CSIR Innovation Award for School Children 2023, Send Application for CIASC award

CSIR Innovation Award for School Children 2023 or CIASC Award 2023 notification has been released by Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry Of Science & Technology, Govt. Of India on its website.

Students who are interested can check details and send CSIR Innovation Award Application or proposal by hard copy through Registered Post/Courier or mail for CIASC award.

This type of award notification publishes every year for inspiring children with recognition for their innovations. The five type of prizes would be distributed to children every year subject to qualifying of competition exam. Only 50 students will be shortlisted and provided training by Innovation Protect Unit (IPU). 

CSIR invites students to send their original creative technological and design in the form of proposals for the competition for CSIR Innovation Award for school children 2023. Inspiring Young Scientific Brains of India and Honoring the Spirit of Innovation of Young Minds. So many problems in the society around us.

CSIR is giving an opportunity to those who can find solutions. This opportunity is only for students, however! Students studying from school level to 12th grade may try for this. Good ideas come with awards and cash prizes. There are many thoughts at the tender age of studying. There is a quest to change the surroundings. This is why students can come up with new and effective solutions to everyday life problems with social consciousness.

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Innovation Awards for School Children (CIASC) was introduced with the same purpose. CSIR is the country’s leading scientific and technical human resource development agency. The company is working on the development of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and other basic science.

CSIR Innovation Award for School Children Online Application form (CIASC) 2020
CSIR Innovation Award for School Children 2023
Name of the AwardCSIR Innovation Award for School Children 2023
TitleDownload CSIR Innovation Award 2023 notification
SubjectCSIR has released the CIASC Award 2023 notification on its website
CategoryAward for School Children
deadline31 May
NotificationCSIR Completions notification
CSIR Innovation Awards 2023

Apply CSIR Innovation Awards 2023. CSIR is inviting applications for the ‘Innovation Award for School Children’. Total 15 awards will be presented to students. The first prize is Rs.1,00,000, the second prize will be Rs.50,000 for two students, the third prize will be Rs.30,000 for three students, the fourth prize will be Rs.20,000 for four students and the fifth prize will be Rs.10,000 for five students.

School students must apply for CSIR School Innovation award 2023. To develop scientific culture among school children, the CSIR has instituted a competition, Innovation Award for School Children, or CIASC 2023. Students below the age of 18 up to class 12 are eligible and those interested should apply at www.csir.res.in by the above mentioned deadline.

CIASC National Level Competitive Examination New methods, equipment, and methods to solve problems in eternal life. The purpose of this program is Contributing to the scientific upliftment of students and to promote creativity among them.

Creativity wins One Lakh Rupees: Creativity win Lakh. The central government is trying to uncover the creativity of the students and bring out new ideas and innovations. The Ministry of Science and Technology is working on an innovative program to address the problem of an Innovative Idea while addressing the problems of Daily Life.

CSIR Innovation Award Program is being conducted by CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) during World Intellectual Property Day. For this purpose, applications are invited from students studying in private, government and other management schools in all Districts.

Students under the age of 18 studying in schools and colleges are eligible to participate in the CSIR Innovation Award program. Students interested should refer to an Innovative Idea or Creative Design or Solution for any tough problem. Anything in English or Hindi is required to write about this.

This must be mailed to the given address with the signature of the HM principal. Applications should be sent on or before the deadline. These can be submitted online or offline. The 15 best entries will be awarded a cash prize along with a certificate.

The Center has announced huge prize money for the Innovation Awards. A student who has made good inventions will be awarded a certificate along with money.

INSPIRATION FOR THE FUTURE: The proposal should describe a new, innovative solution that could solve the everyday problem. Fifteen finalists will be chosen for their passion for science, ingenuity and spirit of innovation.

SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY: Students are invited to submit the details of their innovative proposals in hard copy along with an authentication letter from the school where the student is enrolled.

CSIR Invention Award for school children to create awareness, interest, and motivation for Intellectual Property amongst children. The aim is to support scientific temperament and to generate innovative spirit amongst school children.

CIASC (CSIR Innovation Award for School Children) is an annual national competition to harness the creative and innovative spirit of school children. CSIR invites students to send their original creative technological and design ideas in the form of proposal for the competition.

The proposals invited for the awards are for exploration of ideas and for providing the feasibility or possibility of the concept on intellectual property rights. Winning entries are selected on the basis of the novelty and utility for any new concept or idea or design or a solution to an existing problem or a completely new method/device/utility.

Application: Applicant must provide the details of the innovation proposals by hard copy submitted for the award in not more than 5000 words in English/Hindi including an abstract (in not more than 100 words), along with a authentication certificate (having seal and date) issued by the Principal / Head of the School where the student is enrolled and personal details on a separate page as follows: Proposals must have title of the Innovation, name and date of birth of the candidate, school and residential address, class, telephone no. (residence /school) and e-mail address.

Eligibility: Any Indian school going student up to Class XII and below 18 years of age as on 1st January 2023 would be eligible to apply in English or Hindi through the Principal/Head of the School (for authentication purposes). A Student can make only one entry. Proposals can be submitted by a student or a group of students. However, a single award will be given to group of students.

The proposals would be categorized in groups such as Biotechnology/biology, Chemical, Electronics & Engineering/device and design. However design based applications are encouraged. The eligible innovations for consideration should be novel, and utilitarian for any new concept or idea or design or a solution to an existing problem or completely a new method/device/utility. The concept of the innovation should have been proved through a model, a prototype or an experimental data

Innovation: The innovation submitted should be one that is novel and utilitarian. It could be a new concept or idea or a solution to an existing problem or complete a new method/ process/ device/ utility. The concept of the innovation should have been proved through a model, a prototype or experimental data.

However, innovations related to other topics would equally be eligible. Essays/mere compilation of information from published literature/downloaded from the internet will not be considered for award. Details of any assistance/ guidance provided by teachers /parents /friends or others must be appropriately acknowledged.

The proposal for CIASC award 2023 should relate to innovations developed /published / exhibited during the period January 1 to 31st December for consideration of the award. The applications for the award not exceeding 5000 words in English/Hindi with requisite drawings/photographs will be considered.

The write-up must describe the subject matter in a problem-solution mode, highlighting the novel features of the innovation and its advantages. The awardees will be selected by a high level Awards Selection Committee. The decision of the Award Selection Committee / CSIR will be final and binding on the applicants and no enquiries / correspondence in this regard will be entertained. Award would be announced on or before 26th September.

Proposal already awarded by any central/state government, ministry/ department/ organization/ need not to be sent for this scheme.

Number of Prizes and Cash Award: Prizes: There are in all 15 prizes. Besides a certificate, the cash awards are: It is not mandatory that all the above prizes for the award would be given

PrizeNumber of prizesAmount
First Prize1Rs.1,00,000/-
Second Prize2Rs.50,000/- each
Third Prize3Rs.30,000/ – each
Fourth Prize4Rs.20,000/ – each
Fifth Prize5Rs.10,000/ – each
CSIR Innovation Award Prizes

Selection Procedure: The awardees will be selected by a high-level Awards Selection Committee. If required, the shortlisted candidates may be called for an Interview at Delhi or at any other appropriate place. The decision of the Award Selection Committee / CSIR will be final and binding on the applicants and no enquiries/correspondence in this regard will be entertained.

How to Apply: Participants can submit their entries through email ID: ciasc.ipu@niscair.res.in also. Scanned copy of authentication certificate (having seal and date) issued by the Principal / Head of the School where the student is enrolled is necessary with proposal. In absence of the same, your school principal may please forward the entries to email ID: ciasc.ipu@niscair.res.in.

Important Dates of CIASC:
1. Last Date of Submission of Proposal/ Application Form: 31 May.
2. Training Schedule for two days in July .
3. Award Distribution date:  26 Sep.

Download the CIASC 2023 Notification

Great time for creativity and internet competitions for students: The Central Government is taking steps to unearth the creativity that is inherently hidden in students. As part of this, an online competition called ‘CSIR Innovation‌ Award’ will be organized for students.

Students are given the opportunity to sharpen and explore solutions to the problems they see around them. Success in these competitions organized across the country can be achieved if students come up with brilliant ideas to come up with easy solutions to the problems they face in their daily lives.

CSIR has been conducting these competitions since 2002 to guide students towards science and technology and to turn creativity into innovation. Conducts Innovation‌ competitions for students who are interested in making new ideas and excelling at the national level.

Currently the competitions will be held as an internet platform or Online Platform. Showing the easiest solution to the problems faced by human beings in the society. Giving priority to ideas that can be implemented, there is a possibility of being selected as winners. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners at an event to be held in Delhi on September 20 this year on the occasion of CSIR Foundation Day.

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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