Rc.203 SCERT Teams for Academic Monitoring of SSA & RMSA

SCERT Teams for Academic Monitoring of SSA & RMSA: SCERT Teams for Academic Monitoring of SSA, RMSA, Edn Activities. Rc.No.203/13/Plg/APSCERT/2014 Dated: 30.06.2014, SCERT, AP – Academic Cell has also been constituted for Academic Monitoring of SSA, Education Activities and Constitution of District wise teams has been constituted with SCERT Faculty to Monitor the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and RMSA activities in the AP State.

Read:- Commissioner & Director of School Education/SPD, RVM, Andhra Pradesh Review Meeting conducted on 21.06.2014 at Krishna Hall, O/o SPD, SSA, A.P., Hyderabad. The District Wise teams have been constituted, with the following SCERT Faculty to monitor the SSA, RMSA and Education activities in the State of Andhra Pradesh to ensure effective implementation of the programmes.


SNO Name of the Faculty District Alloted
11. Sri. K. Panduranga Swaney, Professor – Team Leader
2. Sri. S. Tulasi Das, Professor
3. Sri. J. Narender, Lecturer
21. Sri. S. Jeelani Basha, Professor Team Leader
2. Sri. G, Narasimha Reddy, Lecturer
3. Sri. A. Narender. Lecturer
East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna
31. Smt. H.M. Vanajakshi, Professor Team Leader
2. Smt. K. Satya Priya, Lecturer
3. Smt. G. Madhavi., Lecturer
Guntur, Prakasam, Nellore
41. Smt.M.S.S. Lakshrni Watts, Professor
2. Smt. M. Rama Devi,. Lecturer
3. Snit. D. Vijayalakshmi, Lecturer
Chittoor, Kadapa, Anantapur and Kurnool

Further, Academic Cell has also been constituted with the following officers to prepare report on the observations submitted by the district wise teams including actionable points so as to consolidate report.

  1. Academic Cell:
  2. Sri, K. Panduranga Swamy, Professor.
  3. Sri. K. Narayan Reddy, Lecturer.

The terms of references and Checklists for the District-wise teams and Academic Cell are Provide here. They are therefore requested to go through the above terms of references & checklists and cause academic monitoring of the SSA & RMSA activities in their allotted districts and submit report to the Academic Cell, so as to consolidate the same and submit to the C and DSE,A.P., Hyderabad for taking further course action.

Terms of reference for the District Teams and Academic Cell:

  1. Teams shall visit the districts twice in a month @ 2 days per district and monitor the academic activities in all the allotted districts. Visits shall be taken up preferably during 2nd and 4th weeks of a month.
  2. A plan of action shall be prepared by the teams well in advance for district tours to observe various items as per the checklist provided and it may be shared with the DEO & PO, RVM to ensure the visits as per the plan.
  3. The teams shall observe the implementation of all the activities as far as possible as per the checklist during every visit so that they may observe the improvement if any taken place by the next visits.
  4. Teams should meet DEO and PO of RVM of the concerned districts to take their feed back on the implementation of the activities and share the observations made. They may share their observations with the concerned RJDs also.
  5. After completion of the visits, a report in a descriptive form along with key observations and actionable points shall be furnished to the academic cell to be constituted in the O/o. SCERT, AP.
  6. The teams shall visit the allotted districts every month compulsorily until further orders.
  7. The academic cell should convene a meeting during the 1st week of every month with all the teams under the chairmanship of the Director, SCERT to share the observations of the teams and prepare a consolidated report including actionable points so as to submit to the C&DSE for taking further course of action.
  8. Academic cell will be the overall responsible for implementation of the monitoring programme.

Checklist for SCERT Teams to Observe Activities at School: 

The teams shall observe the implementation of the following activities during their visits:

  1. Quality Initiative – conduct of teacher trainings under SSA & RMSA. utilization of school grants, maintenance grants, teacher grants, Radio programmes, activity based approach in teaching learning process, completion of projects by children, individual attention on backward children, completion of syllabus as per plan.
  2. Utilization of libraries – issue of books to the children
  3. Attendance of teachers and pupal
  4. Functioning of special training centres for out of school children, seasonal hostels.
  5. Implementation of Computer Aided Learning in UP Schools.
  6. CCE – Implementation, conduct of formative and summative tests, maintenance of records, sharing of children progress with parents, etc.
  7. School management committees – conduct of meetings. monitoring of school activities, etc.
  8. Inclusive Education – functioning of Resource Centres, Home Based Education, conduct of screening tests, visits of Inclusive Education Resource Persons, payment of escort allowance.
  9. Conduct of school complex meetings
  10. Supply of uniforms and text books to the children
  11. Availability of drinking water, to-lets and electricity supply in schools
  12. Functioning of Residential School is for urban deprived children
  13. Working and efficiency of part time teachers.
  14. Functioning of KGBV Schools.
  15. Support to Madarsas and implementation of formal curriculum.
  16. Visits of schools by MEOs and RPs.
  17. Watching of Mana TV programmes.
  18. Implementation of Computer Education programme in High Schools.
  19. Implementation of Mid-day Meal.
  20. Other activities of SSA & RMSA.
  21. Functioning of ELTCs.
  22. Implementation of Teacher Education activities and running of D.Ed. course in DIETs.
  23. Download the Rc.203 SCERT Teams for Academic Monitoring from here

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