Instructions for Conduct of SA1 SA2 Exams in TS Schools

Instructions for Conduct of SA1 SA2 Exams in TS Schools – SCERT Telangana – R.No:7002, Dated:13.09.2017::  Subject: SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad – Conduct of examinations (SA-I) from 23.10.2017 to 28.10.2017 and correction of answer scripts, completion of Cumulative Records, conduct of parents meeting in all Government, Government Aided and Private Schools – Order issued – Reg.

All the RJDSEs and DEOs in the State are hereby informed that vide reference 1 cited, orders have been issued for the conduct of two Summative Assessments in an academic year. Accordingly, instructions have been issued to all types of schools in the State along with dates for the conduct for Formative and Summative Assessments as per the academic calendar.

In this regard, the examinations (SA-I)from classes I to X shall be conducted from 23.10.2017 to 28.10.2017 in all Government, Government Aided and Private Recognized Schools.  

The schedule for conduct of SA-I examinations is as follows: Note: The examination duration for Second Language (Hindi/ Telugu etc.) Paper for classes IX and X is for 03.00 hours in view of a single paper.   

During the examination period i.e. from 23.10.2017 to 28.10.2017, the answer scripts must be valued and Cumulative Records shall be completed in all aspects by 01.11.2017.

The schedule for the valuation and issue of the Cumulative Records etc. is as follows: 
1. Completion of correction of answer scripts: 30.10.2017
2. Answer scripts to parents through students for their examination and for signature: 31.10.2017
3. Completion of the Registers and Cumulative Records: 01.11.2017
4. Meeting with parents to discuss the progress and the issue of Cumulative Records: 03.11.2017
5. Obtaining of signature of the parents on Cumulative Records and return to the Class Teacher. : 06.11.2017   

Therefore, all the DEOs are instructed to take necessary action on the above aspects and conduct exams seriously and confidentiality complying with the earlier guidelines issued by this office Proc.Rc.No. 7002/ A/C&T/SCERT /TS/2016, Dt: 01.09.2017.

Further, they are requested to adhere to the above schedule and instruct the Headmasters and Teachers that after the summative test, the teachers shall identify the learning deficiencies in terms of attainment of learning outcomes communicated by SCERT by analyzing the students answer sheets.

Serious effort shall be made to undertake remedial teaching/corrective measures to ensure the attainment of learning outcomes by the individual. The learning strategies like tutoring, individualized learning could be adopted.  

The RJDSEs and DEOs are requested to visit the field and monitor the activities of both exam and post-exam activities. They are also requested to send Compliance Report on the above to the undersigned and as well as submit compliance for the Proceedings of the Director, SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad.

Academic Calendar and implementation of curriculum, Conducting of annual examinations (SA-II) from 7th to 15th March, 2017 to facilitate smooth conduct of examinations under invigilation from the teachers and correction of answer scripts, declaring the results in all Government, Government aided and private schools.

Instructions for conduct of the SA 2 Annual exams:

In case of any clash with the High Schools where Intermediate exams are being conducted, the DEOs are requested to take up alternative strategies/ schools and conduct the exams as per the schedule. The assessment of co-curricular activities must be taken up as per the instructions given under Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).

The Handbooks may be referred for undertaking assessment. In case of Class X, the assessment of co-curricular activities shall be taken up along with 4th Formative Assessment [FA] so as to upload the internal marks of FA and co-curricular activities to the SSC Board.

In the case of Pre-final exams, instructions have already been issued to use the second set of SSC question papers pertaining to 2016 except English and Hindi papers. In view of certain changes in the questioning pattern, the schools are requested to develop their own Pre-final papers in the case of English and Hindi. The changes have already been communicated in present SA-II papers of class IX which reflects the model of class X question papers.

Instructions have already been issued by the Director of School Education for the inspection of internal assessments i.e. Formative Assessment in terms of conduct of the Formative Assessments and awarding the marks by sending a team of experts with Headmasters and subject Teachers under the supervision of concerned Deputy Educational Officers to all types of schools both Government and Private Managements and certify the correctness of awarding the marks based on the quality of the students’ records/ works.

The marks may be uploaded to the SSC Board after certifying the internal marks by the concerned teams. The State Teams shall be visiting the schools shortly and observe the award of internal marks and certification by the expert inspection team.

The indicators for the awarding of marks for internal examinations are enclosed. However, this was already given in the Teacher Handbooks and discussed in the training programs and subject-wise teleconference programs.

During the examination period i.e. from 7th to 15th March 2017, the answer scripts must be valued and Cumulative Records shall be completed in all aspects. The valued answer scripts must be given to the children from 16th to 18th March 2016 and discuss the answers in the classrooms.

The answer scripts must be given to the children so that they can show to their parents and get the signature of the parents on the answer scripts. The final results shall be declared and Cumulative Records (Progress Cards) must be issued to the children on 19th March 2016 duly convening a meeting with parents and SMC members on the school premises.

The children obtain a signature on Cumulative Records and return back Cumulative Records to the concerned Teachers/ Headmasters on 20th March 2016. The teachers must collect the Cumulative Records/ Progress Cards from the students and keep in schools. However, the Cumulative Records pertaining to passing out students of class V and class X shall be issued to children by completing the records in all aspects and shall not be taken back.

All the Registers and Records must be completed and the final Consolidated Register proforma shall be submitted to concerned MEOs and School Complex Headmasters in case of Primary Schools and to the Dy.EOs in case of High Schools by the concerned school Headmasters.

The syllabus for the next academic year shall be commenced from 21st March 2017 onwards and the syllabus shall be taken up as per the syllabus distribution in the academic calendar in the months of March and April for the year 2015-16 along with recapitulation of earlier class concepts. Remedial teaching for the children who are backward in reading, writing, and arithmetic shall be taken up without fail.

In this case, children may be asked to tell names of the different articles, words, small stories and the teacher must write this on the blackboard and make all the children read and write the words and texts written on the blackboard.

All schools shall take up the program for the children who are unable to read and write and do arithmetic duly following the language and Maths exercises given in class I to III textbooks. However, detailed guidelines will be issued in this regard on recapitulation and remedial programs.

Therefore, all the DEOs are requested to take necessary action and conduct the exams as per the timetable given above in all types of Schools under Government and Private Managements in a serious manner and see that all schools and Teachers complete all Registers and Records and declare the results and provide Progress Cards (Cumulative Records) to all the children without fail as per dates given above.

The MEOs, Dy.EOs and DEOs are requested to take immediate necessary action and inform all the schools about the exam schedule and as well as the starting of the academic year from 21st March 2017 onwards.

The RJDSEs are requested to visit the field and monitor the activities both exam and after exam activities.  The RJDSEs and DEOs are requested to send compliance report on the above to the undersigned and as well as submit compliance for the Proceedings of the Director of School Education vide reference 6 cited. 

Indicators for Formative Assessment

Instructions for the conduct of the SA 1 exams:

as per the implementation of Academic Calendar for the academic year 2016-17. Following is the schedule for the conduct of the SA-II examinations.  All the Headmasters must ensure this and implement the schedule without fail.

The Headmaster shall conduct a review meeting on the performance of the children in all the subjects with subject teachers and discuss the gaps and action plans to improve the children’s performance. Minutes of this review meeting must be recorded and Headmaster should follow up on the action plan.

Following are the further instructions for the conduct of the examinations:
1. All the DEOs shall take up printing of question papers both for Primary and Secondary i.e. Class I to V and classes VI to X under DCEB.

2. The amount for the printing of question papers for Elementary Level i.e. classes I to VIII shall be from SSA funds. The amount will be met from SSA funds as per the last year’s 2015-16 norms.

3. It is found that the question paper quality is very poor and newsprint is used during last year and prior to it. Because of this, the maps and diagrams possess no clarity and great confusion for the children. Poor paper quality impacts the quality of the printing. Therefore, all the DEOs are requested to use 60 GSM, white paper.

4. The question papers from classes VI to X must be packed subject-wise and school-wise and provided in advance to the schools. In case of question papers at Primary Level shall be packed subject-wise for each Mandal. Utmost care needs to be taken up and examination must be conducted in a serious manner. Certain incidents happened last year and papers have been published in newspapers in advance in some Districts. This shall not be repeated.

5. Every District shall possess its own paper. Since SCERT edited the District-wise question papers and the same may be used. There is a slight modification in the model of  English language paper which was mailed to all the  DEOs on 2nd September 2015 and the same may be got printed and used.

6. Instructions have already been issued for cross-checking the internal marks in both government and private schools and verify the marks with actual children records by way of sending expert teams of Headmasters under each Dy.EO. This shall be done twice in the year i.e. after SA1 and after SA2.

7. Instructions have already been issued to strengthen the DCEB with identified expert teachers and develop question papers in a workshop mode duly involving the SRGs and other textbook writers. But this was not taken up seriously and individual teachers were asked to prepare question papers at their house and the same is being used. Most of the question papers in the Districts found the repetition of que

stions given in earlier examinations. The remuneration for the paper setter/ workshop etc. shall be as decided by the DEO of the District. Therefore, all the DEOs are requested to focus on academic matters and examinations seriously.

8. All the private schools recognized by the Govt. of Telangana and following State curriculum and syllabus shall use the question papers from DCEB and follow the same schedule. All the DEOs must ensure this.

9. The question papers from classes VI to VIII are four (4) pages in addition to two (2) pages objective type. No pinning is required. Objective type paper may be given along with the main question paper to the students. Students may answer objective type in the same question paper.

10. Therefore, all the RJDSEs and DEOs are requested to follow the above instructions and conduct the examinations seriously and issue Cumulative Records to the children on 11th November 2016 duly conducting parents meeting for Primary, Upper Primary, and High Schools.

New Guidelines for Conduct of S.A. I, II & Pre-final Exams:

Adverting to the reference
1. DCEB, Wgl. Lr.No. 01/2016, Dt. 10-06-2016,
2. DCEB Wgl. 9/2016-17, Dt. 13-10-2016,
3. DSC Academic calendar 2016-17 

To the subject cited above all the Hon’ble DEO’s(All the DEO’s Bhupalpally / Jangaon / Karimnagar / Khammam /Mahabubabad/ Nalgonda / Siddipeta / Warangal (R)/Warangal (U)) of newly formed Districts are hereby informed that it is known to all that the DCEB Warangal earlier collected fee from all the 51 old mandals of the then Warangal District.

And the present DCEB Warangal will supply the question papers to all the 51 mandals for the year 2016-17 from the 22nd of this month. And for the smooth running of the examination process, all the respected DEO’s are requested to instruct the MEO’s and HMs to follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Smooth Conduct of SA 1 Exams:

1) The DEOs are requested to instruct the concerned MEOs and HMs of newly merged mandals to collect the material from their respective DCEBs where they have paid earlier.

2) The MEOs and HMs newly merged mandals and detached mandals as well will get the material from their respective DCEBs where they have paid the fee4, for instance, the detached mandals of Warangal Maddur and Cherial will be supplied by DCEB Warangal (U)

3) Inform the MEOs to give instructions to the concerned HMs of the mandals to present themselves at MRCs to collect their material, (at old distribution centers) according to their need and indent, for SA-I, Examination (To be held from 27.10.2016 to 03.11.2016, 

4) MEOs have to maintain the issue register and to distribute the papers after a careful inquiry and instruct the HMs to keep them in safe custody.
5) If any deficit occurs the HMs have to make alternative arrangements by making adjustments from neighboring schools.

6) During the examination, MEOs have to visit at least (2) schools a day (01) Govt. Schools (01) private school. i.e. for
i) to check the attendance of the students, ii) teachers’ presence, iii) whether following examination procedure or not?
7) HMS has to instruct the teachers to complete cumulative records before 5-11-2016 and distribute them to the students.

8) All HMs have to instruct all the teachers to present themselves every day at the school compulsorily during all exams. (Morning to Evening).

9 ) It came to our notice that some of the HMs did not send their students’ strength particulars and the indent. We also noticed that they collected the fee but did not pay to the DCEB. And it is to inform all the HMs that the question papers will not be sent to them. And the MEOs and HMs are held responsible for the discrepancy caused by them.

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