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Integrated Household Survey Manuals & Forms, important material. Integrated Household Survey(IHHS) Rural Survey  Forms, Manuals and Codes in Telugu and English. Integrated Household Survey (IHHS) GHMCSurvey  Forms, Manuals and Codes in Telugu and English. TSKS.NIC.IN

Integrated Household Survey(IHHS)
Samagra Kutumba Survey by newly formed TRS government is intended to weed out bogus cards and ensure that benefits of the welfare schemes reach the poor and the needy. The integrated socio economic survey by the Telangana government on August 19 was only aimed at getting statistical and related information about people in the State and plan for better service delivery to help the needy sections of society. 

It will help to the government for better administration. In this connection Telangana Government has declared August 19 as public holiday to make mega survey a success. The survey is not aimed against anyone but only to ensure that the government welfare benefits reach the deserving people.

The Telanga State government has uploaded the proforma on government website. The six page document includes nine categories to identify the socio economic status of families. Also nine pages of guidelines wwere given for the benefit of enumerators and officials embarking on this herculean task. 

The government said that the natives of Telangana who are residing in other States and abroad need not be physically present during household survey. If would be sufficient if their family members produce related documents as a proof  to include such persons names in the list.

Important directions:

  1. Questions with hash mark #  symbol are mandatory.  Further details shall be collected when the answer is Yes.
  2. Fill the responses very clearly. It should be clear and written in readable handwriting.
  3. Don’t fill the questioner in hurry. Spend enough time to each household Visit the household, interact with the family and fill up the survey format. Don’t write anything assuming on your own.
  4. Before the filling the survey format, read out the survey format declaration to the family and also inform that signature of the head of the family/members of the family will be taken at the end of the survey.
  5. Observe the situation of the family/house/household; discuss with them and write down the true information.
  6. If the house is door locked, then write only the name of the head of the household by asking the neighbors, leaving all other fields vacant.
  7. If  the household  is  semi nomadic tribes  / household,  then collect  the  details  regarding  assets, permanent residence.
  8. Nomadic  tribes  /  household  will  not  have  permanent  residence.  Capture  the  details  of  these sections also in the survey.
  9. The following secondary information has to be collected by the enumerators and village special officer before going to each of the household.
    a. Pension details
    b. Disabled pensions (SADAREM) details
    c. Government Supported Housing details
  10. Refer to the Government (State / Central) issued documents to collect the actual information. The documents like Aadhaar card, Bank pass book, Post office pass book, Gas connection book, Educational qualification certificates, Disability (SADAREM) certificate, Land documents..etc.,
  11. Codes are given for questions with asterisk (*) mark. While filling the questions with star mark refer to the codes in code card, select the suitable code and fill in the respective column.

Definition of household:
Group of people who live together under the common roof and share the common kitchen shall be taken as one household. If one or more married couples are staying along with their parents under the one roof sharing the common kitchen consider them as one family and take their full details in one format.

Normally one family stays in one house. But in few houses more than one family like brothers stays in one house but will have different kitchens. In this case for the families living in the house different survey formats shall be used.

Download the IHHS Survey Material

1. IHHS Rural Survey Form DOWNLOAD
2. IHHS Rural Survey Manual DOWNLOAD
3. IHHS Rural Survey Codes DOWNLOAD
4. IHHS GHMC English Survey Form DOWNLOAD
5. IHHS GHMC English Survey Manual DOWNLOAD
6. IHHS GHMC English Survey Codes DOWNLOAD
7. IHHS GHMC Telugu Survey Form DOWNLOAD
8. IHHS GHMC Telugu Survey Manual DOWNLOAD
9. IHHS GHMC Telugu Survey Codes DOWNLOAD
Integrated Household Survey Manuals & Forms

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