INSPIRE Award Scheme User Manual for School Authority and More details here

A Scheme / Programme implemented by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Science &Technology, Government of India for attraction of talent amongst the students to study Science and pursue career with research. To attract the young talent amongst students to study science and pursue career with research.

What is E-MIAS: Under the INSPIRE Award Scheme, a large number of nominations, running into lakhs, have to be processed for selection of the students for INSPIRE Award. DST plans to e-manage the entire INSPIRE Award Scheme by using State-of-Art latest Information Technology which would enable e-filing of nominations by the schools across the country.

And, it’s processing by the District and State authorities as well as DST in accordance with the norms of the scheme, transmission of data of selected students to the banks, credit of Award amount to the bank accounts of selected Awardees (wherever notified) or preparation of INSPIRE Award Warrants by the bank and their dispatch to the selected Awardees and all such related activities concerning implementation of the scheme, management of the data, generation of various MIS returns etc.

INSPIRE Award Scheme User Manual for School Authority and More details here

Salient Features of E-MIAS:

1. It will enable about 5 lakh middle and high schools all over the country to log in online and file nominations under the Scheme, which would be received electronically by the District Education authorities for further processing. The schools will also be able to view, download and print list of sanctioned awardees and their certificates.

2. Similarly, it will enable all the (nearly) 700 District Education Authorities and 35 States / UTs and 3 Central Educational Organizations (Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Navodaya Vidyalaya Sangathan and Sainik School Sangathan) to log in online and process the proposals received from schools and submit to the National Authority i.e. Department of Science & Technology (DST) for sanction.

3. The State and Districts authorities will also be able to submit the proposals for funds release for DLEPCs / SLEPCs online.

4. It will enable the National Authority (DST) to process the proposals and Awards / Funds so received from the State Authorities online and issue sanctions electronically, as per the approved norms.

5. The software will also have facilities for registration of schools, District Authorities and State Authority, sending and receiving online communications to / from these authorities, receiving utilisation certificates, summary reports, electronically generate standard and tailor-made MIS reports and so on.

6. It will also have the public domain home page where even public at large would be able to view not only the basic details of the scheme but also the awards sanctioned to various States / schools , various reports / documents / forms relating to scheme, submit suggestions / feedback and so on.

7. The service provider will also put in place a call centre, which will run six days a week, to cater to the need / grievances of stakeholders.

8. The site can be accessed at URL ( and the some features of the same can be seen at this web address (public domain features). Other features will require log in details of the respective authorities.

INSPIRE Awards – MANAK (Million Minds Augmenting National Aspiration and Knowledge) 2021-22 nominations are open now. INSPIRE Awards – MANAK 2020-21 nominations are open for all students in the age group of 10-15 years & studying in classes 6 to 10. Department of Science and Technology, Government of India National Innovation Foundation – India

The INSPIRE Awards – MANAK aims to invite one million ideas/innovations from school students (Class 6th to 10th). Parents and Teachers shall encourage students to participate actively and submit ideas and innovations through their Schools. Link to submit selected nominations by the Schools

Under the INSPIRE Awards – MANAK Scheme, students are invited from all government or private schools throughout the country, irrespective of their educational boards (national and state) to send original and creative technological ideas/innovations focusing on common problems and come up with solutions on their own., be it household or for porters, labourers, society or the likes. ­Once the student has thought of an idea, he/she submits their ideas to the Principal/Headmaster of their schools.

Students of any age group of 10 – 15 years and studying in standard 6-10 will be eligible for participation. The students irrespective of their educational board (national or state) can participate in the INSPIRE AWARDS – MANAK scheme.

Genesis of INSPIRE Awards:

Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India has been successfully implementing the Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) scheme since 2010.

Objective of this scheme is to attract talent, have them exposed to science at an early age and help towards building a critical human resource pool for strengthening and expanding the science and technology system and increase the research and development base.

To foster a culture of creative and innovative thinking among school children to address the societal needs through science and technology, the scheme targets one million original technological ideas/ innovations rooted in science and societal applications that solve daily life problems. The INSPIRE MANAK Scheme is the revamped version of INSPIRE Awards for the school children.

Only chance till 15-10-2011

The selected project cost Rs.10,000/ – Award

Register online at INSPIRE Awards web portal – which has already started by 2020-21. Enter the largest number of projects and make your district the first in the state

INSPIRE MANAK AWARD Online Registrations: Informing the principals and teachers of all public, private primary, high schools, private aided, residential, ideal, Kasturba schools of the district, requiring timely completion of Inspire Manak Online registration, and student nominations.

Students can be registered by the School Head their project details within the deadline by first registering the school without waiting for the deadline.

New Registration:

  • Following details should be required when registering online
  • Your school’s U-Dise number,
  • e-mail,
  • Total number of students,
  • Number of teachers,
  • Number of science teachers,
  • Name of Headmaster,
  • Cell number,
  • Incharge Teacher Name to Inspire,
  • His cell number,
  • The school address

If the above details are available and this process can be completed in 5 minutes.

Previously registered users can register directly with the User Id and Password.

Process for INSPIRE Awards:

  • Onetime registration comes when the school authority clicks on the web page with the address
  • It comes as clicked online mode.
  • Click on the new school registration form.
  • Your school mail, and U-Dise number,
  • The name of the district must be entered.
  • After entering the above details and clicking on Save & Next, forward to forwarding for Approval and the District Registration process will result in an application Id.
  • After that create Generate Acknowledgement.

Acknowledgement save and print should be stored in the school record. The mail will be sent to the mee e-mail id upon approval of the District Authority. We need to create our school User Id and Password through that mail link.

Nomination process: If you are a high school student from 6 to 10, the UPS has to make two or three student names, father’s names, birthdate, Aadhaar numbers and so forth. Students should complete the process by uploading the project information and project writeup, bank details.

Nominations can be made directly by those who have marked the User Id and Password by completing the OTR last year. Users who do not remember the User-Id and who do not have the school name in the school list can repeat the OTR option by others.

It is intended to guide students in the design of projects and models to encourage students to be creative, innovative and environmentally innovative in ways that will inspire students in the fields of science and technology. In this direction, OTR is nominated for the Inspire Manak Awards, which each school needs to successfully complete. It is advisable that students prepare the project writeups in detail.


  • Onetime registration must be completed and logged in with the User ID and Password.
  • The nominations should be started before the nominations are ready.
  • Select a student from each class and collect details such as their bank, Aadhaar etc.
  • Forward to District Authority (DA) after completing five nominations.
  • The acknowledgement must be secured.

One Time School Registration: For the School to get registered as School Authority under the E-MIAS, For One Time Registration: Click here

Watch Video Tutorial for INSPITE Awards

Check more details from here

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