RC.2091 Clarifications on Regulation of Increment Dates when Appointment in Leap Year

Clarifications on Regulation of Increment Dates, 29th February of leap year AGI, Rc.2091, DSE Clarifications, RC.2091 Regulation of increment dates when appointment in a leap year,  Proceedings Of The Commissioner And Director Of School Education,  Andhra Pradesh:: Hyderabad, Rc.No.2091/D2-1/2010, Dated: 21.07.2010 Subject:School Education-Increments-Leap Year-Regulation of increment dates in leap year – Certain Clarification Issued – Regarding. Reference:Letter from DEO, Adilabad Rc.No.B7/15187/2010, dated: 09/05/2010 Order:The attention of the District Educational Officer, Adilabad is invited to his letter read above and he s informed that the person who joins into buy on 29th February of leap year their annual grade increments should be admitted from 1st of the month February of every year and their service should be counted in the month of February only. Download Rc.No.2091/D2-1/2010, Dated: 21.07.2010 from here

5 Days Extra CLs (Casual Leave) to Women employees working in Telangana State

5 Days Extra CLs (Casual Leave) to Women employees working in Telangana State: Telangana State Government has given the order to extend the benefit of availing five (5) days Casual Leave extra in addition to the Casual Leaves and Optional Holidays to all the women employees working under the State Government. GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANAPublic Services –Permission to avail (5) days Casual Leave extra in addition to the Casual Leaves and Optional Holidays to all the Women employees working in the State – Orders – Issued. FINANCE (HRM-III) DEPARTMENTG.O.Ms.No.142, Dated: 01-09-2018 Read the following:1. G.O.Rt.No.374, Education (Ser.I) Dept., Dt: 16-3-1996.(5 Extra CLs to Women Teachers)2. G.O.Rt.No.3, H.E. Department, Dt: 5-1-2011. 3. Telangana Secretariat Association, representation, Dt: 17-7-2017.4. Representation of Chairman, Joint Action Committee of Telangana Employees, Gazetted Officers, Teachers, Pensioners & workers, Telangana State, Hyderabad. ORDER:In reference 1stread above, orders were issued permitting the women teachers working under the control of the

Rc.2038 APOSS Preservation of Earned Leave for employees

The Director of Open School Society, Andhra Pradesh has issued a proceeding copy of Rc.2038 APOSS Preservation of Earned Leave for employees for whose employees are involved in SSC and Intermediate of APOSS Public examination in summer vacation. The District Educational Officers in the State are informed to take necessary action for preservation of earned leave for employees. In this article we are providing full details of Proceeding Rc.No 2018. category Proceedings State Andhra Pradesh Department A.P. Open School Society Proceeding No Rc.No.2038/C1/SSC(APOSS)/2012 Date Date:09.12.2013 Subject APOSS Preservation of Earned Leave for employees Preservation of Earned Leave for employees Proceedings of The Director, A.P.Open School Society, Hyderabad. Rc.No.2038/C1/SSC(APOSS)/2012; Date:09.12.2013 Subject: SSC and Intermediate (APOSS) Public Examinations April/ May 2013- Preservation of earned leave for teaching and non-teaching employees involved in conduct of examinations in summer vacation – Regarding. Ref:- 1) G.O. Ms.No.35 Edn (H) Dept; Dt: 16.01.1981. 2) G.O. Ms.No.151

World Disabled Day Celebrations on December 3rd and Details

World Disabled Day Celebrations on December 3 and Guidelines, Instructions and Expenditure norms: The annual observance of the International Day of Disabled Persons was proclaimed in I 992, by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 47/3. The observance of the Day aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. It also seeks to increase awareness of gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life. Proceedings Of The Commissioner, School Education & Ex- Officio State Project Director,  Samagra Shiksha, Telangana,  Hyderabad.  No.1875/SS/IE/T8/2018 Date: 30-11-2019. Subject: TSS Hyderabad – IE – Celebration of World Disabled Day on 03.12.2019 at Mandal Level – Conduct of Parent Sensitization Programme and other activities – Orders – Issued. Reference: Minutes of the Meeting of the PAB held on 21st May,

NGO’s Children Tuition Fee Reimbursement to AP Telangana Employees, Check Details here

NGO’s Children Tuition Fee Reimbursement, DTA  has given clarification that, all NGOs and Class-IV employees are eligible to get reimbursement according to GO 27 Edn Dt 24.09.2015. vide memo no.D 2/4965/2016 Dt 6.01.2017.  So, all SGTs & equivalent and SAs are eligible to claim Education Concession @ Rs.2500/- per child up to two children. Reimbursement Of Tuition Fee in respect of the Children Of NGOs in AP And Telangana State. Introduction 1. In the Govt. Schools with no tuition fees are collected from the students.2. In the case of girls, no tuition fees are collected up to graduation level in Govt. Colleges.3. In case the employees send their children to private schools tuition fees have to be paid.4. As a gesture, Govt. is reimbursing some portion of tuition fees to the N.G.Os from the year 1978 onwards.5. This scheme is limited only to the N.G.Os.6. This is restricted to only

Memo.020091 Modified AAS Fixation Clarifications for AP and TS Employees

Memo.020091, Modified AAS Fixation Clarifications, Fixation Clarifications on Modified Automatic Advancement Scheme for AP & TS Employees; RPS 2010,  Clarifications on Modified AAS Fixation, Clarifications to clear the doubts on the new modified Automatic Advancement Scheme. AAS  Fixation clarificatory orders. Government of Andhra Pradesh (PC.II) DepartmentCir.Memo.No.020091/125/PC.II/2011, Dt:17. 08.2011 Subject:Public Services-Revised Pay Scales,2010-Modified Automatic Advancement Scheme-Certain Clarifications-Issued.Modified AAS Fixation Clarifications. References:1. G.O.Ms.No.93, Finance (PC.II) Department dt.03.04.2010.2. G.O.Ms.No.96, Finance (PC.II) Department dt.20.05.2011. Order:1. In the reference 1st cited, orders were issued for further continuation of the Automatic Advancement Scheme in the light of the recommendations of the Ninth pay Revision Commission on the Scheme. 2. In the reference 2nd cited, orders were issued modifying the Automatic Advancement Scheme by changing the periodicity from the existing 8/16/24/ to 6/12/18/24 years for appointments under this Scheme w.e.f. 01.02.2010. 3. Consequent to the issue of the orders as above in the modified Automatic Advancement Scheme, certain

TOSS, APOSS Open School Inter Course is equivalent to Regular Inter course

As per the Govt Proceedings, APOSS and TOSS Open School Inter Course is equivalent to Regular Intermediate course. APOSS and TOSS Inter Course is equal to Regular Inter. So, Open Inter equal to regular Inter or Open School Intermediate Course is equivalent to the Regular Intermediate course. Open school passed candidates are eligible for all CETs. The Department of Education, Telangana has issued orders declaring candidates who passed through the Open School Society eligible for all TS Common Entrance Tests. The government had earlier ordered all those who paid SSC and Inter examination fees in the corona background to pass with 35% marks. There is a maximum mark of 40-50% marks for admissions in EAMCET, LAWCET and Degree. The government has allowed those students to join various courses in the latest Telangana Govt Order. Open School Inter Course: In the Information purpose, Govt of AP Education Department released a Proceedings Rc.No.Spl.B/2016

30 Days Certificate Course in English Language Teaching for Teachers 2022 (CELT) at RIESI Bangalore 2022

30 Days Certificate Course in English Language Teaching for Teachers 2021 CELT at RIESI Bangalore. 30 Days Certificate Course in English Language Teaching for Secondary School Teacher or Primary Teachers or Teacher Trainers. 30 days English Language Training at Bengaluru. The criteria for selection of teachers, facilities available at RIESI and the course details, Thirty-day Certificate CELT for Secondary School level Teachers in AP and Telangana, Regional Institute of English, South India, RIESI Bangalore. 30 Days English Language Teaching Certificate Course for Teachers- SCERT Telangana would give the instructions time to time to all DEOs in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on 30-days CELT English Language Teaching Certificate Course for Secondary School Teachers, Primary Teachers and Teacher trainers. The course would be conducted at RIESI Bengaluru as per the schedule and as per the Annual Plan Circular. 30 day online certificate course in English language teaching for primary and high school teachers