AMOs Performance Indicators for APSSA Quality Education Programmes Implementation

AMOs Performance Indicators: Proceedings Rc.No.37/SSA/A3/2015 Date:23-06-2015, Subject: SSA, A.P., Hyderabad – Pedagogy – Action Plan, Performance Indicators & Quality Road map and guidelines- Communicated to DPO- Reg., Reference: Tentative budget allocations and PAB minutes in respect of AWP & B, 2015-16.

Gaps in Quality Implementation Programmes:
The attention of District Educational Officers and Project Officers, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in the state are invited to the subject and reference cited and they are informed that the following gaps are identified in the implementation of the quality programmes at the district level.

  • Lack of monitoring at DPO and Mandal Level.
    – Lack of on-job support to the teachers.
    – Non Implementation of school complex meetings at U.P Level.
    – Non- Achievement of learning outcomes.
    – Proper Implementation of CCE.
    – Non Implementation of Quality Road Map.

To overcome above said gaps, the following Performance Indicators of AMOs, Strategy, Plan of action are designed to strengthening the enhancement of quality education.

A. Performance Indicators of AMOs:

  1. School Monitoring :
  • How many schools visited
  • How many class room instructions observed
  • No. of schools provided on job support
  • No. of schools implemented the Unit plan/Lesson Plan
  • No. of schools implemented the CCE
  • No of schools maintained formative and summative records.
  1. School Complex Meeting:
    – How many Primary school complex meetings visited
    – How many Upper Primary school complex meetings visited
    – No of headmasters followed a complex schedule communicated by State Project Office
    – No. of School Complex headmasters involved /Participated
  2. MRC:
    – How many MRC centers visited
    – What activities of MRC supervised & improved upon
  3. Review meeting/ meetings:
    – How many review meetings conducted at DPO level
    – How many review meetings conducted at the divisional/Mandal level
    – How many meetings participated at district/divisional/Mandal level
    – Please bring qualitative monitoring aspects not just quantitative as indicated now.
  4. Teleconferences / Video conferences:
    – How many teleconferences organized and attended
    – How many video conferences organized and attended
  5. School Management Committees:
    – How many school Management committee meetings attended
  6. Training:
    – Have you prepared the plan of action for the conduct of training
    – Have you identified the training needs of the CRTs of KGBVs, Part-time Instructors, Madarsa Instructors and preparation of the plan of action
    – Have you identified local TLM & material for the different pieces of training organized at District/ Divisional/ Mandal/ Complex level?
    – Have you identified strong resource persons and subject experts for the training at all levels
  7. Research &Evaluation:
    – Have you conducted a comparative evaluation of students according to their standards with a baseline test
    – Have you prepared evaluation reports of summative tests (3), formative tests (4) and follow up action.
    – Have you identified sample schools for the State Level Achievement Survey (SLAS), and follow up action based on the results
  • Have you prepared abstract of all the research studies
    – Have you prepared report generation of the trainings, monitoring reports at different level etc
    – To be revised to indicate utilisation of evaluation reports and taking follow up action for demonstrating improvement achieved.
  1. Others:
    – Have you prepared a plan of action for the state level observation
    – Have you prepared an action plan regarding the quality subject
    – Have you conduct need-based interactions with subject experts for improving the quality of education at different levels
    – Have you prepare a plan of action for the conduct of the interactive radio programs
    – Have you submitted tour dairy every month or not
    – Have you submitted a monthly progress report to the State Project Office in scheduled time or not.
  2. Download AP Proceeding Rc.37, Dated: 24-06-2015 from here

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