Komaram Bheem Memorial Tribal Museum Construction and Jodeghat village Development

Komaram Bheem Memorial Tribal Museum Construction and Jodeghat village Development, GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANA, Tribal Welfare Department – “Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) 2014-15 – Construction of Tribal Museum and also Komaram Bheem Memorial, and for development of Jodeghat village, Kerameri Mandal in Adilabad distict.

Developing Jodeghat village, Kerameri Mandal in Adilabad district as Tribal Cultural Hub and Tourism Centre – Administrative Sanction for Rs.25.00 Crores-Orders-Issued.

G.O.Rt.No.87; Dated:09-10-2014.


  1. Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Castes Sub Plan and Tribal Sub Plan (Planning, Allocation and Utilisation of Financial Resources) Act No.1 of 2013 published in Andhra Pradesh Gazette part IV-B Extraordinary No.1 Hyderbad, Thursday, January 24, 2013.
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  5. The press clipping taken from the Hindu daily edition dated 9.10.2014.
  6. From the District Collector, Adilabad, Rc.No.E1/3063/2014, dated 09.10.2014.
  7. Komaram Bheem – the Gonds Superman, www.nirmalcity.com/komaram bheem.html.

In the reference seventh read above, it was reported that “Komaram Bheem is the very heart-throb of the Gond Tribas, whose hearts were in the forests of Adilabad. He revolted against the injustice meted out to his brother, he defied courts and the law, choosing to depend on the wild world.

He took up cudgels against Nizam Nawabs’s soldiers, and fighting Babi Jhari, he breathed his last. At the beginning of the 20th century, and a veritable ‘Bheem’ in the contemporary Gond history, a great valour that stood like a rock to protect tribals.

He revered the beauty of Sombal, he was a man who never knew anything other than physical labour, and he was a beacon that lighted up the dark world of the Gonds with the flames of ideologies like the very sun lighting up the wilderness. Like all the children of wild, Bheem’s younger days did not expose him to the outside world.

As he came on the threshold of adolescence, he heard the plight of tribals paying unjustifiable cess. Even as an adolescent, he took to task Siddiqui, an Officer of the Nizam, and gave him a taste of his muscle. Evading the police and traversing such places as Chanda and Pune, he finally reached the Gond land to sow the seeds of revolution. Bheem was inspired by Alluri Sitaramaraju, and his heart was aflame when he heard the death of Bhagat Singh.

Realising that the time was near to revolt against the Nizam Government’s wild official injustice, Komaram Bheem became a veritable deity, raging with the fire of revolt. Talukdar Abdul Sattar failed to bring Bheem to kow-tow his line. Abdul Sattar, well equipped with ninety policemen armed with guns, attacked Bheem, who did not have any armour to protect himself.

On that fateful full moon night, hundreds of followers of Bheem, just a dozen feet away from the police force, braved the guns, only to be riddled by the bullets. That night, the moon burnt like a flaming sun. That night, the wild moonlight became a veritable stream of tears. That night, Komaram Bheem became a deity to Gonds.

The death anniversary of late Komaram Bheem (born on 2nd October, 1901 & martyred on 8th October 1940) is being celebrated since his demise in 1940 at “Jodeghat” village of Kerameri Mandal of Adilabad District by the Tribal people, in his memory, who scarified his life for the freedom and rights of the tribal’s (Jall, Jameen and Jungle) with the administrative support of Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), Utnoor Adilabad District every year”.

  1. The Collector, Adilabad district in the reference 6th read above has reported that during the programme of Komram Bheem Vardhanthi on 8.10.2014 at Jodeghat village of Kerameri Mandal of Adilabad District, the Hon’ble First Chief Minister of Telangana State Shri Kalvakuntla Chandrasekar garu, has visited the above site and announced for construction of Komaram Bheem Smruthi Chihnam/Tribal Gond Museum at Jodeghat village and submitted necessary proposals.
  2. Further reported that, an extent of 81.34 acres of suitable Government/assigned and patta land been identified in following Survey Numbers of Jodeghat village for the proposed Kumram Bheem Museum.
  3. The Collector, Adilabad has also reported that for 49.55 acres of Government assigned land, exgratia shall be paid to the assignees and for 13.09 acres of patta land, to be purchased in favour of Sri Komaram Bheem Trust. The location sketch of the proposed survey Numbers is appended. He has requested the Government to issue necessary orders.
  4. Government after careful examination of the matter hereby accord administrative sanction for an amount of Rs.25.00 Crores (Rupees Twenty Five Crores only) towards construction of Tribal Museum and Komram Bheem Memorial and for developing Jodeghat village, Kerameri mandal in Adilabad District as Tribal Cultural Hub and Tourism Centre, under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) funds provision of financial year 2014-15.
  5. The District Collector, Adilabad District is requested to take further necessary action accordingly, and directed to submit proposals through Commissioner of Tribal Welfare, Telangana State/Chief Commissioner for Land Administration, Telangana State, as the case may be, for payment of ex-gratia, which shall be paid to the assignees.
  6. The above proposal shall reach the Government in the prescribed proforma if any, on or before 31.12.2014, as per the existing guidelines.
  7. This order issues with the concurrence of Principal Secretary’s, Planning and Finance (PFS) Departments, vide Finance U.O.No.355/PFS/2014, dated 09.10.2014.

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