E Service Book, How to Update e Service Register at eSR portal, esr.ap.gov.in

The Employee Service Book or e Service Book 2022 is a web application has been launched by APCFMS and Finance Department for Gazetted and Non-Gazetted employees of the Government.

Using this web portal, Government Employees can view his/her Service Book entries on their devices. The entries once viewed are also stored offline on the device and can be viewed later on even without internet connectivity.

For latest information of Service Book, Employee can tap refresh button, which requires internet connectivity.

This web application is bi-product of AP Centre for Financial Systems and Services (APCFSS) on behalf of the Finance Department implemented in all Government Departments in Andhra Pradesh.

Using this web portal, any employee can view his/her Personal Details, Family Details, Present & Permanent Address, Nomination Details, Education, Joining, Service History, Leave Details, Attendance for one week and Monthly Salary and GPF details as available in his/her service book.

E Service Book
E Service Book 2022
Name of the logine Service Book Login
TitleUpdate the e Service Register at Employee Service Book Portal
SubjectCFMS launched the ESR website for accessing, viewing and update the e Service Book
AP CFMS websitehttps://cfms.ap.gov.in/
ESR websitehttps://esr.ap.gov.in/
Login to e Service RegisterHow to login the e Service Register?
View Service Book at eHRMShttps://ehrms.nic.in/
Details of e Service Book

How to update e Service Book at e SR Portal?

The Finance Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh has launched the e Service Book portal or e Service Register portal through the APCFSS for the employees get access to enter or view the employee service details. Employees who are working in various departments can view their own personal details, official documents, pay drawn details, leave details and other Service details. The step by step instructions on how to update the service book are given below:

  1. Visit the https://cfms.ap.gov.in/ Website

    Employees need to visit the official website of Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS), https://cfms.ap.gov.in/ in your device browser.

  2. Click on AP ESR link

    Once you reach the official website, click on the AP ESR (https://esr.ap.gov.in/) link at menu section on the home page.

  3. Enter Login Details

    After clicking on the AP ESR link, a new Employee Service Book web portal will be opened. Enter your CFMS ID (8 digit employee ID) and password in the required fields. Click on the login button.

  4. Click on eService Book Entry link

    Once you login the web page, it will redirect to the new web page that contains the e-service book entry hyperlink on the left margin.

  5. Update the employee details

    After clicking on the e-service book-entry hyperlink, a series of sub menus will scroll down, beginning with Part (1) to Part (11) and other details. From this, employee can check details and update the necessary details.

Details of Online Service Book

SBEmployee Service Book details
Part 1Personal Details
Part 2Certificates
Part 3Service Details
Part 4Pay Drawn Details
Part 5Leave Details
Part 6Leave Travel Concession Details
Part 7Interest Bearing Advances Details
Part 8Group Insurance Scheme Details
Part 9Service Verification Details
Part 10Departmental Tests And Trainings Details
Part 11Incentives And Punishments Details
Part 12Pension Proposals
TabLeave Ledger
Details of Online Service Book

Steps to Login E-Service Book for ESR Data Entry:

Instructions after Login – Employees can enter the service details with the permission of the DDO. DDOs can also enter and confirm the details of the employees on their own and Treasury Officers / PAO can further confirm select employee’s service details.

The users can access these services through authorized CFMS ID. Please follow below steps for entering employee service details in e-Service Book.

The entire process is carried at three different levels i.e., at employee level, at DDO level and finally at Head Office level. Following steps to be carried out in three different levels i.e., at employee level, at DDO level and finally at Head Office level.

  • (A) At Employee Level: Necessary details need to update at Employee Level and complete the employee confirmation
  • From part 1 to part 12 with sub menus under e-Service Book Entry menu all employees need to update their service details.
  • After submitting the details from part 1 to part 12 , these details are available at one place under view and confirm sub-menu.
  • The confirmed employee details will be available in the next level to their respective DDOs login for further process.
  • (B) DDO Level e-SR: DDO also has to submit his /her employee service details and follow the steps as mentioned in Instructions .
  • Concerned DDO will get the list of employee’s service details for confirmation, in his /her login.
  • DDO has to go through each employee’s details with reference to the service register and confirm the same through biometric authentication.
  • All the employee details under the DDO will be available in Head Office login for further confirmation.
  • (C) Head Office Level: Head Office need to access View and Confirm submenu, check each and every employee service details after DDO’s confirmation and confirm the same.

Upload of ESR date

  • The eSR data shall be uploaded by DDO in https://esr.ap.gov.in portal using his CFMS ID as login password.
  • The HOO/DDO shall immediately update all the entries in physical SR before commencement of upload of eSR data.
  • All the pages in the physical SR shall be scanned / uploaded by the DDO into eSR module.
  • Before scanning of pages in physical SR, all the pages in physical SR(s) shall be serially numbered by the DDO by affixing a stamp on the bottom of each page containing the words “page no and also scanned /uploaded into eSR” under his/her signature. Better if the leave account(EL/HPL) is scanned at the end.
  • At the end of each scanned copy of the eSR, the DDO shall certify the number of scanned pages uploaded under his signature.
  • The physical SR can be scanned by the DDO by using conventional scanners or by using “Lens” APP of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Uploading of scanned SR shall be done by DDO using biometric authentication.
  • After upload of e.SR data, the physical copy of e.SR shall be in the custody of pension sanctioning Authority for which separate orders will be issued by the Government for discontinuance of physical SR.
  • In addition to uploading the scanned copy of the SR, the DDO shall enter the SR data on the relevant columns of e.SR data entry application duly attaching the following documents.
    • a) Latest photograph
    • b) SSC or equivalent certificate as proof of Date of Birth for superior service employees and Transfer certificate/relevant proof for last grade service employees.
    • c) Caste certificate (for SC, ST, BC only)
    • d) Aadhar card.
    • e) Medical Certificate (Disabled persons only)
  • After entry of the data into e.SR application, the DDO shall download the e.SR data entered in PDF format, show it to the employee for cross-verification and obtain the employee’s signature on the PDF format in token of having satisfied with the correctness of Data uploaded into HCM system.
  • The DDO shall also affix his signature on the PDF format and upload in the e.SR application under his/her biometric authentication.
  • After upload of eSR data by the DDO, the data shall be escalated to the Treasury/PAO where the salary bill of the employee is audited and approved.
  • The Treasury officer/APAO shall cross verify the data uploaded in eSR with the entries in the scanned / uploaded copy of the physical SR and confirm the correctness of Data entry of the following information
    • a) Name of the employee as entered in the SR.
    • b) Date of birth c) Date of initial entry into service.
    • d) Community
    • e) Disabilities, if any
    • f) Latest Pay of the employee (by cross verifying with FLY leaf Register)
    • g) Post held by the employee as on date.
    • h) EL balance of the employee as on date of Upload.
    • i) HPL balance of the employee as on date of Upload.
  • The Treasury officer/APAO shall confirm the above information under biometric authentication. After confirmation by the Treasury officer/APAO only, the e.SR. data shall be uploaded into HCM system by the SAP Team.
  • The upload of e.SR. data into HCM system shall be completed by all the DDOs by the deadline.
  • The PAO, AP, Ibrahimpatnam shall co-ordinate the e.SR data entry work at HOD offices level and the DTA, AP, Ibrahimpatnam shall Co-ordinate work at District level through network of Treasury officers.
  • The CEO, APCFSS shall organize the data storage servers properly for smooth upload of e.SR data.
  • For the employees existing prior to 1-7-2020, the SR entry may be taken as an automatic process with due acknowledgement by the competent authority.
  • For the employees appointed on or after 1-7-2020, upload of each required certificate is mandatory.
  • DDOs may raise incident in CFMS for resolution of e-SR related issues.

Employee Personal Details Updation: eService Book Entry, Part 1 to Part 11 and Leave Ledger.

Details of Online Service Register (ఆన్లైన్ సర్వీస్ పుస్తకం)

  1. Personal Details of E Service Register
    • Name & Surname
    • Sex
    • Service
    • Post Category
    • Employee ID
    • CFMS Employee ID
    • Photo
    • Aadhar Number
    • Father/Mother/Spouse Name
    • Place of Birth
    • Date of Birth
    • Date of Superannuation
    • Type of retirement
    • Nationality
    • Category
    • Differently abled
    • Family Details
    • Education
    • Address
    • Home Town
    • Account numbers
    • Identification Identification marks
    • Left Thumb Impression of Government servant
  2. Certificates of E Service Register
    • Medical Examination
    • Character and antecedents
    • Allegiance to the Constitution
    • Oath of Secrecy
    • Nominations
  3. Service Details of E Service Register
    • Appointment and Posting details
    • Details of Service Regularization and Declaration of Probation
    • Transfer details
    • Foreign Service details if any
    • Promotion details
    • Reversions If Any
    • Suspension Details
    • Leave Salary Particulars
    • Qualifying service for pension
  4. Pay Drawn Details of E Service Register
    • Salary details
    • Details of salaries paid to the employee
    • Pay fixation details (on promotion/AAS)
    • Details of pay fixed under PRC
    • Surrender of Leave details
    • Subsistence Allowance Details
    • Details of New Pension Scheme
    • Signatures (for each upload)
  5. Leave Details of of E Service Register
    • Casual Leave (CL/OH)
    • Earned Leave (EL)
    • Half Pay Leave (HPL)
    • Maternity Leave
    • Child Care Leave
    • Paternity Leave
    • Extra-ordinary Leave (EoL)
    • Study Leave
    • Other Leave if any
    • Compulsory Wait if any
  6. LTC Details in E Service Register: Enter the Leave Travelling Concession details in this stage.
  7. Interest Bearing Advance Details in E Service Register
    • House Building Advance
    • House Building Advance (repairs 1&2)
    • Motor Car/ Motor cycle Advance
    • Computer Advance
    • Marriage Advance
    • Clearance Certificate
  8. GIS Details in E Service Register: Enter the Group Insurance Scheme details in this stage.
  9. Service Verification Details in E Service Register
    • GPF Details
    • CPS Details
    • Verification of Services by HoD
    • Internal Audit by A.G.
  10. Department Test and Training Details in E Service Register
    • Tests
    • Trainings Details
  11. Incentives and Punishments Details in E Service Register
    • Incentives/Awards/Rewards/ Seva Patakam if any
    • Punishments
  12. Pension Details in of E Service Register
    • Forwarding Office
    • Pension Case reference No
    • Date
    • Pension papers submitted by employee (for commutation purpose)
    • If there is any other pension (ex-servicemen)
    • Treasury
    • Time Limit
    • Employee Name and ID No. and Date of birth of employee
    • Death of employee
    • Pay Rules
    • Pension Rules
    • Place of payment
    • Total Qualifying Service
    • Willingness for Commutation of Pension (optional)
    • Pension Calculation
    • Anticipatory/ Provisional pension
    • Government dues pending
    • Last Pay Details
    • Last Pay Certificate
  13. Leave Ledger Details in E Service Register: Leave Type, i.e., EL /HPL/ Child Care Leave

FAQs on e-Service Book

  1. What is the importance of e Service Book?

    e Service Book is a vital document in the Administration, which contains the employee’s entire data such as personal details, service details, annual increments, promotions, awards, punishments etc., Therefore it is necessary to provide adequate security in the system to store and handle in a secured manner.

  2. Why e Service Book is useful?

    e Service Book Portal, ESR is very useful in case a situation comes that missing of Employee Service Book or Spoiled by the warms. Practically some of the pages of the old Service Registers are in broken condition and at the time of processing the settlement, facing difficult to read or check entries of the SR. It facilitates online transfer to other units.

  3. How e Service Book is useful to the Employee?

    e Service Book or Employee Service Book Portal has been provided with a public IP address. Hence, any employee can login with his CFMIS ID and password or PF No & PAN No as user name and password respectively. Therefore, they can view or take a print out of his Service book from any where.

  4. What is e Service Book?

    The e Service Book is an electronic service book and it is a web application, which allows the employees get access to enter or view the employee service details. This application replaces the physical service registers of the employees and the data related will be maintained online and can be accessible to the employees at any time. Tt is a vital document in the administration, which contains the employee's entire data i.e., personal details, service details. So, employees can view their own personal details, official documents, pay drawn details, leave details and other Service details.

  5. Why need to update E Service Book (ESR)?

    AP Finance Department is very keen to maintain E Service Book, instead of normal service register maintained by the office. For this AP Govt issued GO Ms No:99 Dated: 27-06-2018 to obtain the all the government employee details. In order to obtain details of the individuals, a new website https://esr.ap.gov.in/Login.do has been launched.

  6. Employee for whom E Service Book data is to be uploaded?

    The following employees E Service Book data to be uploaded on its E Service Register, ESR web portal. All employees whose salary is drawn under 010-salaries. All Grant-in-Aid employees whose salaries are drawn under DH/SDH 060/061. All work charged employees whose salaries are drawn under DH/SDH 070/071 and Employee in Foreign Service Deputation.

  7. What details are required to login the E Service Book portal?

    Every employee will have access to the e-service book web portal with secured login credentials i.e., 8 digits CFMS ID and password.

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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