Teachers Data entry Procedure @AP Online Teacher’s Information System(TIS)

Teachers Data entry Procedure: DSE AP has introduced the Online Teacher’s Information System(Details of Teachers) at CSE AP Web portal. Teacher Information System is to update the teacher database with correct information of all Teachers. These details will help Teachers while applying for transfers, promotions, awards, No objection certificate for Traveling abroad, claiming Medical Reimbursement, etc.

Teachers Data entry Procedure:
1. Login to cse portal www.cse.ap.gov.in
2. On home page you will find Teachers Corner click on it.
3. Once you click this you will get the Teachers Corner Web page screen.
4. Here select Teacher Information.
5. Once you click on Teacher Information you will be directed to the Teachers Information System screen will be displayed.
6. Enter your mobile number that is mapped to your Treasury ID.
7. Then you will be directed to another page.
8. Now enter the OTP that has been sent to your mobile number (which you have entered in the earlier screen). Upload your photograph and click on submit.
9. To make the process simple we have divided the details into 8 parts

I. Personal details
II. Spouse details
III. Educational details
IV. Appointment details
V. Departmental Tests details
VI. Promotion details
VII. Transfer details
VIII. Health Card details

Note: In every TAB just click Save but do not go to click on Final Submission, while going data entry process

I. Personal details:
10. Once you upload your photo and click on submit you will be directed to the Personal details screen. In this page, you should fill the your Personal Details, Address Details, Additional Details
11. Now click on SAVE before going to the next tab
12. In the (Personal Details) same screen you have to select Marital Status.

II. Spouse details:
13. Only when you select Married SPOUSE DETAILS screen will be enabled as Spouse details screen.
14. You now have to select if your spouse is a Government Employee
15. If YES you will be asked to select Employee type and enter Spouse Treasury ID
16. If your spouse is a Government Teacher, on entering the Treasury ID his/her data will be pre- populated as shown below
17. Please check if all the details are correct and click on submit.

III. Educational details:
18. Then go to the next tab Educational details. You will be directed to the Educational details screen
19. Fill in all the details, in case there is more than one degree that you have, please use ADD Degree tab and enter details.
20. Then click on SAVE and go to the next tab.

IV. Appointment details:
21. Now, go to the next tab Appointment details.
22. The following Appointment details screen will be displayed.
23. In this screen Local/Non Local and District name will be pre populated from the details you had entered in Personal Details.
24. Please enter all details and click on Then move to the next tab.

V. Departmental Tests details:
25. Now, go to the next tab Departmental Tests details
26. You will be directed to the Departmental Tests details screen
27. Please fill in the details and click on SAVE and go to the next tab.

VI. Promotion details:
28. Now, go to the next tab Promotion details details
29. When you come to this screen, if your Designation as filled in Personal Details and Category of post filled in First Appointment are same, then in this screen “Did you get Promotion” will be automatically set to NO. At the end of the screen Date of first appointment will be displayed.
30. Fill in all the details and click on SAVE and go to the next tab.

VII. Transfer details:
31. Now, go to the next tab Transfer details
32. Fill in all the details and click on SAVE and go to the next tab.

VIII. Health Card details:
32. Now, go to the next tab Health card details
33. A maximum of 5 dependents can be entered
34. Please fill in all the details and click on SAVE button.

Once you fill in all the forms only then click on final submit button which is on top right hand side of the screen.

Teachers Online Data Entry date extended to JUNE 5, 2016

DSE AP Teacher’s Information System(TIS)

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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