Sanction Payment of Escort Allowance to CwSN Guidelines 2023

Sanction Payment of Escort Allowance to CwSN Guidelines, The Commissioner & Director of School Education and State Project Director had been issued Proceedings Rc.No. 232 on 28th July 2014. In this regarding certain instructions have been issued to all the Project Officers of SSA in the Telangana State for Payment of Escort Allowance to the children with special needs.

The Officials have decided to pay the Escort Allowance amount of Rs. 250/- per month per child based on his/her attendance. Accordingly the details of the proceedings, guidelines for sanction of Escort Allowance, Application form and other related files provided here.

C & DSE Telangana – Memo.No.232, Date:07-09-2017:: Sub: TSSA Hyderabad – IE – Escort Allowance to the identified CwSN during 2017-18 – Child wise data due from the District – Reg. Ref: This office Memo.even no. dated 30.08.2017.

The attention of all the District Educational Officers & EO-DPOs, SSA in the State except Medchal, Ranga Reddy, Vikarabad and Yadadri Districts is invited to the reference cited.

They are informed that the child wise data of CwSN eligible for Escort Allowance during the year 2017-18 in the prescribed format is not yet furnished to this office.

Therefore, they are directed to furnish the information immediately without any further delay in the matter to take further action on the release of the 1st Quarter amount.

This should be treated as Most urgent and furnish the information on or before 12-09-2017

Proceedings.Rc.No.232 details

Proceedings. Rc. No. 232/TSSA/IE/T8/2014 Dated:28 -07-2014

T SSA, Hyderabad-Inclusive Education-Payment of Escort Allowance to the children with special needs-Certain instructions-Issued-Regarding.

Reference: Minutes of Review meeting of Dist. I.E. Coordinators held at SPO on 15-07-2014.

All the Project Officers of SSA in the Telangana State are aware that SSA is providing Escort allowance to the children of those whose mobility is greatly restricted and the help of escort is indispensable for them to attend the School. Keeping this in view, it was decided to pay the Escort Allowance amount of Rs. 250/- per month per child based on his/her attendance.  

They are informed that during the AWP & B 2014-15, an amount of Rs. 167.55 lakhs was allotted for payment of Escort allowance, i.e., @ Rs. 250/- per month per child for 10 months to 6702 children in the State.  

The Project Officers shall take all precautions in identifying the eligible children to provide the support of Escort Allowance by following the guidelines, which were already communicated by the APRVM(SSA), vide its Proc. Re. No. 233/RVM(SSA)/IE/C5/2012, dated 06-09-2012. Further, the Project Officers are requested to release the amount at the end of each month regularly for 10 months to the identified CwSN through School Managing Committees concerned.

They are also requested to inform the sanction and payment details of Escort allowance to all the parents of the eligible children in the academic year 2014-15. The database of the beneficiaries shall be prepared and submitted to this office for record.

The Project Officers shall regularly obtain and maintain the record of acquittances properly for all future audit purposes. The amount shall be met from the budget available under the activity of “Escort Allowance” under the component of Intervention for CwSN of District concerned. 

Above said True Copy has been sent to all the DEOs in The Telangana State

Guidelines for Sanction of Escort Allowance:
The CMOS expressed in the review meeting that they could not spend the budget for Escort Allowance for want of guidelines an eligibility criteria from SPO for release of Escort Allowance. In this connection, the State Project Director issued guidelines to sanction Escort Allowance for eligible CWSN.

The following guidelines are to be followed by the DPO for sanction of Escort Allowance.

(i) All the educable children with special needs, whose mobility is totally restricted from attending the school and the attendant’s support for him/ her is indispensable to attend the school, shall be eligible for Escort Allowance like.

  • A child has cerebral palsy with restricted mobility.
  • A child with Orthopedical Impairment whose both upper limbs and lower limbs are not functional.
  • Deaf-Blind child, who is both Deaf 86 Blind.
  • A child with Total Blindness (eligible for Escort Allowance, up to the Class V).

(ii) The child invariably is accompanied by an attendant (Parent/ Guardian) to attend the school with or without the support of an aid (like wheel-chair) shall be eligible for Escort Allowance.
(iii) Such a child, who is eligible for payment of Escort Allowance, shall put up a minimum 50% of attendance during the month.

The Escort Allowance shall be released to the concerned School Management Committee (SMC) through RTGs for onward payment. The acquaintance duly signed by the Head Master shall be collected by the release Escort Allowance to the IERT/ MRP and submit to the DPO to reach CMO.

Download the Proceedings Rc.232 from here 

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