HRMS Revised Contract Employee Data Capturing Format – Warangal

HRMS Revised Contract Employee Data Capturing Format, TSSA Warangal News: All the MEOs are requested to please circulate and collect details from KGBV Staff also and please submit contract employees forms to DPO.  Please use revised format only. Please submit all field functionaries of SSA has to fill and submit two sets to DPO.

HRMS  EMPLOYEE  DATA CAPTURING  FORMAT (Proforma to Capture the Data of  the Contract Personnel Working in TSSA)

Key Employment Details:
1.1 Surname:
1.2 Full Name:
1.3 Gender (Male  / Female)
1.4 Father / Husband Name(in case of married women, pl mentioned any one)
Father Name:  Husband Name:
1.5 Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
1.6 Maritial Status – Single/Married /Divorced /Widow/ Widower
1.7 Place of Birth :- District: Mandal:  Village:
1.8 Place of initial appointment:- District: Mandal: Village:

1.9 Post / Designation at first appointment
1.9.1 Post / Designation, if first appointment (if 1.9  is selected OTHERS)
1.10 Details of local status as per  presidential order District: Mandal: Village:
1.11 Current Designation / Post
1.11.1 Current Designation / Post (if 1.11 is selected OTHERS)
1.12 Office  in which employee is working
1.12.1 Name of the District which the office  is located WARANGAL
1.13 Head of Account
1.14 Contracting Authority
1.15 Mobile No

1.16 Personal E-mail
1.17 Personal ID provided by Department
1.18 Community (OC / BC-A / BC-B  / BC-C  / BC-D  / BC-E / SC/ST)
1.9 Local  cadre of the post (District / Zonal / Multi-Zonal State) District
1.20Whether the individual is working as on  02.06.2014 (YES / NO)

Bank and  Other Details
2.1 First Time  Contract Start Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
2.2 End Date of Present Contract (DD/MM/YYYY)
2.3 G.O  number / proceedings Reference Number and Date
2.4 PAN
2.5 Aadhar Number
2.6 Present Remuneration per  month
2.7 Other emoluments
2.8 Terms of payment (Daily  / Monthly / Weekly / Fortnight/ Others) Monthly
2.9 Bank Name
2.10 District of the Bank Branch
2.11 Bank Branch
2.12 Bank A/c Number
2.13 IFSC  / RTGS  code

Contract Details

3.1 Whether the individual is appointed under a specific project / scheme 3.1.1 If (11  is selected YES) – Name of the project / scheme
3.1.2 From date (DD/MM/YYYY)
3.1.3 To date (DD/MM/YYYY)
3.2 Are there any breaks in service (Yes / No)
3.2.1 If YES then Reason (Summer vacation / holidays / discontinuation of the post / Employee absent / temporary termination / long  leave on  LOP / Maternity leave / due to disciplinary / Others)
Period Break: from – To
3.3 Whether prior approval of the Govt  in Finance Dept obtained to fill up the post on  Contract Basis (Yes / No)
3.3.1 If yes, then concurrence details
3.4 Whether the appointments were made against the sanctioned vacant post (Yes / No)
3.4.1 Name of the Post
3.4.2 Pay  Scale / Remuneration
3.5 Whether any notification issued to fill up the Posts on Contract Basis (Yes / No)
Notification details Date of notification
3.6 Whether any test for selection of candidates has been conducted (Yes / No)
3.7 Whether rule of reservation followed (Yes / No)
3.8 Whether presidential order (Reservation for local candidates) followed (Yes/ No)
3.9 Whether any committee constituted for selection and appointment (Yes / No)
3.10 Whether the individual possessed the prescribed Education / Other qualification for the post (Yes / No)

Signature of  the Employee                                      
Signature of  Controlling Officer with Stamp

Download HRMS Revised Contract Employee Data Capturing Format from here

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