Records, Registers & School leadership in AP Model Primary School

Records/Registers & School leadership in AP Model Primary School: School is the extended shadow of the Head of the institution. Head Masters should have some vital leadership qualities to run their schools through conviction and sheer personality.

  • He must have a great vision – the ability to formulate and shape the future, rather than shaped by events.
  • He must have courage with the will power and patience to see things through. He must stay steadfast in challenging under-performance.
  • He must have a passion to work with the pupil and his staff. He must be passionate about teaching, learning and show great commitment to children.
  • Successful school leaders are team-builders. He has to understand the importance of relationships, empower their staff and pupils and show great empathy.
  • He must show great judgment and wise leadership. He has to involve the whole school community i.e., the pupil, teachers, SMC, society, officials and take the school forward.
  • To be successful, the Head Master must be optimistic and resilient, remain calm in a crisis and be energetic and positive at all times.
  • He must be a great persuader and motivate his co-staff to work with outward-looking and curiosity.
Records, Registers & School leadership in AP Model Primary School
Records, Registers & School leadership in AP Model Primary School

Head Masters’ excellence in MPS: Records/Registers & School leadership in AP Model Primary School

  1. H.M shall play a pivotal role in the implementation every programme with specific goals and objectives.
  2. All academic, innovative, general and specific activities shall be executed under his resourceful guidance.
  3. He has to take lead to organize the programmes as per predetermined agenda without digressions.
  4. Head Masters of MPS are to be provided with Tablet PC along with internet facility.
  5. He has to record the ongoing academic activities and important events in the school and upload them in the mandal/district portal at least once every fortnight.
  6. The recordings may include conduction of assembly, classroom transactions, implementation of innovative, general and specific programmes, celebration of festivals, SMC meetings etc.
  7. He can also utilize them to share their experiences with other schools during complex meetings
  8. He has to use the tablet PC for entering school particulars i.e particulars of staff, students, habitation, SMC, grants details etc.
  9. State and district officials can assess the performance of the school through these uploaded programmes.
  10. The above mentioned practices are to done in addition to the regular job chart of the H.M of Primary Schools.

Records and registers to be maintained in MPS:

  1. Admission Register
  2. Census Register
  3. Inspection Register
  4. Casual Leave Register
  5. Not Enrolled Children Register
  6. Children Progress Register
  7. Students Attendance Register
  8. Teacher Attendance Register
  9. Non Teaching Staff Register
  10. Visitors Register
  11. Cashbook
  12. MDM Register
  13. TC Register
  14. CCE Register
  15. AGM Register
  16. HM Supervision Register
  17. Assembly Register
  18. Out Of School Children Register
  19. Register Of Frequent Absentees
  20. Library Books Issue Register
  21. SMS Minutes Register
  22. Radio Programm Minutes Register
  23. Children Committees Minutes Register
  24. Wallmagazine Register
  25. Post Box Register
  26. Movement Register
  27. JABAR Register
  28. MDM Rice Stock Register
  29. Children Habitation Register
  30. Uniform Aquittance Register
  31. Free Textbook Aquintance Register
  32. Parent Meeting Minutes Register
  33. Stock Register
  34. MDM Tasting Register
  35. Health Register
  36. NGC Register

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