How To Achieve Top Result in SSC (10th Class Annual Exams) 2021

Action Plan for SSC 10th Class,  How to Achieve Top Results in SSC, Guidelines and Instructions on SSC results. How to Achieve Top Results in SSC. DEO Nalgonda has Released Special action plan for improving 10th class results. 

As per our new school timings and time table high schools are working from 9.00 AM to 4.30 PM. In addition to these working hours one hour in the morning i.e., 8 AM to 9 AM should be spent on activities based on topics taught in the classroom.

One hour i.e 4.30 to 5.30 in the evening should be spent on projects, exercises, book analysis, experiments related to the topics, stress to be laid upon acquiring knowledge, understanding the concepts, elaborating the subject. children should be exposed to debates, discussions, creative expression and self-expression.

“If you study with perfect planning exam can be celebrated as festival, that’s why success can be achieved by planning, re-memorizing and writing (practice)”

How To Achieve Top Results in SSC

Teacher’s part:

  1. The syllabus should be completed by the end of January.
  2. The teaching-learning procedure should be implemented according to the model time table.
  3. Mobile phones usage should be strictly prohibited during teaching and also school hours.
  4. Only one casual leave per month. Headmaster has all the discretionary powers in this regard of sanctioning leave.
  5. Special teaching/revision programme to be held on second Saturday as per earlier planning. Children should not be left alone and must be handed over to the responsible teacher.
  6. Children should be divided into A, B, C groups after announcing the S.A I results. Conduct remedial teaching to improve the levels of ‘C’ group students.
  7. It is a subject teacher’s responsibility to ensure that all students should pass in his concerned subject.
  8. Announcing result and reviewing is a must after conducting each exam.
  9. Subject teachers should prepare subject wise and student wise work is done statement and hand over it to the Headmaster.
  10.  Collect the contact numbers of parent and circulate the absence report of their children.
  11. Teacher’s punctuality and time maintenance is a crucial part to achieve the goal.
  12. Regularly review the progress of adopted children and guide them in a proper way.
  1. The other innovative ideas to achieve better goals can be implemented. They can be helpful to other schools in the coming futures. Hence you are requested to report them.
  2. In this process, the other classes should not be neglected.
  3. Teachers should prepare short questions and objective questions of their own for ‘C’ group children to achieve the minimum qualifying marks in their concerned subjects. Make ‘C’ group students practice them.
  4. Prepare objective questions for ‘A group students to get 100% marks.
  5. Higher authorities may monitor on special classes over the phone, so be punctual and maintain time table thoroughly.
  6. Action will be taken by headmasters to sanction CCL’s to teachers who work on holidays as per eligibility.
  7. All the activities done by teachers and students should be entered in the register related to special classes.
  8. Prior information about the absence, intimation to Headmaster along with the CL application are a must. Teachers should mutually make adjustments to conduct special classes in case of their absence.
  9. Special attention to be paid on slow learners in the time of teaching and study hours.
  10. Subject wise, Topic wise question bank should be prepared by subject in the school teacher.

Head master’s part:

  1. Implement the model time table and encourage the effective teaching-learning process.
  2. Divide the students into A, B, C groups as per SA I results with the help of the teachers. Prepare strategies for different above-said groups.
  3. Make attend arrangements in case of any subject teachers absence.
  4. Normal time table should be implemented along with a time table for special classes.
  5. Irrespective of the presence, absence or being in-charge as MEO, one should ensure the proper implementation of teaching-learning, readiness programme for SSC students.
  6. Continuous supervision on SSC students and teachers teaching for SSC students.
  7. Special counselling sessions should be held for regular absentees and low achievement students.
  8. Conduct meetings with parents of SSC students and educate them,  with the steps to be taken for better results. Discuss the reasons for the absence of students with their parents.
  9. Ensure to conduct the special classes on second Saturday as per schedule.
  10. Take the co-operation from SMC members, villagers and parents.
  11. Subject priorities can be changed according to pupils standards.
  12. Collect the parent’s phone numbers and discuss with them their children’s progress. Make the teachers interact with parents if necessary.
  13. Co-ordinate all the subject teachers for best results.
  14. Allot suitable numbers of teachers according to the strength, sections.
  15. Make all the teachers prepare special register with students marks and grades and make it available for Inspection authorities at the time of inspection.
  16. These guidelines to be circulated among all the teachers.
  17. Observe minimum of two days teaching-learning process during a week.
  18. Observe whether each teacher is paying special attention to slow learners or not.
  19. Make the non-ssc teaching staff assist the SSC teaching staff in the time of study hours.
  20. Never encourage the students use guides and question banks in the school.
  21. Make the library and lab available for students.
  22. Divide the SSC students into equal standards groups and allot a teacher as a mentor to each group.
  23. Encourage the students to lead different programmes in the school.
  24. Keep model question papers available for teachers. These papers are available on SCERT Official website.
  25. Educate students, teachers and parents with reforms brought in the examination pattern.
  26. In case of any hostel students studying in your school consult concerned H.W.O and ensure attendance.

Deputy Educational Officers Part:

  1. Monitor all the schools for proper functioning and implementation of teaching-learning and readiness programmes.
  2. Address the problems faced by the schools and try to solve them immediately.
  3. Monitor some schools in their division on phone and maintain a register with details.
  4. Focus on the low result of delivering schools.

Teaching, learning and Readiness practices:

  1. Completion of the syllabus by January 31, 2017.
  2. Monitoring and Study.
  3. Revision.
  4. Remedial teaching
  5. Classifying doubts.
  6. Conducting experiments.
  7. Conducting projects, Reinforcement activities, usage of advanced material.
  8. Conducting daily slip test and assessment.
  9. Preparing question according to blue print.
  10. Extensive reading -Analysis(for languages)
  11. Using Dictionaries.
  12. Encouraging the students to complete the exercises given at the end of the lessons.
  13. Map pointing, Map reading, Reading Newspapers, magazines to be encouraged.
  14. To develop the ability to make questions in students.
  15. Principles, definitions, problem making and problem solving techniques practising …….should be emphasized.
  16. Make the students practice grammar exercises in 1st, 2nd and 3rd languages.
  17. Each teacher should take care that questions prepared by him/her be practised by the learners.

Model Time Table for SSC Special Classes

Days 8 AM to 9 PM 4.30 PM to 5.30 PM
MondayTeluguSocial Studies
WednesdayEnglishPhysics/Natural Science
FridayPhysics/Natural ScienceTelugu
SaturdaySocial StudiesHindi

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