Students Reading Corner Objectives & Guidelines for TS Schools

Students Reading Corner Objectives & Guidelines for Schools – Reading Corner: It is of utmost importance that the children at High School Level are exposed to good reading material.

They should be provided with opportunities to read books as per their age, context interests and abilities. We as teachers should make them understand that reading is an essential element not only in the classroom transaction but also in daily life Reading Corner serves as the best means to achieve this objective.

The main objectives of reading corner is:
1. To help the children in developing reading comprehension among children.
2. To help the low proficient children in reading by providing material according to this abilities.
3. To provide reading material according their interests.
4. To inculcate reading habit.
5. To reading material for reading and reflection.

What is reading corner?
Reading corner is a space in the classroom, where children access to variety of reading material and authentic material such as poster, pamphlets, brochure, ads, newspaper clippings etc. it also includes books, children writings.

Why a reading corner?
A reading corner can offer a wide range of literacy experiences to the children. This helps the children to develop the habit of reading and emerge as independent readers. What are to be kept in a reading corner?
1. A good collection of children literature (different genre, content, language, and illustrations)
2. Picture books
3. Storybooks/ cards
4. Informative books
5. Illustrative books
6. Poetry collection
7. Magazines
8. Newspaper clippings
9. Poster, pamphlets, brochure, ads, newspaper clippings related to government activities
10. Writings or drawings display styles
11. Pencils, papers, chart pieces, colours (for writing, drawing, colouring)

How to create and maintain a reading corner?
The reading corner requires space for keeping and displaying the reading material. The reading material can be displayed in a variety of ways. For example, on a table, on a rope tied around the table or classroom racks, shelves, cartoons, etc. The teacher should ensure that the arrangement is safe and the material is within the reach of children. Students Reading Corner Objectives & Guidelines

There should be adequate lighting for children to read Teacher and students should collectively take up the responsibility of maintain reading corner to develop the sense of ownership. New books, magazines and other reading material must be added to the corner from time-to-time. Up-keep of books like pasting loose sheets or torn pages must be done regularly. Changes must be brought in display styles to attract children’s attention.

Teacher’s role
1. Set up the reading corner
2. Motivate and encourage the children to make use of the reading corner.
3. Read aloud from a book at certain times.
4. Set aside time for independent reading.
5. Provide opportunities for individual and group reading.
6. Connect the reading corner with children’s writing.
7. Put up displays of children’s writing in response to what they have read.
8. Let children have complete freedom to choose books for themselves.

How to procure/provide reading material
1. Teacher can buy children literature from school funds.
2. Donation may be collected from philanthropists and buy books.
3. Teacher may collect authentic material, and also bring old newspapers, magazines etc.
4. Children written works in the form of big books.
5. Teacher can encourage the children to collect different type of material from the houses, neighbourhood etc.

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