TS Teachers Transfers Online Application 2023 at transfers.dse.telangana.gov.in/Transfers/

TS Teachers Transfers Online Application 2023 or Telangana Teachers Transfers Online Application 2023 link has been activated by the C and DSE on its Teacher Transfers 2023 website, transfers.dse.telangana.gov.in/Transfers/.

Teachers who are seeking transfer should apply online and should submit TS Teachers Transfers Online Application 2023 printout to the concerned inspecting officer /MEOs.

As per the teacher’s transfer schedule, a tentative vacancy list of category-wise schools and rationalization of posts will be displayed on District Education Office (DEO) website.

The government will display the final list of vacancies management wise, category wise, subject wise and medium on the DEOs website.

The seniority list with points for transfers, seniority list for promotions, surplus teachers identified will be placed on the DEO website very soon.

Those who are compulsory transferable teachers (5 years completed HMs, 8 years completed Teachers) details, 2 years of service completed Teachers’ details should be available on the transfers website.

TS Teachers Transfers Online Application 2023

TS Teachers Transfers Online Application link is available under services at TS Transfers 2023 website. The online transfers will then be made available to the applicants at C and DSE Telangana Web Portal.

The online, web-based transfer counseling system welcomes to all the Headmasters and Teachers. This is designed to facilitate an easy, transparent, objective way of identifying vacancies, filing transfer application and making options/choices one is interested in.

Telangana teachers transfers online application 2023

TS Teacher Transfers Online Application 2023

Name of the applicationTelangana Teachers Transfers Application 20233
Titlesubmit Telangana Teachers Transfers Online Application 2023
SubjectDSE released the TS Teachers Transfers Online Application 2023
CategoryOnline Application
Transfers Schedule03-09-2023 to 03-10-2023
Application process03-09-2023 to 05-09-2023
School education websitehttp://schooledu.telangana.gov.in/ISMS/
Telangana Teachers Transfers Counselling Dates

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TS Teachers Transfers 2023

TS Teacher Transfer Application

TS Teacher Transfer Application is a system for teachers in the state of Telangana, India to apply for transfers to different schools or districts.

The application process is done entirely online and allows teachers to submit their transfer requests and track the status of their requests.

The system is intended to make the transfer process more efficient and streamlined, as well as to provide transparency and fairness in the allocation of transfer requests.

Teachers will have to login to the official website of the Department of School Education, Telangana, and fill in the necessary details like Employee ID, Date of Birth, and District. They will have to submit the application form and pay the fee, if any, to complete the process.

The Centre for Good Governance (CGG) is providing al technical support to facilitate the online application submission and web options exercising and drawing up of seniority lists and transfer lists. 

Online Transfer Application Form Submission, Teachers Transfers Application Process, How to submit Teachers Transfers Application Form.

The School Education Department of Telangana would like to use Information and communications technology for a solution in Teachers transfers thereby bringing in transparency at every stage of teacher Transfers and for quick turn-around-time to the process.

The main objective of this User Manual document is to explain the various steps involved in teacher transfers for end-user (Teachers ).

This application is given to Teachers to fill in their data to rule out discrepancies. The scope of this User Manual document is to explain the process of capturing Teacher Information for processing transfers.

This User manual document is meant for usage by the Department of School Education team used for Teachers Transfers and any changes made to the requirements in future shall have to go through a formal change approval process, wherever necessary and shall not make any alterations without the permission of the client and the development team.

How to print the DEO Verified TS Teachers Transfers Online Application form for Transfers Counselling in Telangana: Vacancy list uploaded by DEOs and Provisional Eligibility list with entitlement points and Preferential Categories is available now on Teacher Transfer Portal.

You may also download your Transfer Application as verified by the DEO. If you have any issues, please contact the District Educational Officer. – CDSE, TS.

How to submit TS Teachers Transfers Online Application?

Director of School Education Telangana will enable the TS Teachers Transfers Online application link on the Transfers website. Teachers who want to participate in the online transfers can check details and submit the application form at the transfers web portal. Please note that, teachers should fill the application as per the specified in the user guide.

  1. Visit the http://schooledu.telangana.gov.in/ Website

    Headmasters and Teachers should log in the Commissioner and Director of School Education Website Telangana Website: “http://schooledu.telangana.gov.in/”.

  2. Click on Teacher Transfers Application link

    Once you reach the School Edu Telangana web portal, you can click on the Teacher Transfers Application 2023 link on the home page.

  3. Click on Teachers Transfers link

    After clicking on that link, TS Teachers Transfers 2023 official website (https://transfers.dse.telangana.gov.in/Transfers/) will be opened. Now, click on the “Teachers Transfer” link Under services on this home page.

  4. Select New entry

    After clicking on Teachers Transfers link, a new web page will appear. Now, Select New entry in this stage.

  5. Enter login details

    After selecting the new entry, login details page will appear. On this page, enter mobile number, Treasury ID, Aadhaar number and click on Submit button. After that, an alert message will be displayed about OTP.

  6. Enter OTP

    Once you received OTP to your mobile number, enter your Treasury ID and OTP in the required fields and click on the submit button.

  7. Fill the Application Form

    After successful login, Transfers Application form will be opened with your basic details from database based on treasury ID. In this page, teacher should fill the Teachers Details, School Details, Service Details, Spouse Details, Preferential Category. Finally click on the submit button after checking all details.

  8. Check the success message

    On success full submission a success message displayed like, Teacher Transfer Details saved successfully with transaction ID.

  9. Print Application

    Print Certificate is Additional facility provided for teachers to print the transfer details that were submitted. On the Home page, select Teacher Transfer Application Print service. Now, enter Treasury ID and click on GO button. Then your submitted Application form will be displayed, click on print button and take print.

  10. Verification Process

    Once teachers submitted the Transfer applications it’s forwarded to the RJD / DEO for
    verification process. Grade – II HM application forward to RJD and SGT/SA and other applications forward to DEO.

TS Teachers Transfers Application Print

  • Go to http://transfers.dse.telangana.gov.in/Transfers
  • Please select “SERVICE” in the Menu Bar then select “Teachers Transfer”
  • Click on the “Click here to download your Transfer Application as verified by the DEO” 
  • then enter Mobile Number > Treasury ID and click on “Submit” Then OTP will come to the Mobile No entered by you
  • Then SUBMIT OTP. After that, DEO Verified Application form will open for you. 
  • Click on Print and download your Transfer Application as verified by the DEO.
  • If you have any issues,  take a print and please contact District Educational Officer.

Authorities say that “Not Willing Option” will not be available in this Web counseling. Step by step Online application process for teacher transfers would be released soon.

The demo was held on it. Transfer guidelines will be issued within a day or two. Furthermore, the seniority list of teachers is available online in the Telangana DEOs Websites.

  1. Best Teacher Award Certificate,
  2. Spouse Certificate,
  3. Rationalization Points Certificate,
  4. Unmarried Certificate.

Where to submit “printed application forms”?
1. All SGTs, Grade II pandits should submit printouts & S.B to their MEO.
2. S.As & Grade I pandits should submit their printouts & S.B to P.G.H.M.
3. P.G.H.Ms, MEOs should submit all received copies at the DEO office.

How to fill TS Teachers Transfers Online Application Form?

I. TEACHERS DETAILS: The teacher should fill the details of district, mandal, category of the post, management of the school, area, Mobile Number, Aadhaar Number, Employee Treasury Code, Name of the Individual seeking Transfer, Gender, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Disability.

II. SCHOOL DETAILS: Applicant should fill the details of Medium of School, School Type, Name of the School, Date from which the Individual is serving in the Present School in all Categories of Posts. Category Of the School (Present), Is there any change in Category Of the School in Previous 8yrs,

III. SERVICE DETAILS: Fill the whether the Individual has completed 8 yrs of Service as on 01-01-2023 in All Categories of Posts in School, Date of First Appointment in service, First appointed Category of the post,

Whether the Individual is Male Headmaster Grade-II/Teacher aged below 50 years as on on 01-02-2023 of the year and working in Girls High School. Date of Joining in the Present Category of the Post.

SSC Pass Percentage (Results of SSC in concerned subject for Teachers and overall percentage to HMs for High Schools only). Whether he/she is President or General Secretary of the District/State of Recognized Association(In erstwhile 10 districts).

IV. SPOUSE DETAILS: Whether interested to avail spouse Benefit.

V. PREFERENTIAL CATEGORY: Whether the individual availed the benefit under Preferential category during the last 8 years as on 01-02-2023. Did your spouse availed the Pref. Category under rule 8(e, f, g). Whether the individual wants to claim under Preferential Category,

Whether the Headmaster Gr.II Gazetted / Teacher is working as an NCC Officer. Number of Years Served in the Same Gram Panchayat.

Instructions on TS Teachers Transfers Online Application Submission Process:

How to submit Transfers Application to MEO?: One set of application forms along with a copy of original certificates shall be submitted to the concerned Mandal Educational Officer under proper acknowledgment.

Original certificates in support of application details, whichever is applicable should be submitted without fail). One set of application forms along with a copy of certificates shall be retained by the individual for future reference. 

In support of application details, if necessary documents or certificates or original certificates were not submitted by the individual to MEO for verification, they will forgo the transfer or entitlement points as the case may be. Meer submission of the transfer application form doesn’t conform right for the transfer of the applicant.

Instructions on TS Teachers Transfers: Every teacher who applied for transfers should give two sets of Transfers Online Application Printout to MRC. High school teachers cannot even submit their Transfers Online Application with Original SR (Service Register) and your HM countersign individually in the MRC.

The Transfer Online Application Verification Committee will be established at the MANDAL level after the applications have been verified. Additional elements that accompany the Transfers Application should come to the MRC with the Originals.

If there are two sections in 10th class, then the section counts for 10th class result points. High school teachers must submit their Transfers application and other certificates with your HM countersign.

Category 4 Government should register as per their declaration. Transfers Applications are sent to the DEO Office that day. Transfers Applications are taken to the MRC from 9 am to 1 pm.

If the correct information is not filled in the Transfers application, the relevant teacher is responsible. PITs do not have Entitlement points related to SSC Results.

Transfers on Instructions: If you have any difficulty in applying for a transfer please contact to the help desk. The deadline for transfers has been extended to one day i.e., 11.6.2018. 8 Vol. Service applies to Grama Panchayat. The municipality and corporation must keep zero.

Unmarried women can use their category within 8 hours. Foreign nationals can send transfer application online. May be Join upon his return. Those who come for inter-district transfer should calculate the service from their first appointment.

In the case of spouse and spouse, both are mandatory transfers and they can choose which school. If one of the spouses has a mandatory transfer and the other does not use Spouse Points, they should opt for close schools.

Two of the Wives and Husbands 8. If using spouse points within the service, they should choose the nearest schools. Recently appointed teachers in Gurukul have no Treasury ID so they can get spouse points by selecting Public Sector in the application.

You can apply by treasury id if Adar is not matched. School teachers of villages transferred from one zone to another zone should apply from the old zone. Provide awareness before web options. In the case of Government Gazetted HM-1s, the Spouse Points Zone will be used as a unit.

Submission of TS Teachers Transfers Online Application Hard copy

School Education Department issued Rc.1848 Guidelines on submission of TS Teachers Transfers Online Application Hard Copy and also DSE issued instructions for Transfer/ Rationalization/ Promotions Counselling Applying For Transfer Through Online.

The online Application form shall be filled up by the applicant Teacher/ Head Master Gr.II. The Teachers/ HMs who apply for transfer shall take a print out copies from the website viz. filled in application form duly attested.

One print out copy should be retained with individual and another Print out the application form along with original certificates of evidence shall be submitted to the MEO /HM /Dy.E.O.

  • Teachers working in Primary and U.P. Schools shall submit their application form to the respective Mandal Educational officer.
  • Teachers working in High schools shall submit their application form to the respective Head Master of the High school.
  • Head Masters of High Schools shall, in turn, submit received application forms to the respective Deputy Educational officer.
  • The printout of ON-LINE application of the individuals submitted and which was forwarded by the concerned authorities will be considered.

 The MEO I HM I Dy. E.O. shall maintain a register with the particulars of each applicant Teacher/H.M. Guidelines on Submission of Teachers Transfers

The Mandal Educational officer, in turn, should submit the application form print outs along with relevant certificates submitted by the applicant Teachers to the District Educational Officer duly verifying with original records once again and attest the application form print outs received on that day.

After verification the Mandal Educational officer / HM / Dy. E.O. shall make corrections if any in the print copy of application form submitted by the individual for transfer based on the Service particulars & documents and all such application forms shall be submitted to the DEO separately.

The H.M of High School, in turn, should submit application form print outs along with certificates duly verifying the particulars with original records once again to the respective Deputy Educational Officer.

In turn the Dy. E.O. should submit all such application form print outs to the District Educational Officer received on that day. In the case of Head Master Gr.II, the Dy. E.O. should verify the particulars with original records once again and submit the same to the DEO.

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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