Telangana Pensioners Information, Check pension payment details at

Telangana state has a dedicated web portal for pensioners,, where all the information regarding pensions for retired government employees can be found. The Telangana Pensioners Information portal is managed by the Finance Department of Telangana.

The website offers a comprehensive range of information and services for pensioners, including details on the various types of pensions, eligibility criteria, and the procedure for obtaining a pension.

Pensioners can also access their pension records, view their pension payment details, and download pension-related forms from the IFMIS website.

In addition to the information available on the website, pensioners can also contact the Pension Cell at the Treasury Department of Telangana for further assistance. The Pension Cell is responsible for the implementation of pension-related policies and the disbursement of pensions to eligible retirees.

Telangana Pensioners Pension Payment Details

Pensioners can access the Telangana Pensioners Pension Payment Details or Telangana Pensioners Payment Information at IFMIS Telangana Pensioner web portal by using login details.

The IFMIS Telangana website provides information regarding pension payment details for pensioners in the state of Telangana. Pensioners can access information regarding their pension payments, including the payment status, amount paid, and payment history.

The website also provides detailed information on the various pension schemes available to pensioners, including the eligibility criteria, amount of pension, and the process for claiming pension benefits.

Additionally, pensioners can also view and download their pension payment slips from the website. The IFMIS Telangana website serves as a valuable resource for pensioners in the state and provides easy access to pension payment information.

IFMIS Telangana Pensioners Information

IFMIS Telangana Pensioners Information is an online portal designed for the pensioners of Telangana. This portal provides a platform for the pensioners to access their pension-related information and services.

The IFMIS Telangana portal enables pensioners to check their pension details, download their pension slips, and make any changes to their pension information online.

The IFMIS Telangana Pensioners Information portal is aimed at reducing the hassle of manual procedures and ensuring timely disbursal of pensions.

The portal also helps in streamlining the process of pension administration, improving the efficiency and transparency of the pension system in Telangana.

TS Pensioner Information 2023
TS Pensioner Information 2023
Name of CardTS Pensioner Information 2023
TitleCheck the Telangana Pensioner Information 2023
SubjectIFMIS launched TS Pensioners Information web portal 2023
Official Web portal
Telangana PensionersIFMIS Telangana Pensioners Information
Employee Pay SlipDownload Telangana Employee Pay Slip from here
TS Pensioners Information

Telangana Pension Portal

One of the key services offered by the Telangana Pension Portal is the online submission of pension-related forms. This feature provides pensioners with the convenience of submitting their forms from the comfort of their own homes, without the need to visit government offices.

Another important feature of the website is the Pensioner’s Corner, which provides pensioners with useful information and updates on pension-related issues. This section includes news and notifications, important dates and deadlines, and information on pension-related schemes and initiatives.

In conclusion, the Telangana Pension Portal is a valuable resource for retired government employees in the state. It offers a wealth of information, services, and support to pensioners, and provides a convenient and efficient platform for pension-related transactions.

Telangana Pensioners Information Download

TS State Finance Department launched the pension web portal, for the Telangana Pensioners under the supervision of IFMS. Pensioners can download their Pensioners Information from the pension web application using login details. To know the details of pensioners can follow the below given simple steps.

  1. Visit the Website

    Telangana Pensioners need to visit official website of Treasuries & Accounts Department, in your device browser.

  2.  Click on IFMIS Link

    Once you reach the official DTA Telangana website, search for the IFMIS Pensioner portal and click on it at the home page.

  3. Select the Pensioner

    After clicking on that link, Employee / Pensioner Provisional Pay Slip Download web application will be opened in your device. Select the pensioner from the drop down list. Now, click on it.

  4. Enter details

    After clicking on that link, new web page will be opened. On this, enter Block-I or Block-I. If Block-I selected, Please enter either 1 or 2 or 3 fields. If Block-II selected, Please enter both fields. Finally click on the click on get data button.

  5. Download Information

    After clicking on the button, your pensioners details will be available for downloading. You can download the information on this web page.

Telangana Pensioners Pension PPO Slip Download

In Telangana, pensioners can easily access and download their Pension Payment Order (PPO) slip or Telangana Pensioners Pension PPO Slip from the official website of the Telangana Treasury Department.

The PPO slip contains important information about the pensioner’s monthly pension, including their pension number, date of retirement, and the amount of pension received.

To download the PPO slip, the pensioner needs to log in to the official website using their pension number, after which they can access and download the slip. Having a digital copy of the PPO slip is convenient for pensioners as they can access it anytime and use it for reference purposes.

Telangana Pension Eligibility for Pensioners

Telangana Pension Eligibility for Pensioners is determined by the state government of Telangana. To be eligible for a pension, a person must have been a government employee for a certain number of years, typically 10 years or more.

Other criteria that must be met include age requirements (usually 60 years or above) and the completion of all necessary paperwork and documentation. Additionally, pensioners must meet certain income and residency requirements, and their pension may be subject to taxes and other deductions.

The exact eligibility criteria for pensions in Telangana can vary based on factors such as the type of pension and the specific government department in which the person was employed.

How can I know my Pension Status Telangana?

In Telangana, you can check your pension status by visiting the official website of the concerned department or the Telangana State Pensioners’ Portal. To access your pension status, you may need to provide your Pension Payment Order (PPO) number and other personal information.

Alternatively, you can also inquire about your pension status by visiting the office of the Pension Disbursing Agency or by contacting the concerned department or its pension cell by phone or email.

You can also request a copy of your pension statement to check the status of your pension payments and other relevant information. It is important to regularly check your pension status to ensure that you are receiving the correct amount and that there are no discrepancies or errors.

How to know my Pension Details of Telangana Pensioner?

To know your pension details as a Telangana Pensioner, you can visit the Telangana State Pensioners’ Portal at On the website, click on “Know your Pension Details” and enter your Pensioner ID, Date of Birth, and Captcha Code.

After verifying your information, click on “Get Details” to view your pension information. This information will include details such as your current pension amount, last revised pension amount, and the date of revision. If you need further assistance, you can also contact the Telangana Treasury Department for assistance.

  1. What is the Telangana Pensioners Information website?

    The Telangana Pensioners Information website ( is a portal that provides information and services related to pensions for government retirees in the Indian state of Telangana.

  2. What kind of information is available on the website?

    The website provides information on pension payments, pensioner's details, and other related services for government retirees in Telangana.

  3. Who can access the Telangana Pensioners Information website?

    Pensioners and their families, as well as government officials, can access the website to view pension-related information.

  4. Is it necessary to register on the website to access information?

    Yes, registration is required to access the information and services available on the website.

  5. How can I view my pension payment details on the website?

    After logging in, go to the “Pension Payment Details” section to view the payment details for your pension.

  6. Who should I contact if I have trouble accessing the website or need assistance?

    If you need assistance or have trouble accessing the website, you can contact the Helpdesk at the Telangana Finance Department. Their contact information is available on the website.

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