged Establishment

TS PRC 2021 Main GO.51 for Revised Pay Scales 2020

School Education Department, Revised Pay Scales 2015 for Each Category posts:

Name of the PostExisting Scale (Rs.)Revised Scale (Rs.)
Additional Director31550-5306061450-1058103
Director (SCERT)27000-5176052590-1032904
Joint Director27000-5176052590-1032905
Regional Joint Director27000-5176052590-1032906
Principal, IASE (formerly known as
Principal of Govt.Comprehensive College of Education)
Principal, College of Teacher Education (formerly known as Principal, Govt. College of Education)23650-4936046060-98440
Principal,  Govt. College of Physical
Education and Aided College of Physical Education
Professor IASE/ Professor (SCERT)23650-4936046060-9844010
Reader, Govt. College of Physical Education23650-4936046060-9844011
Educational Officer21820-4816046060-98440
Deputy Director (Plg./ Trg./ MC)21820-4816046060-98440
Deputy Director (Oriental Studies)21820-4816046060-98440
Special Officer (Text Books)21820-4816046060-98440
Chief Accounts Officer21820-4816046060-98440
Principal, District Institute of Education and Training21820-4816046060-98440
Senior Lecturer (DIET)20680-4696040270-93780
Lecturer in IASE/SCERT/CTE19050-4585037100-91450
Lecturer in Physical Education(GCPE)19050-4585037100-9145020.
Lecturer in Physical Education GCPE/
 IASE/CTE (formerly Physical Director Gr.I)
Lecturer in Computer Science (SCERT)
 (formerly Programme Officer)
Lecturer in Statistics,18030-4363035120-87130
Lecturer in Statistics, SCERT  (formerly Statistical Assistant) (Testing-cum- Statistics)18030-4363035120-87130
Assistant Director (Office of the C&DSE/NFE)18030-4363040270-93780
Statistical Officer18030-4363035120-87130
Special Officer (Hindi)
 formerly Hindi Educational Officer
Special Officer (Oriental Studies)18030-4363040270-93780
Special Officer (English)18030-4363040270-93780
Assistant Pension Officer
 (formerly Asst. Special Officer (Pension)
Administrative Officer (SCERT)18030-43630 35120-87130
Assistant Director
(Regional Joint Director Office)
Assistant Directors18030-4363040270-93780
Special Officer  (Urdu)18030-4363040270-9378033.
Inspector of Physical Education18030-4363040270-93780
Deputy Educational Officer18030-4363040270-93780
Asst. Commr. for Govt. Exams18030-4363040270-93780
District Coordinator (Open Schools)18030-4363040270-93780
Accounts Officer18030-4363040270-93780
Gazetted Head Master/ 
Head Mistress, Grade-I
Co-Ordinator (PESC)18030-4363040270-93780
Co-Ordinator (ESD)18030-4363040270-93780
Lecturer (DIET)18030-4363035120-87130
Lecturer in Physical Education(DIET)18030-4363035120-87130
Gazetted Head Master/
Head Mistress, Grade-II in Govt. 
& Z.P. High Schools
 (formerly Head Master of Secondary School)
18030-43630 35120-87130
Assistant Accounts Officer16150-4259035120-87130
Mandal Educational Officer16150-4259035120-87130
Deputy Inspector of Schools16150-4259035120-87130
Staff Tutor (English Language Teaching Centre)16150-4259031460-84970
Regional Inspector of Physical Education16150-4259031460-84970
Lecturer in Games & Sports,
GCPE (formerly Full Time Coach
(College of Education)
Lecturer in Art Education, DIET16150-4259031460-84970
Lecturer in Library Science,
IASE/CTE (formerly Librarian)
Architectural Draughtmen15280-4051031460-84970
Junior Accounts Officer14860-3954028940-78910
Superintendent14860-39540Common Category
S.C. Steno14860-39540Common Category
Technical Assistant in the cadre
of Superintendent in SCERT
School Assistant 14860-3954028940-78910
Physical Director (Gr.II)/
 Physical Directress Gr.II
14860-39540 28940-78910
Language Pandit Grade – I14860-3954028940-78910
School Guidance Councellor  (SCERT)14860-3954028940-78910
Head Masters of Primary Schools 14860-3954028940-78910
Supervisor in Science (SCERT)14860-3954028940-78910
Officer Incharge
(English Language Teaching Centre)
Librarian, O/o. the D.S.E.13660-3857026600-77030
Staff  Leader13660-3857026600-77030
Assistant Statistical Officer
(formerly Statistical Assistant)
Assistant Statistical Officer
O/o. the D.E.O.
(formerly Statistical Assistant)
Senior Assistant10900-31550Common Category
Senior Assistant10900-31550Common Category
Senior Accountant10900-31550Common Category
Librarian SCERT 10900-3155021230-63010
U.D. Steno10900-31550Common Category
Artist (SCERT)10900-31550Common Category
Physical Education Teacher 10900-31550 21230-63010
Vocational Training Instructor
 (formerly Manual Training Instructor (carpentry),
Manual Training Instructor (Weaving),
Craft Instructor, Textile Printing Instructor,
Tailoring Instructor, Carpentry Instructor,
Fitter Instructor, Moulder Intstructor,
Blacksmith Instructor, Senior Mechanic,
 Sewing Instructor, Sewing/
Tailoring and Needle Work Instructor,
Drawing & Sewing Instructress,
 Agriculture Instructor,
Pre Vocational Instructor)
10900-31550 21230-63010
Art Teacher 10900-31550 21230-63010
Drawing Teacher 10900-31550 21230-63010
Music Teacher10900-31550 21230-63010
Dance Teacher 10900-31550 21230-63010
Secondary Grade Teacher 10900-31550 21230-63010
Language Pandit Gr.II 10900-31550 21230-63010
Asst. Programme Officer
SGT On par with SGB Teacher
10900-31550 21230-63010
Film Operator9460-27700Common Category
Film Examiner9200-2700017890-53950
Statistical Assistant, DIETs8440-24950 6400-49870
Junior Accountant8440-24950Common Category
Junior Assistant8440-24950Common Category
Junior Steno8440-24950Common Category
Typist8440-24950Common Category
Telephone Operator8440-24950Common Category
Librarian High Schools8440-2495016400-49870
Driver (L.V)7960-23650Common Category
Cashier7740-23040Common Category
Roneo Operator7960-23650Common Category
Record Assistant7960-23650Common Category
Jamedar7520-22430Common Category
Book Bearer6900-2068013390-41380
Dafedar6900-20680Common Category
Office Subordinate
(formerly Attender)
6700-20110Common Category
Sweeper6700-20110Common Category
Scavenger6700-20110Common Category
Chowkidar6700-20110Common Category
Book Keeper6700-2011013000-40270
Revised Pay Scales 2015 for Each Category posts

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