School Registers, Records, Files and Displaying items should be maintained in every school

Maintain the School Registers, Records, Files and Displaying items at School Level. Records, Registers and Files must be maintained in Each School, Displaying items should be displayed in Each School. HM and Staff should maintain the School level Records and Registers and display the important Items at their Schools. “School” It is the place where children’s all-round development take place. So, every minute is very precious in the School.

But a school functioning depends on the head of the institution. If monitoring is good the functioning of the school is also good. Monitoring is to see and verify the system and functioning of a particular institution or class and give suggestions to rectify mistakes.

Healthy monitoring gives good results for the education system which is very necessary. Monitoring should b very frequently because the school itself determines the future of a child. This monitoring will be in different stages.

Records Registers must be Maintained in Each School

They are

1School Level Monitoring
2Complex Level Monitoring
3Mandal Level Monitoring
4District level Monitoring
5State Level Monitoring
Monitoring Stages

School-level monitoring is tat which takes place every day. Head Master monitors the classrooms, Classroom teaching, Teachers approach towards students, their attitude, etc. School Complex  Level monitoring will be done by the School Complex Head Master. It may be once or twice a month. MEO is the monitor of all the schools in his Mandal. He visits the schools and monitors them in all aspects. it maybe once in a month or according to his convenience.

The next level of monitoring is District level and state level simultaneously. These monitoring will be once or twice in a year. Now these district and state-level monitoring teams are going to visit our schools from January to February this year. So, we have to ensure with these following records and registers.

S. NoName of the RegisterPoints to Remember
1Admissions and withdrawals RegisterUpdate every Year
Round up Students who left from the School
Note the reasons for withdrawal/ TC issued, Dropout etc., With Date /Class/TC No. and Sign
Fill All columns with boll point pen. Admission No / Name with surname/ DOB/ Father/ Mother/ Aadhaar card/ Caste/ Village/ Religion/ Nationality/ Date of Joining/ Class/ Last studied school/ Record sheet/ TC No/ Moles of the student
Write DOB in words.
Don’t Leave any columns blank in the middle
Avoid Over writing, Using of whitener
If there is any correction roundup and sign
2TC BooksMention Students Particulars/Class of Leaving/ Promoted are not/ Date of TC issued Clearly
      3Teacher’s Attendance RegisterWrite the Names/ Particulars in order with their Cadre and Seniority
Clearly Mention CL’s and other Leaves
Mention Vacant post information with date and Reason
Complete Month wise Days Attended and leave account
4Pupil’s Attendance RegistersEnter details of students with Admission No. Complete Day wise and monthly average attendance of class
Mark attendance in the beginning of school hour and after lunch break . Blanks (dots)should not by left. Holidays marked in red ink.
5Casual Leave Register 
6Staff Other Leave RegisterEnter the other leave details utilised by staff
7Staff anotharized Absent Register 
8Students Cumulative RecordsHalf pay / commutated/ medical /maternity/paternity
Provide all students for all classes
9Class wise Pupil Grading RegisterEnter only grades
Enter Students Subject wise Marks and grades
10Consolidated Annual Report RegisterEnter students final results and promotion details
11SSC Final Marks Register 
12SSC Year Wise final Results Register 
13SSC Internal Marks Register 
14Movement Register 
15Academic Guidence Register 
16Visitors RegisterComments of visitors during visit wish to make
17Out Ward Register 
18In Ward RegisterTake print of  proceedings/ Letters received and file them
19Meetings Invitation Register 
20Staff Meeting minutes Register 
21Staff Service RegistersNote all the particulars after completion of task immediately
Verify every year and make necessary entries
Always keep SR’s in Headmaster’s Custody
If the Employee Requires issue and note in the register
22SMC Committee Particulars Register 
23SMC Meeting Minutes and Resolution Register 
24Parents Meeting minutes Register 
25SSA – SMC  CASH BookUpdate every month
26SSA – SMC Cheque Issue Register 
27SSA – SMC Stock Registerimmedately after pusrchased
28RMSA – CASH Book 
29RMSA – Stock Register 
30Genaral Stock Register purchased with Out Govt Grantsenter particulars of items immedately after pusrchased
31Furniture stock RegisterUpdate
32Lab Stock RegisterPhysical science
Biological Science
33Science lab – Issue registerNote day wise issue of Materials
34Games & Sports Stock Register 
35Library Books Register 
36Library Books Issue registerNote day wise issue of books with book Number and name
37Audio- visual Equipment register 
38Cadre Strength Register 
39MDM Stock RegisterUpdate every month
40MDM Day wise Register 
41MDM Consolidted& Roster Register 
42Free Text Books Stock Register 
43Free Text Books Issue Register 
44Uniforms Stock Register 
45Uniforms Issue Register 
46Health Kits stock Register 
47Health Kits Issue Register 
48General daily Attendance Register 
49Substitute RegisterComplete everyday morning if any teacher on Leave
50Notice Register 
51NGC & ECO CLUB Register 
52Scout & Guides Register 
53School Donations Register 
54General cash book 
55LEP 3 R’s Registers 
56Pay Bill Register 
57Staff Salaries Cash BookUpdate Monthly
58Salaries Aquittance 
59Treasury Bill Register 
60Medical Reimbursement Register 
61Teaching Diaries/Unit plans /Lesson Plans 
62Year plan Register 
63School development Plan Register 
64School LOG bookRecord important events accord in the school
School Registers and Records

Important Items to be displayed in School

S. NoDisplay ItemDetail
1Class wise Time TableTime table should reflect all Subjects
and Co-Curricular Activities
2Teachers wise Time Table 
3School Development Plan 
4SMC Particulars 
5MDM menu 
6Child Cabinets 
7Learning out comes 
8Staff Incharges 
9Staff all Particulars 
103R’s Time table 
11NGC – Eco Club – Green bregade 
12Balika Chetana Team 
13School Timings 
14Previous SSC results 
15Infromation of Vidhyashaka Officials -from Governer to DEO 
16Staff 100 % Vaccinated 
  17Important Phone No.s women and girls helpline, police Health emergency etc. 
18Covid Safety boards 
Important Items to Display

TS State and District Teams to Visit TS Schools:

Telangana State and District Teams to Visit Schools. Be Ready With Following things

  1. FA-I, FA-II, FA-III, FA-IV Marks With Grades
  2. SA-I, SA-II Marks With Grades
  3. IX & X Internal Marks/Grades
  4. Project Reports (Each Subject Four Projects)Specially IX & X Classes
  5. Valued Answer Scripts Of All FAs / SAs
  6. Students Note Books
  7. Lesson Plan/Year Plan
  8. CCE Grading Registers
  9. Students Progress Cards
  10. Students Health Cards 
  11. MDM Details etc., 

Important registers at school level:

1. Admission Register
2. Pupil Attendance register
3. Teacher attendance register
4. MDM stock & issue register
5. General attendance register
6. Quality control register
7. Rice stock register (monthly)
8. Cash book
9. AGR register
10. Visitor register
11. Student absent register
12. IRI register
13. VER 
14. Library books issue register
15. 3R’s register
16. Haritha haram maintenance register
17. Invitation register
18. SMC meeting register
19. Resolution register
20.  Minutes register
21. Teachers review register
22. Stock register
23. Staff movement register
24. CL register
25. MDM bill register
26. In ward-out ward register
27. Annual plan register
28. Lesson plan registers
29. Record sheet issue register/TC Book
30. Acquittance register
31. CCE register
32. Cumulative cards 
33. JABAR cards.
34. Notice register
35. Iron and folic acid tab issue register by mpha (ANM)  
36. Portfolio register

Displaying Items in each School: 

Display on the chart at school level:
1. School time table
2. Teacher wise time table
3. Class wise time table
4. Institutional plan
5. MDM menu
6. Child cabinet
7. The vision of the school
8. Health club
9. SMC members
10. Class and caste wise strength particulars.  

Download the Task Force Monitoring Format

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