Special Day Celebrations Calendar for TS Schools (Telangana)

Special Day Celebrations Calendar for TS Schools, Calendar of Special Days for Celebration in Telangana Schools. The list of Special Days.  Day Wise Activity to be Conducted on the Special Days. Special Days Calendar.  Celebration of Special Days in the School for Creating Awareness to the Students.  Objectives of Celebration of Special Days in the TS Schools.

Importance of Celebration of Special Days in the TS Schools. The details of activities to be performed on the Special Days in Telangana State Schools. Uses of Celebration of Special Days in T State Schools

Uses of Celebration of Special Days in the Schools: As per Proceedings Rc.No.1005, Dated: 13-08-2018, the State Project Director, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan(SSA),  Telangana State has issued Special Days Calendar to all the Project Officers in the State, District Educational Officers in the State, Mandal Educational Officers in the State/All the Dy.E.Os in the State and Sectoral Officers in the Head Office for Celebration of Special Days in the School for creating awareness to the students.  

In this subject, it is the common practice in the schools to celebrate the National Days like Republic Day, Independence Day etc. These celebrations are aimed to create awareness and inculcate national spirit into the tender minds of the students. On the same lines, there are some other National/International Days of importance celebrating all over the world.

There is a need to celebrate these special days also in the schools to acquaint the students with various aspects, by which it is possible to mould the student to attain the goal of comprehensive personality.   The following list comprises the Special Days to be celebrated in the Schools for the purpose mentioned above. Further, it is directed that these Special Days should be celebrated with the involvement of School Manage Committees concerned and without effecting the Regular academic programme.

Celebration of Special Days in the School for Creating Awareness to the Students

The list of Special Day Celebrations Calendar for TS Schools:

S.No Special Day Date S.No Special Day Date
 August  November 
1World Mosquito Day20.08.201812World Toilet Day09.11.2018
2National Sports Day29.08.201813National Education Day11.11.2018
 September 14Child Rights Week (One Day Child Film)14.11.2018
3National Teacher’s Day05.09.2018 December 
4World Literacy Day08.09.201815UNICEF Day11.12.2018
5National Language Day (Hindi Diwas)14.09.201816Kisaan Diwas23.12.2018
6World Tourism Day27.09.2018 January 
 October 17Republic Day26.01.2019
7School Management Committee Day01.10.201818National Martyrs Day30.01.2019
8World Food Day16.10.2018 February 
Communication Day
17.10.201819National Science Day28.02.2019
10Community Mobilization Day24.10.2018 March 
11Global Hand Washing Day27.10.201820International Women’s Day08.03.2019
   21World Poetry Day21.03.2019

Day Wise Activity to be Conducted on the Special Days
The details of activities to be performed on these Special Days is stated hereunder:

I. Date: 20.08.2018 – World Mosquito Day:

Objective: Focus is to be made on the mosquito breed, their bite and the effects on health and the causes of disease. Also, the awareness must be given to the students about their personal and environmental hygiene in the Schools as well as in their homes

Importance: This day has been declared by UNO to create awareness on the Mosquito breed among the people of World Nations.
Who has to take lead: The Science Teacher by involving the local Doctors, Physio-therapist & Nursing staff. The HM may take initiated in organizing a Health Camp for a check-up of the students.

II. Date: 29.08.2018 – National Sports Day:

Objective: This day is aimed at, inculcating the interest in School Children about the sports activities improving their health, physique and mental alertness there-by enhancing their educational standards.
Importance: This day commemorates the birthday of Major Dhyan Chand, who achieved Olympic Medals in Hockey, way back 1929 and later many times.
Who has to take lead: The PET should involve local sports personnel who achieved awards.

III. Date: 05.09.2018 – National Teacher’s Day:

Objective: The life, eloquence, knowledge and simplicity of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakirshnan has to be comprehended to the students apart from his mastery over Philosophy.Special Day Celebrations Calendar for TS Schools

Importance: The day is to be dedicated to the best teachers of their respective schools and share their experiences as case studies in improving the education standards of the students. A teacher, who started his life as a simple teacher to the Vice-Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University, later rose to the President of India.

Who has to take lead: The Telugu Teacher should convene the programme by involving local people and felicitations to the teacher should be carried by the SMC members.

IV. Date: 08.09.2018 – World Literacy Day:

Objective: Literacy is the root of the transformation among humans. Education provides the person with position, status, respect and elegance. Therefore, awareness of Education is essential.

Importance: The UN proclaimed that still 1/3rd of the World Population is ailing with illiteracy and therefore the day is earmarked for the importance of education. This is one step towards the attainment of the goal of “100% literate Telangana State”.

Who has to take lead: The Language Teachers will focus on the importance of education by conducting the elocutions and debates by involving the Local Leaders and SMC Members. The OSC Children if any, should be made as a part and make them come to school.

V. Date: 14.09.2018 – National Language Day (Hindi Diwas):

Objective: To acquaint the school children with the importance of National Language.
Importance: Hindi is our National Language. It was Gandhi, Father of the Nation has proposed for a unified language for this Country which will work like a thread that keeps together all the beads, Hindi also known as Devnagari on-off short of Sanskrit, where our whole heritage & culture is hidden into it.

Who has to take lead: The Hindi Teacher should involve prominent Hindi scholars of the vicinity and the SMC members and to explore the need and necessity of learning Hindi for a country like India.

VI. Date: 27.09.2018 – World Tourism Day:

Objective: Tourism develops inquisitiveness among people. New places of interest evince new enthusiasm into the visitors.Special Day Celebrations Calendar for TS Schools

Importance: Explaining the importance of tourism nationally & internationally will broaden the minds of the young students and will grow the respect towards other cultures and traditions, which ultimately brings peace and harmony in the civic life.

Who has to take lead: This day may be celebrated under the guidance of Social Teacher and may lead a field trip to a nearby tourist spot, if possible.

VII. Date: 01.10.2018 – School Management Committee Day:

Objective: The RTE Act emphasises the formation of SMCs for the better functioning of the schools. This day is also to be celebrated as the “Day of Elderly” for respecting the old-age people.

Importance: Parents involvement will definitely transform the environment in the School. The concept of “Owning the Government School” by the parents and community people will emerge.

Who has to take lead: This day will be celebrated by the HM, after convening the meeting with Parent/Teacher/Students to speak and discuss on the problems and possibilities of the school on the occasion and for improvement of the school system.

VIII. Date: 16.10.2018 – World Food Day:

Objective: Food is the fundamental need of all living organisms. It is essential for the growth and maintenance of the body.
Importance: The importance of the nutritional value of our regular food and proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals & vitamins are to be explained to the students.

Who has to take lead: This Programme is to be organized by the Science Teacher, duly emphasizing the qualitative implementation of Mid-Day Meal scheme in school.

IX. Date: 17.10.2018 – Tele-Communication Day:

Objective: The communication system is so advanced that the entire World has become a Global Village. For the benefit of students for their future endeavours and careers the knowledge is utilized.

Importance: Importance of Telecommunication to be explained to the students especially the latest advancements in technology may be discussed and debated among the students, with the help of Cell Phones, Smart Phones, and Satellite Technology etc.

Who has to take lead: By the involvement of Science Teacher, the Programme may be organized and a lesson may be taught to the students with the help of You-tube as an application of Telecommunication in the school process.

X. Date: 24.10.2018 – Community Mobilization Day:

Objective: Community plays a vital role in achieving the targets prescribed for the purpose of social development. Therefore, the importance of Community Mobilization to be brought to the notice of everyone concerned in schooling. This day is also celebrated as UN Day, all over the World.
Importance: Community participation, community involvement and management are the vital aspects in achieving social targets.

Who has to take lead: The day is to be celebrated with involving of the SMC members, Community personnel and Teachers. The community people who made Contributions/Donations for the improvement of school may be felicitated as a token of respect by organizing a meeting in the afternoon. A Display Board may be prepared with the list of those donors if any and mounted on the wall of the school.

XI. Date: 27.10.2018 – Global Hand Washing Day:

Objective: Hand washing before and after meals, after toilets, after playing etc is to be strictly observed

Importance: As the hands are breeding points of infections that may cause dangerous diseases.Special Day Celebrations Calendar for TS Schools

Who has to take lead: This task may be entrusted to a Science Teacher.

XII. Date: 11.11.2018 – National Education Day:

Objective: Education to Humans Socializes individuals. The concept of education may be explained with suitable quotations from the great epics, books or from the sayings of great personalities.

Importance: The ancient sage Bharthruhari said: “The person without education is a strange animal”.  Who has to take lead: This job can be best performed by the Languages Teacher.

XIII. Date: 14.11.2018 – Child Rights Day &Week (14th to 21st November 2018):

Objective: This week is to be observed for the enlightenment of the Children in the Schools. The weekdays may be engaged with the child-oriented programmes with elocutions, debates and Essay Competitions etc on Child Rights.

Importance: Today’s Children are Tomorrow’s Citizens. If the Children today are in righteous direction on value-based path, tomorrow’s society will be enlightened.

Who has to take lead: In the school with the initiative by the HM and other staff members. A Children film may be screened by playing a DVD/CD in the computer/TV on any of the days. The selection of the film is given to the HM. However, it is suggested to screen Iranian films like “Where’s my Friend Home”, Children of Heaven” etc, which are famous all over the World as the best Children films.

XIV. Date: 19.11.2018 – World Toilet Day:

Objective: Toilets if not maintained properly shall cause infections and diseases. Therefore stress to be laid upon sanitation, hygiene, cleanliness of surroundings and washing the hands before and after meals etc to be explained.

Importance: Toilets are the breeding centres of insects which are likely to cause irreparable damage to the health.Special Day Celebrations Calendar for TS Schools

Who has to take lead: By the Science & Social Teachers jointly organize a campaign so that Children are educated on the usage of cleaning materials.

XV. Date: 11.12.2018 – UNICEF Day:

Objective: The International Children Fund created for the benefit of worldwide children’s welfare and in need.

Importance: This occasion needs a special celebration to bring awareness about various activities done by the UNICEF.
Who has to take lead: With the involvement of all the teachers in the school.

XVI. Date: 23.12.2018 – Kisaan Diwas:

Objective: In a country like India where 70 per cent of the population either directly or indirectly depend upon agriculture. The Kisaan or Farmer is a vital component in agriculture which needs to be highlighted.

Importance: The Former Prime Minister of India, Sri. Lal Bahadur Shastri proclaimed “Jai Jawan – Jai Kisan” the concept may be enlightened to the children. Another Prime Minister Sri. Chaudhury charan singh’s birthday is being commemorated on this day. Who has to take lead: The PET may take lead to enlighten the students upon the various activities involved in agriculture, by taking them to a nearby agricultural field.

XVII. Date: 26.01.2019 – Republic Day:

Objective: The nation attained the independent status by the enactment of the constitution on this day.

Importance: This day makes us proud and sovereign people of our country. The preamble of the constitution may be explained in principle to the children and debates may be encouraged.

Who has to take lead: The Social Teacher, HM and the MEO may be an initiative to explain the importance of Republic Day. Special Day Celebrations Calendar for TS Schools

XVIII. Date: 30.01.2019 – National Martyrs Day:

Objective: The day is celebrated for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the independence of our Country. All the freedom fighters are to be remembered.

Importance: To commemorate the assassination of “Father of the Nation”, Mahatma Gandhiji and his values for a better life.
Who has to take lead: The Social Teacher is expected to take lead and explain the sacrifices of the martyrs, in the freedom struggle.

XIX. Date:28.02.2015 – National Science Day:

Objective: The importance of inventions, discoveries resultant ofscientific Research and Technological advancements may be explained to the children. This day is dedicated to the Nobel laureate, Sir C.V. Raman.

Importance: The students will remain motivated in the scientific quest and innovative experiments in their educational pursuits.
Who has to take lead: This may be done by the Science Teacher.

XX. Date: 08.03.2019 – International Women’s Day:

Objective: The day is a special day celebrated earmarking for the girl child, importance of mother and all other activities enlightening the women participation in the household as well as outdoor activities.

Importance: Women are half in the sky. They were ignored through the ages and now it is the time to recognize their capacities & capabilities and give them a place befitting their position.

Who has to take lead: This programme is to be organized by the Women teachers, if any, by felicitating local women who excelled in their respective activities. This interaction of students with these achievers will give great inspiration.

XXI. Date: 21.03.2019 – World Poetry Day:

Objective: Poetry is the Language of the heart to be understood by the emotionality. This is the best way to enhance the creative talents of the students.

Importance: The children are to be inculcated with the ideas of penning their thoughts poetically so that the impressions on their minds can be depicted in visualization.

Who has to take lead: The Language Teachers may be given with the opportunity of arranging competitions in poetry for the students, by designing a theme. Further, action may be initiated by the HM/Teachers with the help of SMC members to publish a school magazine with the writings of the students, every year. Special Day Celebrations Calendar for TS Schools.

General School Activities:
Activities to be organized on the Special Days as a part of the celebrations are stated hereunder:

  1. Photo Exhibitions
  2. Essay Writing/Elocution/Quiz/Creative Writing Competitions
  3. School Magazine
  4. Rallies in the Village
  5. Health Check-up Camps
  6. Field Trips to the nearby places related to the Special Days.
  7. Film Screenings with the Projector/Computer by playing he CD/DVD

General Instructions:

  1. The HM/Teachers are instructed to organize single or multiple activities mentioned above, as per their initiative, interest and convenience.
  2. The HM/Teachers are at liberty to design and execute any other Innovative programme also to commemorate the Special Day, apart from the activities enlisted above.
  3. These Special Days should be announced by the HM/Teachers in the School prayer itself, along with the details of the programme designed for the purpose.
  4. The MEO/DEO/PO/Dy.E.O should take necessary steps and issue directions for implementation of these instructions in the schools of their respective jurisdictions, besides monitoring the same.

Important Note:
All these activities to be done on these Special Days with the involvement of HM, MEO & DEO/POs concerned without effecting the regular academic activities in the School. Special Days Celebrations Calendar for TS Schools, The list of Special Days for  Telangana Schools, Conduct of Day Wise Activity on Special Days, Importance of Celebration of Special Days in TS Schools

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