TS SSC Evaluation, check details of 10th answer papers valuation

TS SSC Evaluation Guidelines: 10th Class Evaluation Guidelines, Principles, Indicators in Telugu, English Medium released. A ranker, if we interview him/her, she/he can answer only in one way for questions. They cannot answer some questions based on creativity. Even though they cannot express their views fluently.

It does not include all rankers but most of them because they will not give importance to the subject and its theme involved in that matter simply by heart the questions and answer them. SSC 10th Class Evaluation Guidelines

The education pursued in this way did not help them not only the ranker but every student, in any way to survive in their life. Because knowledge gained in that way doesn’t remain for a longer time. But the theme understood will never lose.

If we observe our textbooks, the subject books have been changed totally and these are based on creativity. That means we can answer a question in our own way and view. We can keep our ideas.

This year for the first time 10th class students are going to appear exam in the CCE model, where creativity plays a prominent role. But the students and parents are feeling some tension about how their children will overcome these exams.

So, over govt. have already trained the teachers/evaluators and evaluation guidelines are available on the internet. Hyderabad. District Common Examination Board officials also prepared model question papers, by this student and teachers get an idea and attempt their exams confidently. You can get all the details from this website. Check more details from here.

Functional/ Operational details of evaluation of TS SSC Answer Papers: The operational details of evaluation of answer papers under the Coding system along with proforma for maintaining various registers by various functionaries in the Spot Valuation Centre are given here for proper understanding and implementation.

Due to the implementation of OMR bar-coded sheets for coding the answer scripts of all subjects including OSSC and Vocational for SSC Public Examinations, the following personnel have to be appointed for coding answer books.

  1. Deputy Camp Officer (Strong Room) : Assistant Commissioner / Any Senior Responsible officer
  2. Chief Coding Officer (2) : One for paper – I of all subjects and second language and one for Paper II of all subjects and Vocational subjects.
  3. Asst. Coding Officer : 4 to 6 ACOs for each CCO
  4. Coding helpers : 6 to 8 helpers for each Assistant Coding Officer

The Chief Coding Officers may be kept in charge for receiving the part – III OMRs from Assistant Camp Officers (valuation) and their dispatch to the DGE every day. The services of Assistant Coding Officers may be utilized in the spot valuation camp as per necessity except valuation of answer scripts.

Further the KEYS OF TRUNK BOXES in which part – I OMR Bar Code sheets & key registers are preserved, shall be packed in a sealed cover and it shall be handed over to concerned RJDSE on or before commencement of spot valuation till further orders given by the DGE.

The flow chart detailing the movement of answer books right from the receipt of sealed parcels from the post office till the completion of valuation is appended herewith on page No.10. Functional/ Operational details of evaluation of TS SSC Answer Papers

FUNCTIONAL (OPERATIONAL) DETAILS: I. CODING OF ANSWER SCRIPTS BEFORE STARTING VALUATION: a. Deputy Camp Officer (Strong Room): On behalf of the Camp Officer, the Deputy camp Officer (S.R) will receive the sealed parcels containing answer books from the Chief Superintendent of the allotted centres from the Post office duly entering the centre code number of the centre in ascending order in the receipt register well-in advance (Proforma-I). The sealed bundles received shall not be opened but to be issued in sealed condition to the Chief Coding Officer.

The Chief Superintendents of the centres have to be addressed in case of non receipt of answer books from any centre.

The Deputy Camp Officer of (S.R) has to issue sealed answer script bundles received from the centres without opening the bundles which total number of scripts may be nearly 10,000 to 12,000 answer books per day to each Chief Coding Officer duly obtaining the Acknowledgement in receipts register (Maintained as per Proforma-I).

b) CHIEF CODING OFFICER AND HIS STAFF: Functional/ Operational details of evaluation of TS SSC Answer Papers. The Chief Coding Officer who plays vital role in Coding the answer books has to be allotted a separate room, not accessible to others.

He will be assisted by 4 to 6 Assistant Coding Officers who in turn will be assisted by the 6 to 8 coding helpers each for tearing the Part-I of OMR Bar coded sheets.

On receipt of sealed answer script bundles from the Deputy Camp Officer Strong Room, the Chief Coding Officer will hand over 6 to 8 parcels to each Assistant Coding Officer at a time for coding the Answer books.

Coding of Answer books means detaching students bio-data printed on the Part-I of OMR Bar coded sheet. All the particulars have to be entered in the Chief Coding Officer register (i.e.,) Proforma No.III A and Form-II except the column related to centre code allotted.

The Assistant Coding Officer after the receipt of parcels, open them, verify the contents with reference to D-forms and also check whether all the sub bundles contain 20 answer books in the ascending order of the Roll number or not.

On satisfaction, he enters the particulars in his stock register as per Form No. III B. He has to satisfy himself that the total number of answer scripts are as per the figure in the D-form and answer scripts in the ascending order of the Roll number of the candidates. If the answer scripts are not in ascending order, they should be arranged in ascending order first.

Now the answer scripts of one centre has to be issued to one helper along with Control Bundle Slips to be used @ 1 control bundle slip per each sub bundle for detaching Part-I of OMR bar coded sheet attached to the Main answer book. Control Bundle Slips have to be used in the ascending order of the computerized Serial number printed on the Control Bundle Slips.

The helpers may be instructed to detach Part-I of the OMR attached to each answer book of the bundle very carefully without tearing any Part of Part-II of the OMR.

The detached Part-I OMRs of all answer books of all sub-bundles should tally with the total number of candidates noted in the D-form.

The detached Part-Is of OMRs of each sub-bundle may be stapled or tied with twine. Then the helpers have to keep one control bundle slip having a number on top of each sub-bundle of 20 answer scripts after detaching Part-Is of OMR sheets of that sub-bundle. The last sub bundle in the centre bundle may have less than 20 answer scripts.

Ask the helpers to tie all the sub-bundles of answer scripts of a centre with twine. Now this centre bundle contains answer scripts with Part-II and Part-III of OMR in the form of sub-bundles of 20 answer scripts with Control Bundle Slips placed on top of each sub-bundle.

Now all the Part-I of OMR sheet bunches along with D-form shall be kept in a cover. Note down the centre number and Paper name and Paper code on the cover. The cover should be wrapped with cloth cover in which the answer scripts were sent originally and a rubber band has to be tied over it.

The Assistant Coding Officer then receives back the detached Part-Is OMR sheet bunches packed in a cover as detailed above along with D-form and answer books of the centre from the helpers.

The particulars in the centre slip except column No.4 in Form III (A) and Form II may be filled in by the ACO coding and the Centre wise answer script bundles along with detached Part-Is of OMR sheet shall be handed over to the Chief Coding Officer.

The Assistant Coding Officer shall instruct the helpers to detach at least 800 to 1000 Part-I OMR sheets per day.

The CCO after the receipt of first installment (i.e.,) 6 to 8 coded bundles from Assistant Coding Officer issue another set of 6 to 8 bundles.

The Chief Coding Officer on receipt of at least 20 coded answer scripts bundles pick up the bundle at random and assign new centre code number but not in the same order of entries made in the CCO register. This is the activity to be performed with utmost secrecy by the CCO. No body should be nearby.

For assigning New centre code number to the centre number, the CCO has to put the Paper code in the numerator and assign centre code number in the denominator. For example 21T/01 for one centre and 21E/02 for another centre and so on.

After coding the Answer scripts bundle the centre code number has to be entered in the space provided in CCO register and also on the Centre slip. Unless this register is opened, it is not possible to know the newly allotted centre numbers in the place of original centre Numbers.

The particulars of New Centre Code assigned and number of scripts in respect of coded answer scripts bundles has to be entered in the ascending order of numbers assigned in the strong room issue register maintained as per Form-III (C) and hand them over to Deputy Camp Officer (S.R) by taking acknowledgement.

Similarly place all the covers containing OMR Part-I along with D form and wrapped with original cloth cover in a trunk box under lock and key. It should not be made accessible to any body.

The Deputy Camp Officer (SR) has to preserve the coded answer script bundles received from the CCO in the racks in the order of centre slip numbers as per strong room issue register maintained as per the Proforma No. IV. Labels should be tied to racks containing Answer books with control bundle numbers from to, then issue them in same order of answer script bundles to ACO Valuation.

II. VALUATION OF ANSWER SCRIPTS – PROCEDURAL ASPECTS: The ACO valuation shall receive Coded answer script bundles @ 20 answer books per session per examiner from the Deputy Camp Officer (SR), duly acknowledging in Proforma No. IV maintained by the Dy. C.O (SR) after obtaining the allotment from the camp officer.

The ACO valuation shall verify the number of answer books in each sub-bundle and enter them control bundle slip wise in ACO valuation Register (as per Form-V).

During verification if any Part-I is found undetached, detach and handover the same to the Deputy Camp Officer Strong Room duly noting control bundle number on it. The Dy. Camp Officer Strong room will hand over the same to the CCO under acknowledgement. Similarly if any discrepancy in the total number of answer books in a centre is found, it has to be immediately brought to the notice of the Chief Coding Officer/Camp Officer.

ACO valuation now issue scripts to the Chief Examiner @ 20 answer scripts per examiner per session at 8-45 a.m. and 1-45 p.m. respectively.

Chief Examiner has to enter the control bundle slip number and number of answer scripts in the distribution Register as per (Form-VI) and then issue answer scripts to the Assistant Examiners. He should explain once again to all the Assistant Examiners about the new method of posting of marks in Part-II & Part-III and shading them on Part-III of OMR sheet.

Chief Examiner shall instruct the Assistant Examiners to write control bundle slip number in every answer script before starting valuation of every sub-bundle i.e., so to say to write the control bundle slip number in Part-III of each of 20 answer scripts in that sub bundle.

Then AE has to take first answer book sub-bundle, put a tick  mark at serial number 1 in Part-II with ball pen, bubble (shade) circle 1 with HB Pencil in Part-III of OMR sheet. Like wise assign serial numbers to all the answer scripts in that sub-bundle, tick  in Part-II with ball pen and shade the circles in Part-III with HB pencil. After the completion of this step (procedure) only, the AE has to start the valuation.

The AE has to strictly follow the under mention instructions: a) To value the answer book strictly as per Principles of Valuation. b) To value excess answers also and award marks. In the case of excess answers marks awarded higher shall be taken into account.

c) Post the marks duly rounding off the marks awarded to excess answers also. But the excess answers for which less marks awarded need not be accounted for and not to be included in the total marks. In other words, excess answers with less marks shall be ignored and shall not be included in the total marks of the paper at all.

d) Post the marks of Part-B also in Part-II of OMR. e) Total the Part-A and Part-B marks in Part-II of the OMR sheet. f) Then write the total marks with Blue pen in the space provided (boxes) in Part-II, Part-III of OMR sheet and shade the corresponding circle with HB pencil in Part-III.

Please see the instructions given on the backside of Part-II and Part-III. The AE who has valued the script shall put marks in Part – III OMR sheet and shade the circle. The Special Assistant shall not be entrusted with this work.

g) Note the Examiner number assigned by the camp officer and affix signatures at the space provided in Part-II and III of the OMR sheet. h) After completion of the above process AE has to post the marks in Part-I of control bundle slip against the serial number of each answer book of that sub bundle.

The AE has to note down the total candidates, a number of answer scripts, Grand total in Part-I of control bundle slip. i) A grand total of all 20 answer scripts in a sub bundle has to be posted in Part-II of control bundle slip also with a pen.

For example, if grand total is 999 it should be noted as 0999 and if it is 99 it should be noted as 0099. After noting, shade the corresponding circles accordingly.

j) Similarly, the number of answer scripts also to be written with a pen in Part-II of control bundle slip duly shading the corresponding circles with Pencil. k) Finally, the AE has to affix his/her signature in the control bundle slip duly noting his/her assigned Number.

III. AFTER VALUATION BY ASSISTANT EXAMINER: After the completion of the valuation by the AE, the Chief Examiner should receive back all the answer scripts from the Assistant Examiner and has to verify the correct posting and bubbling (shading) of corresponding circles in Part-III of OMR sheet.

This Part-III OMR sheet will be sent for scanning and the same scanned marks will be taken into account which will facilitate to finalize the overall result of the candidate.

Hence this is a very important item of checking and the Chief Examiner should ask the Assistant Examiner to read out the marks for each answer scripts from Part-I of the control bundle slip and verify whether the figure tallies with Part-II of OMR and bubbling of circles in Part-III of OMR. Similarly, the CE should verify the grand total shown in Part-I of the control bundle slip with the shading of circles in Part-II of the control bundle slip.

The CEs have to put their signatures only after verification and satisfaction of the correctness of all entries. The Answer books valued in the forenoon session are to be issued to Special Assistant in the afternoon for scrutiny. The Answer Books of afternoon sessions have to be scrutinized in the forenoon session on the next day.

Special Assistant has to verify the valued answer books of examiners allotted to CE scrupulously adhering to the following instructions.

Aspects of checking:
a) Whether all questions are valued and marks are awarded.
b) Awarded marks are within the allotment for that question.
c) Marks are correctly posted against question number in Part –II of OMR sheet attached to the answer script i.e., Part – A.
d) Marks of Part-B are correctly carried over to Part-II.
e) Marks of Part – A and Part – B are correctly carried over to Part-II and totaled correctly.
f) Total marks are correctly posted and shaded in Part-III of OMR whether the serial number of the answer scripts is properly and correctly shaded in Part – III.
g) Whether Assistant Examiner has signed at the spaces provided.
h) Whether the marks of 20 answer scripts noted in Part-I of control bundle slip are totaled correctly or not. Similarly, the grand total is to be noted and shaded correctly in Part-II of the control bundle slip.
ii. Enter the particulars of control bundle number and number of answer books in that bundle in the Special Assistant’s discrepancy register (as per Form No. VII (C) ).

iii. After verification of all sub-bundles, the Chief Examiner has to instruct the Special Assistant to detach carefully Part-III of OMR sheets of all answer scripts in the sub-bundle and then detach Part-II of control bundle slip.

After that keep detached Part-II of control bund slip above the concerned part-IIIs of OMR sheets of the answer scripts of that sub-bundle and tie with twine. Do not staple or use rubber bands. These things are meant for scanning and so need to be handled carefully.

Each sub-bundle should be tied with twine. All these sub-bundles of a center shall again be tied with twine.iv. Part-I of control bundle slip has to be kept on the top of the first answer book for each sub-bundle of 20 answer scripts.

v. Special ‘Assistant has to count the number of Part-IIIs of OMRs of a centre and that total number of Part-IIIs should tally with a total number of answer scripts in that centre as per centre slip placed by CCO. Same procedure shall be followed in respect of all the centres valued.

vi. Now keep all sub-bundles of answer scripts bundles in the order of control bundle slip numbers, tie with country twine. vii. Special Assistants shall return the answer scripts and Part-III bunches along with Control Bundle Slips Part-II to the Chief Examiner duly making entries in the discrepancy register (Form VII)

viii. After satisfying the receipt of the total number of answer scripts and confirmation of detachment of all Part-IIIs by the Special Assistant both Chief Examiner & Special Assistant have to put their signatures on the center slip (Form No. II)

ix. Now the CE returns the valued answer books with attached part-II of OMR to the ACO valuation. On receipt of the valued answer scripts, the ACO valuation returns them to the Deputy Camp Officer Strong room who has to acknowledge duly signing in the register (Form IV) and preserve them in the same rack in the Strong room.

x. CE shall handover bunches of Part-IIIs of OMR along with control bundle slips to ACO valuation duly arranging centre wise.

xi. ACO valuation at the end of the day enters the particulars of Part-III centre wise in the Form VIII and hand them over to CCO duly obtaining acknowledgement. Functional/ Operational details of evaluation of TS SSC Answer Papers

xii. On receipt of bundles of Part-IIIs OMRs from ACO valuation duly recording in transmission register in triplicate (i.e., Form No. IX) the CCO has to:
a) Pool them together.
b) Prepare a list in triplicate of centers packed in cloth-lined covers (not exceeding 1200 Part-IIIs).
c) Paste one list on the cover, Second to the DGE along with covers and Third list to be retained in the Camp as an Office copy.
d) The cover should be noted as 1,2,3 and so on continuously. If he sends 5 covers on the first day, they should be noted as 1,2,3,4,5. The next day he should start with 6,7,8 and so on.
e) The C.C.Os (two) are together to be given continuous serial numbers to the sealed bundles from 1st day to last day of the camp from 01 to……. till the last bundle.

xiii. After completing the coding of all answer script bundles the CCO shall seal all the trunk boxes containing Part-I of OMR bar-coded sheets and handover to Deputy Camp Officer (SR) for preservation in the Strong room.

xiv. Finally, the CCO collects registers maintained by the Assistant Coding Officers and Key registers of CCO containing Coded and assigned New Centre Numbers in a cloth-lined cover seal and handover them to the Camp Officer.

xv. The Camp officer will submit the keys of trunk boxes to the R.J.D.S.E., concerned on or before the announced date. xvi. In view of the above, the Camp Officer has to procure the required number of Registers, Blue and Red Ball Pens, HB Pencils, Erasers, and required number racks, etc well in advance.

If necessary he should get some Proforma such as Centre slip printed in case DGE has not supplied them. xvii. The DGE will supply covers for sending Part-III of OMR barcode sheets. Each cover may accommodate nearly 1200 OMR sheets.

How to pack part-III OMRs & part-II Control Bundle slips? (a) The DGE will supply Box type cloth line covers to all Camp Officers for packing the OMR sheets & Control Bundle slips.

(b) Pack all center wise part-III OMR sheets Along with control Bundle slips irrespective paper code in a cover (01to 30 codes). (Paper wise OMR sheets need not be packed).

(c) Assign serial no on covers from 01 and continue the number till the pack is sending to O/o DGE. By following this procedure the total bunches from 1st day of camp till the last day of camp will be known.

(d) Fill in the particulars on Form-IX in triplicate duly affixing the signature of CCO and embossing DEO office stamp and Paste one slip to cover and place one slip inside the cover. Keep one copy as an office copy in the DEO office. 

Functional(operational) details of evaluation of TS SSC answer papers.

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