Concept of Coding System & Essential Requirements for TS SSC spot valuation 2022

Concept of Coding System & Essential Requirements for TS SSC spot valuation:

  1. Each candidate is assigned a Roll Number which is specific to him. He will be identified with Roll Number only. In the Coding system, the identity of the Answer script will not be known to the Examiner who values it as it doesn’t contain Roll Number and Centre Number. In other words, the Roll Number and the original Centre number will not be known to the Examiner who values the script.
  2. In Coding system, we must be able to locate the Answer script of a particular candidate in the case of marks wanting cases and Recounting cases within minutes. Therefore there should be some technical arrangement inbuilt to locate the coded script which doesn’t contain Roll Number and original Centre Number.
  3. The Coding system should take care of the above two aspects namely concealing the identity of the answer script and provision for its location very easily after it is coded. The following are the details how the above aspects are taken care of in the conduct of all examinations under coding system.
  4. a) Specially designed Main Answer books and Additional Answer books without provision for writing Roll Number by the candidates are supplied. Candidates are instructed not to write Roll Number or Name anywhere on main Answer Bundle and Additional Answer Bundle, Map, Graph Sheet and part-B (Bit paper).
  5. b) Roll Number of candidates have been coded and barcoded OMR sheets are generated. It has three parts. Part-I, Part-II and Part-III. This OMR sheet is to be pinned at specific places in Part-II by the invigilator/candidate to the Main answer book and answers are written by the candidate. Part-I contains candidate particulars such as Roll Number, Name, Centre Name, Date of Exams, Medium, Paper code and name. Part-II is meant for posting marks by the A.E Part-III is also meant for posting total marks and shading corresponding bubbles.
  6. c) After the examination in a centre, the answer scripts are made into sub-bundles of 20, except the last one which may be less than 20 and dispatched duly packing them in a sealed cloth cover duly keeping D forms containing details of Roll Numbers allotted to the centre.

Concept of Coding System & Essential Requirements: The Camp Officer/DEO receives the answer scripts with attached bar-coded OMR sheets from the centre allotted. Since the part-I of OMR attached to the answer script contains Roll Number, Name, Centre name etc., and as such, they cannot be given for valuation. In order to conceal its identity, Part-I will be detached in the first instance and in the place of the original centre new centre code will be assigned.

When once the Part-I is detached another problem will arise as how to identify the script in case of it is needed in marks wanting cases. We have to locate the script fast and know the marks of it. Also in the cases of recounting cases the scripts have to be taken out and they should belong to the candidate applied for. For this purpose “concept of Control Bundle Slip” has been thought of.

For every bunch of 20 answer scripts there will be one Control Bundle slip to control the relative position of each answer script in that bunch/sub-bundle. For this, all the answer scripts in a centre will be arranged in increasing order of Roll Numbers and then they made into sub-bundles of 20. And with in the sub-bundles the answer scripts will be arranged in ascending order of Roll Numbers.

This needs to be done at Centre level by the Chief Superintendent and Departmental Officer before making bundling and dispatch. However at Spot valuation centre level also as a precautionary measure this should be checked first before the Part-I of OMR sheets attached to the answer scripts are detached by the Assistant Coding Officer and Coding helpers attached to him.

After detaching the Part-Is of OMRs attached, one control bundle slip will be placed on the top of the sub bundle of 20 answer scripts. All these Control Bundle Slips must be used in ascending order of the number printed on it. When this sub-bundle of 20 answer scripts with Part-II & Part-III OMR along with control bundle slip is given to the Assistant Examiner, he/she without changing the order of the answer scripts in the sub bundle note the Sl. Nos. on the Answer scripts and then note down the related position in Part-I of control bundle slip and also in Part-II & Part-III of OMR attached to the answer script before starting valuation.

Since the Part-II control bundle slip along with 20 Part-IIIs of OMR sheets will be scanned, the relative position of the answer script with reference to control bundle slip can be generated. This will help to locate the answer script and its identity will be confirmed by reading through Barcode reader connected to the computer.

Further another important aspect is that all the coded answer script bundles shall be preserved after valuation with proper labeling with reference to newly assigned centre code and control bundle slip number. It would be better to preserve them in racks.

The operational details of evaluation of answer papers under Coding system along with proformae for maintaining various registers by various functionaries in the Spot Valuation Centre

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