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Mobile Phones Safety Tips, In olden days a message was sent from one person to other person by another person, after some days by pigeons later on by letters after that by phone, those are land line after technology is developed cell phone came in to existence.

When the message sent by a person it took too many days because he used to go on foot/horse, no transport  facilities. After by letters it took some less days than before.By land line phone they can share message with in no time but it was too expensive. Phone is the representative of the higher, rich community. But now cell phone wherever we search ‘GOD’ may not appear but cell phone appears such wide usage is increased, increasing day by day.

Whenever a discovery of an instrument is done it will have both good and bad uses.

But we have to use for good results, it depends on our knowledge. A cell phone actually meant for passing message with in no time with less cost. In olden days inviting friends, relations for functions is a lengthy process but now with a phone call or a message it is very easier. If you have any doubt in clearing the debt of a person or profits you earn. You can calculate in your mobile.

If you are bored, you can watch songs,listen FM, watch movies etc. You can share good and bad with your friends in face book, what app etc. You can play different games. You can book your tickets, you can reach the place safely by route map. Some surveys are saying that friend ship between two persons is dominated by a cell phone. Mobile Phones Safety Tips

  • But now-a-days we are having in our news papers that many misfortunes happening while charging, talking to phone etc.
  • Don’t Call or Answer the Cell Phone while it is charging
  • Don’t place the Cell Phone and the keys in the same pocket
  • Don’t Sleep with Smartphone

We can avoid this by following some tips and taking some measures.

Mobile Phones Safety Tips

  • Be sure that mobile battery capacity and charger capacity is same.
  • You have to separate the charger from mobile after charging is 100%
  • Switch off the charger if not electric shock may cause by holding the pin.
  • Be sure of  good wiring of house 
  • If when you see the charging is 100% very carry from the time of charging. Be aware of that phone, because it is dangerous.
  • You have to use branded phones and chargers only.
  • Please attend the call only when you separate the charger from mobile.
  • Usage of cheap quality phones which are available in lesser prices.
  • Use the phones only after servicing when it is wet. Do not charge such phones because it may cause electric shock.
  • Due to poor signals stress increases on and they may blast while receiving or dialing. So, be aware of it
  • According to intelligence reports attending some calls, missed calls from different countries they may blast this terrific act is known as ‘Call Bombing’. So, do not attend such calls.

Safety Tips for Mobile Devices

  • Talk to your Child, Setup rules.
  • Communication only with parent approved contacts
  • Don’t let someone else use their phone.
  • Don’t reply to texts from unkown people
  • Don’t reply to from unkonwn people
  • Don’t share private information or give out number.
  • Protect your Personal Information.
  • Keep Security Software in your Smart Phone.
  • Find out what controls and monitoring you have via phone provider.
  • Limited data and text plans
  • Control what they can do from device i.e download and buy app etc.,
  • Password protect your device
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to avoid retail tracking.
  • Don’t share your location information
  • You never know who is calling you
  • Review any unkown number or odd calls and texts
  • Never reveal mobile # or password online
  • Don’t Call or Answer the Cell Phone while it is charging
  • Don’t place the Cell Phone and the keys in the same pocket
  • Don’t Sleep with Smartphone

So, please have a look of above tips, follow and have a safe conversation on your phone.

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