Telangana Fee Reimbursement Guidelines under Post matric Scholarship Scheme 2021

Telangana Fee Reimbursement Post matric Scholarship up to 5,000 ranks: Education is the only way to lighten up one’s life and their family. But achieving a goal is not such easy. One will be blessed up with knowledge irrespective of caste, religion and financial states. Telangana Fee Reimbursement Application 2021 submission has been started at telanganaepass web portal. SC Development Department has requested to all Telangana SC, ST, BC, EBC Minority and Divyanga students to apply for fee reimbursement on or before deadline. Fresher Students of government registered colleges and also old students can apply for Fresh Post Metric Scholarships and renewal Post Metric Scholarships at from 14th October to 31st of July. But it is not so easy to complete some technical, professional courses. To encourage merit students and scheduled castes & tribal students, and to uplift them, there is a fee reimbursement scheme.   In a big

AP Veterinary Assistant Surgeon Posts Selection Guidelines download

AP Veterinary Assistant Surgeon Posts Selection Guidelines released on its AP Govt Orders Web Portal. Andhra Pradesh State government issued Orders for recruitment of Veterinary Assistant Surgeon posts in the AH Department. This Orders only for Selectioning guidelines to the appointment of VAS Posts in the Department of Animal Husbandry. The AP GO.No. 52 details as follows and detailed guidelines provided here for Selection of Candidates to appointment to the Post of VAS AP Veterinary Assistant Surgeon Posts Selection Guidelines Govt Drder Details: G.O.MS.No. 52 Dated: 28-10-2016 – Government of Andhra Pradesh – Establishment – Animal Husbandry Department – Guidelines for selection of Candidates to appointment to the post of Veterinary Assistant Surgeon and Constitution of Selection Committee -Comprehensive orders – Issued. Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development & Fisheries (Ah.I) Department Reference Govt Orders:1. G.O.Ms.No.474, Food, and Agriculture (AH.I) Department, dated:22.06.19892. G.O.Ms.No.85, AHDD&F(AH.I) Dept, dated: 19.09.2006.3. G.O.Ms.No.20, AHDD&F(AH.I) Dept., dated 12.05.2016.4.

GO.12 TWREIS Teachers Transfers Guidelines/Rules 2020

TWREIS Teachers Transfers Guidelines/Rules:GO.MS.No. 12 Dated: 25-06-2015 – Government of Telangana, Tribal Welfare Department – Rules – The Telangana Tribal Welfare Department Teachers (Regulation of Transfers) Rules, 2015 – Notified – Orders – Issued. Reference: G.O.Ms.No.53, Social Welfare (TW-Ser.III) Department, dt 28.6.2005. G.O.Ms.No.11, School Education (Ser.II) Department, dated 15-6-2015. From the Commissioner of Tribal Welfare, TS, Hyderabad Lr.Rc.No. K2/2638/2015, dated 23.06.2015 ORDER:The Commissioner of Tribal Welfare, Telangana State, Hyderabad in his letter 3rd read above has proposed to issue Regulation of Transfer Rules for the Headmaster and Teachers working in the Tribal Welfare Department. The Government has carefully examined the proposal of the Commissioner of Tribal Welfare, Telangana State, Hyderabad and decided to issue the following Rules relating to transfer in partial modification of G.O.Ms.No.53, Social Welfare (TW.Ser.III) Department, dated 28.06.2015. In the G.O. 2nd read above, Orders were issued for rationalization of posts and staff in the Government Schools.

Guidelines for AP Schools & Staff Rationalization norms implementation 2021

Guidelines for AP Schools & Staff Rationalization norms implementation: Subject wise weightage for ap schools and No.of Periods per week for each of the classes. Vocational instructors, Specialist teachers, Additional Teachers to AP Schools and guidelines on Time Table, Teaching workload, Teacher workload in AP Schools. The Committee also recommended the Guidelines for effective implementation of the scheme of Rationalization etc as PART -2.General Guidelines for implementation of the Recommendation on Rationalisation of Existing staff/schools- and implementation of proposed staff patterns Other Recommendations related to the following issues: subject weightage The workload of the Teacher: Guidelines of RMSA / SSA / R.T.E. Allotment of periods Teacher Pupil Ratio Accessibility Guidelines for AP Schools & Staff Rationalization: 1) Time Table: HM of a school has to prepare Lime tables as per the Part I of the Table shown wherein subject-wise weightages are given for each class. As on the basis of

AP High Schools Guidelines for Preparation of Time Table

AP High Schools Guidelines for Preparation of Time Table/ Allotment of workload, Preparation of Time Table/ Allotment of workload for AP High Schools: Suppose a High School (Single Medium Telugu) has class-wise enrolment as follows: Class Enrolment SectionsVI 40 1 (A SECTION)VII 41 1 (A SECTION)VIII 42 1 (A SECTION)IX 43 1 (A SECTION)X 44 1 (A SECTION)TOTAL 210 From Table III-A, the Teacher Posts required for the School as per the above enrolment. Further, all 9 teacher posts are filled. Their qualification and subjects studied are given below, designation wise How to prepare Time Table/Allot workload: 1. For the school, there are 5 classes I Sections (VI to X), with workload = 6 days X 8 periods X 5 classes = 240 periods per week. Then the question is how Lo divide these 240 periods amongst 9 staff(including HM members)2. Subject wise periods per week per class are given in

AP SSA School Complex Grant and MRC Grant Utilization Guidelines 2021

AP SSA School Complex Grant and MRC Grant Utilization Guidelines: Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, AP, Hyderabad issued Guidelines on the utilization of Grants 2015-2016. The following guidelines are issued for the utilization of various grants that are School Complex and MRC Grants will be released under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan during 2015-2016. All the Project Officers of SSA in the are informed that, an amount of Rs.80,000/- per MRC grant and Meeting TA ad RS.22,000/- for School Complex Grant and Meeting TA have been approved Work Plan and Budget for the year 2015-16. The budget will be released shorlty. They are informed that the guidelines for utilization of MRC grant and Other general guidelines are herewith communicated for taking necessary action. All the POs of SSA in the state are requested to take necessary action accordingly. AP SSA School Complex Grant and MRC Grant Utilization Guidelines I. AP SSA MRC Grant Utilization

GO.32 TS Teachers Promotions Guidelines

TS Teachers Promotions Guidelines: Monthly promotions, preparation of teachers seniority list in every year, TS Teachers Promotions Guidelines – General rules to promotions and transfers of HMs, SAs, SGTs. GO.MS.No.32, Dated:12-09-2016. GO.32 TS Teachers(HMs, SAs, SGTs) Promotions Guidelines/General rules. Government of Telangana, School Education Department, Rules – General Rules relating to the regulation of Promotions and Transfers of the Categories of Headmasters Gr.II Gazetted, School Assistants and SGTs and their equivalent Categories in the Telangana School Educational Service Rules and Telangana School Educational Subordinate Service Rules, working in the Government Schools and ZPP and MPP Schools in the State- Orders- Issued. Read the following:1. G.O.Ms.No.15, Education (SE-Ser.II) Dept., dt.26.01.2009.2. G.O.Ms.No.31, Education (SE-Ser.I) Dept., dt.23.06.2010.3. G.O.Ms.No.67, Education (SE-Ser.I) Dept., dt.20.11.2010.4. From the Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad. Lr.Rc.No.02/Ser.III/2014, dated 12.08.2016. Monthly Promotions TS TeachersORDER: As per Rule 2 of G.O.Ms.No.15, Education (SE.Ser.II) Department dated:26.01.2009 for promotions to the post of Headmasters

GO.16 TS Teachers Transfers Rules 2018 (Guidelines for Telangana Teachers Transfers)

TS Teachers Transfers Rules, TS GO.16, Teachers Transfers Orders, TS Teachers Transfers Govt Orders, Transfers Guidelines, Transfers rules, Transfers regulation, Telangana Teachers Transfers Rules 2018, Telangana Teachers Transfers regulation 2018, Telangana Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2018, GO.16 TS Telangana Teachers Transfers Rules 2018 (Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2018). TS Teachers Transfers Counselling Guidelines, TS Teachers Transfers Schedule, Eligibility Criteria for Transfers, Entitlement Points to Teachers and more details are available in the GO.16, Dt:06-06-2018 GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANARules – The Telangana Teachers (Regulation of Transfers) Rules, 2018 — Notified-Orders —Issued SCHOOL EDUCATION (Senn) DEPARTMENTG.O.Ms.No.16; Dated 06.06.2018 Read the following:1. G.O.Ms.No.33, Education (SE-Ser.III) Department, dated.02-05-2013 read with G.O.Ms.No.34, Education (SE-Ser.III) Department, dated.03-05-2013.2. G 0. Ms. No.15 Higher Education (TE) Department, dated.23-04-2015.3. G.O.Ms.No.61 Finance (HRM.I) Department dated.24-05-20184. From the Commissioner & Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad, Lr.Rc.No.1848/Tans/Ser.IV-2/2015, dated. 06.06.2018. ORDER:In order to facilitate and regulate the transfers of Head Masters, Grade-II (Gazetted) and Teachers

Guidelines on Conduct of Counseling of Teachers Transfers, Promotions

Guidelines on Conduct of Counseling of Teachers Transfers, Promotions, Rationalisation 1) Conduct of counseling:i) Counseling shall be conducted between 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. ii) Counseling shall be conducted daily for 200 to 300 teachers I HMs in batches @ 30 per batch. (At maximum at 2 places counseling to be done one should be Chaired by District Educational Officer. One should be Chaired by Collector’s nominee, Project Officer RVM OR DIET Principal, CTE Principal, RJD Intermediate, etc., supported by Senior Dy.E.0. & Other Staff) iii) Teachers, I HMs who are in that particular batch and who are called for the counseling on that particular day and time shall be allowed into the Counseling Hall. iv) Joint Collector or a Senior District Officer nominated by the District Collector should be present during the process of counseling for the entire period i.e., from the beginning to end of the process of

AP GO.47 Guidelines for Gratuity Payment, Family pension to CPS Employees

Guidelines for Gratuity Payment, Family pension to CPS Employees. AP GO.47 Guidelines for Payment of Gratuity to AP CPS Employees. Guidelines for Invalidation Pension & Family pension to AP CPS Employees. Retirement Gratuity, Death Gratuity to CPS Employees Comprehensive guidelines for Payment of Retirement /Death gratuity and Family pension to AP CPS Employees. AP GO.47 for Contributory Pension Scheme Employees. GOVER NMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH: Pensions – Contributory Pension Scheme (NPS) –Payment of Gratuity to the employees covered by CPS and invalidation pension & family pension at the option of the employee/ family members in case of premature exit due invalidation/death of the employee – Comprehensive guidelines – issued. FI NANCE (HR.V) DEPARTMENTG.O.MS.No. 47, Dated: 20-04-2018 Read the following:1. G.O.Ms. No. 653, Finance (Pen.I) Department, dated 22.09.20042. G.O.Ms. No. 654, Finance (Pen.I) Department, dated 22.09.20043. O.M. No.38/41/05, P&PW(A), dated 05.05.2009 of Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances & Pensions, Department of Pension

TS Schools Grant Utilisation Guidelines for Toilets Maintenance, Cleaning Premises, Watering Plants

TS Schools Grant Utilisation Guidelines, Guidelines on School Grants including engaging the services a person in Schools for maintenance of Toilets, cleaning of School premises. watering of Plants etc., and Job Chart, Engaged Person Remuneration, Schools Toilets Maintenance Grant Utilisation Guidelines, TS School’s Engaged Person Remuneration. The Telangana Government has taken adequate measures to ensure the provision of boys and girls toilets in all the Government and Local Body Schools in the State. Sanitation facilities are foremost important in maintaining health & hygiene and for the overall development of the students. Further, the Government has also taken a prestigious program “Telangana Ku Haritha Haram” and saplings are being planted in all the schools in the State. In order to sustain the Sanitation facilities in the Government Schools and also to water the plants in the School premises, necessary funds and guidelines are provided to ensure the maintenance of the toilets

LEP 3Rs Programme Monitoring Guidelines

LEP 3Rs Programme Monitoring Guidelines, The targeted competencies have been prepared for State and District Level officers visiting the schools to observe to what extent the targeted competencies have been achieved. State Level Teams shall be drafted to all the districts for every 15 days to observe the implementation of LEP in schools and district level monitoring process and assess the progress and report to the C&DSE. The team also discuss the observations with DEO. MEO and other supervisory staff. The MEOs and School Complex HMs shall visit the School and observe the implementation of LEP/3Rs and record the observations in the observation format. DEO WGL(U) Rc. No. 4497 /A7 /SSA/2017 Date: 22.11.2017 All the Mandal Educational Officers and Headmasters are hereby informed that a 60 Days LEP Programme (Learning Enhancement Programme) was started on 01.08.2017 in all the schools in the district to achieve the basic competencies in Reading,

Guidelines on the recovery of income tax for the financial year 2021-22

Guidelines on the recovery of income tax, Guidelines and Certain clarifications on the recovery of Income-tax for the financial year 2016-17, Deduction of Income-tax at the source financial year 2016-17, payment of salaries to employees and Pensions to Pensioners. Circular Memo No.H6/1164/2017, dated:16/2/17-Guidelines and Certain clarifications on the recovery of income tax for the financial year 2016-17 GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH: Sub:-Treasuries & Accounts Department-payment of salaries to employees and Pensions to Pensioners – Deduction of Income-tax at the source financial year 2016-17- Reiterating uniform observance in all the sub treasuries – Regarding. SECTION 192: The tax has to be deducted from the salary paid as per Section 192 of the Income Tax Act. As per Section 192 the  TDS has to be made By any person Responsible for paying salary “i.” ODO At the time of payment. At rates applicable for the financial year. At an average rate of Income

0-5 Years Children Aadhaar Enrolment Guidelines to WDCW

Children Aadhaar Enrolment Guidelines to WDCW: 0-5 years  Children  Aadhaar Enrolment Guidelines to Department of Women Development & Child Welfare Dept., Telangana, Role of WDCW Department, Regional Office, District Level Officers, CDPO, Anganwadi, Supervisor and Enrolment Agency Definition of Aadhaar Enrolment Work:Scope of Aadhaar enrolment work in the present context is to enroll children for Aadhaar in the age group of 0-5 years. Scope of Aadhaar Enrolment Work:a) Coverage of All Anganwadi Centers: To cover all the children in this age group it is important to cover all Anganwadi centers run by the department.b) Coverage of Children in Sishu Vihars/ Adoption Homes/ Orphanages run by the department directly or indirectly (viz. run by NGOs/ private agencies)c) Coverage of Children outside Anganwadi: It is also known that many children do not attend Anganwadi center. It is suggested that these children may be allowed to get enrolled in Anganwadi centers. Effective control and monitoring is

Students Reading Corner Objectives & Guidelines for TS Schools

Students Reading Corner Objectives & Guidelines for Schools – Reading Corner: It is of utmost importance that the children at High School Level are exposed to good reading material. They should be provided with opportunities to read books as per their age, context interests and abilities. We as teachers should make them understand that reading is an essential element not only in the classroom transaction but also in daily life Reading Corner serves as the best means to achieve this objective. The main objectives of reading corner is:1. To help the children in developing reading comprehension among children.2. To help the low proficient children in reading by providing material according to this abilities.3. To provide reading material according their interests.4. To inculcate reading habit.5. To reading material for reading and reflection. What is reading corner?Reading corner is a space in the classroom, where children access to variety of reading material

Instructions to Invigilators for TS Model Schools Entrance Test 2021 (6th to 10th Classes)

Instructions to Invigilators for 6th to 10th Class TS Model Schools Admission Test 2017, instructions to invigilators for 6th class,7th class,8th class,9th class,10th class ts model schools admission test 2017, ts model schools entrance test instructions 2017. Telangana Model Schools 6th to 10th class Admission Test 2017 instructions to the Invigilators. Instructions to Invigilators: 1. Invigilators should obtain Identity Card from the Chief Superintendent and should wear it during the exam duty on 26-02-2017(FN & AN).2. Invigilators have to report to the Chief Superintendent one hour before the commencement of the test, i.e, by 9-00 AM on 26-02-2017 for FN session and at 01.00 pm for AN session. They should demonstrate the candidates the method of answering the question paper using OMR Sheets half an hour before the commencement of the Test in the respective exam hall. All the candidates should have proper understanding of the procedure in answering Questions

Guidelines for Opening of TS KGBVs & URSs for 2021-2022

Guidelines for Opening of TS KGBVs & URSs, Teaching and Non-teaching staff Recruitment in New KGBVs, Urban Residential Schools. Engage the services of Teaching and Non-teaching staff. Guidelines for the opening of 84 new KGBVs and 29 Urban Residential Schools during 2017-18. Establishment of 84 new KGBVs in Educationally Backward Mandals and Establishment of 29 new Urban Residential Schools for Urban Deprived Children. KGBVs are to be established for the academic year 2017-18 to provide education to the targeted children in English Medium to achieve the goals of the SSA and Education Department and the Urban Residential Schools in Telugu Medium. In this context, I request you to take the following initiatives immediately. TS KGBV English Medium Schools OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER & DIRECTOR OF SCHOOL EDUCATION & EX-OFFICIO STATE PROJECT DIRECTOR, SARVA SHIKSHA ABHIYAN, TELANGANA,No.:250 /TSSA/KGBV/T9/2017. Date: 27-05-2017. Sub: TSSA Hyderabad – Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas – Opening of

3Rs SLAS Assessment Survey Training Guidelines, Financial norms, Unit cost

3Rs SLAS Assessment Survey Training Guidelines: 3Rs Assessment Survey -Conducting divisional level training Guidelines and unit cost. 3Rs and SLAS Tests for 2-5 classes students. 3Rs SLAS Assessment survey divisional level one day training Conducting guidelines and Instructions, Unit cost and financial norms. SCERT AP, Progs. RC.No.06, dated: 07.12.2016. Sub: Elementary Education – PEMANDU lab initiatives – Conduct of 3Rs assessment survey in Primary Schools in A.P – One day orientation at three identified divisional level training centres on conduct of 3Rs and SLAS assessment survey – Certain guidelines issued – Reg. Ref: 1. PEMANDU lab draft report.2. Govt. Memo.No. 3620951/Prog.ll/Al/2016 cit: 31.10.2016 of the Principal Secretary to Govt., School Education.3. RC.No.06/C/C&T/SCERT/2016cit: 17.11.2016 of the Commissioner of School Education, A.P, Vijayawada.4. Progs. RC. No.06/C/C& T/3Rs.I l/SCERT/2016 of this office cit: 02.12.20165. Progs.RC.No.06/C/C&T/3Rs.l/SCERT/2016 of this office cit: 30.11.2016 The attention of all the District Educational Officers is invited to the subject

AP GO.145 Funds Re-allocation under Loans & Advances Guidelines

GO.Rt.No.145; Dated:13/7/2015; GO.145 Funds Re-allocation under Loans & Advances and Loans Sanctioning Guidelines:  Government of Andhra Pradesh, School Education Department – Loans and Advances – Re-allocation of funds under Loans and Advances to the Government Servants working in Education (SE) Department, HOD’s and Regional / Dist Offices towards Motor Cycle and Mopeds, Cycle and other Conveyances, Personal Computer, Marriage Advance, and Education Advance, for 1st quarter for the financial year 2015 – 2016 – Orders – Issued. Reference: GO Rt No 1750 Finance (A&L) Department dated 27/5/2015. GO Rt No 1751 Finance (A&L) Department dated 27/5/2015. GO Rt No 1752 Finance (A&L) Department dated 27/5/2015. GO Rt No 1753 Finance (A&L) Department dated 27/5/2015. GO Rt No 1755 Finance (A&L) Department dated 27/5/2015. GO Rt No 1757 Finance (A&L) Department dated 27/5/2015. ORDER:In the G.O’s 1st to 6th read above, the Finance (A&L) Department have allotted funds towards Motor Cycle

JBAR/ RBSK/ School Health Guidelines for De-worming Day

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has issued the School Health Guidelines for De-worming Day. In this article we are given more details of School Health Guidelines for De-worming Day. Activities at the District level : Conduct district task force meeting under the chairmanship of District Collector with all line departments on 22nd Nov 2020. Allot areas of supervision to all program officers as it is being done in the case of PPI program to monitor the deworming program, Provide the POL budget from available school health program Rs. 1000/- to each District Program Officer who is having Govt. Vehicles and Rs. 1500/- to other POs who are not having Govt. Vehicles to monitor the program. Provide mobility budget from available school health program Rs. 1000/- to PHC/UHC Medical Officer. Ensure distribution of drugs as per requirement to all PHC/UHCs. Ensure coordination between MO-PHC/UHCs and MEOs/CDPOs of the Mandal for proper

Guidelines for Vocational Education Courses in TS Model Schools

TS DSE Ex-Officio PD RMSA has given guidelines to the Principals of Model Schools through Rc.No.22 on 05.03.2016 for implementation of Vocational Education in 20 Model Schools 2015-16. DSE inform that, the 5 Vocational Education Training Partners have selected the Vocational Trainers (teachers) after conducting examination and interviews. The implementation of Vocational Education in selected 20 Model Schools to be taken up from January 2016. The detailed list link given here. Accordingly as per the orders of Director of School Education and Ex-Officio Project Director, RMSA class room instructions has been started from 20.01.2016. in this connection detailed guidelines for implementing the vocational education need to be given to the Principals of Model Schools. The guidelines are as follows: Guidelines for Principals of Model Schools for Implementing the vocational education:I. ACADEMIC:1. Each trade has a dedicated vocational teacher who conducts 12 hrs classes per week2. 4-theory3. 2-practical @2 hrs per

TS Model Schools Admissions Guidelines 2021 & Procedure

TS Model Schools Admissions Guidelines 2020, TSMS CET revised admissions guidelines, TSMS 6th Class admission test procedure, TSMS inter admissions procedure. Present Seats in TS Model Schools, Inter seats, 6th class admissions seat details given here. GO.MS.No.24, Dated:10/06/2016: Govt of Telangana, School Education Department- Model Schools- Guidelines and procedure for admission of students into Model Schools in the State of Telangana – Revised Orders – Issued Read the following:1. GO.Ms.No.17, Education (SE-Prog.I) Department. Dated 11.02.2013.2. GO.Ms. No.8, School Education Prog.I) Dept., dated 01.06.2015.3. GO.Ms.No.10, Education (SE-Prog.II) Department. Dated 09.06.2015.4. From the Director of School Education & EOPD, RMSA/Model Schools, Telangana, Hyderabad, Lr.N550/B1/MS/TS/2013, dt: 25.02.2016,19.03.2016, 05.05.2016 and 04.06.2016. ORDER: In the G.O. 1st read above, Government issued Guidelines and procedure for admission of students into Model Schools in the State of Andhra Pradesh from the Academic Year 2013-14. 2. In the reference 2nd read above, Government have declared the Telangana State

Ganit Saptah Activities & Schedule Guidelines for conduct of GANIT Celebrations

Ganit Saptah Activities & Schedule Guidelines: National Mathematics day GANIT SAPTAH Celebrations in all Schools on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Legendary Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan: The main goal of mathematics education in schools is to develop the inner resources of the child. It is mostly related to logical thinking. The kind of thinking one learns in mathematics is the ability to handle abstractions. Mathematics also offers a way of doing things and develops the quality of attacking all kinds of problems in a systematic manner. This makes a learner confident in handling different complex situations in her daily life.   However this can be achieved if the learners are exposed to different situations in mathematics in which they could get an opportunity to explore and analyse for themselves. For this purpose the National curriculum Framework (NCF) -2005 recommends activity based learning and teaching in mathematics. One of the modes

LEP 3R’s Programme Guidelines Schedule

LEP 3R’s Programme Guidelines Schedule, TS Schools Class Readiness Programme-3R’s Programme/ Remedial Teaching Guidelines, Schedule: Class Readiness Programme & 3-R’s Programme Guidelines and Schedule, Implementation of 3-R’s Programme for Improving the basic competencies in reading, writing and arithmetic for all students in primary, Upper Primary and High Schools. Bale line, Edline test for 3R’s Programme.       LEP 3R’s Programme Guidelines Schedule: 1. Implementation of 3-R’s Programme: Implementation of 3-R’s Programme (Improving the basic competencies in reading, writing and arithmetic for all students in primary, Upper Primary and High Schools): In addition to the starting of the syllabus from 21st March 2017 onwards, the HMs must also plan for conduct of remedial teaching for the children who are unable to read, write and perform arithmetic. As per the survey from ASER and as well as School Education about 40 to 50% of children are unable to read and write

Early Reading & Writing Mathematics Programme Guidelines – Padhe Bharath Bade Bharath

Early Reading & Writing Mathematics Programme Guidelines: MHRD has launched Padhe Bharath-Bade Bharath Abhiyan in the year 2013-14. Instructions on the implementation of Early reading and writing with comprehension and Early Mathematics under Padhe Bharath- Bade Bharath for class I and II. What is the need for a special early reading writing and early mathemetics programme/RWM Programme? According to ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) India has achieved 96% enrollment. But we cannot say the same for learning achievement for class I and II children. So to make school heads and teachers feel more conscious about the achievement levels of children MHRD launched this programme. All national and state level achievement surveys show poor performance by class I and II children in reading and writing. Children who fail to learn to read in the first two grades of school are likely to fall behind and have difficulty in learning other subjects