AAS 6-12-18-24 Years Pay Scales 2021: Ordinary, Special Grade & Special Promotion Scales in RPS 2020

AAS 6-12-18-24 Years Pay Scales 2021: New Pay Scales and AAS Scales are announced in PRC 2021. As per the AAS implementation to all employees, Ordinary Grade Scales in RPS 2020, Special Grade Scale in RPS 2020, Special Promotion Pay Scales in RPS 2021 details are provided here. AAS (Automatic Advancement Scheme) 6-12-18-24 Years Scales in PRC 2020 under AAS/Automatic Advancement scheme as mentioned below.

AAS 6-12-18-24 Years Pay Scales 2021: A person enters into a corporate company where there the persons worth, skill plays a prominent role if that person works above the in the form of promotion, where this promotion acts as medicine which gives happiness/pleasure and that employee feels responsible, works more hard, he/she may get any no. of promotions within no time (short period).

Where no age, seniority take in to account, only worth, knowledge, skills, results are the barriers of the promotions. Who plans perfectly they gain it. But if we come to govt employees, there are perfect rules and regulations where here seniority takes a significant role. These promotions depend on the vacant position of a particular department or serial number in the seniority list.

Where here caste also takes an efficient role. So, Telangana govt decided to give monitory benefit instead of promotions, those who crossed the eligibility and did not get promotions can be benefited by “Automatic advancement scheme”(AAS). The increment as 6-12-18-24 years scale.

AAS ScaleShort FormService
Special Grade Post ScaleSGP ScaleAfter 6 Years
Special Adhoc Promotion Pay Scale IASPP IA (SAPP IA)After 12 Years
Special Adhoc Promotion Pay Scale IBSPP IB (SAPP IB)After 18 Years
Special Adhoc Promotion Pay Scale IISPP II (SAPP II)After 24 years
AAS Scale Details
AAS 6-12-18-24 Years Pay Scales
Name of the ScaleAAS Scales 2021
TitleAAS 6-12-18-24 Years Pay Scales 2021
SubjectGovt implemented AAS Pay Scales to employees
CategoryPay Scales
TS PRC 2021 GOsTelangana 1st PRC Govt Orders (TS RPS 2021 GOs)
What is AAS?Automatic Advancement Scheme
AAS GuidelinesAutomatic Advancement Scheme Implementation Guidelines GO.65
AAS Pay Scales Details

All unions requested to reduce the gap 5-10-15-20-25 years but 10th PRC did not accept and govt finance department has issued AAS PRC 2015 GO.Ms.No.38 according to the tenth Pay revision commission recommendations.

After some specified period/service also if the employees are continuing in the same post without any promotion they will get the increments which are known as “automatic advancement scheme “ which is implementing from 1981. Where the old system is as usual. Where this gap is 8-16-24 from 9th PRC the gap is reduced to 6-12-18-24 which remained the same in this PRC. Where this committee mentioned that it may not be changed in this PRC.

AAS 6/12/18/24 Years Excel Programme

(A) GO.117 AAS Details: As per G.O.Ms.No.117, Dated 25.05.1981, the Government introduced the Automatic Advancement Scheme (AAS) to the State Government employees and employees of Local Bodies as a substitute for those who are entitled to get promotions but are unable to get them at regular intervals because of stagnation due to non-availability of vacancies.

Special Grade Post Scale /SGP Scale: According to this Scheme, every employee after a service of ten (10) years on a particular scale shall be eligible for the next higher scale, called the Special Grade Post Scale.

Special Temporary Promotion Scale: A Government employee who completes a period of fifteen(15) years on a particular scale shall be eligible for promotion scale called Special Temporary Promotion Scale.

The fixation of pay on appointment to the posts under the Automatic Advancement Scheme shall be in relaxation of relevant provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Fundamental Rules. The employees upto XVIII Grade in RPS 1978 were eligible for this scheme.

(B) Govt.Memo.No.41086-202: In Govt.Memo.No.41086-202/PRC I/81-1 Fin &Plg. (FW PRC.I) Dept., dt.31.12.1981, it was clarified that the appointment to the Special Grade Post / Special Temporary Promotion Post / Special Adhoc Promotion Post is not a promotion to a higher post involving higher duties and responsibilities of the higher post.

(C) GO.Ms.No.266: The Government in G.0.Ms.No.266 G.A (Ser.A) Dept., dt.25.05.1981 made an Adhoc rule to the above extent.

(D) GO.164 AAS extended to Teachers: The Automatic Advancement Scheme(AAS) was further extended to Teachers working in Government, Municipalities, Municipal Corporations, Zilla Parishads and Panchayath Samithi’s and also Aided Institutions as per GO.164, dated: 0106-1982.

(E) Pay Revision Commission 1993: the A.A.Scheme was modified by allowing Automatic Advancement Grades on completion of 8, 16 and 24 years of service(8-16-24) instead of 10, 15 and 22 years of service (10-15-22 as per GO.No.117))

(F) PRC 2015 – G.O.Ms.No.96 Finance (PC.II) Dept., dated 20-05-2011: The government agreed for the change of periodicity from the existing 8/16/24 to 6/12/18/24 years, for appointments under the Automatic Advancement Scheme and accordingly orders were issued.

  • the Special Grade after 6 years,
  • SPP-IA/ SAPP-IA after 12 years,
  • SPP-IB/SAPP-IB after 18 years and
  • SPP-II/ SAPP-II after 24 years.

In 10th PRC 2015: (1). As per GO.38, Dated:16-04-2015, The existing Special Grade, SPP-IA/SAPP-IA/SPP-IB/SAPP-IB/SPPII/ SAPP-II shall be continued with 6-12-18-24. (2). The benefit of Automatic Advancement Scheme shall be continued up to and inclusive of Grade-XXV in the revised scales i.e., Rs.49,870-1,00,770.

TS PRC 2021 AAS Scales

CategoryOrdinary Grade ScaleSpecial Grade Scale [ 6 Years]Special Adhoc Promotion Pay Scale-I-A and I-B* [12 and 18years]Special Adhoc Promotion Pay Scale – II [24 years]
Office Subordinates and other Last Grade Posts in the Scale of Rs.13000-4027019000-5885019640-6048021580-6557022240-67300
Jamedars21580-65570  22240-6730022900-6915024280-72850
Record Assistants/ Roneo Operators22240-6730022900-6915024280-7285026410-78820 (unqualified) 31040-92050 (qualified)
Drivers (LV)22900-6915024280-7285026410-7882027130-80960
Drivers (HV)26410-7882027130-8096028630-8524031040-92050
AAS Scales in TS PRC 2021

AAS Scales 2021

SGT/LP/PET AAS Scales in RPS 2020

(Category III)
RSP 2015RPS 2020
Ordinary Special Grade21230 – 6301031040-92050
Promotion Scale
(6 Years Special Grade)
22460 – 6633032810-96800
Special Promotion Scale
(12 Years SPP IA/12 Years Scale)
28940 – 7891042300-115270
Special Promotion Scale
(18 Years SPP IB/ 18 years scale)
One Increment 28940 – 78910One Increment 42300-115270
Special Promotion Scale II
(24 Years  SPP II/ 24 years scale)
35120 – 8713051320-127310
SGT/LP/PET AAS Scales 2021

School Assistant AAS Scales in RPS 2020

School Assistant
(Category III)
RPS 2015RPS 2021
Ordinary Special Grade28940 – 7891042300-115270
Promotion Scale
(6 Years Special Grade)
29760 – 8093043490-118230
Special Promotion Scale
(12 Years SPP IA/12 Years Scale)
35120 – 8713051320-127310
Special Promotion Scale
(18 Years SPP IB/ 18 years scale)
One Increment
35120 – 87130
One Increment
Special Promotion Scale II
(24 Years  SPP II/ 24 years scale)
40270 – 9378058850-137050
School Assistant AAS Scales 2021

GHM Grade II AAS Scales in RPS 2020

GHM Grade II
(Category I)
RPS 2015RPS 2020
Ordinary Special Grade35120 – 8713051320-127310
Promotion Scale
(6 Years Special Grade)
37100 – 9145054220-133630
Special Promotion Scale
(12 Years SPP IA/12 Years Scale)
40270 – 9378058850-137050
Special Promotion Scale
(18 Years SPP IB/ 18 years scale)
One Increment
40270 – 93780
One Increment
Special Promotion Scale II
(24 Years  SPP II/ 24 years scale)
46060-98440 67300-143890 
GHM Grade II AAS Scales 2021

Teachers Scales in ‘PRC 2021

Ordinary Scale in RPS 2020

CadreRPS 2015RPS 2020
Category Ordinary Special GradeOrdinary Special Grade
Category III: SGT and Equal Cadre21230 – 6301031040-92050
Category II: School Assistant and Equal Cadre28940 – 7891042300-115270
Category I: Grade H.M/MEO35120 – 8713051320-127310
Teachers Ordinary Special Grade PRC 2015

6 Years Scale (Special Grade) in RPS 2020

CadreRPS 2015RPS 2020
Category Promotion ScalePromotion Scale
Category III: SGT and Equal Cadre22460 – 6633032810-96800
Category II: School Assistant and Equal Cadre29760 – 8093043490-118230
Category I: Grade H.M/MEO37100 – 9145054220-133630
Teachers 6 Years Special Grade Scales PRC 2020

12 Years Scale (12 Years SPP IA) in RPS 2020

CadreRPS 2015RPS 2020
Category Special Promotion ScaleSpecial Promotion Scale
Category III: SGT and Equal Cadre28940 – 7891042300-115270
Category II: School Assistant and Equal Cadre35120 – 8713051320-127310
Category I: Grade H.M/MEO40270 – 9378058850-137050
Teachers 12 Years SPP IA/12 Years Scales PRC 2020

18 Years Scale (18 Years SPP IB)

CadreRPS 2015RPS 2020
Category Special Promotion ScaleSpecial Promotion Scale
Category III: SGT and Equal CadreOne Increment
28940 – 78910
One Increment
Category II: School Assistant and Equal CadreOne Increment
35120 – 87130
One Increment
Category I: Grade H.M/MEOOne Increment
40270 – 93780
One Increment
Teachers 18 Years SPP IB/18 Years Scales PRC 2020

24 Years Scale (24 Years SPP II) in RPS 2020

CadreRPS 2015RPS 2020
Category Special Promotion Scale IISpecial Promotion Scale II
Category III: SGT and Equal Cadre35120 – 8713051320-127310
Category II: School Assistant and Equal Cadre40270 – 93780 58850-137050
Category I: Grade H.M/MEO46060-98440 67300-143890
Teachers 4 Years SPP II /24 years Scales PRC 2015

6/12/18/24 Years Scale in RPS 2020

CategoryCategory IIICategory IICategory I
Ordinary Special Grade31040-9205042300-11527051320-127310
Promotion Scale
(6 Years Special Grade)
Special Promotion Scale
(12 Years SPP IA/12 Years Scale)
Special Promotion Scale
(18 Years SPP IB/ 18 years scale)
One Increment 42300-115270One Increment 51320-127310One Increment 58850-137050
Special Promotion Scale II
(24 Years  SPP II/ 24 years scale)
6/12/18/24 Years Scale

AAS Pay Scales in ‘2020 PRC

AAS Ordinary Grade Scale in RPS 2020 (Rupees)

GradeOrdinary Grade Scale in RPS 2020 (Rupees)
  I19000-640-20920-660-22900-690-24970-720- 27130-750-29380-830-31870-940-34690- 1030-37780-1110-41110-1190-44680-1280- 48520-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-58850
  II19640-640-20920-660-22900-690-24970-720- 27130-750-29380-830-31870-940-34690- 1030-37780-1110-41110-1190-44680-1280- 48520-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-60480
  III20280-640-20920-660-22900-690-24970-720- 27130-750-29380-830-31870-940-34690- 1030-37780-1110-41110-1190-44680-1280- 48520-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-62110
  IV21580-660-22900-690-24970-720-27130-750- 29380-830-31870-940-34690-1030-37780- 1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520-1400- 52720-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-65570
  V22240-660-22900-690-24970-720-27130-750- 29380-830-31870-940-34690-1030-37780- 1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520-1400- 52720-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-67300
  VI22900-690-24970-720-27130-750-29380-830- 31870-940-34690-1030-37780-1110-41110- 1190-44680-1280-48520-1400-52720-1500- 57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-69150
  VII24280-690-24970-720-27130-750-29380-830- 31870-940-34690-1030-37780-1110-41110- 1190-44680-1280-48520-1400-52720-1500- 57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-72850
  VIII26410-720-27130-750-29380-830-31870-940- 34690-1030-37780-1110-41110-1190-44680- 1280-48520-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630- 62110-1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820
  IX27130-750-29380-830-31870-940-34690- 1030-37780-1110-41110-1190-44680-1280- 48520-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-62110- 1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820-2140- 80960
    X28630-750-29380-830-31870-940-34690- 1030-37780-1110-41110-1190-44680-1280- 48520-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-62110- 1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820-2140- 85240
    XI31040-830-31870-940-34690-1030-37780- 1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520-1400- 52720-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-67300- 1850-72850-1990-78820-2140-85240-2270- 92050
  XII32810-940-34690-1030-37780-1110-41110- 1190-44680-1280-48520-1400-52720-1500- 57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-72850- 1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050-2420- 96890
  XIII33750-940-34690-1030-37780-1110-41110- 1190-44680-1280-48520-1400-52720-1500- 57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-72850- 1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050-2420- 99310
  XIV35720-1030-37780-1110-41110-1190-44680- 1280-48520-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630- 62110-1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820- 2140-85240-2270-92050-2420-99310-2560- 104430
  XV36750-1030-37780-1110-41110-1190-44680- 1280-48520-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630- 62110-1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820- 2140-85240-2270-92050-2420-99310-2560- 106990
  XVI38890-1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520- 1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730- 67300-1850-72850-1990-78820-2140-85240- 2270-92050-2420-99310-2560-106990-2760- 112510
  XVII42300-1190-44680-1280-48520-1400-52720- 1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850- 72850-1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050- 2420-99310-2560-106990-2760-115270
  XVIII43490-1190-44680-1280-48520-1400-52720- 1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850- 72850-1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050- 2420-99310-2560-106990-2760-115270-2960- 118230
  XIX45960-1280-48520-1400-52720-1500-57220- 1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-72850-1990- 78820-2140-85240-2270-92050-2420-99310- 2560-106990-2760-115270-2960-124150
  XX51320-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-62110- 1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820-2140- 85240-2270-92050-2420-99310-2560-106990- 2760-115270-2960-124150-3160-127310
  XXI54220-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-67300- 1850-72850-1990-78820-2140-85240-2270- 92050-2420-99310-2560-106990-2760- 115270-2960-124150-3160-133630
  XXII58850-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-72850- 1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050-2420- 99310-2560-106990-2760-115270-2960- 124150-3160-133630-3420-137050
  XXIII62110-1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820- 2140-85240-2270-92050-2420-99310-2560- 106990-2760-115270-2960-124150-3160- 133630-3420-140470
  XXIV67300-1850-72850-1990-78820-2140-85240- 2270-92050-2420-99310-2560-106990-2760- 115270-2960-124150-3160-133630-3420- 143890
  XXV  72850-1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050- 2420-99310-2560-106990-2760-115270-2960- 124150-3160-133630-3420-147310
Ordinary Grade Scale in RPS 2020 (Rupees)

AAS Special Grade Scale in RPS 2020 (Rupees)

GradeSpecial Grade Scale in RPS 2020 (Rupees)
  I19640-640-20920-660-22900-690-24970-720- 27130-750-29380-830-31870-940-34690-1030- 37780-1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520- 1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-60480
  II20280-640-20920-660-22900-690-24970-720- 27130-750-29380-830-31870-940-34690-1030- 37780-1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520- 1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-62110
  III21580-660-22900-690-24970-720-27130-750- 29380-830-31870-940-34690-1030-37780- 1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520-1400- 52720-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-65570
  IV22240-660-22900-690-24970-720-27130-750- 29380-830-31870-940-34690-1030-37780- 1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520-1400- 52720-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-67300
  V22900-690-24970-720-27130-750-29380-830- 31870-940-34690-1030-37780-1110-41110- 1190-44680-1280-48520-1400-52720-1500- 57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-69150
  VI24280-690-24970-720-27130-750-29380-830- 31870-940-34690-1030-37780-1110-41110- 1190-44680-1280-48520-1400-52720-1500- 57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-72850
  VII26410-720-27130-750-29380-830-31870-940- 34690-1030-37780-1110-41110-1190-44680- 1280-48520-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630- 62110-1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820
  VIII27130-750-29380-830-31870-940-34690-1030- 37780-1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520- 1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730- 67300-1850-72850-1990-78820-2140-80960
  IX28630-750-29380-830-31870-940-34690-1030- 37780-1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520- 1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730- 67300-1850-72850-1990-78820-2140-85240
    X31040-830-31870-940-34690-1030-37780- 1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520-1400- 52720-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-67300- 1850-72850-1990-78820-2140-85240-2270- 92050
    XI32810-940-34690-1030-37780-1110-41110- 1190-44680-1280-48520-1400-52720-1500- 57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-72850- 1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050-2420- 96890
  XII33750-940-34690-1030-37780-1110-41110- 1190-44680-1280-48520-1400-52720-1500- 57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-72850- 1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050-2420- 99310
  XIII35720-1030-37780-1110-41110-1190-44680- 1280-48520-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630- 62110-1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820- 2140-85240-2270-92050-2420-99310-2560- 104430
  XIV36750-1030-37780-1110-41110-1190-44680- 1280-48520-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630- 62110-1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820- 2140-85240-2270-92050-2420-99310-2560- 106990
  XV38890-1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520- 1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730- 67300-1850-72850-1990-78820-2140-85240- 2270-92050-2420-99310-2560-106990-2760- 112510
  XVI42300-1190-44680-1280-48520-1400-52720- 1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850- 72850-1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050- 2420-99310-2560-106990-2760-115270
  XVII43490-1190-44680-1280-48520-1400-52720- 1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850- 72850-1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050- 2420-99310-2560-106990-2760-115270-2960- 118230
  XVIII45960-1280-48520-1400-52720-1500-57220- 1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-72850-1990- 78820-2140-85240-2270-92050-2420-99310- 2560-106990-2760-115270-2960-124150
  XIX51320-1400-52720-1500-57220-1630-62110- 1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820-2140- 85240-2270-92050-2420-99310-2560-106990- 2760-115270-2960-124150-3160-127310
  XX54220-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-67300- 1850-72850-1990-78820-2140-85240-2270- 92050-2420-99310-2560-106990-2760- 115270-2960-124150-3160-133630
  XXI58850-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-72850- 1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050-2420- 99310-2560-106990-2760-115270-2960- 124150-3160-133630-3420-137050
  XXII62110-1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820- 2140-85240-2270-92050-2420-99310-2560- 106990-2760-115270-2960-124150-3160- 133630-3420-140470
  XXIII67300-1850-72850-1990-78820-2140-85240- 2270-92050-2420-99310-2560-106990-2760- 115270-2960-124150-3160-133630-3420- 143890
  XXIV  72850-1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050- 2420-99310-2560-106990-2760-115270-2960- 124150-3160-133630-3420-147310
  XXV76830-1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050- 2420-99310-2560-106990-2760-115270-2960- 124150-3160-133630-3420-147310-3690- 151000
Special Grade Scale in RPS 2020 (Rupees)

6/12/18/24 Years Scale in RPS 2015

CategoryCategory IIICategory IICategory I
Ordinary Special Grade21230 – 6301028940 – 7891035120 – 87130
Promotion Scale
(6 Years Special Grade)
22460 – 6633029760 – 8093037100 – 91450
Special Promotion Scale
(12 Years SPP IA/12 Years Scale)
28940 – 7891035120 – 8713040270 – 93780
Special Promotion Scale
(18 Years SPP IB/ 18 years scale)
One Increment 28940 – 78910One Increment 35120 – 87130One Increment 40270 – 93780
Special Promotion Scale II
(24 Years  SPP II/ 24 years scale)
35120 – 8713040270 – 9378046060-98440 
6/12/18/24 Years Scale

Employee Scales

CategorySpecial Adhoc Promotion Pay Scale-I-A and I-B *
[12 and 18years]
Special Adhoc Promotion Pay Scale-II
[24 years]
Office Subordinatesand other Last Grade Posts in the Scale of Rs.6700- 2011014600-4487015030-46060
Record Assistants/ Roneo Operators16400-4987017890-53950 (unqualified) 21230-63010 (qualified)
Drivers (LV)17890-5395018400-55410
Drivers (HV)19500-5833021230-63010
Employee Scales

“One increment shall be allowed in the existing scale on appointment to Special Adhoc Promotion Post Scale I -B.'”

Ordinary, Special Grade Scales in RPS 2015:

GradeOrdinary Grade Scale in RPS, 2015 (Rupees)Special Grade Scale in RPS, 2015 (Rupees)
V15030-430-15460-470-16870-510-18400-550-20050-590-21820-640-23740-700-25840-760-28120-820-30580-880-33220-950-36070-1030-39160-1110-42490-1190-4606015460-470-16870-510-18400-550-20050-590-21820-640-23740-700-25840-760-28120-820-30580-880 -33220-950-36070-1030-39160-1110-42490-1190-46060-1270-47330
VI15460-470-16870-510-18400-550-20050-590-21820-640-23740-700-25840-760-28120-820-30580-880 -33220-950-36070-1030-39160-1110-42490-1190-46060-1270-4733016400-470-16870-510-18400-550-20050-590-21820-640-23740-700-25840-760-28120-820-30580-880-33220-950-36070-1030-39160-1110-42490-1190-46060-1270-49870
XIII23100-640-23740-700-25840-760-28120-820-30580-880-33220-950-36070-1030-39160-1110-42490-1190-46060-1270-49870-1360-53950-1460-58330-1560-63010-1660-6799024440-700-25840-760-28120-820-30580-880-33220-950-36070-1030-39160-1110-42490-1190-46060-1270-49870-1360-53950-1460-58330-1560-63010-1660 -67990-1760-71510
XIV24440-700-25840-760-28120-820-30580-880-33220-950-36070-1030-39160-1110-42490-1190-46060-1270-49870-1360-53950-1460-58330-1560-63010-1660 -67990-1760-7151025140-700-25840-760-28120-820-30580-880-33220-950-36070-1030-39160-1110-42490-1190-46060-1270-49870-1360-53950-1460-58330-1560-63010-1660-67990-1760-73270
Ordinary, Special Grade Scales in RPS 2015

GO.38 PRC 2015 AAS/Automatic Advancement Scheme Implementation Guidelines

FAQs on AAS Pay Scales

  1. What is Special Grade Scale (SGP Scale)?

    An employee who have completed 6 years of service successfully without any EOLs in same cadre but not getting any promotion, the employee will get SGP Scale or Special Grade Scale.

  2. What is Special Adhoc Promotion Pay Scale IA (SPP IA)?

    An employee who have completed 12 years of service successfully without any EOLs in same cadre but not getting any promotion, the employee will get SPP IA Scale or Special Adhoc Promotion Pay Scale IA Scale (SAPP IA).

  3. What is Special Adhoc Promotion Pay Scale IB (SPP IB)?

    An employee who have completed 18 years of service successfully without any EOLs in same cadre but not getting any promotion, the employee will get SPP IB Scale or Special Adhoc Promotion Pay Scale IB Scale (SAPP IB).

  4. What is Special Adhoc Promotion Pay Scale II (SPP II)?

    An employee who have completed 24 years of service successfully without any EOLs in same cadre but not getting any promotion, the employee will get SPP II Scale or Special Adhoc Promotion Pay Scale II Scale (SAPP II).

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85 thoughts on “AAS 6-12-18-24 Years Pay Scales 2021: Ordinary, Special Grade & Special Promotion Scales in RPS 2020”

  1. Sir nanu library lo work chastuna maaku 24years ki increment icharu but aditu vallu department test pass avali antunaru madi account ki sambandinchina post kadu

  2. What is the eligibility for 18 years Automatic advancement scheme SPP -IB ?( If an employee suspended for 39days) reinstated into the service

    • An employee should complete the Only 18 years service without any problem is eligible to get 18 years AAS Increment and his scale would be changed.
      When Employee suspended in his service and not complete the 18 years is not eligible to get 18 year AAS.

  3. నేను 20-12-2001 లో స్కూల్ అసిస్టెంట్ గా ప్రమోషన్ పొందినను
    నేను సర్వీస్ లో సస్పెండ్ కాబడినాను
    నేను ఇప్పటి వరకు 17 ఇంక్రిమెంట్ లు AGI తీసుకొన్నాను.
    సస్పెన్షన్ పీరియడ్ 02 మంత్స్ మెడికల్ పీరియడ్ గా ట్రీట్ చేస్తూ శాలరీ తీసుకొన్నాను
    20-12-2019 తేది నాటికి నాకు 18 సంవత్సరాలు సర్వీస్ పూర్తి అయింది
    సస్పెన్షన్ లో భాగంగా నా యొక్క AGI ఆపినారు
    నాకు 18 years scale వస్తుందా
    18 years స్కేల్ తీసుకోవాలంటే 18 AGI లు Compulsory గా తీసుకోవలసిన అవసరం ఉందా

    • SPP-II scale for An Employee who completed 18years of service without promotion (SPP-IB[Special Temporary Promotion Post]/SAPP[Special Adhoc Promotion Pos]-IB after 18 years).
      You have completed the 18 years of service as on 20-12-2019. So, you can get the 18 year Scale.
      18 AGIs are not needed. Only you need 18 years of service completed or not in your service.

  4. Nenu SGTteacher naku 25 yrs complete nenu epatiki 6,12 18 yrs incriments thisukunanu ,epudu naku 25 yrs service purthi ayinadi naku qualification BA.BEd purthi ayinadi fropessional test pass ayinanu , epudu 24 yrs incriment vastunda? Chepagalaru.

  5. Sir, maa staff SGT 2011 lone 24 years complete cheshadu kani 24years increment thisukoledu ippudu 50years kuda datinavi athaniki ippudu 24 years increment ivvachca mariyu isthe eppatinundi ivvachu ante 50years datinanunda leda 2011 nundi ivvacha,( ST Employees ku emina minahimpu unda)

    inko doubt ma school assistant 12 years complete ayyinidi 2014 lone kani increment thisukole athaniki ippudu 50 years datinavi athaniki ippudu 12 years increment ivvacha Department test pass kavala

  6. ma cosin Rajitha .LP Telugu

  7. Promoted as S.Asst from 10.5.2000,received 12 yrs. Aas increment on 10.5.2012,refused promotion to GHMGr-IILB two times between 2015 and 2017,am I eligible for 18 yrs aas increment from 10.5.2018

    • ప్రశ్న: నేను SA క్యాడర్ లో 12 ఇయర్స్ స్కేల్ పొందాను. ఇటీవల HM గా పదోన్నతి వస్తే వదులుకున్నాను. ప్రస్తుతం నాకు జరిగే నష్టం ఏమిటి?
      జవాబు: మెమో.3307 ; ఆర్ధిక ; తేదీ:24.2.1993 ప్రకారం 18, 24 ఇయర్స్ స్కేల్స్ ఇక ఇవ్వరు. ఇచ్చిన 12 ఇయర్స్ స్కేల్ మాత్రం కొనసాగుతుంది.

  8. sir am working in police department and i was appointed as PC 01-02-2012 any my (06) years of service has been completed on 31-01-2018 in the meanwhile i was absented for duty (285) days and awarded punishment PPI for (1) year without effect and SGP extended up to 11-11-2018 will you please inform me as am eligible for SGP SCALE

  9. I have not yet completed 24 years of service.I got promotion as LFL HM on 2-11-2019.My next increment date is 1-4-2020.Which date benefits me for promotion fixation? Still I have 9 years of service.If I give option to increment date for fixation when will I get 6years scale in this cadre?

  10. Sir my school staff SA madam have taken maternity leaves total 180 days so she has eligible for annual increment ?

    • 18 సం. ల స్కేలు పొందుటకు ఎలాంటి ప్రత్యేక పరీక్షలు పాస్ కానవసరం లేదు.

      12 సం. ల స్కేలు (SPP-1A)లో నే మరో ఇంక్రిమెంటు (SPP -1B)ఇస్తారు.

  11. Sir One Jr.Asst was get SGP on 01.02.2020 Pay is Rs.20050/- scale 17890-53950. Selected promotion on 07.03.2020 in the scale of 21230-63010. His AGI due on 01.04.2020. How to fixation of FR 22 (a) and FR 22 B

    • Option exersise to Increment date

      Pay as on 1.2.2020 is 17890-53950/20050

      Promoted on 7.3.2020

      Temporarily pay fixed in the Minimum Pay in promotion cadre as per 22-1A is 21230-63010/21230

      Pay as fixed on 1.4.2020 as per FR 22-B on the date of Increment is 21230+590 = 21820

      Next date of Increment is 1.4.2021

    • SA కేడరు లో 12 సం. ల AAS స్కేలు పొందుటకు విధిగా Departmental tests పాస్ కావాలి. 50 సం. ల వయస్సు దాటిన వారికి మినహాయింపు లేదు.

  12. How to fixation of FR 22 (a) and FR 22 B if a teacher had completed 18 years service in lower cadre SGT and then he got promotion.

    • Pay fixed As per FR22(A)1 on the date of promotion by giving One Increment in the promotion post. then by giving One Additional increment as per FR22 (B) on the date of AGI of old cadre .

  13. After completion of 18 years service in lower cadre he got promotion.how his pay fixation done.eighter FR 22(a) or FR 22(B).

  14. Sir, my 2nd language in B.Sc is Hindi. Shall I pass Special Language Test-37 in order to get 12 years scale in B.Ed? I have already passed Departmental Tests EO, GO.

  15. SOT అను డిపార్ట్మెంట్ టెస్ట్ ఎవరికి అవసరం.
    EO,GOమరియు స్పెషల్ లాంగ్వేజ్ తెలుగు అను మూడు డిపార్ట్మెంట్ టెస్ట్ల్ పాసై ఉండి10th,inter, degree పాసై ఉండిSA(Hindi) కి SOT వ్రాయవలసి ఉందా.? తెలుపగలరు.

    • ఏ డిపార్ట్మెంట్ టెస్ట్ ఎవరికి?
      EOT (141) & GOT (88&97):
      *SGT/LPT/PETలకి 24 ఇయర్స్ స్కేల్ కోసం.
      *SA లకి 12 ఇయర్స్ స్కేల్ కోసం మరియు HM పదోన్నతి కోసం
      *PAT (ప్రొఫెషనల్ అడ్వాన్సుమెంట్ టెస్ట్)
      *ఇది Inter+DEd టీచర్ల కోసం.
      *18 ఇయర్స్ స్కేల్ కోసం
      *వీరికి 24 ఇయర్స్ స్కేల్ ఇవ్వరు.
      *కారణం బీ.ఎడ్ లేదు కాబట్టి.
      HM A/c టెస్ట్
      *ఇది కేవలం మున్సిపాలిటీ & ఎయిడెడ్ టీచర్ల కోసం.
      *SGT/LPT/PET లకి 24 ఇయర్స్ స్కేల్ కోసం.
      *SA లకి 12 ఇయర్స్ స్కేల్ కోసం.
      .Spl Language Test (CODE–37)
      *Who have not studied Telugu as 2nd Language in inter/degree, should pass Department Test for HM promotion.
      SOT (Simple Orientation Test)
      *Only for Gr-I Pandits.

  16. Sir I got promotion as School Assistant after getting 18years scale in Sgt cadre .I have not yet passed departmental tests.Am I eligible for six year scale and 12 years scsle in SA cadre? Awaiting your reply

  17. Sir , I have completed 12 years of service on 09-09-2005. (DOJ is 10-09-1993 as Typist). I got promotion on 05-03-2008 as Senior Assistant. Should I eligible for 12 years scale in typist cadre.
    Please clarify.

  18. Sir I have joined as a office subordinate in TSCSCL and after completion of 8 years I got AAS for 8 years and promoted to Record Assistant and in that post also I have received 6, 12 & 18 years AAS increments and now I completed 24 years in the post of Recorded Assistant, am I eligible to get 24 years AAS increment.

  19. నేను పంచాయతీ కార్యదర్శి గా పని చేస్తున్నాను 6 years కంప్లీట్ అయింది. స్పెషల్ గ్రేడ్ ఎలా తీసుకోవాలి

  20. Sir,
    నాకు (SGT) 15-11-2000 నాటికి 24 సం॥ లు నిండుతాయి
    నేని Dept tests Pass అయ్యను
    నేను compulsary గా 24 Years
    scale తీసుకొని తీరాలా?

    • అప్రయత్న పదోన్నతి అనేది అభ్యర్తించే విషయం. మీరు కోరకుండా మంజూరు చేయరు. మీరు తప్పనిసరిగా 24సం.ల స్కేలు పొందాలనే నియమం ఏమీ లేదు.

  21. sir,I have completed 12 years on march 2020,but my education qualification is inter,D.Ed ,am i eligible for 12 years AAS increment ?

  22. Sir, Namasthe, an employee joined service on 23/12/2006 AN and got promotion and joined to promoted post on 24/12/2018. Is that person eligible for special grade increment. Please need clarification.

  23. Sir, I am working as typist and completed 24years of unbreakable service but now I am facing departmental whether I am eligible for taking 24 years spl. Grade increment please clarify

  24. Good Morning
    An SGT Employee With Inter TTC Qualification Joined service on 25-05-1989
    In 2011 i ve taken 18 years Can i Get 24 Years ASS
    Plz Reply me

  25. Sir, I have joined as School Assistant in October 2020 (New Appointment)
    My age is 44 years and 1month
    Is am I eligible for writing departmental tests at this age…?
    Can you pls clarify what is 6-12-18-24 year pay scale.
    If I may clear departmental tests with in 2/3 years time(its just a imagination), how does that effect my regular pay scale 28940-78910, apart from AGI.
    Any special increments for completing departmental tests..?

    Thank you

    • Automatic Advancement Scheme (AAS) is An automatic benefit/increment for those who were not able to get in time promotion, even though they were having Promotion Qualifications and Eligibility, but they are unable to get them due to non-availability of that promotion posts/vacancies is called AUTOMATIC ADVANCEMENT.
      You can write the Departmental Tests at this age.

  26. Sir Am a Hostel welfare officer bc welfare dept 8 years complicted.but not passed deptmental test .my junior joined 2018.so we are passed deptmental test at seme time ,who are aligible for the promotion

  27. I have completed 12 years of service in the cadre of Assistant Engineer in Housing Department. During 12th year I have not taken the promotion of Dy.EE, though I got the promotion.

    So, am I eligible for 12 years increment

  28. I have appointed as Attender on 28-02-1996. Qualification is SSC(TOSS) Passed. I have already received 18 years AAS Scale 15030-46060. Now I have eligible or not for 24 Years Scale. if yes which scale i will received? Please replay. Thanking you,

  29. Please furnish the fundamental rule or other if any for the above as our office asked to produce the evidence for your reply on December 24, 2020 at 8.37 am


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