List of TLM for EVS 2023, check Teaching Aids & resource material

List of TLM for EVS 2023 or EVS TLM 2023, check Teaching Aids & resource material. Teaching Learning Material: TLM is an essential component in TLP. The selection and presentation of relevant material in the classroom depends on the creativity of the teacher. Teacher has to provide various opportunities to the differently-abled children.

They should be interactive and communicative, scope for activity based learning. Scope for meaningful engagement. Appealing and attractive, manageable with low cost / no cost. Any material that the teacher feels relevant can be made use of at any level depending on the discretion of the teacher.

Teacher role as a facilitator is very important for digital learning. Technology may change the role of the teacher but it will never eliminate the need of a teacher. With digital learning teachers will be able to provide the personalized guidance and assistance to ensure the students learning and maintain them on the track of teaching learning experiences.

Teacher’s role in digital teaching learning environment (IN DCR / VCR): The first thing, a common timetable should be framed for the VCR lesson according to the curriculum and subject throughout the state so that every teacher in a school can follow a stipulated time for a particular subject and in stipulated content area.

The teacher has to give a brief idea regarding the content to be presented in the digital class. In presenting a DCR lesson, the important terminology should be paused and the teacher has to explain more clearly. After the completion of the lesson a quiz should be conducted. It may be online or offline quiz.

In VCR, teacher’s support and analysis of assessment should be done regarding the assessment done by the clickers. Teachers have to make all arrangements for the students participation in digital learning. The content which was learnt with the help of digital environment should lead to initiate adaption by enabling the students experience to new contexts.

1. Pictorial charts of (1) Fruits (2) Vegetables (3) Animals (4) Birds (5) Items of sports and games (6) Different shapes (7) Food items: Plants, Animals (8) Types of millets (9) Professions (10) Types of sports (11) Transportation (12) Musical instruments (13) Different types of houses (14) Fibre to fabric (15) Government institutions (16) Steps in agriculture.

2. Toys (Plastic) + China clay for Animals, birds etc.
3. Dictionaries 1. Classroom dictionary 2. Pocket dictionary 3. Pictorial dictionary 4. Thesaurus dictionary 5. Visual dictionary.
4. Finger puppets as Masks

5. CD’s of Action songs and Rhymes and cartoons.
6. Stationery Sketches, crayons, water colours, panel board, drawing pins, drawing sheets, brushes.
7. Digital devices (1) Tape recorder (2) T.V. (3) Projector (4) Screen.
8. Models of (1) Solar system (2) Lungs (3) Kidney (4) Heart (5) Skin (6) Teeth (7) Globe.
9. Charts of (1) Solar system (2) Digestive system (3) Excretory system (4) Circulatory system.
10. Things used for laboratory (1) Microscope (2) Slides (3) Specimens (4) Watch glass (5) Test tube (6) brushes (7) Needle.
11. Maps (1) A.P. State (2) India map (3) World map

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