Telangana bans Teachers from Teaching in Private Coaching Centres

Telangana bans Teachers from Teaching in Private Coaching Centres: The Telangana government is set to ban government teachers, lecturers and professors from taking classes in private coaching centres or tutorials.

Those violating the ban may be sacked. Penal and criminal cases will be filed against managements of coaching centres if they are found to be employing staff from government institutions. Large scale complaints that coaching centres were fleecing students by collecting hefty fees and not providing minimum facilities or qualified faculty.

So, the Telangana state government has planned to freshly implement the 18 year old AP Tutorial Institutions (Registration and Regulation) Rules.  The govt has planed to regulate coaching centres as per the Rules published in 1997.  

The first set of rules governing the tutorial sector was contained in the AP Tutorial Institutions (Registration and Regulation) Rules, 1997. These were promulgated by the Governor through GO.No. 200 on August 6, 1997, based on Section 99 of AP Education Act, 1982.

Under the rules, like schools and colleges, all coaching institutions have to be registered with the government and can run only with government permission. Registration of any coaching centres can be cancelled if the government feels there are technical lapses. The rules also provide for infrastructural facilities that coaching institutions are expected to provide to students.

It has come to the notice of the government that coaching centres have been mushrooming and collecting hefty fees from students without providing minimum facilities and qualified faculty. The government plans to regulate coaching centres as per the Rules promulgated in 1997. The government has adapted these rules and make necessary changes to meet the present needs, According the education minister.

T. Chiranjeevulu, commissioner of school education said that the officials will enumerate all the coaching institutions currently running and issue notices for registrations. Details of all coaching institutions will be put up on a website. Telangana bans Teachers from Teaching in Private Coaching Centres

These rules were aimed at registration and regulation of coaching centres, which were hardly implemented in the state. The TS government has revised the rules and incorporate more stringent norms like banning government teachers from taking up coaching classes or tuitions in private institutions and invoking penal and criminal cases against erring managements of coaching institutions.

The education department has already initiated the process of drafting revised rules. The department will open an online platform for coaching centres to register themselves with details on faculty, fees and infrastructure. This will enable the government to identify whether their teachers are working in coaching centres or not.

Teachers are in demand to hold classes in coaching centres for Eamcet, IIT-JEE, AIEEE and for exams like UPSC, TSPSC exams, banking and railway recruitment exams etc.

Telangana Teachers to face Tutorial Ban:

  1. Government drawing up rules to ban Government and aided teachers conducting Private coaching centres or tutorials.
  2. Who are violating these norms will be liable for dismissal.
  3. Prosecute the coaching centres, if they employ staff from Govt. Institutions.
  4. All coaching centres must register with the state govt. and provide the details of faculty, infrastructure, students & fee structure.
  5. These rules were promulgated by the Governor through GO.200, Dt.6-8-1997(AP Tutorial Institutions,  Registration& Regulation Rules) based on section 99 of AP Edn Act , 1982.
  6. No Tutorial/ Coaching Institution could not function without prior registration with Registration Authority (DEO)

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