School Complexes, HMs Training, Schools Academic Monitoring Evaluation

Schools Academic Monitoring Evaluation, Following School, Academic Issues should be discussed in the DSE meeting with teacher union associations. School Leadership Development Programme for Head Masters, School standards and school evaluation and school accreditation, Academic monitoring of schools and on job support and reviews, School Complexes

1. HMs Training:
School Leadership Development Programme for Head Masters
A program for the Head Masters for effective management and leading my to be organized during the month of June. The focus is on the implementation of curriculum, assessment and ensures children learning.

The activities, programs to be organized may be informed to them to make schools function in a holistic manner. Further, training to the Head Masters of Primary Schools where the teacher’s strength three (3) and more may be conducted.

2. School standards and school evaluation and school accreditation
Evaluation of schools on certain standards may be taken up as per the guidelines issued by NUEPA. This may be initiated through self-appraisal followed by external appraisal. The indicators of perfonnance of schools shall be developed based on which the school evaluation and accreditation may be taken up.

3. Academic monitoring of schools and on job support and reviews
The program of monitoring of schools through inspecting officers at District Level shall be strengthened with specific roles and responsibilities. A common schedule for the school observation shall be developed and oriented accenting, The performance of schools may be captured and fed Online.

Monthly work is done reports and tour programs may be focused and regular reviews on schools’ performance and implementation of curriculum and assessment procedures may be organized at different levels i.e. State, District, Division and Mandal Level.

The MRPs in the system have been removed and not in practice at present. The support to the Primary Schools may be discussed and alternative ways may be proposed. Schools Academic Monitoring Evaluation.

4. School Complexes:
The curricular and examination reforms have been taken up and accordingly new textbooks and CCE have been introduced in all schools. In this context, more support and awareness is required to the teachers. This will be made possible through conducting School Complex Meetings and discuss the above issues and providing hands on experience. In this regard, School Complex Meetings must be improved and seriously conducted.

The functional aspects of School Complexes may be improved with the regular monthly meetings, for High School and subject teachers shall be improved. An agenda for School Complex Meetings both for Primary and High Schools may be developed along with a Handbook to the Head Masters of School Complex.

An orientation to the School Complex Head Masters and Assistant Secretary shall be conducted. DIETs may be made responsible to support School Complex.

There is a need for Resource Peron support in the School Complex Meetings. The DRGs who trained at State Level and who conducted the training at their respective Divisions shall act as RPs for School Complex Meetings. The Asst. Secretaries for the School Complex Meetings both Primary and Secondary may be elected by the teachers during the fiat School Complex Meeting.

Four School Complex Meetings shall be organized in a year @1 per every formative period. Based on the demand from the teachers one or two more School Complex Meetings may be conducted.

Documentation of successful practices and dissemination newsletter from SCERT: Several schools and teachers working effectively and undertaking innovative programs. This needs to be recognized and their practices must be documented and informed to others for motivation and for appreciation. A newsletter also from SCERT to informing the programs and trends is proposed.

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