School Complex HMs JOB Chart, Duties & Responsibilities 2023

School Complex HMs JOB Chart, Duties & Responsibilities 2023. The State’s mission for achieving Education for All requires strengthening the school system as well as effective implementation of Programmes like DPER SSA, NCLP, Bridge Courses, Back to School and Open School Programmes.

In order to monitor the progress towards EFA and take prompt steps to effect mid-course corrections, the Government established 7000 School Complexes in the State as institutional bases for continuous review, analysis reflection and action.

Against this background, it is felt that there should be “School Complexes” in the State with varied functions, as envisaged in Kothari Common Report from Indian Education Commission 1964), National Policy on Education 1986 and the programme of Action 1992, like sharing of resources, personnel, teaching-learning material and maintenance of databases related to schools, teachers, enrolment, attendance and performance of children.

The objective of clustering a group of schools into school complexes is to ensure quality in School Education, optimize the utilization of existing resources, make teachers reflective practitioners and turn schools into learning organisations. They will be based on a holistic perspective on education, creating a conducive environment for all-round development of children, by creating schools that welcome each child, recognize the innate potential and help each child to realize the potential. Objectives of School Complex

  1. Become the hub of educational reforms
  2. Share resources, personnel, TLM between member schools of the complex for optimum utilization.
  3. Collect data on schools, teachers and enrolment attendance, performance of children and use it for continuous development of schools.
  4. Improve educational standards and administrative efficiency and effectiveness of Schools functioning in the area of the School Complex in order to empower each school in the complex.
  5. Facilitate interaction between schools, between the schools and the committees and between the schools and NGOs working in the area.
  6. Provide opportunities for teachers to share and document their classroom experiences and innovations in pedagogy including design of teaching-learning materials, projects and activities.
  7. Improve retention rates by guaranteeing learning outcomes through child-friendly teaching processes.

Functions of a School Complex – School Complex HMs JOB CHART:

The lead school headmaster assisted by the coordinator(s) will convene meetings of the Committee once a month in which the following data will be analyzed.
1. No. of children in the age group of 5-15 years in the habitations served by the schools in the complex.
2. No. of children enrolled, class-wise.
3. No. of children school-wise who attended school on all working days during the month.
4. No. of children, school-wise, who attended schools on less than half the working days during the month.
5. No. of teachers in each school and the teacher-pupil ratio
6. No. of teachers school-wise who was present on all the working days during the month.
7. Significant projects or activities have taken up by students.
8. Innovations by teachers to involve parents, community members in the functioning of the school.
9. Achievement of children in acquiring the specified levels of learning
10. Efforts made to make each school a child-friendly, child-centred place of joyful, activity-oriented learning.

As the School Complex Chair-person, the School Complex Headmaster must work to monitor the performance of the schools in the school Complex area. The role of the school complex chair-person is crucial in coordinating schools and organizing complex meetings effectively.

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