TS Teachers Transfers Orders 2022 download (Transfers Schedule )

TS Teachers Transfers Orders 2022 download: SGT Transfers Orders 2022, PGHMs Transfers Orders 2018, SA Non-Languages Transfers Orders 2018, SA Languages Transfers Orders 2018, LFLHMs /PSHMs Transfers Orders 2018, LP Teachers Transfers Orders 2018. Telangana TS Teachers Transfers, Promotions Counselling Schedule 2018

Telangana State School Education Department has issued the Schedule for Conducting the Teachers Transfers and Promotions in all Districts of Telangana State. Certain guidelines have been issued on ts teachers transfers and promotions counseling. This schedule for Teachers Transfers and Promotions and this schedule has to get approval.

There was a full stop for everyone’s anxiety after the positive decision of CM on transfers, promotions, and rationalization and finalized on the long-standing service is 5 years for PGHM’s and 8 years for others. As there is a ban on transfers, the first G.O should release lifting ban on transfers and next to other G.Os and notification. This will take one or two days, officials are preparing a schedule to complete this process within a month.

Telangana Teachers Transfers Orders

TS Teachers Transfers schedule: Schedule for teachers transfers released on June 7: The schedule for teachers transfers in the State has been notified on Jun 7.

A decision to this effect was taken at a meeting of teachers’ associations with Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyam Srihari. Prior to the meeting with the representatives of teachers’ associations, Kadiyam met State Additional Advocate General. On the advice of the top legal official, the Deputy Chief Minister discussed the issue with the Joint Action Committee of teachers’ associations, in which it was agreed not to take up the issues of promotions at present.

As per the schedule agreed upon at the meeting, the entire process of transfers will be completed by June 26. For this, the Provisional Vacancy list, Final Vacancy List, Provisional Seniority List, Final Seniority List will be prepared and Displayed time to time as per the Transfers schedule and objections will be called on the same.

The final list and guidelines will be issued from time to time. Online applications will be received from June 7 to 10, and verification will be taken up for two days. And, the applicants will be given Web Options. That apart, the inter-district transfers will be taken up in the month of August this year.

1. The deadline for appeals on transfer applications has been increased to one day.
2. Collectors are entrusted with the responsibility of examining the changes in the preferential category, spouse and area category.
3. PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) is placed on the website for the web options option.
4. The video on Web Options & Mack Counseling will be kept on the website until tonight (18 June).
5. Web Options 21 to 24
6. OTP comes to registered mobile while logging in with employee ID. Upon entering, their options page opens.
7. In their category, they have 3 types of zonal spaces.
8. Options can be selected and updated in any number of days. There will also be autosave.
9. The options should be frozen at the end of the selection process.
10. Once freeze, there is no chance of updating.
11. The last updated update will be auto-saved if it does not freeze before expiry.

TS Teachers Transfers Counselling Schedule 2018:

1. Applying for Transfers through Online and Submission of Print out copy along with certificates to MEO (Teachers/HMs of High Schools: 07-06-2018 to 11-06-2018 BY 5.00 pm
2. Submission of Verified Printout Copies along with certificates by the MEO to the DEO/RJDSE: 08-06-2018 to 13-06-2018
3. Publication of Vacancy Lists: 09-06-2018
4. Objections of Vacancy Position to RJDSE/ DEO:10-06-2018 to 11-06-2018
5. Rectification of Objections on Vacancy:12-06-2018
6. Validation of the Application by RJDSE/DEOs Online: 09-06-2018 to 14-06-2018
7. Provisional Eligibility List as per entitlement points and Display of finalized Vacancy List: 15-06-2018
8. Submission of Objections of any to RJDSE / DEO on Entitlement Points:15-06-2018 and 16-06-2018
9. Redressal of Objections on Entitlement Points by RJDSE /DEO: 16-06-2018 to 19-06-2018
10. Display of final Eligibility list as per Entitlement Points: 22-06-2018

Submission of Web Options:
11. HMs: Submission of Web Options by the HMs through Online: 23-06-2018
12. SA and Others Equivalent: Submission of Web Options by the SAs and Equivalent Cadre  through Online: 24-06-2018 to 26-06-2018(Extended to June 26th)
13. SGTs and Others Equivalent: Submission of Web Options by the SGTs and Equivalent Cadre through Online: 27-06-2018 to 29-06-201814.  Download the Transfer List for Committee Approval: 29-06-2018
15. Issue of Transfer Orders by RJDSE /DEO: 30-06-2018
Web Options for SAs(Language and Non-Languages) and PSHMs will be available up to June 26th by 5 PM( One day has been extended)

TS Teachers Transfers Orders 2018 download:
SGT Transfers Orders 2018
PGHMs Transfers Orders 2018
SA Non-Languages Transfers Orders 2018
SA Languages Transfers Orders 2018
LFLHMs /PSHMs Transfers Orders 2018
LP Teachers Transfers Orders 2018

TS Teachers Transfers Orders 2018 download

Transfers Revised Schedule 2018

107.06.2018Applying for Transfer
through ONLINE and
208.06.2018submission of Printout
copy along with
certificates to
MEO (Teachers /   HMs of High Schools). Submission of applications through online will be closed by 5.00 PM on 11 06 2018 I
Submission of
Verified Printout
copies along
with                                                certificates
by the MEO to
the DEO /
309.06.2018Publication of Vacancy ListsValidation of the
applications by
410.06.2018 Objections on
position to
612.06.2018Rectification of
objections on
eligibility list as per
entitlement points
and display of
finalized vacancy
1016.06.2018Submission of
Objections if any to
entitlement points
Redressal of
objections on
points by
1622.06.2018Display of final
eligibility list as per
entitlement points
1723.06.2018Submission of Web
Options by the Head
Masters GR.II through
Submission of Web Options by the School Assistant & Equivalent Cadre through online
Submission of Web
Options by the SGT &
Equivalent Cadre
through online
20…..07.2018Download the   Transfer list for Committee approval  & Issued Transfer orders by RJDSE / DEO

1. June 7 to 11 – Online Applications
2. June 9 – Vacancy list
3. June 10, 11 – Objections
4. 15 June – Final Vacancy List
5. 15 June – Pro.Seniority List
6. June 15, 19 – Objections
7. June 22 – Final Seniority List
6. June 23 to 27 – Web Options
8. July 1st week – Transfer Orders

Promotions exercise will be done after the clearance of all the cases in the courts.

Inter District transfers will be started in the month of August 2018.

United Warangal District Transfers Orders

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