Pay Fixation Statement under Telangana PRC Rules 2015

Pay Fixation Statement under Telangana PRC Rules, 2015: Circular Memo No. 68/1/HRM.IV/2014, dated: 04-04-2015: Separate statement should be prepared for fixation of pay in respect of substantive and officiating post. In respect of employees holding Special Grade / Special Promotion Post Special Ad-hoc Promotion Post, fixation shall be in the corresponding relevant Revised Scales assigned to the post

Circular Memo No. 68/1/HRM.IV/2014, dated: 04-04-2015

1Name of the employee  
2Designation of the post in which pay is to be fixed (the actual nomenclature of the post i .e., Ordi nary / Special Grade / SPP-I A& I B/ SAPP-IA & I B/SPP-I USA PP-I I held by the employees is to be only mentioned)  
3Whether substantive or officiating  
4a)    Whether the employee has opted to the Revised Pay Scal es, 2015.  
 b)    Date on which option was exercised  
 c)    Date from which option was exercised to come over to the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 from 01.07.2013, the date of next increment.  
5(a) Existing Scale of Pay of the post on the date of entry into the Revised Pay Scales, 2010.  
 b) Pay in the existi ng Scale (i .e. in RPS, 2010)  
 c)  Special Pay, i f any i n the existing Scale (i .e. i n RPS, 2010)  
6Existing emol uments on the date of entry into RPS, 2015.  
 a)  ‘Basic Pay’ i.e., pay as defined in Fundamental Rule 9 (21) (a) (i) including stagnation increments/ Pay as per 5 (b) above  
 b) Personal Pay under Rule 9 (23) (a) of the Fundamental Rules or Rules or Rule 7 (40) (a) of the Hyderabad Civil Service Regulations  
 c)  Dearness Allowance admissible at the rate which existed on 1st July, 2013 appropriate to ‘Basic Pay’ referred to at sub-item (a) above  
 Total 6 (a to c)  
7Fitment benefit 43% of Basic Pay referred to in item 6 (a)  
8Total of items 6 and 7  
9Revised Scale of Pay, 2015 for the post in which the Pay isfixed now.  
10Revised Pay as fixed i n the Revised Scale at the stage next above the amount referred to in item 8 above irrespective whether, the amount is a stage or not, in the Revised Scale.  
11Increase in emolumentsIn the existing Pay Scales, 2010In the Revised PayScales, 2015
i)Basic Pay  
ii)Special Pay*  
iii)Personal Pay* (under FR/RSPR, 2015)  
iv)Fami I y PI anni ng Increment*  
v)Advance i ncrement*  
vi)Dearness Al I owance  
vii)House Rent Al I owance  
viii)City Compensatory Al I owance  
i x)Other Compensatory Al I owance  
x)Tel angana Increment (Tel angana Special Pay) # (Same as i n the Column ‘X’)
xi)Interim Relief Nil
Total (Rs.)   
Net I ncrease Y – X   
12(a)     The amount of pay fixed in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 in the lower / substantive post  
 (b) The amount of pay fixed in Revised Pay Scales, 2015 (vide item 11 above)  
 (c) The pay fixed in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 in officiating post as per Rule 6 (g) (i) of the Andhra Pradesh Revised Scales of Pay Rules, 2015 in case where the Pay in item 13 is equal or less than Pay in item 12 (a) above (i.e., next stage to the amount of the substantive pay as per item 12 (a) above)  
13Date of next increment  
14Any other relevant information  
Station :   
Date :   
  Signature of the Head of the Office/Drawing and 
  Disbursing Officer 
Pay Fixation Statement under Telangana PRC Rules
  • Shall not be reckoned as pay for purpose of calculation of Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance and City Compensatory Allowance.


[As per para 3 (c) (iv) of Circular Memo No. 68/1/HRM.IV/2014, dated: 04-04-2015.]

  1. Name of the Office  :
  2. Designation of Drawing and  Disbursing Officer  :
  3. Name and Designation of the employee  :
  4. Amount of claim of fixation of pay in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015.  :
    i) From 01.07.2013 to 01.06.2014 (Notional)  :  Rs. 
    ii)  From 02-06-2014 to 28-02-2015.(Orders will be issued separately) :  Rs.
    iii) From 1st March, 2015 till the date of fixation of pay in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 (paid in cash)  :  Rs.
    Station:Signature of the Drawing and Disbursing Officer
    Official Seal :


Circular Memo No. 68/1/HRM.IV/2014, dated: 04-04-2015)
List of Staff Members working in the office of———————–

Name Designation / CategoryWhether on Duty/Suspension/ Leave / Training / Deputation/ Foreign Service/ Un-authorised absenceResults of verification
Signature of Drawing and Disbursing Officer   
Signature of Sub-Treasury Officer/District Treasury Officer/Pay and Accounts Officer/Pay and Accounts Officer of the Projects/District Audit Officer, State Audit   
Pay Fixation Statement under Telangana PRC Rules


(Circular Memo No. 68/1/HRM.IV/2014, dated: 04-04-2015)
Office of——————————–

Sl.NoName and DesignationDefects noticed in verification of pay fixation statementReference No. in which the matter is reported to the Drawing and Disbursing OfficerFinal Result (i.e.,) whether the Revised Pay Fixation is admitted or not.

Signature of the Checking Authority

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