Village Educational Development Committees VEDC Activities in TS Schools

Village Educational Development Committees VEDC Activities: Village Educational Development committees were constituted by the villagers who are majorly parents of the school children and Headmasters. Village Sarpanch acts as the honorary chairman. Trained VMF volunteers will be part of the Committee. Each committee will have 50 members and committee members include, old students, educators, donors, and village self-help group members.

Village Educational Development Committees (VEDC) to improve government schools and ensure that conditions of schools are managed attentively and the quality education and moral education is imparted to school children. The detailed activities of VEDCs are provided here.

At a lower level each class in a village will have one class convener, 4 incharges such as
1) Parents Incharge,
2) Academic Incharge
3) Infrastructure Incharge
4) Event Incharge.

These class wise incharges will take advice from the class teacher and Headmaster to confirm the requirements. Village Educational Development Committees VEDC Activities

Parent Incharge:
The primary duty of Parent Incharge is to bring improvement towards parent student connect and parent teacher connect.
a. To ensure parent teacher meeting happens successfully
b. To inform parents about day to day growth and issues of children in class
c. To ensure parents come forward to attend to the needs of their children education
d. To ensure parents involve in school activities for the successful running of the school.
Early these are supposed to be done by teachers. However because of lack of parent understanding of education, lack of interest and huge strength in the school, it was not effective to sensitizing the parents.

Academic Incharge(AI)
Classwise academic performance issues will be dealt by the Academic Incharge.
a. To ensure classes run for all subjects. If a subject teacher is not available then they will raise those issues in meetings and suggest alternative so that classes run smoothly
b. To ensure required teaching material is available to each classes
c. To ensure student participation and student readiness for academic programs
d. To ensure books are available to all students. If there is scarcity of the books, then raise this issue in monthly meetings for appropriate actions.
e. AI will also verify the classwise standards regularly and feedback to the committee.
f. AI will identify slow learners and closely watch their performance. He will keep their parents informed of their performace.
g. AI will ensure the syllabus is completed ontime.

Event Incharge: EI
a. Event incharge will take the ownership to ensure the classwise participation of students in the events.
b. To ensure all requirements for conducting the events are available in schools on time.
c. To ensure events like Bala Sabha, national festivals are done with special focus.
d. To encourage students participate enthusiastically
e. Competition, academic events are EI responsibility.
Earlier teacher used to struggle to conduct events in schools.

Infrastructure Incharge:
Class infra incharge will ensure that the classroom has the infrastructure required for the comfort of the students, fans are running, bench are not broken, if broken fixing those, library is maintained, science material required by the teacher, fixing issues with toilets, water facilities. Only a few identified infrastructure fixes will be done by the class Infra incharge by mobilizing the funds from community.

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