Kala Utsav Competitions 2020 Schedule, Themes, Art Areas and Eligibility

Kala Utsav Competitions 2020 Schedule: Kala Utsav is an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to promote arts in education by nurturing and showcasing the artistic talent of school students at the secondary stage in the country.

Latest Update on NCERT Kala Utsav: NCERT has inaugurated an online event named ’Kala Utsav’ under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat scheme to promote skill development for students at secondary education level involving students of Classes 9 and 10.

Kala Utsav will be a 12-day event to end on January 22. The schools were asked to register for the event by December 24. The Ministry of Human Resource Department (MHRD) will be live telecasting the event on its official website. The direct link of the event is webcast.gov.in/mhrd/. The Department of School Education and Literacy is also collaborating to host the event held under the National Educational Planning Act.

As a precursor to the main event the government has organised an online quiz event named’ Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Quiz Contest’ for the school students across different states at the official website quiz.mygov.in. The quiz event is being held state-wise starting from Punjab against Andhra Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh against Tamil Nadu. The last quiz contest will be held on June 30.

NCERT informed about the event on its official Twitter handle, “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat: The DSE&L, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India is organising Kala Utsav from 11-22 January, 2021. Catch us live”.

Students of various affiliated schools will be performing visual and performance arts in a virtual mode as most of them will be preparing for the event at their homes and sending a recorded video of their performances or performing live during the event. Competitions including doll making, music, dance, visual arts, painting, sculpture, and games will be conducted.

The event will be held in nine categories for which one girl and one boy are selected at district and state level. The Union Government has been holding the cultural event at three levels- Divisional and District Level Kala Utsav competitions, State Level Kala Utsav competitions and National Level Kala Utsav competitions.

India is a melting pot of many cultures and vibrant traditions! Because of NCERT’s Kala Utsav, students from across the nation came together to celebrate the beauty in India’s diversity via beautiful performances.

Kala Utsav Competitions

Kala Utsav 2020 should be organized to unearth the hidden creativity in 9th and 10th class students of all schools in all districts. As in the past, this year too, MEOs will be hosting the Kala Utsav.

In this regard, the teachers of the respective schools should encourage the students to register online by the 24th of this month. The competitions include music, dance, visual arts, painting, sculpture, traditional doll making and games.

The Government of India is organizing competitions under the National Education Planning Act for 9th and 10th class boys and girls in various categories under the name of Kala Utsav to unleash the creativity hidden in the students not limited to the topics in the textbooks

This year the competitions are being held online in 9 categories. One girl and one boy in each category will be selected by 18 people from the district to the state level. MEOs should take steps to ensure that students from each zone participate in each department.

As an effort to mainstream students with special needs (differently-abled and from diverse socio-economic backgrounds) and celebrating their abilities, Kala Utsav is envisaged as a fully integrated platform.

The Govt. Of India to promote Arts in Education nurturing and Showcasing the artistic talent of school students at the Secondary Stage in the country
1. Divisional and District Level Kala Utsav Competitions 2020
2. State Level Kala Utsav Competitions 2020
3. National Level Kala Utsav Competitions 2020

Names must be registered for the ‘Art Festival (Kala Utsav)’. As per the NCF guidelines, the Central Government is organizing competitions in various disciplines under the name ‘Kala Utsav 2020’ as it does every year to unearth the hidden creativity in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th class students.

This time the competition is being conducted online in 9 categories. Each category can have 18 participants from each zone, one girl and one boy. Those who show talent in this will be selected at the state level.

MEOs should take steps to involve boys and girls in various subjects.

From 16th to 18th of November month the list of winners of the competitions organized in collaboration with the Emerson staff should be prepared and handed over to the Sectoral‌ Officers by 3pm on the 19th of November.

From the 23rd of November, state level competitions will be conducted online on a daily basis.

The will inform at 4pm on the 19th November, for those on the list, which department which day how they will participate.

Students must provide full details. Only entries from schools will be considered. Competition categories as follows

Kala Utsav Competition categories 2020:

1) Vocal music (Classical Hindustani / Karnataka),
2) Vocal music (any traditional folk),
3) Instrumental music (classical Hindustani / Karnataka),
4) Instrumental music (any traditional folk)
5) Dance (any classical),
6) Dance (traditional dance of any state),
7) Visual art (drawing‌, painting‌),
8) Visual art (sculpture),
9) Traditional toys, games.

It would provide an opportunity and favorable environment to nurture and showcase their talents and help in making learning more concrete, creative and joyful. Kala Utsav will be a pioneering celebration of art forms in the school system and shall continue as an ongoing program.

The district/ state/national-level Utsav is structured as an art festival which will include performances and display of exhibits along with their online art projects (e-project).

The design of Kala Utsav will help students explore, understand and showcase living art traditions. Through Kala Utsav, students will get the opportunity to understand and celebrate cultural diversity at school, district, state, and national levels.

The Kala Utsav will not only spread awareness among students but also create awareness of India’s cultural heritage and its vibrant diversity amongst other stakeholders. Further, this will help to promote the networking of artists, artisans, and institutions with schools.

Kala Utsav is a pioneering celebration of art forms in the school system and continues as an ongoing program. This program will enhance the life skills of the participants and prepare them as ambassadors of our culture.

Kala Utsav provides the opportunity to express the hidden talents of the students from disadvantaged groups and students with special needs.  As per the instructions of the Director of School Education &Ex-Officio RMSA, TS, Hyderabad has conducted the “KALA UTSAV” district level competitions to promote arts in education by nurturing and showcasing the artistic talent of Secondary stage students.

District Level Kala Utsav Competitions 2020:

The focus of Kala Utsav 2020 will be on any one of the styles of traditional, classical, folk or contemporary art forms. The following art forms will be included for competitions:
• Vocal Music
• Instrumental Music
• Dance
• Painting

State-level Kala Utsav competitions 2020:

Kala Utsav Competitions 2020 Schedule: State-level Kala Utsav competitions will be conducted in Hyderabad. In view of this, they are requested to send all the students who got 1st place in all the 4 competitions to the state level Kala Utsav competitions to be held in November-2020 at Godavari Auditorium, SSA, Telangana, Hyderabad along with concerned school teacher.

Further, they are requested to send the children along with the following information for proper documentation to online the project. To prepare the online project they are requested to go through exemplary online project videos one on music and another on visual arts on Kala Utsav you-tube channel i.e, i.e, http://youtu.be/pKvheKivavhU. History & Origin of the art form http://youtube/cuwmE 16Bh8Q and another.

  1. The communities who participate in it.
  2. Its present status.
  3. The occasions when the particular art form is practiced
  4. Photographs, slide shows, video and audio clips, soundtracks.
  5. Script, Write-up.
  6. Interview with artists/artisans and with the community.
  7. Process of the art project.
  8. Reference of related publications. & self-interviews etc.
  9. The length of the project should be a minimum 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes.

Theme: All Art Forms in Kala Utsav 2020 should reflect Traditional Art Forms of India.

Areas of Art forms in Kala Utsav 2020.

1. Music
2. Dance
3. Theatre
4. Visual Arts (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Crafts)
5. Online Art projects (History, Documenting the facts, Documenting the process of practicing living traditions, write-up.

Eligibility: Kala Utsav Competitions 2020 Schedule
Teams of students from classes IX to XII studying in all managements including Junior Colleges.

Levels & Time Schedule:

Kala Utsav-2020 will be conducted at three levels.
1. Divisional Level Competitions:
2. District Level Competitions:
3. State Level Competitions:
4. Uploading of Online Art Projects: … on youtube.
5. National Level Competitions in the month of December.

Teams: A team can be formed selecting students from class IX and XII to perform their selected art form. The visual Art team contains 4-6 students. The music team contains 6-10 students. The dance team contains 8-10 students and the Theatre team should have 8-12 students.

Awards at National Level: Selected district teams will participate at the State level. State-level selected teams will showcase their talent at National Level. Kala Utsav 2018 awards will be declared by NCERT. Entry proforma for submitting Kala Utsav 2018 and other details will be communicated later.

Kala Utsav Competitions 2020 Schedule: Guidelines

  1. District Educational Officer constitute a committee consisting of DIET Principal, One faculty from DIET, One Dy.EO., one MEO, one School Complex HM, Representatives from local cultural organizations / Bala Bhavan. DEO is the Chairperson of this committee. 
  2. Keep informing all the activities of Kala Utsav-2020 to the District Collector concerned.
  3. DEO has to circulate Kala Utsav-2019 agenda and calendar of activities to all schools under all managements and Junior Colleges in their districts.
  4. All the students studying class IX to XII in all schools under all managements.
  5. Conduct Divisional Level Competitions as per the schedule.
  6. Dy.EO. is the responsible person to conduct Divisional Level Competitions.
  7. Conduct District Level Competitions:…..
  8. A consolidated amount for expenditure regarding the conduct of Divisional and District level will be released from the RMSA.
  9. Give vide publicity in print and electronic media about the Kala Utsav-2020 activities.
  10. For every area of arts, there will be a separate jury consisting of three experts.
  11. The Jury members will be drawn from educators/practitioners/scholars of the respective art forms.
  12. Obtain evaluation forms from the Jury members and preserve them.
  13. In every Jury (Theatre, Dance, Music and Visual Arts) it is advisable to have one expert having experience of working with Children With Special Needs (CWSN).
  14. Members of the Jury will remain the same for all the days of the event.
  15. The Jury will view all art project entries in their respective art forms, one day before the actual final competitions. The evaluation of e-projects by the Jury shall be included in the performance marks

All the DEOs are competent authority to conduct Divisional and District level Kala Utsav-2020 competitions. District Level First prize winners in each theme have to participate in State Level competition and after State Level competition first prize winners will be sent to the National Level Competition which will be held at New Delhi. The themes, scheduled of activities and Guidelines are released by the School Education Department


The Government of India Ministry of Human Resource Development going to conduct an innovative program Kala Utsav-2020 to promote Arts in Education by nurturing and showcasing the aesthetic and artistic talent of school students at the secondary school stage in the country.

Ministry of Human Resource Development instructed to conduct Kala Utsav-2020 competitions in different Art forms i.e., Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Crafts). All the Art forms should reflect traditional Art forms of our State.

Students from class IX to XII studying in all managements including Jr. Colleges are eligible to participate in Kala Utsav-2020 competitions. The participating teams should submit an Online project in the prescribed format.

Theme: The theme for Kal Utsav this year will be intimated as and when the GOI announces. All Art Forms in Kala Utsav-2020 should reflect Traditional Art Forms of India.

Areas of Art for Kala Utsav:

1. Music
2. Dance
3. Theatre
4. Visual Arts (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Craft)

Teams for Kala Utsav:

1. Music 6-10 Students
2. Dance 8-10 students
3. Theatre 8-12 students
4. Visual Arts 4-6 students

Awards at National Level Kala Utsav:

1. First Prize Rs.1,25,000/- each
2. Second Prize Rs.75,000/- each
3. Third Prize Rs.50,000/- each

Eligibility for Kala Utsav: Teams of students from classes 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of any Govt and Aided schools/collages. Visual Arts Visual Arts State shall select the best teams for participating at the National Level  and GoI had suggested  as follows :

A. District: This is the first level of Kala Utsav, where all schools can send their entries. (If appropriate and convenient, the State may opt to have Kala Utsav at block or tehsil level).

B. State:  Selected teams from the District level will participating at this level.

C. National: This is the final and culminating level of Kala Utsav where best of the State/ UT entries will showcase their talent

e- Proforma for submitting entries:
State-level coordinators of Kala Utsav (Through e-mail)…

Last date of Project form:
Keeping the Kala Utsav dates in view, the teams which are going to participate at State Level for National Level Kala Utsav

Kala Utsav at the National Level:

1. National Level Kala Utsav shall be organized in December at National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi.
2. The national level Awards function.
3. The celebration of arts (with award-winning entries at the National Level in Central Park (Connaught Place) shall be organized on.

The special role of the State  Secretary (Education):

All the four entries the State / UT shall be seen and approved by the State / UT secretary before they are submitted for the National Level.
1. Provide information regarding number of participants and teachers who will attend national level Kala Utsav from our State.
2. NCERT shall arrange accommodation.
3. Booking of tickets should be done well in advanced T.A of students and teachers/ shall be reimbursed by NCERT

Kala Utsav Competitions Guidelines

Kala Utsav 2020

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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