AP Primary Schools Draft Rationalization Guidelines

AP Primary Schools Draft Rationalization Guidelines: Based on the recommendations of the Working Group on Rationalization of Schools and Teachers and in order to make the best use of the available resources – Infrastructure, teachers, etc.

a positive consolidation of Primary Schools In the Slate is proposed. Further, for enhancement of learning levels of the primary several students, several special pilots/projects are being proposed. a certain level of consolidation of Primary Schools Will help. Further, additional teachers are required to works as Academic coordinators at Mandal/Cluster level.

The Working Group has looked into the Norms prescribed in the GOs. No.41 (19.6.2013) &GO no.55 (23.4.2011)& GO No.61 (16.5.2011). AP Primary Schools Draft Rationalization Guidelines

The four major norms suggested are:
I. Ensure positive consolidation of schools With less than 30 enrolment end within 1 km radius In the same GP/Municipality so as to make schools Viable.
II. “One Class-One Teacher” norm for Primary classes where enrolment is at least 100 students. This norm is recommended to facilitate positive consolidation and to enhance the scope for improved learning levels for the students.
III. Attach/open an ECE Center (or every Model Primary School.
IV. Aadhaar based Childinfo data and not UDISE data should be the basis for School and Teacher Rationalization.

Basic Norm for Model Primary School
1. Where there are multiple Primary Schools in a Gram Panchayat within 1 km radius and with less than 30 students enrolled, they may be consolidated/merged under one Model (Common) Primary School in the GP.
2. Centrally located. accessible Primary/Upper Primary School will identify be designated as a Model/Common Primary School for that GP/Municipality
3. Such School must have adequate and for future expansion
4. There will be no multi-grade/ Class teaching by 1 Teacher in the Model/Cammon Primary School

5. Establishment proposed for each Model/Common Primary School
a. Five (5) teachers for Five (5) classes up to enrolment of 100 students.
However, In Phase one Model/Common Primary School per GP/Municipality will be identified. and will be provided with One Class-One Teacher norm (even If it does not have 100 enrolment).
b. One of the 5 teachers will be exclusively identified as English Teacher
c. Beyond 150 students enrolled, 5 SGTs + 1 Head Master post will be provided. The requirement for this can be arrived at after consolidation.

6. Package of Infrastructure facilities for Model/Common Primary School within 1-2 years
a. Adequate toilets
b. Water supply c. Furniture
d. Library room With books
e. Audio-Visual equipped class rooms
f. Attached ECE feeder Center

7. Academic support to be provided for Model/Common Primary School
a. Quality enhancement Initiatives to improve learning levels of students will be taken up
b. Special Training in English Teaching to the identified Teacher
c. Academic coordination & Monitoring support W1th additional teachers will be provided.
d. Adequate Teaching-Learning Material will be provided to the Model PS

8. Exceptions for positive consolidation/merging
a. Physical barriers-Canal, National Highway, Railway track
b. Schools In Primitive Tribal Groups habitations not to be merged
c. Minor medium schools
d. Primary Schools In exclusive SC-ST colonies

9. There will be scope for identifying more than one Model/Common Schools in a GP/Municipality if their enrolment after consolidation IS over 100 in any particular Primary School
10. Other Primary Schools that continue to function in the same GP/Municipality Will be provided Teachers as per TPR of 1:30 as per GO No.55 dated 23.04.2011 One Class-One teacher norm will be applied when enrolment improves in these schools.

11. It is proposed that RR-R of Schools should be done on the basis of aadhaar seeded Childinfo and not UDISE enrollment data.
12. ln rare cases where there Are no 5 classrooms constructed Primary School Building on one premise, while the School may be Identifies as Model/Common Primary School for that GP. During 2014-15 for this Model/Common Primary School, I and II Classes may be conducted in one building & Classes III. IV & V may be conducted in the second building. SSA may sanction construction of ACRs to such School on priority

13. It is expected that there will be at least 20 students/class. In such a scenario, Ideally for the total 12,995. Including 12,934 GPs/ GP/Municipality & 61 Municipalities in the State, there is a need for 12.995 Model/Common Schools. And 64,975 teachers @ 5 teachers per school/GP with enrolment of at least 12,99,500 students. As per UDISE there are 16,08,S97.(-14,55,518 as filer Childinfo) students enrolled In all Govt. Schools in this GP / Municipality in Primary Section. Thus there Is scope to have one Model/Common Primary School per GP/Municipality. AP Primary Schools Draft Rationalization Guidelines

14. An analysis of Schools, Teachers that will be covered under different scenarios under RR-R using UDISE and Childinfo indicates the following:
Primary Schools in the GP within < 1 Km, with < 30 enrollment
1. Gram Panchayats as a Unit
b. Of the total 12,995 GP/Municipality, in 3436 GPs/Municipalities, only one Primary School exists now. Hence there is no scope for consolidation/merging of Primary Schools in such GPs. However. there are Upper Primary Schools in 1154 GP/Municipality. Hence. there is scope for consolidation/merging in such locations.
c. In the balance 9559 GP/Municipality there are 28,431 multiple primary Schools. District wise status is at Annexure’
d. Of these multiple Primary Schools in the same GP 7524 Primary Schools are within 1 Km radius and with less than 30 students enrolled. In these GPs there is scope for consolidation/merging. District wise status is at Annexure
1. Under Childinfo (as per aadhaar seeded child to enrolment data)
There is a total of 15, 476 Primary Schools within a 1 km radius, with less than 30 students enrolled to be covered under RR-R. District wise status is at Annexure 6

b. These 15,476 Schools are located in 7747 GPs/Municipalities and have scope for positive consolidation. In other words, they can be merged to become 7747 Model/Common Primary Schools.
c. As such, the resultant7729 (15,476- 7747) Schools will be used for setting tin ECE Centers. District wise status is at Annexure 7

d. Totally 3,06,689students enrolled in these 15,476 Primary Schools will get merged under 7747 Schools in the first stage. Totally 38,735 teachers © 5/School will be provided even if it has less than 100 students enrolled.
e. In the second stage the 7747 Model/ Common Primary Schools will be provided the standard infrastructure as indicated at Serial II (7) above.

f. As per the bas.c norm proposed at para II (3). for the 7747 Model/ Common Primary Schools 38,735 teachers 5/School are to be provided. However, there are only 23,967 teachers currently working In the 15.476 Primary Schools. Additional 14,768 Teachers will be required to cover all Model/Common Primary Schools Deficit teachers in this scenario is 14,768 as per Child info.

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