Govt English Medium Schools in AP and Telangana State

Govt English Medium Schools in AP and Telangana State: A govt school with lots of strength and Sections, if we ask previous generations, they say the following words from their memories. We have more sections and each section consists of 60-100 students and we respect our teachers very much. They are our inspiration, guides, well-wishers.

But now schools with less strength we can see only poor people, in that only girls strength will be some higher. This situation is raised due to private schools with lots of facilities, where as here lack of facilities, parents are attracted towards English medium. Every parent dreams that their child should study well, talk in English fluently, and earn a good job. So, they are preferring private schools. But, we can have in govt schools well trained teachers where here all round development of a child takes place.

Govt English Medium Schools in AP and Telangana State: So, to rectify, reduce the problem of low strength in schools.TS govt is going to implement the English medium in govt schools from next ac year but there is Separate plan of action of our mother tongue. Already the education dept has identified 10,000 teachers of English background.

The other will be given training for 6 months teaching in English 10 days training programme will be given for the other days the training will be through online. CDS and other teaching material will be hand over to the teachers and they should spend on this training a few weeks every week. Finally, they will conduct a test 20,000 teachers may be trained in this programme. If the parents, students are interested in T/M those schools function in T/M only.

AP GOVT English Medium Schools: The AP govt have been taken the decision of English medium in all high schools. According to R.P.S.Sicodia the details are. In the state there are 4,976 high schools (Govt, ZPSS, Municipal) in TM and EM parallelly. Out of 13,39,180 children 4,20,066 children are studying in EM. So, according to the wish of parents 3428 schools are converting in to total English medium schools. In 1 phase the schools above 100 strength will be converted. High schools below the 2km distance will be merged.

If the high schools are not in that enquired circumstances then nearer UPS will be UP graded. Schools in the same panchayat only 6th,7th classes will be in EM & 9th,10th classes will be in both media. Teachers will be adjusted according to the requirement teachers with Em background will be benefited to EM schools. Training will be given to these teachers in summer with the help of UNICEF, BRITISH COUNCIL, English and foreign language.

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