Telangana State Symbols: State’s Official Flower, Tree, Bird and Animal

Telangana State Symbols, Telangana State’s Official Flower, Tree, Bird and Animal. KCR announces names after a review meeting, Telangana State’s Official Flower, Tree, Bird and Animal, After Independence , Indians became free from the slavery of British rulers.

After separation of Telangana state, still our telangana people are not satisfied because the shades of United AP is not disappeared. After a long struggle, several sacrifises of students, the consequences in the state like Dharnas, “Sakala Janula Samme” active participation of leaders in many programmes and atlast we acquired out ‘TELANGANA”.

As new Government formed in our Telangana State, every thing is going on in a new way. After a wide thinking Official symbols of our state declared by Telangana CM. These symbols resemble our attitude, personality, purity and especially culture.

Telangana State Symbols

The Government of Telangana has finalised the State’s official flower, tree, bird and animal. All these have cultural, traditional and historical significance in Telangana. Thangedu (Cassia auriculata) will be the official flower while Jammi (Prosopis cineraria) will be considered as official tree.

Likewise, Pala Pitta (Indian roller) and Jinka (deer) were announced as official bird and animal as the official symbols of the State. The State animal, bird, tree and flower were chosen keeping in mind the culture, history, traditions and mythological backdrop of the Telangana people, he noted.

KCR announced names after a review meeting with senior officials at Secretariat on Monday. It may be mentioned here that KCR laid special emphasis on selecting Telangana State’s official icons and symbols soon after he assumed charge on June 2.

He held several meetings with TS government’s cultural advisor and retired IAS officer KV Ramana Chary and officials of the cultural department in this regard.  Though several proposals were sent to KCR since June 2, they were rejected as no consensus emerged in various meetings held with officials. Finally, KCR zeroed in on four choices on Monday.

Indian Roller:
Highlighting the importance of the Indian Roller in the State’s culture, the people here believed that sighting the bird meant good omen on Dasara. It was selected as the State bird since it had mythological references, wherein it was stated that Ram had sighted the bird before attacking Lanka, and succeeded. This would indicate that Telangana would also tread the path of success. This bird is a part of our telangana culture. On the day of Dussehra watching palapitta, Indian roller is very much good and gets victory, it is a belief of Hindus

Shami tree:
On the shami tree, it was also part of the people’s culture and it is our state tree, According to mythology, the Pandavas had safely kept their arms on the tree while in exile ( agnathavasam) and on completion of the term, they had offered prayers to the tree, taken off their arms and defeated the Kauravas in the Mahabharata war. This is the symbol of victory. On the day of Dusshra priests offers prayers for Jammi and give it to our friends, neighbours and family members.

Tangedu Puvvu:
Justifying the selection of peacock’s pride as the State flower, the flower had a pride of place in the Bathukamma festival, which was synonymous with the culture of Telangana. It would grow naturally in the wild, and was thought to protect the marital life of women.

It is declared as our state animal. Deer is meant for innocence. In Ramyana, deer is a prominent role. This innocence resemble of our tekangana Telangana State Symbols

Item                               Symbol                              
Emblem Kakatiya Toranam, Charminar
Language Telugu
Song Jaya Jaya He Telangana Janani Jayakethanam
Animal Deer
Bird Palapitta (Indian Roller)
Flower Tangedu Puvvu
Fruit Mango
Tree Jammi tree
River Godavari
Sport Kabbaddi
Telangana State Symbols

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