SCERT Telangana Textbooks 2022 for 1st to 10th class, download from e Textbooks web portal

SCERT Telangana Textbooks 2022 or SCERT Telangana 1st class to 10th class Textbooks 2022 download the TS SCERT Website. Now, SSC New Text Books, PDF Textbooks, E-books, E-Textbooks. SCERT Telangana 1st class to 10th class Text Books Download from e Textbooks web portal. We can differentiate a literate person and illiterate person, not only by the physical appearance but also by the way they behave, speak.

A person can speak very fluently, confidently by gaining knowledge. Gaining knowledge continues in a successful manner by continuous reading, discussing and sharing from one another. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th class English, Telugu, Urdu, Hindi medium, Subject wise-Medium wise- Class wise New Textbooks, e-Textbooks, e-Books, SCERT Telangana ebooks, Handbooks, PDF e-books, Modules, Karadeepikalu, New textbooks, TS SSC/10th class new textbooks, Telangana SSC new textbooks, Resource books.

The library plays a very active role in reading. Everyone should have their personal library, but somebody failures in the arrangement of the library, and also fails to keep all the books that he/she needs at some time. Carrying books is also a risk factor, then how can we refer? clear out doubts? etc. So, carrying books should be easier, the best choice is that e-book, for this we only need a cellphone or system.

Now – a – days we can’t imagine our society without a cellphone, any person anyplace holds a cellphone, in such manner cellphone, are bounded among us. So, it is not a matter to read an ebook at the time you need it. Books of class I – X (T/M, U/M, H/M) books are available students of any class can refer to these books. Academic books are very useful to the D.Ed, B.Ed students for their record writing, teaching practice. Useful for the candidates who are appearing for DSC.

SCERT Telangana 1st class to 10th class Text Books

SCERT Telangana Textbooks 2022
Name of the textbooksSCERT Telangana Textbooks 2022
TitleDownload the Telangana Textbooks 2022
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e books web portalSCERT Textbooks
Details of Telangana Textbooks
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6th ClassSCERT Class 6 Textbooks
7th ClassSCERT Class 7 Textbooks
8th ClassSCERT Class 8 Textbooks
9th ClassSCERT Class 9 Textbooks
10th ClassSCERT Class 10 Textbooks
SCERT Telangana Textbooks
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Spoken English BooksSpoken English Books

A Teacher while explaining a topic, the basics he/she personally can have an idea and also useful to explain to the students in the classroom.

  • We can save paper usage/pollution.
  • No risk of preservation.
  • We can go through the topic within seconds.
  • Parents can refer and explain their children.
  • Preparation for exams, writing records.

The way to read these books is first to visit the website and then you can click ebooks. You can get the way to read books whatever you want in T/M, U/M, H/M in pdf utilize such a wonderful opportunity. SCERT Telangana 1st class to 10th class SSC New Text Books.

QR Code Printed in Textbooks: The situation does not possible to direct teaching in Telangana schools due to Corona out break. The government has taken steps to ensure that students stay at home and listen to digital lessons. QR code has been printed in the textbooks to be provided to students from class 6 to 10 in government schools in the coming academic year. Audio and video lessons come when students scan them with a mobile phone.

The government has now printed the QR code in all subject text books, which was previously printed as a pilot project for some subjects. This will enable students to understand the lessons better. When students scan the QR code on their smartphone, they will be able to access videos, photos and audio details related to the lesson.

Download SCERT Telangana 1st class to 10th class Text Books

E-Text Books( I to X ) 2020 Edition

10th Class Textbooks 2022

MediumFirst LanguageSecond Language
Telugu10th Class Telugu10th Class Telugu (SL)
English10th Class Sanskrit CC10th Class Sanskrit OC
Urdu10th Class UM_FL & Arabic10th Class Urdu SL
Hindi10th Class Hindi10th Class Hindi (SL)
English Subject10th Class English
10th Class Language Textbooks 2022
Medium10th Class Maths Textbook
Telugu10th Class Maths TM
English10th Class Maths EM
Urdu10th Class Maths UM
Hindi10th Class Maths HM
Kannada10th Class Maths KM
Marathi10th Class Maths MM
Tamil10th Class Maths TML
10th Class Maths Textbooks 2022
Medium10th Class Physical Science Textbook
Telugu10th Class Physics TM
English10th Class Physics EM
Urdu10th Class Physics UM
Hindi10th Class Physics HM
Kannada10th Class Physics KM
Marathi10th Class Physics MM
Tamil10th Class Physics TML
10th Class Physics Textbooks 2022
Medium10th Class Biological Science Textbook
Telugu10th Class Biology TM
English10th Class Biology EM
Urdu10th Class Biology UM
Hindi10th Class Biology HM
Kannada10th Class Biology KM
Marathi10th Class Biology MM
Tamil10th Class Biology TML
10th Class Biology Textbooks 2022
Medium10th Class Social Textbook
Telugu10th Class Social TM
English10th Class Social EM
Urdu10th Class Social UM
Hindi10th Class Social HM
Kannada10th Class Social KM
Marathi10th Class Social MM
Tamil10th Class Social TML
10th Class Social Textbook 2022
Medium10th Class Environmental Education Textbook
Telugu10th Class Environmental Education TM
English10th Class Environmental Education EM
Urdu10th Class Environmental Education UM
Hindi10th Class Environmental Education HM
Kannada10th Class Environmental Education KM
Marathi10th Class Environmental Education MM
Tamil10th Class Environmental Education TML
10th Class Environmental Education Textbooks 2022

9th Class Textbooks 2022

MediumFirst LanguageSecond Language
Telugu9th Class Telugu9th Telugu (SL)
English9th Class Sanskrit CC9th Class Sanskrit OC
Urdu9th Class Urdu FL&Arabic9th Class Urdu SL
Hindi9th Class Hindi9th Class Hindi (SL)
English9th Class English
9th Class Language Textbooks 2022
Medium9th Class Maths Textbook
Telugu9th Class Maths TM
English9th Class Maths EM
Urdu9th Class Maths UM
Hindi9th Class Maths HM
Kannada9th Class Maths KM
Marathi9th Class Maths MM
Tamil9th Class Maths TML
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Maths Textbooks 2022
Medium9th Class Physical Science Textbook
Telugu9th Class Physics TM
English9th Class Physics EM
Urdu9th Class Physics UM
Hindi9th Class Physics HM
Kannada9th Class Physics KM
Marathi9th Class Physics MM
Tamil9th Class Physics TML
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Physical Science Textbooks 2022
Medium9th Class Biological Science Textbook
Telugu9th Class Biology TM
English9th Class Biology EM
Urdu9th Class Biology UM
Hindi9th Class Biology HM
Kannada9th Class Biology KM
Marathi9th Class Biology MM
Tamil9th Class Biology TML
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Biological Science Textbooks 2022
Medium9th Class Social Textbook
Telugu9th Class Social TM
English9th Class Social EM
Urdu9th Class Social UM
Hindi9th Class Social HM
Kannada9th Class Social KM
Marathi9th Class Social MM
Tamil9th Class Social TML
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Social Textbooks 2022
Medium9th Class Environmental Education Textbook
Telugu9th Class Environmental Education TM
English9th Class Environmental Education EM
Urdu9th Class Environmental Education UM
Hindi9th Class Environmental Education HM
Kannada9th Class Environmental Education KM
Marathi9th Class Environmental Education MM
Tamil9th Class Environmental Education TML
SCERT Telangana 9th Class Environmental Education Textbooks 2022

8th Class Textbooks 2022

First LanguageSecond LanguageEnglish
Telugu8th Class TEL8th Class Telugu (SL)
English8th Class Sanskrit CC8th Class Sanskrit OC
Urdu8th Class UM FL & Arabic8th Class UM SL
Hindi8th Class HM Hindi8th Class Hindi (SL)
English8th Class English
SCERT Telangana 8th Class Language Textbooks 2022
Medium8th Class Maths Textbook
Telugu8th Class TM Mathematics
English8th Class EM Mathematics
Urdu8th Class UM Mathematics
Hindi8th Class HM Mathematics
Kannada8th Class KM Mathematics
Marathi8th Class MM Mathematics
Tamil8th Class TML Mathematics
SCERT Telangana 8th Class Mathematics Textbooks 2022
Medium9th Class Physical Science Textbook
Telugu8th Class TM Physical Science
English8th Class EM Physical Science
Urdu8th Class UM Physical Science
Hindi8th Class HM Physical Science
Kannada8th Class KM Physical Science
Marathi8th Class MM Physical Science
Tamil8th Class TML Physical Science
SCERT Telangana 8th Class Physical Science Textbooks 2022
Medium8th Class Biological Science Textbook
Telugu8th Class TM Biological Science
English8th Class EM Biological Science
Urdu8th Class UM Biological Science
Hindi8th Class HM Biological Science
Kannada8th Class KM Biological Science
Marathi8th Class MM Biological Science
Tamil8th Class TML Biological Science
SCERT Telangana 8th Class Biological Science Textbooks 2022
Medium8th Class Social Textbook
Telugu8th Class TM Social
English8th Class EM Social
Urdu8th Class UM Social
Hindi8th Class HM Social
Kannada8th Class KM Social
Marathi8th Class MM Social
Tamil8th Class TML Social
SCERT Telangana 8th Class Social Textbooks 2022

7th Class Textbooks 2022

MediumFirst LanguageSecond Language
Telugu7th Class Telugu7th Class Telugu (SL)
English7th Class SAN CC7th Class Sanskrit OC
Urdu7th Class UM_FL & Arabic7th Class UM SL
Hindi7th Class HM HIN7th Class HIN (SL)
English7th Class English
SCERT Telangana 7th Class Language Textbooks 2022
Medium7th Class Mathematics Textbook
Telugu7th Class TM Mathematics
English7th Class EM Mathematics
Urdu7th Class UM Mathematics
Hindi7th Class HM Mathematics
Kannada7th Class KM Mathematics
Marathi7th Class MM Mathematics
Tamil7th Class TML Mathematics
SCERT Telangana 7th Class Maths Textbooks 2022
Medium7th Class General Science Textbook
Telugu7th Class TM General Science
English7th Class EM General Science
Urdu7th Class UM General Science
Hindi7th Class HM General Science
Kannada7th Class KM General Science
Marathi7th Class MM General Science
Tamil7th Class TML General Science
SCERT Telangana 7th Class Science Textbooks 2022
Medium7th Class Social Textbook
Telugu7th Class TM Social
English7th Class EM Social
Urdu7th Class UM Social
Hindi7th Class HM Social
Kannada7th Class KM Social
Marathi7th Class MM Social
Tamil7th Class TML Social
SCERT Telangana 7th Class Social Textbooks 2022

6th Class Textbooks 2022

MediumFirst LanguageSecond Language
Telugu6th Class Telugu6th Class Telugu (SL)
English6th Class Sanskrit CC6th Class Sanskrit OC
Urdu6th Class Urdu FL & Arabic6th Class Urdu SL
Hindi6th Class Hindi HIN6th Class Hindi (SL)
English Subject6th Class English
6th Class Language Textbooks 2022
Medium6th Class Maths Textbook
Telugu6th Class Maths TM
English6th Class Maths EM
Urdu6th Class Maths UM
Hindi6th Class Maths HM
Kannada6th Class Maths KM
Marathi6th Class Maths MM
Tamil6th Class Maths TML
6th Class Maths Textbooks 2022
Medium6th Class General Science Textbook
Telugu6th Class Science TM
English6th Class Science EM
Urdu6th Class Science UM
Hindi6th Class Science HM
Kannada6th Class Science KM
Marathi6th Class Science MM
Tamil6th Class Science TML
6th Class Science Textbooks 2022
Medium6th Class Social Textbook
Telugu6th Class Social TM
English6th Class Social EM
Urdu6th Class Social UM
Hindi6th Class Social HM
Kannada6th Class Social KM
Marathi6th Class Social MM
Tamil6th Class Social TML
6th Class Social Textbooks 2022

5th Class Textbooks 2022

MediumFirst Language
Telugu5th Class Telugu
Sanskrit 2nd Language5th Class Sanskrit OC
English Subject 5th Class English
Urdu5th Class Urdu
Hindi5th Class Hindi
SCERT Telangana 5th Class Language Textbooks 2022
Medium5th Class Maths Textbook
Telugu5th Class Maths TM
English5th Class Maths EM
Urdu5th Class Maths UM
Hindi5th Class Maths HM
Kannada5th Class Maths KM
Marathi5th Class Maths MM
Tamil5th Class Maths TML
SCERT Telangana 5th Class Maths Textbooks 2022
Medium5th Class Environmental Science Textbook
Telugu5th Class EVS TM
English5th Class EVS EM
Urdu5th Class EVS UM
Hindi5th Class EVS HM
Kannada5th Class EVS KM
Marathi5th Class EVS MM
Tamil5th Class EVS TML
SCERT Telangana EVS Textbooks 2022

4th Class Textbooks 2022

Medium4th Class Language Textbook
Telugu4th Class Telugu
Sanskrit 2nd Language4th Class Sanskrit OC
English Subject4th Class English
Urdu4th Class Urdu
Hindi4th Class Hindi
SCERT Telangana 4th Class Language Textbooks 2022
Medium4th Class Maths Textbook
Telugu4th Class Maths TM
English4th Class Maths EM
Urdu4th Class Maths UM
Hindi4th Class Maths HM
Kannada4th Class Maths KM
Marathi4th Class Maths MM
Tamil4th Class Maths TML
SCERT Telangana 4th Class Maths Textbooks 2022
Medium4th Class Environmental Science Textbook
Telugu4th Class EVS TM
English4th Class EVS EM
Urdu4th Class EVS UM
Hindi4th Class EVS HM
Kannada4th Class EVS KM
Marathi4th Class EVS MM
Tamil4th Class EVS TML
SCERT Telangana 4th Class EVS Textbooks 2022

3rd Class Textbooks 2022

Medium3rd Class Languages Textbooks
Telugu3rd Class Telugu
2nd Language3rd Class Telugu SL
2nd Language3rd Class Sanskrit OC
English Subject3rd Class English
Urdu3rd Class Urdu
Hindi3rd Class Hindi
SCERT Telangana 3rd Class Languages Textbooks 2022
Medium3rd Class Maths Textbook
Telugu3rd Class Maths TM
English3rd Class Maths EM
Urdu3rd Class Maths UM
Hindi3rd Class Maths HM
Kannada3rd Class Maths KM
Marathi3rd Class Maths MM
Tamil3rd Class Maths TML
SCERT Telangana 3rd Class Maths Textbooks 2022
Medium3rd Class Environmental Science Textbook
Telugu3rd Class EVS TM
3rd Class EVS Bilingual
English3rd Class EVS EM
Urdu3rd Class EVS UM
Hindi3rd Class EVS HM
Kannada3rd Class EVS KM
Marathi3rd Class EVS MM
Tamil3rd Class EVS TML
SCERT Telangana 3rd Class EVS Textbooks 2022

2nd Class Textbooks 2022

Medium2nd 1st Language Textbook
Telugu 2nd Class Telugu
2nd Class Telugu SL
Urdu2nd Class Urdu
Hindi 2nd Class Hindi HM
English Subject2nd Class English
SCERT Telangana 2nd Class Language Text Books 2022
Medium2nd Maths Textbook
Telugu 2nd Class Maths TM
English 2nd Class Maths EM
Urdu 2nd Class Maths UM
Hindi 2nd Class Maths HM
Kannada 2nd Class Maths KM
Marathi 2nd Class Maths MM
Tamil 2nd Class Maths TML
SCERT Telangana 2nd Class Text Books 2022

1st Class Textbooks 2022

Medium1st Class 1st Language
Telugu 1st Class Telugu
1st Class Telugu SL
Urdu1st Class Urdu
Hindi 1st Class HM Hindi
English Subject1st Class English
SCERT Telangana 1st Class Language Text Books 2022
Medium1st Class Maths Textbook
Telugu 1st Class TM Maths
English 1st Class EM Maths
Urdu 1st Class UM Maths
Hindi 1st Class HM Maths
Kannada1st Class KM Maths
Marathi1st Class MM Maths
Tamil1st Class TML Maths
SCERT Telangana 1st Class Maths Text Books 2022

Teacher Training Modules

Primary Teachers Training ModulesSecondary Teachers Training Modules
Physical science
Biological Science
Social Studies
Teacher Training Modules

Teacher Handbooks

Primary Teacher HandbooksSecondary Teacher Handbooks
Maths (Hand Book for Maths Teachers)Maths (Teacher’s Handbook)
Physical science
Biological Science
Social Studies
Teacher Handbooks


  1. Telugu
  2. English
  3. Maths
  4. Physics
  5. Biology
  6. Social
  7. Primary

Resource Books 2016

  1. Maths (Resource Material for Mathematics – 6th to 10th Class)
  2. Physics (Resource Material for Physical Science – 6th to 10th Class)
  3. Biology (Resource Material for Biological Science- 6th to 10th Class)
  4. Social (Resource Material for Social Science – 6th to 10th Class)

Head Master Handbooks and School Leadership Development Programme

SLDP Handbook for Resource Persons
School Leadership Module
SLDP Handbook for Participants
Teachers Attitude
Head Master Handbooks

Other Modules

1.CCE General Module (Telugu Medium)
2.CCE General Module (English Medium)
3.CCE Question Papers
4.Head Master Training Academics Handbook
CCE Handbooks

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