AP Mandal Academic Performance Coordinator JOB Chart

AP Mandal Academic Performance Coordinator JOB Chart: The AP Government has decided to utilize the services of surplus teachers during the process of Rationalization and Resources Redistribution and indicated the manner in which the services should be utilized at para no. 6 (1) (f and g) of the Government Orders mentioned in the reference of GO.Ms.No.39 to 53, Education(Ser.II) Department, Dated:07.08.2015. The Government Orders stipulates that:

a) Academic support will be provided on priority for Model Primary School for, quality enhancement and improving learning levels of students, special Training in English Teaching to the identified Teacher, Academic Coordination & Monitoring support by additional teachers (if required) and adequate Teaching-Learning Material will be provided to the Model PS.
b) Any of the teachers to be adjusted after allocation to the Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School), such teachers services will be utilized as an Academic Support to M.E.O. / Dy.E.O.
/ D.E.O./D.I.E.T. /S.S.A etc., and as Cluster Academic Coordinators in Special projects for enhancing learning levels.

The instructions issued in the aforesaid Government Orders were reiterated for utilization of surplus teachers to ensure school level and class level Teacher Pupil Ratio and for strengthening Academic Monitoring.

Job Title: Mandal Academic Performance Coordinator
Place of Work: One Cluster (Each Mandal is divided into 3 clusters)
Responsible to: Mandal Educational Officer

Purpose of the Job:
Various assessment reports, including ASER, 2014, SLAS 2014-15, Annual Assessment Survey 2015, etc. indicate that the school children do not have the expected learning levels of their class. This is particularly so at the Primary School level.

By this we can say that there is a need to support the administrative system at Mandal level in monitoring and sharing of responsibilities to achieve the targets set to prepare future citizens of our society.

The purpose/ objective of positioning a Mandal Academic Performance Coordinator is threefold:
1. Support Students for ensuring improvement of learning levels in the schools in the assigned cluster.
2. Support Teachers in the Schools through class room observations, constructive and professional feedback, development of Teaching Learning Material, assessing student performance, etc.
3. Support MEO to monitor academic activities in the Mandal and update relevant information/ data in the form of reports, both online and offline.

The primary focus of the MAPC’s responsibilities is academic monitoring and development of schools. The major areas to be focused on will be as follows:

1. Support to Students
a. Grading of students: MAPC should identify and obtain the list of low-skilled students in reading and writing with the support of concerned teachers based on a formal assessment.
b. Remedial coaching: Identify low performing students and support teachers to prepare action plan for remedial coaching and conduct assessments for improvement of the students’ performance in a targeted timeline.
c. Organizing co-curricular competitions: Organize at least one co-curricular activity like Quiz, debate, elocution, essay writing, etc., on special days in each month to bring out the talents among children at cluster level
d. Special classes: MAPC should take at least five special classes to low performing students and suggest the ways to improve the academic levels.
e. Special material: MAPC should work for gathering innovative strategies being adopted in various schools and the same strategies or material may be replicated in other schools in the cluster.

2. Support to Teachers
a. Visit Schools as per the schedule: The MAPC should cover all the schools at least twice in each Month. Ensure school effectiveness by providing suggestions and intimate the problems identified or received from the teachers to the higher authorities. MAPC should actively involve in problem solving and school management issues.
b. Ensure Class Room Observation: The MAPC should cover at least 40 periods under class room observation. Provide constructive suggestions in teaching learning process like effective use of TLM, questioning, conceptualization, etc. Support teachers in pedagogical aspects.
c. Provide Academic guidance: Providing constructive and professional feedback to the Teachers on regularity and dedication towards their profession. Regular mentoring and in-school training to the teachers.
d. Workshops and camps: Organize workshop or camp at least once in two months for sharing experiences, development of innovative TLM, etc. Share best practices and brainstorm potential solutions for the challenges observed.
e. Identification of topics: Identify and suggest on the specific training required to the teachers in his/ her cluster.
f. Grouping of Students: Support teachers in organizing students into groups based on their academic levels and demonstrate appropriate teaching activities to each group.

3. Support to MEO:
a. Conduct Review meeting: Support in conduct of Monthly Mandal level Academic review meetings with Headmasters and Teachers.
b. School complex meetings: Visit and facilitate conduct of School complex meetings every second and fourth Saturday of the month.
c. Records and registers: Monitor the submission and updation of offline and online records related to Comprehensive Curriculum  Evaluation assessment and any special assessment undertaken by School Education Department from time to time.
d. Attend Review meetings: MAPC should attend the review meetings held at Division and District level and should provide the information asked for. Share the issues and challenges come across during the period.
e. Training: Participate in team training and development activities, to update skills and knowledge.

Note: Apart from the above responsibilities MAPC should undertake such additional duties or projects as the higher authorities may determine from time to time after consultation.

Competencies expected from Mandal Academic Performance Coordinator (MAPC) Monitoring and support services under Pedagogical practices: 

  • Command on instructional strategies: MAPC should be in a position to suggest and have command on new instructional strategy that fits to the concerned classroom.
  • Use of technology: suggest the technology that can be used for effective transaction of the content in the classroom. Facilitate teacher to enrol on teacher forms, conduct of Teaching learning workshop etc.
  • Assessment of students’ learning: support the teachers and involve in assessing the learning levels of the students. MAPC should be in a position in a position to diagnose learning levels of students.
  • Interdisciplinary linkages: Identify and establish the interdisciplinary linkages wherever MAPC feels necessary.
  • Capacity to handle diversity: Suggest suitable methodology to deal with heterogeneous students in the classroom.
  • Citing activities: Citing meaningful activities that compose of curricular content and its objectives.
  • Planning of new pedagogical practices/ strategies: MAPC should
  • study the literature and have command on the latest trends in pedagogy and suggest the teachers on it.
  • Classroom Management Solve the issues and challenges based on the observations and outcomes of action research.
  • Learning environment: Suggest the ways to create conducive learning environment.
  • Constructive feedback & Application: Observing status of application of constructive feedback in teaching learning
  • Participatory approach: Observing child centered and participatory approach in classroom.
  • Professional leadership: Citing innovative approaches for effectiveness
  • Commitment Work with commitment to achieve high standards among all children.
  • Human resources: Use of community resources like involving experts of different professions as Resource Persons in teaching concerned concepts.

Training& Development of Academic Coordinators: AP Mandal Academic Performance Coordinator JOB Chart: The MAPC will undergo a total of 10 day training in a year in different spells. The Induction spell will be for 4 days and will include coverage of use of simple reading and math tools for assessment, improvement in basic ability of the students, Practice classes, etc.

SCERT & DIET will develop and implement the Academic Coordinators development program and closely monitoring and support the performance of the MAPCs

The Teachers and Head Masters in the Mandal will work in coordination with the MAPCs to ensure significant improvement in the performance of their respective schools and especially in the improvement of the learning levels of the students.

The various Proformas to be used by MAPCs for monitoring are given in Annexure I: School Monitoring Format for Mandal Academic Performance Coordinator (MAPC) and Annexure II: Consolidated Monthly Monitoring Format for Mandal Academic Performance Coordinator

Expected Outcomes:
• Increase of academic levels of low performing students
• Remedial teaching to low-skilled students
• Improvement in classroom transaction and school effectiveness
• Support to teachers to improve their knowledge, attitude and skills
• Maintain Close contact with the teachers and support development access to Teaching Learning Module (TLM)
• Frequent monitoring of classes
• Support to MEOs in academic and administrative issues
• Effective academic results at school and Mandal level

AP Mandal Academic Performance Coordinator JOB Chart/ duties/ responsibilities

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