TS GO.421 Girijana Ashram Schools CRTs Remuneration Enhanced

Girijana Ashram Schools CRTs Remuneration: TS GO.421 CRTs Remuneration Enhanced, Telangana State Government has given GO.421 for  Enhancement of remuneration to the CRTs working in the Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools in Telangana State. #Girijana Ashram Schools Contract Residential Teachers (CRTs) remuneration enhanced. SA and SGT Cadre #CRTs Salaries hiked.

TS Government has given order for enhancement of remuneration to CRTs working in Ashram Schools of Tribal Welfare Department at minimum of the time scale as per RPS to CRTs from this Academic Year 2015-16.

GO.421, Dated 17-10-2015,Government of Telangana, Tribal Welfare Department – Education – Enhancement of remuneration to the CRTs working in the Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools in Telangana State – Orders – Issued.


  1. CTW, TS, Hyd. Procgs.Rc.No.10717/02/D2, dated 30.11.2003
  2. G.O.Ms.No.3, Finance (SMPC.II) Department dated 12.01.2011
  3. CTW, Hyd. Lr.Rc.No.D2/635/2014, dated 19.09.2014.
  4. Govt.Memo.No.911/TW.Edn./2015, dated 31.10.2014.
  5. CTW, Hyd. Lr.Rc.No.D2/635/2014, dated 04.06.2015.
  6. CTW, Hyd Lr.Rc.No.D2/635/2014, dt 15.10.2015.

In the reference 3rd read above, the Commissioner of Tribal Welfare, Telangana State, Hyderabad has reported that, the remuneration was fixed along with the guidelines for engagement of the Contract Residential Teachers (CRTs,) i.e., nearly twelve years back. The details of the remuneration to various categories are as follows:

S No CategoryNon-Scheduled AreasScheduled AreasEvery year increase.
1. SGT/Pandig GR.II/PETs.Rs.4,500/- p.m.Rs.5,000/- p.m.Rs.100/- p.a.
2. School Assts.Rs.5,500/- p.m.Rs.6,000/- p.m.Rs.150/- p.a.
  1. Subsequently, Pay Revision Commissions have increased the pay scales and the allowances to the regular employees working in the Government in 2005 and 2010. As per the PRC, recommendation Government issued orders to pay remuneration to the employees working on outsourcing basis vide G.O.Ms.No.3, Finance (SMPC-II) Deptt., dt.12.01.2011 and also to pay a minimum of the time scale fixed for each category, which was not mentioned therein. Whereas, the remuneration fixed to the CRTs working in the Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools are still being paid as per the rates fixed during the year 2003 only.
  2. The CRTs working in the TW institutions are working on par with the Regular Teachers since morning prayer tonight up to the closing of the day and also residing at School. The remuneration which is being paid to them now is very low and they are suffering to maintain their families with this meager amount. The CRTs are working very hard equally to the regular teachers and also staying in the schools at night. Further, the Rajiv Vidya Mission is paying the remuneration to the personnel engaged on contract basis in the KGBVs and other institutions the rates mentioned in the G.O.Ms.No.99, School Education (SE.Genl.II) Deptt., dated 16.07.2011 as mentioned hereunder.
  3. Lecturer in Degree College – Rs.19,000/- p.m.
  4. Junior Lecturer in APR Jr.Colleges – Rs.18,000/- p.m.
  5. Post Graduate Teacher (School Assts.) – Rs.16,100/- p.m.
  6. Trained Graduate Teachers (SGT/ Pandits etc.) – Rs.14,800/- p.m.
  7. Physical Education Teachers – Rs.10,900/- p.m.
  8. In the reference 5th read above, the CTW, Hyd. has informed that the total budget required after enhancement of the rate to the minimum time scale of the teacher fixed in 2010 PRC @ Rs.10,900/- for SGT and Rs.14,800/- for School Assistance. An amount of RS.28.55 Crores are required, whereas in BE 2015-16 under 05 Educational Institutions 300 OCS under Plan: Rs.10.25 Cr and Non-Plan: Rs.2.61 Cr, thus total Rs.12.86 Cr has been approved and an amount of Rs.15.69 Cr is required as additional budget and it is to submit that an amount of Rs.16.00 Crores is surplus available in 340 pre-matric ST Day Scholars Scheme which is not required in this financial year hence, it is proposed to re-appropriate these Rs.16.00 Crs from 340 Pre matric ST Day Scholars to 300 OCS under 05 Educational Institutions.
  9. Government after careful examination of the matter hereby order for enhancement of remuneration to CRTs working in Ashram Schools of Tribal Welfare Department at a minimum of the time scale as per RPS 2010 as detailed below to 1892 CRTs from this Academic Year 2015-16 duly re-appropriating required amount from 340- Pre Matric ST Day Scholars Scholarship Scheme which amounts to Rs. 16,87,58,520/- per annum.
Sl. No.   CategoryTime scale as per   RPS 2010Existing   RemunerationEnhanced remune-rationNumber of   Contract/ Outsourced Personnel
 1SA Cadre 14860-39540   5500  148601339
 2SGT Cadre 10900-31550   4500  10900553
  1. The above remuneration shall be applicable to the contract teachers those fulfil the following conditions:
    a) The contractual appointment is made against a clear vacancy in a post sanctioned by Government.
    b) The contract teacher possesses the qualifications prescribed for SGT or School Assistant, as the case may be, in the relevant Special Rules.
    c) The appointment is made in accordance with the procedure prescribed, by a selection committee headed by the District Collector, PO, ITDA.
    d) The appointment is strictly in accordance with the rule of reservation and the reservation in favour of local ST candidates in agency areas as per G.O.Ms. No.3, Social Welfare Department, dated: 10-01-2000.
  2. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (HRM.II) Dept. Vide their U.O.Note.No.8266/193/A2/HRM.II/15 Dated 06.08.2015.
  3. The Commissioner of Tribal Welfare, Telangana State, Hyderabad shall take necessary action accordingly.
  4. TS GO.421 Girijana Ashram Schools CRTs Remuneration Enhanced

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