State Level Monitoring Team Visits, Inspections, Observations in TS Schools 2023

State Level Monitoring Team Visits,Inspections,Observations inTS Schools from 22nd to 28th September 2016: The State project Director, Telangana SSA,  has issued proceedings to all the DEOs, POs of SSA and DIET principals in the Telangana State for Monitoring teams Visit to 10 districts schools. State Monitoring Teams to the Districts to observe the quality of class room transactions and children learning outcomes and functional aspects of both Primary and High schools

State Level Monitoring Team Visits, Inspections, Observations in TS Schools:

Subject: SCERT Telangana Hyderabad – Drafting State Monitoring Teams to the Districts to observe the quality of class room transactions and children learning outcomes and functional aspects of both Primary and High schools – Orders issued.

All the DEOs in the State are hereby informed that it is proposed to draft State level monitoring teams to the districts to observe the functional aspects of schools which includes quality of class room transactions and children learning outcomes.

In this regard following is the plan of action:
✦ The District level monitoring team will be from 22nd to 28th September 2016. Planning cum orientation to the district teams is on 21st at district level.
✦ Drafting 2 members of SR Gs from the State to each of 10 districts.
✦ 10 strong Primary School teachers I LFL Headmasters who earlier acted as trainers I participated in text books writing, school monitoring etc. need to be identified by the respective DEOs and involved in the monitoring from 21st September onwards.
✦ 10 strong High School Headmasters/ DIET/School Assistants in each district who earlier acted as trainers I participated in text books writing, school monitoring etc. need to be identified by the respective DE Os from 21st September onwards.
✦ The district RPs must be selected from all divisions of the district the persons from one division shall be drafted to the other division after giving orientation.

✦ CRPs must accompany the teams i.e. two CRP per team after giving orientation. They should observe the monitoring and participate.
✦ A planning meeting on 2151 September 2016 is to be conducted at district level with 2 SRG members to discuss the monitoring format and orientation to them along with guidelines under DCEB.
✦ 2 nodal officer shall be monitoring entire programme in the district i.e. DCEB Secretary for High Schools and AMO for Primary schools both shall attend the planning meeting and visit the schools during 22 – 28 September 2016.
✦ The comprehensive monitoring format developed at State level will be used for observing the schools (enclosed).
✦ The observation formats must be photo copy under DCEB usmg available DCEB funds. The working lunch and tea need to be provided on planning day using DCEB funds will be reimbursed from SSA. The bills need to be sent through SRGs along with TA bill formats.
✦ 5 batches @2 persons per batch visit 2 Primary schools per day and the visit are from 22nd to 28th  September 2016 i.e. 6days similarly 5 batches @2 persons per batch visit 2 High schools per day from 22nd  to 28th September 2016 i.e. 6 days.
✦ 60 Primary schools and 60 Secondary schools will be visited in every district.

✦ Out of 60 Primary schools, 30 Govt. Primary schools 15 Govt. Upper Primary schools and 15 Private schools need to be visited.
✦ Out of 60 Secondary schools 30 Govt./ZP schools 6 KGBV schools, 6 Model Schools, 8 Residential schools of both TSREI and TSWREI and 10 Private un-aided schools.
✦ The observation sheets must be collected by the SRGs @ every 2days and finally on 28th evening and attend the State level office i.e. Directorate of School Education on 29th and consolidate the data and develop district wise report. 2 more persons may be taken up to consolidate data per each district and develop the district report.
✦ The district AMOs and Asst. AMOs shall participate in the school visit and during planning day i.e.21 st September 2016 .
✦ The TA, DA will be paid from SSA to the Primary and RMSA to the High Schools including SRGs.
✦ The TA forms must be filled by the monitoring teams and hand over to the SRGs and the amount will be released to their accounts from SSA and RMSA respectively.

Therefore, all the DEOs are requested to take immediate necessary steps and select 20  expert and committed CRPs for both Primary and Secondary level and see that the teams visit the schools and collect the data and fill up the forms properly. The State level senior officer will be visiting the districts during in September. The Dy. E.Os & MEOs must visit at least 2 schools in their division / Mandal and submit the filled in monitoring format and submit the same to the State team members.

All the DEOs are requested to relieve the above RPs to the programme from 21st to 29th September 2016. The RPs must attend the planning workshop on 20th at O/o DSE and conduct planning meeting with RPs at District level on 21st September 2016. The RPs must visit 2 schools per day and focus on 2 KGBVs, 2 Model Schools, 2 Residential schools, 2 High Schools, 2 Primary schools and 2 Private High Schools. They are requested to collect monitoring formats from the district teams for every 2days through CRPs/AMO/DCEB Secretary. They are also requested to collect the TA bills of the district teams and other bills and furnish the same to the Joint Director, RMSA. They should see that the district teams visiting the schools by prayer time and observe all the parameters properly and fill up the format.

STM Monitoring ProformaState Level Monitoring Team Visits,Inspections,Observations in TS SchoolsSLMT Members List*


Subject: SSA, Telangana State, Hyderabad-Pedagogy section-Monitoring teams – Visit to 10 districts schools – Reg.

All the District Educational Officers, the Project Officers of SSA and the Principals of DIETs in the state are informed that as part of the performance appraisal of schools, school complexes. MRCs, KGBVs and DPOs in the districts periodically atleast once a quarter, Five State Level Monitoring Teams are constituted to visit all districts in the State during the last quarter of the academic year 2014-15.

Each team comprises of two members, presenting from State. The identified teams will be accompanied by a district sectoral officer from DPO to visit the allotted districts in two spells in the first and second week of March 2015. State Teams to Visit each District

The teams have to visit each district for 2-days as mentioned below.

  1. The team members have to be divided and visit different schools in different mandals. In two days, each team members has to cover at least one KGBV, one STC /Residential center for deprived children/worksite school/transit hostels, one MRC, One school complex.
  2. They Should cover rural or interior schools covering all divisions.
  3. The monitoring team members shall record their observations in the prescribed format designed by respective interventions.
  4. Care shall be taken that the team members do not cover the schools covered earlier.
  5. On the 2nd day, the monitoring team members will conduct a meeting with DEO, PO and Sectoral Officers of DPO and appraise the observations of the Team members on the functioning of schools, KGBVs, MRCs, School complexes, STCs and other centers.
  6. Further the Monitoring team members shall also review the activities of the DPO undertaken in various sectors.

State Teams to Observe the Following Interventions

The following interventions are to be covered by the state teams.

  1. Syllabus completion
  2. Note book and Text book exercises completion and correction
  3. Class room teaching learning process
  4. Coverage of OSC
  5. Conduct of Review Meetings a District and Mandal Level
  6. Academic Performance of Schools
  7. Performance of KGBVs
  8. Function of Madarsas and Urdu medium schools
  9. Functioning of SMCs and 
  10. Interaction with local body (Gram Panchayat Sarpanch etc)

Subsequent to visit to the Districts, the team members shall submit their detailed report in the proformas given to the SPD for further action.

During the visit of State Monitoring teams, the DPOs shall arrange the transport and stay arrangements for the visiting officers. The T.A and DA of the visiting officers of the State will be paid by SPO, SSA.

Therefore the DE0s, the P.Os of SSA and the Principals of DIETs in the state are requested to attach one sectoral officer with each monitoring team member from SPO and conduct a meeting on the second day regarding the gaps and observations of the monitoring team members.
SSA, Telangana State, State Monitoring Teams Visits in Telangana Districts

State Team Visits 2015 to TS Schools for Academic Monitoring and Observe Various Items

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